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My wife was 22 years old. It is a little about her: A slender constitution the girl, of average height, with green eyes, quite good breasts of the 2nd size with pink nipples and fine as pelmeshka buttocks. According to stories by the wife... Lenochka for the day a birth was necessary to go to the university and to hand over all necessary defects. She always studied well and was a clear head. On the way home she met the ex-boyfriend with the friend. Zhenya was her being the guy whom she left already more than a year ago. The rolled, high and a little swarty guy, his friend Stepan was lower, well-fed, but not thick. They greeted, She was glad to meet familiar faces. Talked a little and Zhenya suggested Lenochka to pay to him a visit and to drink for a meeting a little: — But you don't wish to come to eat not for a long time to us even your favourite rum with Coca? Be at one and will congratulate! — Well, only not for a long time, and me wait for that... Lena agreed to come not for a long time and everything together they went on a visit to Evgeny, passed couple of quarters and Lena saw a court yard familiar to her. Came into the apartment in which however as she noticed so nothing and didn't change. Quite good repair, so it also remained. They passed to the living room in which there was a little furniture. There was only a cozy sofa, a coffee table, the TV and a small set. Without wasting time guys offered the birthday girl will take place on a sofa, got rum with Coca and fast mixed cocktails... The birthday girl was congratulated, saw quickly enough, all toasts sounded in her honor. Lena and an edge of an eye noticed that to it poured more rum, than everything, but didn't begin to attach it significance. Alcohol on the wife, well and as affects many girls — it is very liberated. When Lenochka is drunk she isn't responsible for the actions. Guys turned gray nearby, and the birthday girl was in the middle. Children praised her appearance, Zhenya began to praise highly her legs and having put her a hand on a knee began to stroke the wife on legs, telling the next toast. She didn't betray to it value. Then he gave a hand above, having undone jeans, began to mass it the pussy who already got wet from an anticipation. Lena without resisting a vzdrogul. All knew what all this will end. () When the girl goes to drink with two guys, otherwise can't be. She dropped to his lips, took his hand and began to mass passionately, her the wet pussy. Zhenya thrust her a passionate kiss, having dipped the second hand under her t-shirt massing a breast. Stepan without wasting time I began to pull together with her jeans. Guys took off a t-shirt from Lenochka. Zhenya began to lick her breasts which became covered by goosebumps and elastic nipples. Having taken off jeans from Lena Stepan saw it the panties which already got wet from overexcitation. Having slowly pulled together pants from Lenochka he plunged into her, pochmokivy and being active language. She groaned from pleasure. — About moreover, is higher, quicker, a uvula. Lena put hands on Stepan's head and pressed that he plunged into her wet pussy stronger. The bitch so expired that all face of Stepan already was in her lubricant. Dicks at guys stood already to a limit. Zhenya got the elastic dick from trousers and having taken Lena for the head, told: — Suck the bitch. The bitch dropped to his dick and now she pochmokivy passionately sucked his dick. Stepan worked on her pussy language at this time and at him it well turned out. In 5 minutes Lena terminated, swallowing the member Zheni is deeper and deeper. Guys I bended over the spouse, and Stepan implanted the big dick into her lewd hole. The bitch began to groan, keeping saying: — Yes is deeper, fuck me! Evgeny inserted the dick to her into a mouth, took both hands for the head and literally began to fuck the wife in a mouth. She groaned from a high, and the face was streamed down by tears and the smeared cosmetics. Then guys decided to exchange, having put Lena a back on a coffee table so on the one hand her head hanged down a little. Now Zhenya thrust the dick into her juicy hole, and Stepan began to fuck it in a mouth. The second guy strengthened speed and fucked it even more rigidly, with each occurrence was published loud хлюп. And the bitch shouted: — Moreover don't stop continue fuck me, quicker... my hole wants mm... And Lena from excitement began to suck away even more passionately Stepan's dick, from it pleasure he didn't keep and terminated it directly in a mouth, having taken it for the head. The cum appeared much, Lenochka swallowed one portion of a cum, and the rest splashed her face and hair. She and continued to suck away, and Dima held speed. Phone was broken off at this time. The husband called. Lena I counted that the call repeated time 10 not less. At last guys decided to replace a pose. Dima laid down on a back, Lena laid down from above and she already thrust his dick to herself into the girl. Stepan was attached behind greased with saliva her buttocks and began to enter the big dick into her damp, rozovenky anus. — No, it is necessary I washed. Lena moaned. But to guys was all the same. Stepan's dick entered her bunghole quite easily as the wife loved anal sex and quite often practiced with the husband. But such pleasure of her hole was never felt yet. — Yes continue... continue to fuck me... more rigidly. holes want more! Guys accelerated, they hollowed her in two holes accelerating. Lena passionately drained in Zhenya, playing the uvula from him. He thrust it the finger into a mouth, and it greedy licked him. The bitch groaned from pleasure. Guys decided to replace a pose again. Stepan laid down on a back and pressed Lena to himself a back having thrust the dick to her into buttocks. Dima was attached from above having thrust the dick into her girl. They fucked the bitch in her sweet holes from one followed white liquid as Lena during this time terminated five times, and near buttocks the rim was already formed mustard color. — Moreover... Fuck me... more rigidly... Then guys bended over the bitch again, Stepan inserted the dick into her already smashed buttocks, and Zhenya laid down near her face, she began to suck passionately his dick while Stepan rigidly fucked her behind. Lena sucked and at the same time masturbating the member Jeunet, in a couple of minutes he pressed her head closer so she swallowed his dick on the balls, with groan he terminated to Lena directly in a throat, Stepan right there ran up having managed to terminate her on the person. The wife sucked round two dicks at the same time and in turn, pinching all their juice... Having again overheard phone which called already time 20. Lena jumped up, but couldn't get up quickly after it was fucked and rocking it grabbed the clothes and ran in a shower. Later minutes 10, she left already dressed a shower and hurried home. The wife said goodbye to guys and they agreed somehow once again will meet. When Lenochka came back home at last, having kissed the wife I understood everything at once. Her mouth smelled of a cum, having thrust this bitch a hand into her wet pants, doubts left. In me the passion and hatred boiled. The wife told me everything thoroughly. My dick stood to a limit, I was re-embodied by excitement. Our night was long and passionate. dateline show date html pattern site mapMain Page