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Real history which still obviously didn't end. Nothing foretold: usual day. I touched old boxes in a warehouse of car wash and I found the package from the client car forgotten by workers when cleaning salon. The package lay more than a year, behind him didn't return. Inside there were women's beige sandals with an open sock, on the platform with a very tall heel and an elegant bow on a thong over fingers. I already wanted to throw out them as suddenly I turned attention that they quite big size. Also there was an idea to try on them. In the childhood I as also most of men, interest in women's clothes showed, tried on tights, panties and a brassiere, even one time made up. I noted what to men wouldn't prevent to make up eyes that doesn't reduce courage, but does a face more interesting (as at Jack Vorobey, for example), "big" eyes go all. No, having satisfied curiosity, absolutely I left these entertainments. And suddenly the type of sandals awakened the forgotten curiosity. I went to the second warehouse where happens nobody, and was closed. Nervousness increased. It became scary curious that the girl on heels feels. Slightly shivering hands I tried on a sandal. It is small, I have a size more. No almost approaches! I examined a thong which goes over fingers. I made several cuts under a bow, the look didn't deteriorate, but it was succeeded to stretch on centimeter. Yes! It turned out! My leg in her! I also didn't think that in the nature there can be women's footwear suitable for my legs. The hands shivering from excitement and delight I clasped a thong around an anklebone. The last hole, it is hard, but it was clasped! My God, what high! I felt that in pants a lot of lubricant from excitement accumulated, in the bottom of a stomach pleasantly ached. Having finished the second sandal, I accurately got up. A little painfully fingers. But I became higher, shoulders finished, the back became straight. It is very unusual to stand on tiptoes, having a support on all foot. Lines! It so makes horney! With surprise I found out that my legs not bad look in such footwear. They aren't similar to women's at all, but for some reason in this footwear look in a feminine way attractively, yes and is just super! I walked on a warehouse backwards-vpered. Fantasy. The body itself goes female gait "from a hip", muscles work somehow differently. It have to seems to me women on heels continuously to think o sex! And to go on high heels it appeared quite difficult. To hold balance, it is necessary to go "in a feminine way" exposing a leg a sock forward. Very unusually and the fact that footwear as would force me "to be the woman", it is unreal makes horney! There was a wish bigger. Where to get stockings?... Why it is simple to A not to buy? Earlier I tried on always someone else's women's clothes. No why not to bring the? This thought excited me to a shiver. Legs began to hurt specifically, it was necessary to be located on a piece soft penopolietilena since there was no wish to take off sandals. In the head imaginations crowded — I felt myself the beauty the girl, the guy who appeared in a role of the girl and for it has to be fucked in all openings as the girl. Both thoughts made horney wildly. It was impossible to suffer more, the dick got and terminated in one second, having soiled footwear. The orgasm was rough and plentiful, as from good sex. And here the magic came to an end. My God, than I am engaged! I soiled everything, sandals need to be thrown out. With disgust I took off them, I wiped all damp napkins and I threw into a package. Chto-to occurs at the hormonal level in orgasm time. Probably the nature reminds that I am a man and has to impregnate, a becomes suddenly opposite to be the woman. In the general, I thought on it all. As I then was mistaken! I didn't carry a package to a wastebasket for some reason. I threw into a luggage carrier of the car. Na the next day excitement rolled ten times stronger. How could I think to throw out them?! Such chance for "girl" in me where I will take couple more of women's footwear of the size? Driving about on affairs, I stopped by at shop behind stockings "for the wife". The shop assistant recommended good black stockings with a wide elastic band, with a double silicone strip under a lacy elastic band that didn't slip. I made a look that I understand nothing in it though, probably, any married man knows what is density of tights and knows the sizes. I took a 4-ka density of 40 den, 20 too transparent — will be visible leg hair, I wasn't going to shave with a them — how to explain "bald" legs to the wife I didn't think up, yes and had no special desire since I on a body haven't enough hair — only a little on hands below elbows and from the middle of thighs on legs. Of course, in imaginations I sometimes thought out scenes of dissolute sex with the wife in a strap-on. No once my colleague behind tea told me as she made up for laughter of the husband. And after it long "I couldn't perceive him as the man", in the general it wasn't pleasant to her though it was ridiculous. The wife, everything, the main person in the man's life, I don't want to risk a relationship for the sake of joys. I am almost sure that she won't understand such offer since o such "perversions" very negatively already expressed. That more that usual sex with her is very good. In the general, I consider that my doubtful entertainments have to remain beyond borders of the house. Torn apart by shame for in what I am engaged, and excitement, I left shop. Slightly later along a route accidentally I noticed the sex shop. Well to walk so to walk. If I decided to amuse the "female beginning", it is possible to go slightly further. A thought to try anal toys a sort from youth too. And here, I the first time has come to the sex shop someone could think, in search of a dildo for myself. And since the experiment from teenage age said, what to thrust there that-libo more thickly than a finger too painfully, I looked for that-to small. The little shop was small, I was met by the woman of average years and offered the help. I for some reason began to panic, but took myself in hand. I described her that to me (t. e. "I want to present to the wife") it is necessary. Offered me a small plastic penis with the vibrator. Here I bought condoms and batteries. The woman suggested to buy still lubricant, having told that with her it will be more pleasant to me. I made a reservation probably, but to me it became awkward: — It for my wife — slightly so I answered with rage — it isn't necessary. Why lubricant is categorically not necessary to the wife I didn't specify, just it was a bit too much for my consciousness overloaded with excitement, nervousness, singularity of the events and I wanted as it is possible skoree to leave. I needed to go to other region of the city through traffic jams. To wait for evening that to test all it, I couldn't any more. I reached to the nearest trade center and I went to a toilet. He was not very clean, but a cabin big. Choking with excitement and nervousness I, trying not sheburshat packing, I unpacked stockings. My stockings! With light aroma of a new synthetic thing. I took off sneakers, jeans and, having collected a stocking as it is done by little girls, I began to pull from fingers, sliding above. My God mine, what high! I nearly went crazy. To me already all it was equal that the door of a cabin doesn't reach a floor and entering a toilet, probably, I could see my naked leg. At this moment I was so made horney that it was ready to be engaged in sex with someone it is necessary if the cabin suddenly opens — the man, the woman, without difference. It would be, probably, the mad passion. No nobody, of course, came. Having put on the second stocking I became straight. They slightly cooled skin, fitting legs, lacy elastic bands press on thighs a little. Little girls, I so envy you that you can go so on people! It simply isn't honest that men can't carry such tremendous things. I looked round — natural female legs, quite slender. Even large men's feet began to look somehow compactly and accurately as if the size is 3 — 4 less. The wide lacy elastic band on a leg is just sex! Beauty. And it is my legs! The brain blew up from a visual dissonance, excitement and perversity of the events. No the most interesting was ahead. Having cleaned an anus damp napkins, I unpacked the vibrator. Ne having kept, I thrust into a mouth to feel a form of a head of the dick. Ne it is very much felt. It is a pity, well it is fine. I pulled condom on a toy and without being confident in success, I bent. The slippery tip touched a buttock, it is a little not there, so, here. The roundish head rested against an anus. Strange business — I felt wild excitement, but the erection was gone. Probably I at all not the gay. Well and it is good. With this thought I pressed on the vibrator: — Aaaaa! — mentally I cried since to shout, of course didn't cost. Painfully. Those someone write in stories as to them in buttocks the huge dick flies so whistle lie, at first it is a little sick, a then a high. It is sick very and the high doesn't come in any way. Having begun to doubt what to do, I decided to risk and continued the movement. It became even more sick, the anus "squealed" from sharp pain. No having decided, I pushed the vibrator more deeply. O! A here is so quite tolerant! The main thing to pass "ringlet". In a bottom the alien subject was felt as slight pain, unpleasant feelings gradually released. With relief I exhaled. Well that, we will make it. I began to put on. The wire of the panel, a leg in stockings, pants wet from lubricant which continued to be emitted from the dick even without erection sticks out of a bottom. I put on jeans, sneakers and with nervousness I opened a cabin door. It seemed to me that all world knows what I made and that it is very wrong, but and kayfovo at the same time that all have to look at me — with surprise or so laughter. No nobody looked. Legs in stockings slide in sneakers a little, jeans crawl on stockings, conductings slightly pulls an anus, supporting the general picture my personal sex - an Armageddon. I turned on the vibrator. Ooooo! Here it yes! The brain blew up a new wave of an unusual high, knees were turned in. Incredibly! Even I didn't think that it can be so healthy! Interestingly, people notice around that so me that-to "not so"? I came into cafe and I took tea with cheese roll. All speak so me as usually, I as if with them tell a because of a wall of unusual feelings which almost completely occupy a brain. I reached a table and villages. Oh! The wire of the panel of the vibrator stuck into an anus, having caused pain and a high at the same time. Poyerzal — pain left, there was an excitement. It was necessary to sit down more exactly that not so pulled. I looked, stockings from under jeans it isn't visible. Well, it is possible to relax. It was necessary to go to tax. To go kilometers 10, and I knew how I will go — in sandals! Having drunk up tea with roll, I went to the parking, periodically including and switching off the vibrator when someone-to approached close, it seemed to me that him it can be heard and I hesitated. Landing in the car took place with new splash in pain and a high in back pass. Even it was a little ridiculous that I put myself in such situation, but excitement blocked everything. I pushed, otherwise you won't tell, legs in sandals. Eyes were rounded when I clasped thongs — "the lower part" me turned into the girl! I tightened to denim knees that it was visible legs in women's footwear more better. My God, as beautifully! I always liked female legs and footwear, but to see it a part of — other is perfect. Why, well why men can't go so? Looks abruptly! Of course, at first everything it would be unusual, but it very abruptly. A what feelings! Mmmm! I just floated from pleasure. Here to take off jeans and to go in some stockings! No was ashamed. I have a sedan, front glasses aren't tinted, from the next jeeps and transport everything will be visible. A if stops GAI? Na any case put sneakers poblizhe if that I will quickly change the shoes. And though I did nothing illegal, but whether it isn't enough. Still will tell that I propagandize homosexuality. Try prove that you aren't a gay and "you agitate" nobody, standing on the road in women's stockings and sandals. The driver's experience at me very big, but I never went with such kabluchishchami! Whether I will be able? We will try. The selector on "drive", went. I tried to brake, normally, but it is necessary more accurately, I press too sharply. Yes, to little girls at a wheel it is more difficult. No it is possible to be accustomed. The vibrator "vanished" on feelings when strongly squeezed it, again I appeared. At journey of the lying police officer there passed the high wave. Oho! And to fidget on a seat with the vibrator it appeared just incredibly pleasantly! Till a way to what-to moment I understood that I sit with a half-open mouth and often I breathe, as at sex. High! The rest of day carried out in "predorgazmennom" a state being played with the vibrator. I came into a toilet in tax (of course, I put on sneakers), I lowered jeans — bakh! Consciousness just is shocked from the fact that it sees my legs in stockings and from unusual feelings. The thought flashed that in public toilets there can be a hidden observation. No the hidden observation is illegal, I do nothing illegal to a. Well, I put on stockings, my business. In the operational hall I was nervous a little, it seemed elastic bands can change considerably a surface of jeans and them it is visible, I checked whether it is visible stockings below, at sneakers. This concern reminded me as little girls worry o of the appearance and it only added eroticism and pleasure. Not without reason say that "sex in the head". Such trifles give bigger feeling of transformation, than even women's clothes. When you notice that you made that-to you or thought how the girl, not consciously, an is accidental — here it gets most. By the evening I reached a warehouse. It was closed, again I changed the shoes "in the girl" and I terminated so that splashes departed meter on two. Wild day, wild high! Me even shook as pornozvezd in movies. Really they catch such high on shootings? It is unlikely, actors. With an orgasm "sobering up" came again. With slight horror I examined myself — legs in stockings and sandals, zadryzgany a cum, the back aches from the vibrator, the wire with the panel sticks out of an anus. Oookh... I took off "alien" clothes, I sat down on kortochki and I began to pull out the vibrator. It seems I went easily, having grown bolder I pulled stronger. The vibrator jumped out and back pass was pierced by improbable pain! Having remembered BDSM-pornofilm, I began to breathe quickly not to shout. Fukh, helps, it seems releases. Well all. Na this time I will throw out all it! I wiped all damp napkins, I changed clothes, I collected everything in a package and I carried in a big pukhto for construction garbage. Till a way home "the orgasmic disappointment" went away, it was a little a pity for the thrown-out things. In the general-to, everything was very healthy, it was only not necessary to cum. Хм... With this thought I reached to the house and returned to habitual life, remembering details of the endured adventure. If you think that on it all and ended, then you are mistaken. Having woken in itself "girl" not so that is easy to stop. Na the next day by the evening I didn't find to myself the place. There was an awful wish to put on stockings, heels again and to feel the exciting vibration. I arrived to work, I made the current affairs, time was already later, darkened. A reminder on the lost fetish stood dark pukhto nearby. And here I made what till this time causes in me at the same time horror and laughter. Pukhto still obviously didn't take out, but packages there obviously increased. With other party, I thought, here business - the center, there are no slops there why not... I changed clothes in working clothes and I went to look for the yesterday's package. Having shifted in darkness of packages 50, I found it. I examined — whole, dirt inside means didn't get. I carried on a warehouse, I opened — precisely, all clean. Pancake. Both creepy, and it is silly, and in that time, I felt happiness! Time was absolutely later and I left home, it was necessary to go to tax again in the morning. And, of course, the next day in the morning I came around on a warehouse. I put on stockings under jeans, I inserted "on the place" the vibrator. The second time occurrence was given much easier — it is necessary not just to weaken an anus, a how slightly to make an effort, as at defecation. The brain "includes" the necessary mode and relaxes a sphincter after what any subject with a diameter up to four-five centimeters, especially so lubricant for sex quite easily enters buttocks. Also it isn't necessary "to stretch" anything, all is baizes, the main thing not to hurry, to choose the correct angle of occurrence and at once to enter deeply. There was an awful wish to put on still and female panties. I stopped by at supermarket, feeling constraint in department of women's linen among aunts, I chose black thongs. I came into a toilet, I undressed from below on a belt and the new "sacral" moment for my "little girl" — my own thongs came! The small triangle of fabric hardly covered my "unit", the fabric strip between buttocks suspiciously strongly stuck into skin. Well, for the sake of these feelings I also started all. Went, I put many! I put on and, having changed the shoes in the car in sandals, I rushed, on traffic lights going bananas from examining of the female legs. Thongs, I will tell you, clothes not for guys. Balls in them are located badly, on edges isn't comfortable, a bum quite strongly rubs. Ne it is very pleasant, on the business. Ordinary male cowards, honestly speaking, it is more convenient on an order. But the feeling of "the guy who appeared in a role of the girl" amplified. Made horney wildly! Day passed as in a dream. I caught a high everywhere — in the car, in the operational hall tax, in shop. Where I appeared, my "secret" did the most habitual affairs special. In a window in tax there was a young girl, here she would see that at me under jeans! Would be shocked anyway. It was interesting to dream as she or will escape in horror, or it will be such pervert as I, and will drag me to be engaged in sex. I looked at girls in tights and at the same time I felt how these girls feel kapron on the legs. In the general, I had a good time and I relished. Na this time I didn't begin to cum and everything passed without hormonal indignation of the events therefore I changed clothes in the evening even with feeling of a regret that everything ended and with love packed "things" as the little girl accurately everything put and even packed stockings into a bag. Further I wanted to realize the long imagination — to be "chained" to a bed and that when I terminate, the cum surely got to me into a mouth, yes so that it couldn't be avoided. Business is that the cum and dicks very much make horney me when I represent myself the girl, but only till the orgasm moment. At this moment everything stops and so desired cum becomes very unpleasant thing which not what in a mouth, there is only a wish to wash away pobystree. Maybe disguise will allow to get used more deeply to a role of the girl and I will be able to feel that the fellationists swallowing of a cum with pleasure? It is necessary to check. To make it it appeared not so simply. Having thought over everything, I went to be bought in hoz. shop. 10 meters thick slings, 4 corners with big holes, self-tapping screws, 4 "climbing" hooks with latches, a plastic pipe with a diameter of 4 cm. In drugstore I bought a wide plaster, in supermarket varnish for nails. The big piece of thick plywood already was in a warehouse. At home I stocked up with wadded disks, sticks for sushi and I took a little sunflower oil. Everything, I am ready. Na a warehouse I chose the place where it is possible to put the sheet of plywood under a corner that one edge was raised somewhere on meter — I rested him on client tires. One more leaf rested against the edge of plywood on a floor less and too propped up a tire. "Bed" on which it is possible to lie with the legs which are lifted up up turned out, having at a floor an emphasis for plechey. I measured in centimeter distance and I fastened corners for fastening of legs, then I estimated the place and I fastened corners for hands. From above thick penopolietilen on which I cumed earlier put that. I filed one edge of the bought pipe under a corner that primotat to him the dick and the vibrator, adjusted length to distance to a mouth, carefully I cleaned with napkins and with the help of wadded disks and sticks for sushi I greased from within with a thin layer of oil that the cum easily slid then and I didn't remain inside. Now to change clothes. I tried to make up a nail, it was convinced that varnish is easily and completely washed away by the 646th solvent. I made up all nails on hands and legs, I dried minutes 15, slowly being shocked and anticipating the embodiment of imagination. To make up it turned out not very much, but will descend. Little girls just super-mastera in it. I will never grumble on the wife any more that she long makes up nails. This whole art. Stockings already almost habitually slipped on legs. And this "habitualness" was pleasant to me even more, than the first disguise. My stockings! Such high! The made-up nails on hands unusually flashed before eyes, creating the atmosphere of singularity and what-to even solemnity that whether. Here in vain men don't make up nails. Someone thought up these rules? Well yes it is fine, we will put, society. I am not a sociopath, to insist that all are mistaken I won't be. Ne it is sure that it will be pleasant to me to see other man with the made-up nails. Though it is a habit question, probably, if all so do, it would be norm. Whether she is necessary? Well-groomed nails it is always more best, than neukhozhennye. Well yes it is fine. I put on female panties, I removed the clothes rest. Yes, there isn't enough bra and still what-nibud cool devchachyikh features. No to what legs in stockings with the made-up nails in women's sandals cool look! I took a picture of myself on phone and I looked "so at the parties". Everything that is lower than a belt, looks otpadano, just sex, especially in front! The bottom lacks female volume, but if to curve a back, then it is possible even to mix someone in a shot. It was made horney it is unreal. I cut to a sling on equal parts and I tied anklebones and wrists. Na the ends of ropes I bound hooks with latches. Ropes look directly as in the pornofilm, thick, in several turns look as bracelets, beautifully contrast white with black stockings. I put a plaster, the vibrator and a pipe nearby, I began to be arranged on the "sofa for sex". It appeared very not easy at what-to moment even it seemed to me that it in general is impossible since it is necessary to lay down on an inclined surface on a back, the head down, but thus from above not to approach since the design not so strong, yes and in general, so just doesn't turn out. In a result koe-kak laid down sideways across and already from this position I made the way on the place. It was even more difficult to fasten legs to corners, but koe-kak, on one, I managed it. Fukh. It turned out! The opened look was worth it! The legs which are sticking out up became 10 more times bigger similar to women's! Full улёт! Other preparation took place quickly: primotal a plaster the dick to a pipe, primotal to his head the vibrator. I opened a mouth and several strips of a plaster quite reliably I attached the second end of a pipe so that he rested against the lower teeth and just so not to close companies any more. The last I latched hands and I turned on the vibrator. You know, some imaginations shouldn't be embodied in life. No some it is necessary surely! I felt such wild delight that it is simple not to transfer! It as if the sweet, erotic dream suddenly became reality. I many time presented myself to roles of the girl clamped by a certain mechanism which ee fucks to infinite orgasms and here I appeared in such situation in real life! Well, of course, all not absolutely as in a dream, but in what even more abruptly. For example, my legs in a dream didn't look so appetizingly and cool! I tried poizvivatsya, type to be released — fastenings turned out reliable. Of course, I can be released, but not instantly, it is necessary to potter with fasteners how now to disconnect legs I in general represented vaguely. No it didn't concern me, I caught an unearthly high from a situation, relaxed and, it seems, finally got used to a role of the fantasy little girl. The orgasm turned out one of the most rough in life! The dick spat out all new portions of a cum. Even the disgust for a cum which arose at an orgasm and in general was much weaker than a situation since I caught a high impossible, the body shuddered from the last splashes in pleasure a little. Passed seconds two, the cum in a mouth wasn't. Ne dotekla? There is no A, here it! The mouth was filled, the characteristic smell struck in a nose. Suddenly there was an emetic desire. My God, I am attached by the head down! Panic, only not blevanut!!! Уф. It was succeeded to take himself in hand. A a cum of anything, on the business taste quite normal, anything opposite. I began to smell normal, in the general-to too. If I feel him to an orgasm, then, probably, he would be pleasant to me how an embodiment of debauchery and lust, precisely would swallow. No now I couldn't swallow ee. The throat as if was sealed, I felt that it is simply impossible. No now I had no regrets because of it any more. But suddenly the joyful feeling appeared again: everything turned out in accuracy as I calculated! Ne it was succeeded to get out, a cum at me in a mouth, I am attached, disguised as the woman and languor of pleasure still filled a body, an of a leg looked as beautifully, as to an orgasm. Yes, I will never forget this moment, it forever imprinted as one of the brightest sexual experiences. To be released it was difficult, it was necessary to tinker, be bent to unfasten legs in general it was almost impossible, it was even pleasant to me, in process a little cum followed from a mouth and began to flow on lips and a neck. No, in a result, I got out. And the further languor left, the more unpleasantly I felt. All are that-to disgusting in an orgasm. On an essence all fine occurs to it, an everything comes to an end with it. I begin to understand the former schoolmate, overslept with her many years later after school thanks to sots. network which told that it doesn't love orgasms. I then very much was surprised, but I think now understood that it had in a look. Well that ж. I realized the imagination. To change clothes in the girl any more not the fact that there was no wish there was a wish to finish it time and forever. I collected all "fetishes" in a garbage package again and threw out. I thought that I satisfied the female beginning completely and this whore any more me won't disturb how it wasn't shown several years to that. Well and it is excellent. Weeks two passed quietly. I worked, I had a rest. A rolled then: here what the hell for I threw out everything?! What now to do? Yes, I again terribly wanted own beauty, debauchery, there was a wish to be engaged in studying of opportunities of buttocks. I took A and threw out "research set". Now very much I was angry with myself for it. Why it was simple not to remove far away? Everything is possible, of course, simply to buy. The imagination began to seethe. I estimated the budget on all "wishes and desires", left expenses to one thousand dollars. Of course, I didn't want to spend much for the doubtful entertainment. I began to think, where to take sex-toys and women's clothes cheap. Na the help the known Chinese online store came. Week I thought where to send parcels that the wife learned nothing. The decision came unexpectedly — of course, it is only necessary to rent all in post office a subscriber box. Cheap and nobody learns. And "the era of purchases" began with it. I didn't play mobile games any more, a free minute came on the website of shop and chose to myself "gifts". I began with small: one more stockings, a belt to them, a gag - a ring on a belt (just there was a wish to try on, the price — kopeks), special clothespegs - clips for nipples, a set of erotic linen. Long I chose a dildo. Then it seemed to me debauchery top, there was a wish the most natural to try to do blowjob, and not very big that there was a chance of an anal. In a result the dick 17 cm long, average by the size, with a diameter of 4, with vibration and rotation chose. were the direct line. And so doesn't climb. Rests against a throat. The attempt to swallow as I go, ended with a strong emetic desire. Having played a few, emetic desires became more rare also not such strong, but in a throat the dick so and didn't get. Probably for this purpose either the special equipment, or long trainings is necessary. Ne it is sure that I want to plan a course of schooling of the throat to the dick, I am not going to suck all to anybody, a to me special pleasure from it won't be obvious. But I estimated what feat was made for me by the first wife, having taken in a throat. Yes, at all other shortcomings, sex with her always was tremendous. Later I learned that such ready always and on all girls on the business a big rarity. No, alas, often thirst of sex at women is often connected with violations of mentality which do life with them out of a bed very deplorable. I tried on a gag - a ring. Interesting feelings, still I played blowjob, probably for beginners in this business such ring in general good help not to bite accidentally the partner's dick. No I could bite quietly, an a ring didn't allow to close a mouth that quickly bothers, saliva, in the general flows, it is a toy for "live" blowjob which looks so the parties great — the made-up lips around the black ring clasped by a thong around a neck — it even on me looked abruptly, any girl it will turn a just into sex - a bomb. Having played enough a mouth, I thought whether I delay that moment for the sake of which I started everything. Frightening all. All right, it is time to make it! I put on condom a phallus, plentifully I greased with gel. So fear and uncertainty I brought him to buttocks. Whether will enter what in general will be? Suddenly there everything will tear, it is necessary to call the ambulance and to be dishonored? Well, someone doesn't risk, that doesn't catch a high. Gel a chill concerned an anus. A round head, vibrating, I rested against my point. Really it will occur now and in my buttocks there will be a dick?! O, yes. It seemed to thrust such unit it is impossible, but the training with the small vibrator helped — relaxed, it is a little "podtuzhilsya" and the head entered an anus. Bolnovato! No one type of my legs in stockings and a belt forced to continue an experiment. Well, I am a little girl, fuck me! With these thoughts I was solved. Pain accrued, it is necessary to move further or to stop. Forward! And, having despaired, I slowly entered a dick more deeply. And suddenly pain began to cease! Yes, it appears painfully while you keep him in the beginning. As you will promote further — normally, the pleasure begins. Probably intestines give to a brain a defecation o signal when stretches it before an anus and the brain relaxes a sphincter. So, having deceived subconsciousness, we receive pleasant anal sex. I entered the vibrator to the balls which rested against a perineum. Surprisingly, but in such situation, "till the end", pain began to cease quickly. If to pressure him in side of a back, painful feelings, an if in the party of a perineum appear, then there is no pain at all. I waited couple of minutes until pain completely ceased and I began to move carefully a phallus back and forward. I was afraid that there will be an unpleasant smell and a lot of "dirt", but isn't present, everything was clean. Ne passed also couples of minutes as I, having settled on soft "carpet" from penopolietilena, fidgeted on the vibrating dick, allowing to enter him to the balls, to leave almost to a head, having just sat down on him, I moved a basin back and forth. And here here I felt myself the real little girl who is engaged in sex. I looked at the legs and saw female legs, beautiful, bent caressing a dick between them, a lacy belt and panties. My dick stood a little, but isn't strong, from him lubricant as if I am a girl plentifully flowed. Moe the female beginning exulted! Today everything was as she wants. Yes, it was not just a game in disguise or junior experiments, it was sex. Ne I will lie that I violently terminated from an anal. On the contrary, the erection was almost not, the zone of excitement moved to other place — in buttocks. From there pleasure waves proceeded, filling a body with pleasant languor, sodragaya his sudden inflow of a strong high. It was sex, definitely in which I was the girl fucking in buttocks. I would be precisely ready to fuck so the whole day. having increased speed, I grew bolder, got up "dog-fashion" and frankly and quickly "hollowed" myself in buttocks, feeling the unusual, increasing feelings. To it seemed that I obkakayus, rolled a clean high when speed decreased also the dick not quickly, but deeply I entered buttocks. To me just it wasn't trusted, I thought it possibly only with pornozvezdami at which the buttocks are stretched by hundreds of dicks, an appeared all it is nonsense, without any preparation it is possible to take and fuck in a bottom. The question whether it is possible to terminate so excited, but was trusted with work — nesmotrya on all scale of feelings, it wasn't similar to the coming orgasm. Na sex - forums someone-to wrote that the anal orgasm exists that he rough and long, but I didn't feel that it is possible. Well and it is fine. I perfectly remembered that in such games it isn't obligatory to cum and is even harmful to mood. In the skilled way I found out that it is too quickly not so pleasant, but at the average speed when you feel how the penis pierces your interiors, you feel all details of his movement, it is a big high! Having fucked itself so about a half an hour, I with a big regret was forced to be interrupted. Here if it is possible to spend the whole day so! Dreams, dreams... The dick easily left buttocks, probably if to look at her at this moment, there would be a hole, as at pornozvezd. No it was visible to me not, everything should be cleaned and to remove. It is interesting that as only thoughts switched from sex, dicks and beautiful legs on need to change clothes and remove, suddenly o reminded themselves nipples. Clips were on the place and suddenly nipples began to hurt quite strongly. According to pornofilms I remembered that when they are shot, little girls squeal. It concerned a little. I began to unclench "sponges" slowly. Ooooo! Here it is tin! Really very painfully! No quickly releases, leaving the most pleasant languor. Here you what, mean, "pleasure pain". Really pain and it is valid with pleasure. A cool thing, I think everyone has to try. Absolutely it wasn't without "dirt", on the end of condom "stuck" a little. No after such pleasure I was confused for some reason by no look, began to smell, was seen a little white lubricant emitted with intestines. She so reminds a cum that there is even a wish to sliznut ee, but postponed once enterokolit after a rimming to the wife, said what she shouldn't be done it. Lovingly I spread out everything on packages and I put in a box which I hid far away. Tak-to it is more best. If someone finds suddenly, I will make a look that not mine. To carry all it in the car it seemed it is fraught — the wife wouldn't find. Will decide still that I change her, and here I don't even know what would upset with ee more — the mistress or my games. In any case, I am not going to subject our family at all to such tests since very much I love ee. To explain that these joys skoree allow me to understand more better ee itself, I think, business ungrateful. Sometimes I wanted that in these games accepted participation what-nibud girl who would have too a family that between us no relationship that she just connected me who is changed clothes by the girl were tied and I fucked a strap-on. No in real life so doesn't happen, nice family women, relatives to average age (an exactly so I presented to ee), bring up children, a don't fuck unfamiliar connected men in women's clothes. Again, it was necessary to build what-to relationship, an already treachery on the attitude towards the beloved wife what I don't want. To offer the wife this role too not option, to me with her to live still. I didn't see the man in this role too since I don't represent myself with the man at all, even when I am "girl". I, everything, am engaged in a research of the female beginning, an I am not a transsexual or the gay. I love little girls. To such degree that I change clothes in one of them to feel what is felt by them. For this reason most of men tries on female things. I continued to form the female clothes. I ordered sandals of the size (on surprise, they are on sale), a heap of any belongings — in the basic, erotic linen, but I also bought the fitting dress, leggings of two flowers. Great sandals with a red sole turned up (yes, type, "Louboutins" though it is correct to tell "Louboutins", but now it is possible to forget it). Also it is necessary, for the first time in life I wanted what-to footwear, and is very strong! Someone could think that it will be women's shoes. In the order. It is necessary to tell that it was one of the greatest disappointments — I so and I didn't get them! It appears, the seller unsubscribed that there are no goods and suggested to choose another, an I clicked this message. Then the cunning Chinese specified that the goods are sent and I waited 1, 5 more months, thinking that they in way. Then it became clear that it is number of other parcel, other buyer. It was so in a feminine way offensive for me! There was a wish to cry. Whether Ne far I came in transformation? In a result, I recognized it as useful experience and calmed down, having ordered other sandals, it is even more best though and without red sole. Once, touching goods, I came across an artificial breast from silicone. Approximately the 2nd size. And on surprise it is inexpensive. Having fought a little with "toad", I ordered ee. I picked up to her two bras — big which completely will hide lace these "devices", and translucent a network which has to hide edges, but it will be visible boobies and nipples. "Breast" was delightful! Soft, heavy and elastic, precisely as real! Well, can, slightly more densely, but everything is equal feelings great — polapat itself for a breast! It is a pity that silicone nipples don't feel touches. No I found an exit — put on clips for nipples under a false breast. Very much kayfovo and it is beautiful. The end of fall I periodically changed clothes, I selflessly "fucked" buttocks and "I sucked away", so the favourite toy, especially when the wife had "these days" or the head hurt. It seems to me, I yet was never so happy with life. There came the winter and I suddenly decided "to walk" the female breast. Having inserted the anal vibrator, I put on a brassiere with a breast. I put on, I put on a down-padded coat which as it seemed to me, hid not such a small breast, and I went on affairs. In shop, at a conversation with the consultant, it seemed to me that he stares at my breast! I felt the mixed feeling — shame, for the clear reason, but even to surprise joy, probably that-to similar is felt by girls who are frankly examined. And there is a little irritation — he distracted from a conversation. It amused me even more, for certain that-to similar was tested by all girls. The shame absolutely evaporated — yes it is all the same if someone guesses. In general not very much I understand when in responses of online store complain that the goods are insufficiently densely packed and what-nibud vibrator or an anal stopper "is probed". Here it is necessary to workers of the feel mail of a parcel as if to take care of them there is nothing. Well and if gropes" and will guess — that, won't give a parcel or "will report where follows", type: "militia, urgently come, debauchery, dicks rubber here!" It is funny simple. I continued to do by that time orders. That what-to to make with "top", I ordered a big "blonde" wig, a lacy mask on eyes, lacy gloves, an also black long gloves without fingers "under skin". Several jewelry from the section of jewelry and a hand became similar to women's too! Very unusually and beautifully. Still I bought a great gag - a penis with a thong and a lock. This thing seemed to me especially dissolute — to close the lock a penis in a mouth! Mmmm. Invitingly! Na business it was even more interesting! The toy very much was pleasant to me — a gag small, so that language it is possible to feel a head, or just to clasp him. It is especially amusing to represent that "not to get rid of him". very much gets. There is a wish to pour over him a cum and to clasp in a mouth, but I didn't think up yet as to make it — it is worth terminating and doing it already there is no wish at all. No though I would cease to want to throw out everything after an orgasm. Long I thought how it is possible to carry such gag on the street or though in the car. Then dawned — to put on a protective mask, type I not am ill, I am afraid to catch. For the street won't go, a here in the car it is already possible to have a good time without being scorched. And, it is necessary to tell, it very much kayfovo — you go, you examine on traffic lights of people in other cars, an at a dick in a mouth! It so makes horney! Several time just I put on as the girl — usual lacy linen, a short black dress, under him I bought the pulling together elastic corset that there was though a hint on a waist, I put on socks a network, black leggings "under skin", the new sandals, a wig, women's sun-protection glasses, on glove hands to elbows, any cool jewelry — "gold" bracelets on a leg and on a hand, a ringlet with stones in a species of a butterfly, even I found clip-on earrings - earrings with the hanging thin chains, so that if to bend, light curls of hair fall down and it is visible earrings. And, of course, my beautiful, silicone boobs. It turned out, on surprise, quite fit little girl. Having changed clothes, I walked on a warehouse, catching a high from the fact that I don't torment the erogenous zones, a just I feel myself as the ordinary little girl. Thus there are unexpected, is clean devchachyi reactions — you will correct hair, a dress, the gait changes and, the main thing, you feel yourself as attractive. yes, exactly so, in a female sort. It is surprising that thus there is no wish to fuck so all in a row any more, you begin somehow, to appreciate yourself that whether. It, perhaps, became one of the most interesting opening in time of my experiment which, I thought, concerns only sex. Through several "calling" buttocks, I very much wanted to try sex - the car. Earlier I also couldn't present that my buttocks are suitable for it, but as easily it appeared quite big dick entered it! To buy ready it is very expensive, but it is possible to make most. I estimated a design and necessary details. I bought the motor - a reducer of a screen wiper of "vases 2101" since he was the cheapest, the block of food 12B on 3A (I thought it with a stock, it appeared only just am enough), an aluminum tube about a centimeter diameter and meter in length, two plastic plugs for her and several corners for fastening. Na surprise quickly I collected all design. The motor - a reducer fixed by corners on a piece of plywood, on a shaft fastened the small lever of centimeters 5 — 6. To this rotating lever — the lever - the pusher long centimeters 20, is farther longer tube on which end through couple of corners - couplers it is possible to fix by collars a dildo. This tube freely moves two directing plugs which are rigidly attached by corners to plywood. It turned out quickly, cheap and rather reliably. I included and was surprised — "dick" moved with a good speed — not very quickly, but and not slowly, thus is quite silent, so that the fucking promised to be terrific! One of curbstones in a warehouse lying on a side I was ideal on height for fastening sex - cars, I fixed ee by pair of self-tapping screws. The curbstone is very heavy, in process won't move a little. I chose suitable day, it was closed in a warehouse, I picked up a set of super-erotichnogo linen. Yes, any more not everything is equal to me that with what to put on, there is a wish that it was beautiful and it was combined. Almost habitually I made up all nails, lips. I dressed up the girl — black stockings and a belt, a red super-seksualny corset with translucent inserts, with fastenings for stockings, so too that stockings were tightened by double elastic bands — black and red, very beautifully left. "I hid" hands in black translucent lacy gloves, an over a glove "under skin" from a wrist to an elbow with an eyelet around an average finger. Very erotically, hands become in a feminine way graceful and hands seem much less. The black lacy panties which are completely hiding a penis with balls and with a huge hole on a bottom. A also a wig so the curling hair to a breast, ornament, women's sun-protection glasses, a penis gag and, of course, bosonozhechki. Na nipples are clips, from above a silicone breast. I tightened everything, I corrected. Perhaps, so dissolutely and so probably on the little girl I yet never looked! Process of such full disguise already brought me not childly. I understood that devilishly it am pleasant to myself in such look — a that, beautiful hands and legs, faces it is almost not visible behind the blonde's wig, points and a gag. About legs in general a separate subject, I am wild about them! Devchachya beauty — is surprising and disturbing! Especially, when you see ee in yourself. I knew that at once to be let in all heavy is fraught therefore at first "I developed" buttocks without sex a little - cars. Usually male bum is a little strained. A here as if becomes women's — relaxes, becomes soft and pliable. Rather accurately to enter a dick into buttocks, to wait couple of minutes and several time to carry out by him backwards-vpered. After it it is ready to any sex. Feelings are unusual, having just weakened a muscle you won't gain such effect. A human body — surprising, delightful "device". "Flesh brings together us from mind" as the character of one classical movie spoke. I thought of it when I fixed a phallus on sex - the car and settled before it, standing on knees. Or it was done by the beauty as whom I felt myself. I didn't even think o to myself as o the girl or the guy, I definitely was pleasant to myself, was overflowed with excitement, lust and anticipated the main sexual experiment. Of course, I hoped for an anal orgasm. To be active a hand quickly tires, it isn't simple to hold speed, it distracts. The car of fatigue doesn't know A. Having tried on, I decided that it is simpler to include at first it, a to allow him to enter then buttocks. The dick wore out backwards-vpered, an I, holding him with fingers, began to move back back, bringing closer buttocks with this miracle with awe and an anticipation. Now I will be really fucked! The push, previously weakened anus easily "let in" a head. "It is necessary as precisely I got", I thought more o than I couldn't think — moved back, the phallus pierced in buttocks to the balls and pushed me forward, then dragged back, the buttocks slightly moved behind him, but till the end he didn't leave any more, a push, still, still, still again! I thought that I had an anal sex when the first time "hollowed" itself this vibrator. No I was mistaken, in comparison with what occurred now, it was nothing. The penis widely fucked me, even not just in buttocks, he fucked me everything, entirely! All body moved from pushes and back, carried away by a penis and the high reaching loss of communication with reality forward! Where I looked, on the place of habitual parts of a body I saw female — hands, legs, a breast — everything was frankly women's, beautiful, smoothly moving on pushes behind. The sound became a little squelching — intestines obviously excreted a lot of protective lubricant, reminding a cum on a look, in additives to anal lubricant with which I plentifully covered a phallus. My fair, long hair hanged down down, closing the review around, I saw only the female body which is delightfully fucking in buttocks. As it is also necessary sex - the car, speed didn't decrease, the dick fervently fucked me, an I, having absolutely floated, couldn't keep on hands any more and laid down on a soft rug with the lifted-up buttocks where my favourite vibrator so inconsiderately managed. I didn't even groan, only panted therefore that from delight and a high intercepted breath. Never I felt myself so the woman. Delightful, beautiful, relishing, in full harmony with and with the surrounding world. Ne I know how many time passed, it isn't less than a half an hour, hour can. The buttocks loudly squelched and helplessly moved from pushes sex - cars. I was in poluobmorochnom a state. It was already clear that I won't receive an anal orgasm, but it didn't concern me, I just caught an unreal high. With a huge regret, I decided that it is time to be interrupted. Vo to a mouth dried up, I pulled out a gag - a penis, lips pleasantly ached, cramped a jaw a little from the fact that the mouth was long open. In pants the small puddle of lubricant which I smeared on language and lips was formed. Vkusnenko, almost as cum! It was thought that here so, forgotten by someone-to pair of footwear I started chain reaction in which result I was the girl fucked sex - car in buttocks. At first I hesitated of this hobby, there was it caused rejection, but then I understood that it is the real gift, the destiny slightly opened to me a secret a little, having shown some aspects from life of girls. Earlier I just loved them, now I adore. It doesn't seem to me any more that "I have nothing to dress" is a trick. I understand that the clothes can not be combined, not approach weather, to the place of appointment or it is just bad to look on a figure that expensive linen is not a whim, an a real difference in comfort and in self-esteem. I understood that to be beautiful is the whole work. As it is strange, I began to appreciate more that I am a man. I wouldn't want to become now the woman therefore that it is very difficult. I don't consider "foolish" beauties stupid any more: just to look beautiful — it is very difficult, correct to pick up clothes and to lay a beautiful make-up is the real art, an art can't be stupid. Unwillingly I changed clothes and I put away everything in a box, I washed away varnish and lipstick. Partially I investigated sex - the car that it was unclear that it. The buttocks were absolutely relaxed and pleasantly ached feeling ottrakhannosti. There was this very pleasant feeling! About a month there was no time to have a good time. I went to work, but the lack of sex affected, desire to repeat grew. That time the next order — belts for binding came. And here, once in the evening, having quickly made affairs, a free hour appeared. Ne losing time, quickly I got the "special" box, I collected sex - the car, having added ee with two fixing belts for legs. Belts on an idea drag on at the buttocks, without allowing to be removed from the fucking dick forward. For completeness of feelings ahead I fixed one more belt — for hands. There was a wish to fix, of course, two so that hands were extended in the parties and in general it was impossible to be released, but to arrange itself such "trap" was it is fraught — belts looked very convincingly and there was no full confidence that plastic locks will break if to pull so all force. Therefore decided to pull together wrists with one belt, so I will be able to get out, just in case. Quickly I picked up "suit" and I changed clothes in the girl — a corset, stockings, panties with a hole on a bottom, a wig under the blonde. Some habitualness of this business very much made horney, preparation went quickly and easily, making horney and pleasing already with process. From a big box of condoms remained only two, well two and it is necessary to me — one to prepare buttocks for powerful sex and the second for, actually process. I put on a mouth condom a dildo. Hands it seems to me more conveniently, but by a mouth erotichnee and so many girls do. Having a little played a mouth, evenly I covered a penis with lubricant and accurately I entered into buttocks. I entered almost without serious consequences. While the buttocks got used, continued disguise — rubbed off lubricant which was already emitted from my dick for a gag - a penis and took him in a mouth. So taste where erotichnee! I clasped with a belt the hanging-down long hair and I clasped a buckle on a neck — with collected hair more conveniently and it looks cool. The thong of a gag closed a small lock from a set — without key not to take out and not to remove. A small dissolute detail for mood. "I jumped" on the dick in buttocks a little, having rested him against a soft rug on a floor, it is a little potrakhal him of itself at the fast speed that the buttocks finally relaxed. As it is good! It is necessary to do it more often! Well that, the phallus to sex - the car is time to fix. I pulled out him from buttocks — well, the condom is soiled strongly, it is necessary to change. I removed him and I wiped a penis damp napkins. I attached so, as in last time, collars - couplers. It seems reliably. Yes and there is no special load of him, he goes in buttocks rather easily. I put on him pure condom, very plentifully I greased. Everything, it is possible to start. The barefoot person's plot, mood became absolutely good and dissolute. With great pleasure it began to be attached — at first I pushed legs in loops of fixing belts, it was necessary only to get up on knees and to stretch them on legs to buttocks. I turned on the motor and it was attached by buttocks. The dick very easily entered an anus, without having caused the slightest discomfort. Whether To lubricants was more, than in last time whether the buttocks relaxed more better, but process went obviously differently — if the first time a sphincter several time tried to contract and it was necessary to swing buttocks that the penis in her didn't move and it wasn't sick, now he freely fucked me, an as if only it and is necessary to buttocks — everything that I felt, it was the clean high, any resistance! It is necessary. Even nearly I forgot about belts! Panting from the rolling high, I lifted loops of belts on legs to buttocks and I tightened fasteners more tightly. With a length I guessed — the tense belts hold buttocks so that the phallus enters on balls and pleasantly presses on a perineum, then slightly carries away a body back and again enters to an emphasis. It was necessary to tie hands for feeling of full return to the car and sex. I pushed hands up to wrists in a belt and I tried to tighten a loop. Ne it is very-to convenient, but it is real. Measured work with buttocks went that time behind and the body everything reacted to her more strange — in the bottom of a stomach there was a pleasant languor, the strong erection wasn't felt, but in we wash the dick there was pleasant tension. On all signs it was similar to sex which has to end with an orgasm. The fact that his source was in buttocks was very unusual, but it seems thus my dick could terminate. In youth so it was me when the orgasm with an ejaculation came from admiring by beautiful legs of the classmate. Here I turned attention that I put on nothing hands. The box with gloves stood nearby, it was necessary to rise only slightly and it was possible to reach easily. Then visual influence will be where fuller, to continue process of disguise in that time as the buttocks receive so sweet fucking it seemed insufferably seductively! Having accurately risen, I reached a box, I groped gloves. The dick continued to enter surely and freely buttocks, causing high waves with each push. As it is good! Having grown bolder, I became straight a few that it was more convenient to put on gloves. At first lacy — they less than the size, than my hands, fit hardly, but but in a result all looks far more compactly and erotichnee! Then I began to pull gloves "under wet black skin" without fingers to an elbow. What beauty! Excitement rolled more and stronger, responding on mechanical caress. Probably, at this moment I absolutely forgot someone I am and realized himself only as the girl. The legs in stockings attracted by belts to sex - the car, the look just reduced from mind, in buttocks occurred that-to improbable, in the bottom of a stomach it was obviously planned that-to similar to an orgasm. Really it will occur?! And as only I was ready to fix the "devchachyi" hands that-to occurred. Probably unsuccessfully I moved, having somehow bent, but suddenly the phallus jumped out of my buttocks and having come off one of collars, hung horizontally, having slapped to steam of times on a leg, a then and at all came off fastening, having fallen to a dirty floor. No!!! Silly little girl! Here I had to get on these foolish gloves! I rained on the parade of such myself! I lifted the vibrator — yes, it is hopeless, all in dirt from a floor, it can't be inserted back into buttocks. That him! It was very offensive. Ne that that is sad, pleasures the sea was received. No there was a wish-to bigger and it seemed that it is possible! So the mixed feeling of pleasure and excitement in buttocks which didn't take place yet I began to tidy up. Condoms weren't any more, drugstores and shops too far, yes and you won't go there in such look, means on today all. I wiped everything napkins, I began to change clothes in the man. Only having completely put on men's clothes, ko to me the feeling returned that I "he", a not "she". What was it? Surprisingly, but it is possible, I worried as one time from the most widespread events in sexual life of girls — the interrupted high when their darling cums earlier. Of course, I never "leave the wife" in such situation and I do to kuna. No the moment of a sudden stop is for certain familiar to everyone. Now my experiment had a purpose — to check whether the anal orgasm is possible. In network a set of disputes over this occasion, some speak there is no it, others that it is and even far more abruptly than usual. I want to learn. Or? There was a thought "to walk" the girl — to change clothes in the car completely in the little girl and to drive on the Ne in sex - linen, of course, an is simple in women's clothes, a wig, on heels, etc. That through windows all saw the girl. These thoughts very much excite me. Whether I will be solved? Where will I be brought by these experiments? Time will show. =) dateline killer role date calculator nepali to english site mapMain Page