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Soon days off. Luda as always called also the rock that at the end of the week she stays at home one and that I have to arrive to her. I was glad. I will spend these days off with the beloved. Friday, evening, I was in the city of my mistress. I stopped by at shop, I bought wines, and I went to Lyudmila Nikolaevna. I ring a door. Lyudka quickly enough came and opened a door, smiling, she told that I came, and that a dinner already on a table. She was in one dressing gown, barefoot and very erotic. We sat down at a table drank wines, ate, Lyudka told about herself, about family, work. Soon she lay on a table, and I was in her. Luda with pleasure groaned, and I enjoyed heat of her bosom. In kitchen we fucked not long, I poured in it in a cum and we continued to eat. Luda cooked a lot of tasty food, we hardly ate all this and full got over in sleeping, everything what we were capable at that moment of, it to lie and enjoy our bodies. We fell asleep. For all night long we fucked only once. Next morning Lyudka parted forcibly me and told that she wants to crap, lately she took me in a toilet with herself and after she defecates, I licked her. But this time I was waited by another. Luda told: "I want to do a poo on you". I loved very much and was devoted, my lady. I at once agreed. Lyudka ran to the hall, dispatched an oilcloth on a floor, threw on her a towel and told that I laid down there. I quickly and obediently laid down on a towel. Luda sat down home so that her buttocks appeared at the level of my head. I opened a mouth and waited. Lyudmila natuzhitsya, and I noticed how her anus extends. In some moment I appeared brown shit, it slowly I came up from Lyudka. The woman looked at how I a mouth will catch her excrements. The first shit was firm, thickish, length around eight — ten centimeters. She slowly crept out, then came off and neatly flew to me in a mouth. It was warm brown weight with an unpleasant smell and bitterish taste. I lay on a floor, under the Lyudiny bottom. In a mouth I had a shit. But Luda continued to sit and here the next portion of shit appeared. This time her isparazhneniye became more liquid. She quickly splashed out everything on my person. I had a pair mouth of shit. I lay and didn't move. After the last pieces fell on my face, I felt as on my breast urine splashed. Luda led a stream from a breast on the person. She well urinated from above, on shit. I lay with an open mouth in which shit slowly thawed, and, having thawed, proceeded to me in a throat. Urine diluted Lyudina a shit even more. Luda told: "And now chew" I began to move with jaws. I felt that shit spreads on lips, I have a full mouth of this good, but it was opposite to swallow, but nevertheless I took the first sip, then more and more, shit and urine entered me. I chewed and swallowed. Hands, holding that on a face, and pushing a shit in a mouth. Luda stood, looked at me and laughed loudly. Then she sazat that I went, washed and licked her bum. I got up, holding with hands shit on a face came into a toilet, spat out what was in a mouth, erased shit from a face, me pulled out, a shit with my gastric juice and food lay at the bottom of a toilet bowl, washed away and went to the bathroom. There I washed and rinsed a mouth. I came to the hall. In the middle the oilcloth on which there were residues of shit and urine lay. Luda leaned hands on a sofa and set aside to me the buttocks. I kneeled behind her and began to lick her carefully. Brown substance appeared at me in a mouth again it was already not so opposite and the small piece of shit was easily swallowed. What was dissolved in saliva came absolutely easily into me, it brought pleasure. As soon as the anus became clean, I started licking a vagina. Luda was humidified, moaned, and already soon I was active in her the dick. I quickly enough terminated, but Luda didn't release me. We merged bodies for a long time, changing poses, after a while I poured in Lyudka still in cums. But she didn't stop. She reached an orgasm ten minutes later. I all sweated and weakened. I collected a towel and brought it to the bathroom. I curtailed an oilcloth, I brought in a toilet and I shook out, I washed out and I went to have breakfast to kitchen. In these days off Lyudmila Nikolaevna put me into an uric diet. Before food I was waited by a glass with her urine, and so far I won't drain it, to me Luda didn't put food. Her urine was light yellow color, saltish with persistent smell. All offered glasses were drunk to the bottom. We spent the whole of Saturday to beds. Luda got up from her only when cooked to them food. In a toilet she went to me. When she wanted to write. I laid down on a back, it sat down from above, and slowly, lowered urine in my mouth. I drank all her moisture then I carefully licked her pussy. By my mouth didn't fall at all. So her bed remained clean. After that we had sex. Revival came. I slowly, was going to leave, the husband of my woman will return in the evening. Having come into a bathtub, I saw the towel lying on a floor. It was in urine and Lyudmila's shit, I accurately curtailed and put in the package. It was my new trophy which got to me from Lyudki. On a corridor I already put on shoes, Luda embraced me. She was only in an easy, open dressing gown. Having risen, I saw her body and my dick bulked up. Luda noticed it. The left hand Luda embraced me for a neck, right undid a fly. My dick was in her hand, in a moment I thrust the athlete in it. I drove it into the corner, my trousers were lowered slightly below than a knee, her legs were in the lock behind my back. And we at the same time terminated couple of moments. Luda got down from me, wrapped up a dressing gown. I pulled trousers. We kissed, and I left. 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