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I am simply enraged today! Why? Do you still ask? Ah and, - you don't know … It is all about my friend, his name is Pashka … The full moron, precisely I speak! This moron to me you know today what offered?! I dragged rubber personal belongings from the sex shop, well, you know, such, - there all together, both boobs women's, and a wig, and legs in stockings, directly overalls which if someone puts on then looks very seductive girl. Well and here. So Pashka says to me: "give, speaks, we will put on and fuck this suit in turn each other. Put on! You will be my mother now, both you will tempt me, and I will fuck you. Yes be not afraid – not really, in the same place the hole is in rubber!" Well I, naturally, was indignant, swore at him, and sent … behind beer. No, you can imagine it?! I understand that an incest – it is cool, itself quite often on my mother I jerk off, but that to it to come, fuck the friend instead of the mother … And Pashka in general on an incest trudges, will shift specifically on this subject. Sex magazines at him darkness, movies … He to me and here too cited one film as an example: "and that, grit, in the movie "Pink Flamingos" the father-transtvestit, in the woman disguised, with the son it was had sex, type mother with the son are fucked". Moron, well, of course. But, by the way, according to movies can give a practical advice. I somehow wanted to buy "Wild grace" for three hundred seventy Russian babler, well, in the same place it seems as mummy to the sonny of an otjebl. So Pashka dissuaded me: "do you that, grit, failed from an oak?! There is not an incest, but one name: well, the mother to the son on knees sat down, moved-moaned ten seconds, and without undressing, everything is hidden by a skirt – it is necessary to you, babler to throw out for it? If there are superfluous, it is more best to save and to one abrupt town to go …" That for the town, he didn't manage to tell, we then again quarreled … All right, now just I will also ask … Here, by the way, and he returned, with beer … Well that, the moron, I hope, you won't covet me as the mother any more?! And you aren't necessary to me as the mother … Give to bank here … You tell me more better what so abrupt place about which you spoke then is? "When, when!" Freak … It obmasturbirovatsya absolutely so struck memory? Where? Хм … And you from what took what there "erotic entertainments"? Yes? Well, I don't know … Hear, that this moron speaks – in our city from the neighboring countries there arrived the traveling amusement park, well there, a roller coaster, a swing roundabouts, and as if there are an attraction "for adults" … that for атрракцион, sense in advertizing isn't told, as it is clear – they will directly not write about it, but Pashka on the Internet dug then additional information, and the words "no to the bans!", "loveful mother", still something flashed there … Well, Pashka interested me. Besides, me rodoki of bablosik was thrown so has to be enough … See you as his eyes lit up! Well, we went to the park. Super there razvlekalka brought, I wanted to do some shooting in a dash and to come into Panic Room, but Pashka held me. All of us passed attractions, rested almost against the high pig-iron lattice fencing the park – "for adults" we don't see any attraction. And already to darken the beginning. Really deceived?! Now we will go to understand to administration! And here suddenly low such vigorous little man sideways jumps out, it is shown in a smile and chatters, grabbing us hand: - You, probably, on an attraction for adults? - Aha, - we answer. - Well, then follow me! – also drags us somewhere in darkness. We follow him, and about the fencing we see the box, like a street toilet. Our conductor chatters: - Here, please! Well, we behind him at a door, and there the ladder appeared down. Well, we followed him. Steps ten in the dark passed, then from below everything is lighter and it became lighter, and we came to the small platform which is brightly lit with electric light. Here some more people, probably, as well as we, on an attraction were trampled down. - Idyomte! – the conductor to a wide door drags us, presses the button on a wall, we pass, and … mother expensive! We it seems as left to other huge park. An evening, darkly, but around everything shines from multi-colored illuminations. And what illuminations! In the sky electric figures of the copulating men and women, detailed images of genitals, a penis, eyakuliruyushchy the huge "drops of a cum" depicted by light-emitting diodes and so on, - it, probably, and in Las Vegas on you will see soared! - Welcome to the Incest park! – solemnly I proclaimed our conductor, and I added: - The first entertainment on our route - brothel "Dirty mother". The conductor brought us to the pavilion, we came inside. There for some reason about walls there were many searchlights and on a floor wires and cables coiled. In the middle of the pavilion, on the small eminence as on the stage, there was a furniture and other objects kind of creating a usual house situation in the ordinary apartment. The conductor clapped and from where sideways there was a chain of half-naked women somewhere years of forty. They were different: slender and ample bodied, blondes, brunettes, someone in black stockings on garters, someone in white, some in translucent combinations, some absolutely naked. - Choose "mother" on the taste! – I told the conductor. We from Pashkaya who were slightly stunned chose everyone on the woman most of which of all resembled our mothers. Pashka with his "mother" were taken away to other room, and to me suggested to be located here. We with "mother" entered a "house" interior on the stage. She put on the dressing gown hanging on a chair back and languidly told me: - The sonny, I want to tell you one thing … unusual … Only you don't hesitate and don't worry, all right? - Well, - I answered. - The sonny, I want to ask you about one service … it absolutely easy, and it will even be pleasant to you. I have a consolidation in boobies, the doctor told that it can be a tumor, or perhaps and isn't present. But anyway, it is necessary for prevention that every day somebody did me massage. Will you help me? - Of course, mothers, - I answered, feeling as my dick strains. - Then go to me, - "mother" called, opened a dressing gown on a breast and reclined in a chair. "It, so they play an incest imagination for clients here", - with pleasure and approval I thought, approaching "mother". I sat down nearby, put a palm on a large juicy boob, having felt as the "mother's" nipple under a palm immediately strained. - Remember to mother титю, - "mother" told. – Yes, yes, here as follows … At this moment lighting changed - it were switched off some searchlight and others joined, besides, something buzzed. I looked back... (TO BE CONTINUED) dated and related age date zodiac signs site mapMain Page