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From the earliest childhood I was always concerned by the same question why I? and why I not +? I somehow asked parents a similar question then understood that you shouldn't set it more better. I understand as far as, all this is possible, ridiculous or ridiculous, but such is my essence. Externally, I am the ordinary guy almost different from the peers, but only externally + inside I am a girl. Kind of it not ridiculously sounded, from the childhood I loved bows, even in kindergarten I wanted long hair, to wear skirts and dresses. My female essence was shown in everything, only then when burned, I began to hide all this. And so, from the earliest childhood I was always concerned by the same question why I and why I not + the girl. It was simply not clear to me and I will tell more me it revolted! I was born it (it will be more correct to tell such). In the early childhood everything was on the verge of games, nobody seriously treated it until I went to school, here and began + The first time parents made me a remark a class in the third, I then put on mother's tights and went to them on the house, nobody paid attention to it so far I didn't begin to try on a mother's skirt. Parents led a discussion I made the understanding look and understood that it is more best him to know nothing about it. I even am alienated on karate (I am not sorry about it) but there to me there were small and only to me noticeable incidents. Well for example, we were trained sits down in a twine and the teacher approached everyone than could helped, to stretch muscles, kneaded us, everything was normal, but already then it was pleasant to me not that I sat down in a twine, and the fact that I am touched by the foreign man, I already sat in a minus twine and all the same pretended that isn't enough for me absolutely slightly - slightly. I laid down on a back and parted legs in the parties, he took me for legs pounded hip inside muscles (I was just on top of the world from pleasure J). Of course, I wanted bigger and I knew that in tights legs of feelings it is more, and I began to go to a training in the cut-off overknee leggings. At the beginning I didn't manage to avoid snickers from guys with which I was engaged, but it concerned me a little as I had results 10 times more than at them at all. The shortcoming was in one, I was thin, but slender and almost maiden face if leggings somebody would dress them them nobody and a word told, I became just very strongly similar to the little girl, for the sake of appearances I was angry, but actually I was so happy with myself + I knew that they look to me at the back when I am engaged and coil on a floor working gymnastics elements. Then our hall was covered and I passed into another, to me then there were about fourteen and I already knew what I want J + At school I was an ordinary boy, apart from tights under trousers and those fashion shows that I spent in front of the mirror at home while was nobody + once it led me here to what. To me was then years 13 or 14 + I as usual changed clothes in the girl and began to dream of something obscene J + well at me got up, physiology, from it you won't leave, I laid down on a sofa in one hand there was my small pepper, the second I just caressed myself, legs, a breast, skin was so gentle that I slightly didn't terminate at once from excitement. In thoughts I was already far, somehow on TV I saw a scene where the man hangs over the woman and I presented myself on her place and is so obvious that didn't notice as the finger of my free hand got into a bottom + I stopped. Somehow with section we were going to go to the forest, but something broke off, but I didn't tell parents about it and not only I but also one more fellow, the neighbor in the street. We came to the forest inflamed a fire, got to talking + and he told me that he fucked the guy in the pioneer the camp (at me even everything missed a bit inside) and told me it in all flowers and paints. I reddened, but found forces to tell him that I there is nothing he me would fuck (it was my first boyfriend). Of course experience any, but nevertheless it was pleasant to me. I then didn't know what needs to be greased + it all couldn't enter me, entered but after a while it jumped out and the procedure of hit in me continued + Well everything ended with what we jerked off each other and all + We became more often to see when at him was at home nobody came to him, I dressed belongings of his sister. The point is that he at the first on our street had video a tape recorder, once he got a porn, the porn is normal, the girl's boys + and there I am the first time and I saw as the girl sucks to the guy a dick. I was dumbfounded, my boy noticed it. I sat on a sofa in his room, on me there was a short skirt, tights and a t-shirt. He at first stroked me on a knee, then sat down closer + I already placed legs and began to lift a skirt as for us wasn't a problem I always gave him the buttocks when he wanted and itself asked him me to fuck, but he suggested me to take in a mouth + I was shocked, of course I it wanted most of all, but I hesitated and is so strong that refused took away his hands from itself, did offended a look, even otset aside + and he made that what my wall failed. He for the first time called me the girl! The darling and darling + I sat down by me I began to stroke-oar on my head gently kissing in a cheek. Since then he addressed me (alone of course) only in a feminine gender + and began to call me Olen'ka, so I had a woman's name. He told that there is nothing terrible in it and that it very much is pleasant to all little girls. I knew what will be pleasant to me, but after all provided an initiative to the guy. I sat on a sofa, he asked me to close eyes. I knew that he does J + he undid jeans, then something very gentle and warm touched my lips, on a smell I already knew that + He began to drive it to me him on lips, carried out on cheeks + I kissed him and opened eyes. He took me by hand and put it to himself on a dick. The head of me went around, I was in the seventh heaven, I in women's face me my boyfriend, I hold him for a dick which I am going to take in a mouth!!! The first time it turned out so it terminated to me on a skirt, well and something got to me on the person, I didn't begin to swallow his cum, only then I decided on it and it was pleasant to me. After it began to call me by a woman's name, I began to pay attention to the appearance more, that is a make-up, clothes, hygiene and not cunning secrets of concealment of the male origin and so on... Sometimes business reached before that he couldn't cum any more, there was just nothing just nothing, several times a day. As I also took and he gave me in a mouth very often. At one time we were kidding to work for public. Well for example in the park or in other public place, sat down by people, there was an evening and after a while I already scribbled a blowjob to the guy, was cheerful someone as reacted someone was indignant someone just giggled and left, and we laughed. It we had a limit of my dreams + everything with it was so good that more better and can't be presented. He cool looked after me, with him I began to forget someone I am actually, gave flowers, home took, sometimes bought to me a women's clothing and so on + It lasted year. Then he with parents moved to other city, just offered his father work in Moscow and I heard nothing about him any more. I remained one. As I already realized myself as the girl and the year spent with the first guy gave for me much, not only sexual experience, but also as it is necessary to behave, put on, is painted, I didn't want to stop. I took the following step, it was forced, I had no place to store the female things and I opened to the grandmother who lived in other area. Her reaction of course wasn't unambiguous, but it accepted me such what I am what I am very grateful to her for. The area was a stranger and there nobody knew me, I came to her and remained to spend the night and went already as the boy home in the morning. In the evenings I came to her, changed clothes at her, was painted and went for a walk already in women's. I then sewed to myself (not without the grandmother's help of course) from an old polo-neck a miniskirt, the skirt turned out really pass, even as it seemed to me very much pass, but it attracted me only even more. I bought several pairs of tights, I had cosmetics + and here I went outside. One, at first it was somehow feel ill at ease, terribly, I was afraid that drunk will stick or young guys crowd, well terribly, but then I began to enjoy + appearance at that time I wasn't deprived, a fine-molded figure, pryamenky legs, long hair and a maiden face and when I put on that miniskirt, several times cars stopped and suggested to bring, but I refused for obvious reasons. There was a park where I walked and sitting on a bench, smoked, did bored face though in the head the thought was only about one sex! I terribly wanted the man that he had me as soon as wants. At that time I already got acquainted with the guy, he studied at the first year institute, and I at school, of course he didn't know someone I am actually and his attempts to make the way to me in panties came to an end not with that with what he wanted, I just didn't allow him it to make. We kissed. He touched me for a bottom, legs, we met week and he began to show me that he wants me, I refused as soon as could, even began to carry laying when he came across her a hand, everything fell into place at once and I knew that will so eternally proceed can't. One evening when he saw me to a certain place where I asked me to see off what wouldn't be learned where I live, we stopped, he began to kiss me at parting, as always he asked when sees me, I answered that only in a week because I have a school and I have to go home. He as always began to ask that I remained for day, but I not could + really parents began strain. And I decided to present to him миньетик. We kissed in a hickey, he even shuddered when I began to touch him + to my astonishment at him already stood up for that. Without stopping a kiss I undid his jeans and got his handsome, began to caress him a hand. My boyfriend even rolled up eyes from it. As we stood in a silent recess I just sat down on hunkers and his dick took in a mouth, having played sponges on a head I took him entirely, at the guy of a leg began to give away, and I forgot to tell him that he would warn me when cums not to soil my clothes. date yourself quotes dateline gif site mapMain Page