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This story occurred when to all there was a reorganization in our country. I at that time passed to study in the sixth class, with a school uniform then there were problems as however, and with any other consumer goods. But school students had to go to school in shape, it were still the Soviet rules. I lived in the small provincial town in a standard five-storey apartment block on the first floor together with the grandmother, so it turned out in my life. She worked for me though was on pension, but money in our little family all the same was deficiency. I studied so-so, such children were called then by silent mediocre pupils with what talents I didn't shine, active life at school wasn't conducted therefore always on council of pioneer team of a class, existed such in those days, me is lazy criticized and threatened that will hang up on me some social work. The only thing that I then loved, it to read books, this love to me was imparted by my grandmother. Therefore I spent the most part of time after school, at home reading different books. I walked on the street a little, sometimes children from the yard called me to play soccer, but as I was the youngest of them, often put me on gate, and this role didn't cause joy and enthusiasm therefore I quite often said that I am ill in me or thought out still some excuses. So measuredly and slowly my life flowed. But at some point, life or destiny decided to change this current. Everything began just with this school uniform about which I spoke at the beginning of the narration. During fitting of a school suit, it turned out that trousers are sewed exactly by my size, it pleased me as I constantly had to wear a uniform which hung on me as a bag. The reason of it was that we bought it for several years ahead for economy of the family budget. But the grandmother, this circumstance strongly upset and that is why. We lived not in the south therefore naturally most part of year under trousers it was necessary to put on sportivka and as I often still was ill, other option wasn't even discussed. But in this case under trousers which were put on on me to dress a sportivka was not probably physically. To buy new, there is no money. To alter, the same isn't simple. And I persuaded the grandmother not to alter trousers because altered will hang on me as on an effigy garden. We with her quarreled and almost whole evening didn't talk. Eventually, she offered me a compromise. Instead of sportivka which I put on under trousers to put on her gray-white cotton panty hoses. About the beginning, this her offer caused in me a protest, but as her position or or, was unshakable too, I agreed. When I pulled on myself her panty hoses, it became clear that my darkly blue (Soviet) pants are twisted by an accordion that was very inconvenient. But this problem, it promised me to solve by the morning. Having woken me since morning in school, she told that yesterday when I went to bed, she altered from the new pants some for me, and from them quite decent panties turned out. After this message already on a threshold in the doorway she as always asked me that I wasn't late in school and didn't forget to have breakfast. After a breakfast, I began to be going to school when the briefcase was ready, I began to put on. About the beginning I decided not to put on neither panty hoses, nor panties which were sewed to me by the grandmother. Painfully it were the girlish clothes. But slightly later I understood that not this thought was the cause of my fluctuations, the main reason was that suddenly all learn that under trousers I put on panty hoses with panties. It was equivalent to the tragedy, at that time, in the small town. Will ridicule, will spit, will peck, will trample. This fear was also that cause of my fluctuations. But on the other side of somewhere in me there was something that caused desire to put on these things. And I decided. I put on panties, they to me had during a time, pulled panty hoses and about the beginning of bosses in them a shirt, but then pulled out a shirt back, having decided to fill it in trousers. First, panty hoses not beautifully puffed up, secondly, if the uniform jacket accidentally reveals or buttons on it then it will be possible to notice a strip of the panty hoses which are sticking out of trousers will come off, and I perfect didn't want this. Then I put on trousers with boots, threw with a jacket, grabbed a briefcase with a smenka and went to school. At school absolutely no what not usual occurred, everything was as before, first it seemed to me that someone noticed on me clothes obviously not that a floor. The trouser-leg was too highly lifted up, it seemed that when I bend down, on trousers seams of panty hoses which behind went down on both sides loops from an elastic band of panty hoses to an oval of my buttocks are allocated, thereby, surrounding my bottom. But it were only my illusions caused by fear to be exposed in literal and figurative sense of this word. Everything was as always, change lessons. And next day too no what occurred, days, weeks so departed. At first inside there was some excitement, because, that I have a secret, about which except the grandmother no someone knows. And the clothes made horney me. But over time these feelings began to become dull therefore I became, coming from school home, to turn often in front of the mirror in panty hoses, considering itself in different poses, and at this time I felt how the wave of excitement warmed my bottom of a stomach, and my chlenik in panties became firm. Here it is necessary to tell that before arrival of the grandmother I always changed clothes in sportivka because I felt some awkwardness, and it caused in me sense of shame why I don't know. Soon and examining of ceased to make horney me in a mirror as before. And I suddenly understood that, despite the fear to be what was seen in panties and panty hoses, I want that someone divided with me my secret. And no which of children for this role approached, children are talkative even if won't want, all the same all will stir up to either parents, or friends sooner or later. It has to be the adult though I also was a child, I understood that the adult will stir not especially about it. But how to grant this mine desires I didn't know, it even seemed to me fantastic. At a mirror I sometimes dreamed that someone takes a detached view of me. So I also lived with these fears and imaginations which at the same time both pushed away and attracted me. But as usual in our life everything occurred suddenly. In the winter I was unwell, usual ORZ, but the doctor forbade to go to school and I with pleasure stayed at home read books, turned at a mirror with the imaginations when the grandmother left for work. And here in one morning when I had as usual breakfast, I noticed on the street of the old man who walked along our house, glancing at windows. About the beginning I didn't give it an attention event, but then I had a desire to prove to be in the dress to this old man. From this thought at me intercepted spirit. Heart became, without restraint to beat, at some point I even thought that I will die now and all will come to take a look at me the dead in panty hoses, they then on me were put on, and then still hundred will discuss this event of years at themselves in kitchens. When I recovered the breath, understood that from this unexpected desire I even hid the head under a window sill as though the old man could read my thoughts. This day I couldn't approach a window, at approach to him the fever began to beat me, lips dried up, and in boobies the fear appeared. At night I couldn't fall asleep long, thoughts were confused in the head, I didn't know, what should I do. For the morning when I already rinsed a cup from under tea, I saw the walking old man again and sat down on hunkers. On the one hand it would be possible to draw his attention to me and to show it the dress, but on the other hand was it is known what he will have reaction to my "fashion show". And still stirred this overstrain which frightened me by the manifestations, wasn't enough for me still to crash down in a faint before him. Therefore I began to scroll this desire near a mirror in the head, complementing it with different episodes, kind of training to the forthcoming appointment. (Actually a heap especially for you the selected video on subject when under kolgotochka the lovely chlenik - an editor's note hides) The old man walked every morning before our five-storey building and I thought that it is his morning exercise and, most likely he lives in the neighboring house as I didn't see him in our yard earlier. Perhaps he retired and out of boredom walks to himself in the mornings, I reflected, but in me there was a new fear that quite possibly he can cease to go near our house, for example, will change a route, and then.... And most likely on following weeks will write out me in school and then forgive farewell my desire and imagination. Every morning I was adjusted for somebody active action, but always, something disturbed, passersby passed along with it under our window, the children who studied in the second change at school played in the yard, generally different circumstances interfered with me in implementation of my desire, I so thought. But, this strange but, allowed me to make what, most likely I wouldn't decide to make. That morning I have as usual breakfast washed a mug and already began to wait for approach of the old man when the phone call sounded, the grandmother from work called, she asked me to close a window leaf which I forgot to close leaving for work, she opened her when since morning fritter to me for breakfast fried. It is obvious that this call was such unexpected for me that distracted me from my expectations and thoughts, for moments I forgot that on me panties and panty hoses were dressed, the truth on me was still dressed a polo-neck, but she was short and didn't cover even my buttocks. In it the moment I mechanically approached a stool in kitchen got up on her, then got up on a window sill and edge of eyes noticed that the old man just passes at this time under our window. My hand automatically slammed a window leaf, something turned out like cotton and in the same second I felt as at me lit cheeks because I suffered all the body his look, no, didn't see, namely felt. I made hundred eighty degree turn to his look buttocks, reflex bent down and jumped off on a floor. In the same second I thought of what to understand in what I live to the apartment doesn't make big work, our kitchen window overlooked directly the yard and was near an entrance to an entrance. I very quietly on tiptoe passed in a corridor, in a mirror I noticed that I had crimson-red cheeks I touched them hands and felt heat. This moment was rung out by a doorbell and I shuddered from surprise. Second I began to hesitate what to do, but then approached to the entrance door and asked someone there. The voice behind a door said something not distinct, I opened the lock and slightly opened a door so that I could lean out on a half outside. I was faced by this old man, he smiled, and I felt as my cheeks flared from heat even stronger. Whether he took an interest I know there live in our entrance people with such surname, I was then not in that state that to remember it. In reply I hardly mumbled that I am not present. Then he asked for me a glass of water to drink some pills. And I thought that it is more best to invite to me him to the apartment as at an entrance people could appear at any time and it will even more complicate already already not a simple situation. I invited him to enter and so far he entered and locked an entrance door I went to kitchen behind water. When I returned to a corridor, there light already burned, to me it very didn't become dexterous from his stare. Then I squeezed the legs together and a little bit bent them in knees. He took glass with water and asked to bring a stool or a chair to sit down in a corridor. I brought him a chair, he slowly sat down drank up water and began to examine me from legs up to one head more attentive, I felt that I am made horney from the old man's look therefore I straightened one leg completely in a knee, and on the contrary bent another, it turned out quite defiant pose. Then the old man told that I am very nice boy, took an interest in what class I study and why I not at school. My answer that I caught a cold, quite satisfied his curiosity and he asked to bring still to him waters but the glass didn't stretch to me. I went to kitchen again and brought the whole decanter with water. To pour in a glass water I approached it him absolutely close and when I already began to pour water in a glass, he began to admire my panty hoses, to say how they to me go, at this moment I felt his palm on the buttocks. Then he asked that he it at me in panty hoses puffs up and stretched the fingers to a knob between my legs. My heart was ready to jump out of a breast, is possible when I climbed on a stool or when jumped off from a window sill down my little chlenik jumped out of panties and puffed up on panty hoses, to him the old man the hand stretched. He carefully grasped a knob two fingers and began carefully to squeeze, to release him. I froze with such turn of events. Now burned with heat not only my cheeks, but also a stomach bottom. My chlenik began to harden, the old man spoke, something else, but I poorly heard him and almost didn't think at that moment. I recovered only then when he took a decanter from my hands and put on a floor slightly aside. Then he told that my willy jumped out of panties and that he will try to thrust it back now. But he was only played with my chlenik and I was covered still big by excitement. Then he pulled together a little from me panty hoses with a free left hand so what my chlenik would be visible motivating these actions with the fact that so he will quicker thrust my willy into panties. Having seen my panties he began to extol them too and suddenly unexpectedly for me asked whether it is pleasant to me as he touches my willy, I hardly uttered that yes. Then he pulled together panties from my buttocks, called it gentle and stroked it a palm, without ceasing to feel my children's dick at the same time. Then he got up from a stool and told me that he wants to check my buttocks because earlier he allegedly was a children's doctor and is a good judge of it. He licked the forefinger and asked me that I strained the hole as though I am going to crap. I made as he asked me and his finger slipped in my buttocks. At first it was a little bit not pleasant, but then after he began to move in my hole with a finger, I felt pleasure. Then the old man accurately pulled out the finger from my buttocks murmured that it now to both of us will be very well at the same time called me the lassie and disappeared behind my back continuing to touch me for a dick other hand. In a minute I felt that something very hot and firm nestled on my hole. At this moment he whispered to me on an ear that I wasn't afraid, it won't be sick as he has not a really big willy and it won't do harm to me. When reached me told them, my hole revealed and I felt as he slowly began to enter the dick in I wash the daddy. About the beginning there passed it the head then a trunk, and then I felt his hips the rolls. To me really it wasn't sore, I covered eyes from pleasure cast away the head back and reflex caved in in a waist holding up it the bottom. At first his frictions were slow, but then he began to accelerate, I heard not loud cottons and felt as his balls about my perineum fight. Because of my deflection in a waist his dick in my buttocks wasn't much bent and by that gave me bigger pleasures. He clasped with the left hand my tummy pressing me to himself as it is possible closer, and right the old man continued to caress my willy the fingers at the same time he still, whispered something to me. Then I felt that now from pleasure I will become torn on small pieces and from delight not randomly screamed as the little girl, his breath became faster, and then I felt that from my chlenik, something shot and poured down. Then the old man moved away the hands from my tummy and a willy, and seized me strongly with both hands by hips I not randomly caved in in a waist even stronger, and he accelerated frictions. Approximately in a minute the old man for moments stood, squeezed my hips even stronger, and spread my bud on the trunk with such force that I nearly lost balances, and at this moment he somehow lowed and I felt in myself his hot stream, he filled all my buttocks. Without taking out the willy from my buttocks he stretched me a scarf and told that I would close him the hole when he will take out the dick that him молофья didn't soil my panties and panty hoses. I and made. The buttocks slightly ached, but here legs from an overstrain shivered and were turned in in knees. I hardly passed to the bathroom with the lowered panty hoses and panties, and rinsed the buttocks there. When I left in a corridor the old man looking at my legs told what so always happens for the first time and stroked me on a cheek. Before leaving he took away the handkerchief, told that he will throw out him on the street and gave me a piece of paper with the address, there is he came to our city on a funeral of the elder sister who lived in our city, and tonight he leaves. I asked that I wrote him the letter and when I become more senior would come for the summer to him to the settlement to stay for a while. I nodded to him in reply to-headed and assured him that surely I will arrive and when behind him the door slammed, I in a toilet broke off this piece of paper and threw out in a toilet bowl. It is hard to say, than I then was guided, but I arrived then quite so. date your best friend day dateline death of a golden girl site mapMain Page