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— An eye for an eye — Irinka after scandal told, having found pants of the girlfriend in our bed. How did they get there? Or, that specially there enclosed them? But the girlfriend was good! True sense of these words, I understood much later when time managed to smooth down rough events in memory. I already absolutely forgot this threat and when we were come to visit by our mutual friend, didn't wait for anything bad. We sat stirring about different nonsense, properly drank, but not to loss of consciousness. To us it was cheerful and good. When time passed after midnight, Irka suggested the friend to stay overnight at us what that with pleasure agreed to. Here all also began. Irka went to the bathroom and in five minutes was to us in absolutely transparent dressing gown under which nothing was. It, probably, was rinsed everything so, the dressing gown stuck to her wet body. The friend telling me a joke broke off stop short. All his attention in one stage switched to a body of my wife. He devoured it with eyes, appear, now saliva will begin to drip. All this picture just enraged me, but as well as the friend, I without coming off looked at it. It knew that I did, from time to time getting up to remove plates, or to bring something from kitchen. At the same time all her fine-molded figure was clearly. Breasts showed her excitement by the sticking-out nipples, the pussy slightly opened sponges, having shown our eyes the uvula. She obviously liked our ostolbeneniye, the fact that there was considerably her excitement was pleasant. She was also not going to hide it. The guest broke off. His look deprived of intelligence was lewd, the mouth was slightly opened. It seemed that he will break right now and will set to my girl, oh as will set. I became angry absolutely and when Irinka once again went to kitchen, followed her: — Did you go crazy? What did you so become bare? You what you don't see that he just about on you will rush? — Of course will rush — she looked steady at me — Only a bit later — What?! — here I remembered everything. — You that, really? Irka! To pin that's OK! All right to you to play. I understood everything then! I will be enough to torment. And think of him, to him not to lay a strut now. It isn't necessary. So it is impossible. I love you! — I the same love you. And that between us there was no bitterness left from last events, I will make it, I will make in front of your eyes. Not so meanly, as you, and it is opened also with pleasure. And later solve, you will remain with me, or not, it will depend on you. But I will make it. The wave of strange excitement rose in the head from below from the place under a navel. In the head began to knock. — You that, truth?... Irinushka, native mine — having understood gravity of her intentions, I begged — it isn't necessary. You hurt me very much already right now. Give these and we will be limited. It isn't necessary! — No, it is necessary. I solved everything long ago. It was necessary to think earlier when climbed on Lenka. Now the payment moment came. And if you really love me, then as you pretty will watch how to your wife it will be good in hands of another. It is the act of clarification of your sin. Irinka left kitchen, having approached closely the guest, she tidied up from a table, sometimes concerning him the delights. Now, knowing what can soon occur, wild excitement seized me. Likely I am a pervert. The normal person shouldn't be made horney from think that foreign dick will enter his wife. The imagination drew colourful pictures of how it will be, and my own good fellow tore trousers. I reconciled and obediently observed the events. — I to you will lay on a couch — she addressed the friend — blow in a bathtub and keep within. I promise, very erotic dream will dream you. — Likely, you will dream — he laughed having stared at her perineum, then got up and went to a bathtub. When he returned in pants, she looked at an ottopyrennost and smiled. — And what is it there wet? — she asked. — Well your such look well it very much wants to get acquainted with you closer and slobbers. It is sure that you are very tasty. — he spoke quietly, only for her, but I heard. — Tasty? Well so it can turn out that he will try me from within and won't judge only by the form. We will allow him to try? — Truth? And how? Yours won't leave anywhere. — We will look. You lay down and wait. There it will be visible. Trust in me completely I nervously smoked one cigarette for another in kitchen. After the guest settled, Irka came to me to kitchen: — Now I will go there. You can go, only, a little later too. Believe, to him will have no time for you. I want that you stood nearby and saw everything in most that on is, details — she threw off from herself a dressing gown, having remained absolutely naked, I turned to me and I looked fool in the face — Look at me. — she ran hands from hips to breasts. — Now these tits will be in others hands, your favourite tits will squeeze and caress HIS hands. — Irka pointed by a nod of the head to the room. — This skin, clean, smooth and such feeling, will play from others touch — she carried out by a palm on the hips and I lowered a hand in a perineum — This pussy will accept someone else's flesh — your favourite pussy. Present how HIS dick will enter and will taste her juice, to pour out in her the as the most delicate walls will be felt the slippery movement, the movement ITS of the dick in me. Do you see how she wants it? — Irka parted in the parties slightly having sat down slender legs and took away a hand. The pussy incredibly inflated and, was kind of turned out from within. — Give a hand here, touch. — I touched the expiring pussy, Irka having closed eyes moved. I got a finger inside, she moved towards, but, right there took away hips back, having exempted a perineum from my hand. — She today not for you. Not your hand, not your end will dement me. I will go crazy feeling as HIS smooth head will softly move in me as will touch a uterus as she playing will easily dive and come up, moistening already wet pussy with the leaking lubricant. Saw, he has all wet pants from her? This lubricant will mix up with my juice and will finish me to pleasure. And I will be given now completely, to the finger-tips standing and I will terminate, you hear, I will surely terminate, I will terminate with IT. Also I will force him to terminate. To terminate in me to absorb in itself all him joy. I won't allow to spill at all, that you knew that there not only your grounds, just as you let to me know that our bed not only ours that your feelings and passion not only mine. I lived all this time suffering consciousness of it. I was haunted by thoughts that any skanks are humoured by you in our house. It is also your punishment — your wife will be fucked, and you will stand nearby and to look. I knew that she was able to embrace at the right time a uterus a head and reducing it, I don't know, randomly, or not, to cause in me rough delight which streamed a seed in my girl that is invariable brought her to an orgasm. In safe days, gave me incredible pleasure to cum there, seeing that nothing pours out, despite abundance of cast out. It gave feeling that a part something mine lives in her and becomes a part her. She embraced me, kissed on a mouth, looked in eyes and resolutely went to the room. On a threshold I looked back: — Now my right, my turn, I realize it completely. You stirred up this trouble. It is also atonement, but know, I love you very much, I need you. You hear, I do it for us. Come through two minute — it turned and went. I watched leave her povilivayushchy, is obvious especially for me, naked buttocks, such native and favourite. Heart fought about edges, trying to break them. Having waited a little I followed her. From what was seen nearly I terminated — Irinka absolutely naked lay on it. The blanket was cast away, and pants the friend rolled on a floor. The night lamp burned and everything was remarkably visible. She was right, the guest didn't pay any attention to me. I understand him. He, having embraced her, I caressed a back, up and down, then, his hands went down on legs and between them. He caressed very gently, hardly touching her skin. Irka deeply breathed. Her head lay on his shoulder, hands are extended down, legs on his legs. It was relaxed and derived obvious pleasure from touches. After a while, Irinka serially tightened knees up that opened access to a hole. I came from legs where the mumpish dick of the guest dangled, continually touching buttocks. The hole was almost turned out outside and invitingly reddened. Irinka raised buttocks, at the same time the pussy clasped a head with the sponges poured by desire. She moved down and the sharopodobny head softly crept to the most intimate place. Irka turned the head and looked to me in eyes. She fell still, having incorporated a dick completely. Increasing the pace they began to move. Loudly champing from abundance of lubricant, his unit dived and jumped out, increasing amplitude. Didn't pass also two minutes as the friend began to approach the final obviously. Irinka, having felt it, I rose, having been sitting on him, but not up to the end, remaining in ten centimeters over him. He put hands on her breasts. She I undertook his end which is sticking out of her I poyerzat here and there hips, probably sending a dick to a uterus and slowly with groan I fell by him completely. They stood in immovability for a couple of minutes. But the immovability was purely external. I knew that there inside, she plays him the dick, bringing the matter to a logical conclusion. I came from her face and our eyes met. Here it also happened — the friend moaned, made several movements to Irinkina the party and calmed down. Irka gasped, without tearing off from me a look, threw back slightly the head and began to twitch sharply involuntary movements. I for the first time looked in the face of the cuming woman. And this woman my favourite wife, also cumed she from the fact that others cum filled her uterus. She continued to sit, her eyes grew dim and closed, passed minutes five before she got down from the guest and went to kitchen, having beckoned me with itself a hand. The friend was silently covered with a blanket and turned away. To him, most likely, it was terribly inconvenient and it is a shame. — Look. — she told, having laid my hand to the pussy — at all! There really was only a lubricant and that dried up. Sponges weren't turned out any more. Probably, Irka was fully satisfied. I turned her a back to myself, bent, оперев a breast on a table, the pining dick inserted into her. I tried to intrude in her uterus to wash away the seed others, but the uterus was already densely closed, having reliably hidden traces of unknown pleasure in the subsoil. It was only her and him. The pussy lost elasticity and to move in her without lubricant became not so comfortable. I nevertheless terminated. And after we left date xml add in for excel 2016 date in english tomorrow site mapMain Page