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Dasha couldn't become pregnant. Two years as they with the husband vainly tried to find family happiness. There took place inspections, made tests. The husband is all right. At her — in general too, any obvious pathologies and deviations. The age is the most suitable: to the husband 25, her 22. But alas... Doctors over and over again made a helpless gesture. "Wait, try... "— everything that was heard by Dasha from experts. And here when already all means were tried, one colleague at work advised Dasha to go to one grandmother. I told the husband at home. Sat, talked, and... decided to try. And what to lose? To drive not far — hour with small, to the deaf village. Gathered after work and went. To the place of profit already in twilight. The village and really small — houses fifty also stand on a considerable distance from each other. Came around, asked local the road. Nobody was surprised, told and explained how to find the necessary house which well of course appeared on the outskirts. Dasha went out of the car and went to unenclosed a house at which on an old shop the old granny sat. — Hello! — loudly Dasha greeted and stopped. The granny slowly with the answer attentively examined the guest, poshamkat a toothless mouth and sighing rose. — Well hi... hi... Strongly the baby you want? Dasha only opened a mouth. — And from where you... — Yes I know... Really to me would go if didn't know a coma of what necessary and that? Well went. — The granny hobbled to the house — we Will look that at you to what. — And... — Dasha opened a mouth. — The hubby пущай in the car will wait! — resolutely the grandmother ordered — I won't eat you. Be not afraid... And the granny playfully started giggling a senile cheerful snicker. Dasha shrugged shoulders, turned to the husband and soothingly waved a hand: "everything is all right!", I turned, and easily I stepped to the house. In a dark corridor the grandmother sighed and muttered, long rummaged, and at last opened a door to the living room. — Petko! — the grandmother grumbled — Light a lamp that in an outer entrance hall! Убьесся you will come so far! In the house someone zavorochatsya and towards to Dasha there was not less uncivilized grandfather. Passing by I zyrknut on her from under shaggy, gray-haired eyebrows, and shuffling, I took place in a shade. — Nakoy lamp... kerosene to scorch. — he muttered from there — the Bulb burned down yesterday, I will change. — Well so change! Old man... — the grandma rugnutsya mildly and I stood aside passing Dasha — Here managed with the hubby... Yes pass you already, pass! The grandmother moved an old stool and waved inviting a hand. Dasha sat down having been the person with the wall covered with icons and became silent. The granny long went around, frowned, mumbled a mouth and whispered something. — Two you can't zabryukhatet year any more... I won't understand... in a feminine way everything is good at you. And at the man тваго too... — Yes, we with him and hospital... — there began Dasha. — Yes знамо I... I don't see tea? — the grandma frowned. — Only a prayer not to cope here, my good. Neither plot kind nor word... It isn't on the cards simple to see. — It won't turn out? — Dasha was upset — there are No options? — Khe... — the grandma was wrinkled — Options that is how not to be. — And what not so? — shy Dasha asked. — Well how to tell... — the grandma chewed lips — there Is a word light, and there is dark. Light you won't take here. — And... and dark... — Dasha cautiously, but also with hope looked at the grandmother — There that? Something terrible? — Yes not... anything of that kind. — the grandma was twisted — it is unusual. Not Ljubo dark words to tell fortunes to me. — I will pay... — shy Dasha offered — If only helped... — I don't ask! You will want — itself you will present. It is so accepted. — the grandma with doubt looked at the girl — Strongly the aunt you want?! — Very much! — Dasha exhaled. — Ekhekhe... Well look! — the granny terribly raised a finger — About what we will do — words to nobody! Especially to the husband! — All right! — Dasha began to nod. — You will let out — won't help! And even still troubles you will acquire. — All right! — All right... all right... — the grandma grumbled — Well went to a dark side then... Not to a gozha before icons to create such indecency! The granny left in a shade, in passing cursed the grandfather and passed on the street. Dasha jumped out afterwards. — Billeting! — the grandma held her by a hand — Petko! Bring old on a dark ud! Without waiting for the answer she by a hand led Dasha around the house. Having come into the yard, and having squeezed on a narrow footpath through nettle thickets they appeared at a low door. — Come! — the grandma opened a door, and having rummaged around on a wall lit a dim bulb. Dasha entered and with interest looked round. In this room which isn't connected to other house in any way there was absolutely other atmosphere: windows weren't, on walls bunches of herbs, and from furniture — only an old chest covered with some skins yes a stool hung. On a shaky shelf — a number of mixed jars with not clear contents. — Undress! — the grandma ordered. — How? Absolutely? — Dasha was surprised. — Absolutely, absolutely. — the granny began to nod — we will Treat you? Or how? Dasha shrank. The purpose for the sake of which it arrived here it was worth and it began to pull down slowly from itself at first a jacket and then a polo-neck. The grandmother providently moved a stool for the taken-off clothes. To Dasha it was a little inconvenient from a stare of the grandma, but she didn't want to recede and soon a skirt, tights and linen were folded by a pile. — Fine what... — the grandma bypassed around Dasha. — Lay down on a chest! Dasha touched skins — soft. Carefully I settled down buttocks on edge of a chest and leaning on elbows I laid down. The chest was high but not long: so feet didn't reach a floor, both the head and buttocks were in exactly at the edges. — Close eyes! — the grandma ordered — And remember: to nobody words about so will be here! Dasha obediently began to nod and closed eyes. It became suddenly dark — light went out. Matches rustled, strongly struck and through eyelids Dasha caught a weak reflection — probably the candle was lit. The grandmother started walking around, to whisper and touch confusedly Dasha's body with something soft. Wonderfully all events calmed the girl and she relaxed on skins. At a door quietly knocked, loops creaked, and Dasha heard the shuffling grandfather's steps. — Give here. — the grandma muttered — Take a wormwood and a Labrador tea! The grandfather knocked bottles and zasharkat to an exit. Dasha lay on skins meanwhile and was surprised to herself — there took place nervousness, fear and there was even no shame: she lay absolutely naked before people — and though that! On the contrary, she liked to be here. Somewhere in depth, Dasha unexpectedly felt the most real excitement. — Well, stand up! — the grandmother touched her by a hand — On here, take! Dasha unwillingly, slowly opened eyes and rose on an elbow. — What is it? — Your medicine! — the grandma stretched her a dark, oblong subject. — Bury! Dasha gave a hand and clasped offered by fingers. In poor lighting she didn't sort that holds, and brought a subject closer to the person. At the next moment she with amazement turned to the grandma. — What did it ispuzhatsya? — the grandma looked at her firmly — Ud never saw men's? — Уд? — Dasha whispered — But same... — Yes знамо as now they are called! Уд it! Machismo! Natural! From a century stained oak... Dasha examined a subject more attentively. Before her eyes I was the most real and unusually realistic copy of a huge penis. It is unclear someone and what ability I gave to a piece of a tree similar accuracy: streaks of veins, folds of skin and even form of balls. — These are his elements I rolled... — the grandma whispered — Water, the sun, wind... Not human hands this creation! Dasha having widely opened eyes the idol considered. — Give a devonk... place him into place due! — Where? — Dasha didn't understand. — Where, where... there! — the grandma giggled — Put!! — There?! — Dasha was surprised, and suddenly I felt that her arising excitement demands it. — Give the darling. . give... — the grandma approached closer and pulled the hand squeezing an idol to involuntarily moving apart hips — Won already juice began to flow... Give to drink a machismo! Dasha dreamily brought closer an idol to the vagina and the soft movement shipped him in the body. With feeling of fullness as if hit Dasha with current. She loudly moaned and leaned back on skins. — Here so... here so... — the grandma whispered — Release him, leave! Lie quietly. Let will get drunk your juice, your fears, your adversities... Dasha panting I squeezed cams. Her body didn't obey the hostess as though lived in itself. A leg were extended, hips shuddered towards to the idol who is sticking out in it. Hands lasted to pull out and push an idol more deeply, and then more and more time. And only whisper and orders of the grandma constrained her from it. The grandma quickly began to chatter-whispered hanging over Dasha, and began to seem to her distinctly that a wooden subject in her hundred l soft and hot. Even seemed to her how that moves in her seizing the languished body. Movements seemed more and more strong and then Dasha felt a pulsation and the grandma quickly pulled out an idol from her. As it appeared, Dasha lacked several moments to get the most real orgasm. The body responded dissatisfied groan to the event and Dasha squeezed hips. She awfully wanted to terminate! — Put on a devonka! — the grandma's voice slowly made the way through own pulse. — Put on! It is necessary to go! Dasha groaning I got up from a chest and as the sleepwalker began to put on. In the fresh air Dasha recovered the breath a little. The grandmother patiently stood nearby expecting when the girl finally recovers. — Well? Departed? Well... — the grandma led her by a hand to the car again — there Will arrive two more times, remembered? Dasha found forces only to nod. — Don't forget: to tell nothing! — the grandmother strictly looked to Dasha in a face — And still! With the husband not to be pardoned until three times arrive! — Not to be pardoned? — nearly Dasha moaned. — It is impossible! Two more times will arrive — and you will do the baby then. — Two more times... — Dasha closed eyes — I understood... Having hardly reached home Dasha whisked to the bathroom. As well as the grandmother punished, she told nothing to the husband. And she decided to remove the excitement independently, as in far maiden years. Standing under elastic water jets, she ineptly, having already forgotten partially these feelings, I began to caress the body. But light touches didn't give satisfaction. Closing eyes, Dasha remembered feelings which she had today when in her body there was a wooden idol. And in comparison with it everything was faded! Dasha moaned from dissatisfaction, stopped taking a shower and went to sleep even without having had supper, having explained to the husband the behavior with fatigue. The whole next day turned for Dasha into flour. stories erotic She was so horney and so strongly wanted sex that else slightly and would be engaged in it directly at work with the first man! Each hour to her was necessary to run out in a toilet to change daily laying which through became impregnated with her juice. Having somehow waited for evening, she rushed home and they went to the familiar village again already soon. And there everything repeated: Dasha groaned and coiled on a chest, the grandma created plots. Again the idol fought in a maiden body and she distinctly felt as magic juice was splashed out in her in an instant before Dasha terminated. As she howled! Her body shook and curved. The body protested and demanded the particle of women's happiness, but the grandma was strict: — Not time! Dasha whimsically looked on an idol who the grandma held in the wrinkled hand. — Tomorrow... tomorrow everything will end... — the grandma calmed Dasha, in passing collecting moisture from an idol in a glass jar. — Tomorrow everything will be good. Suffer! As Dasha put on, and got home — she remembered badly. The husband with regret looked all road at it, but the girl had enough prudence to calm him. And she was unable to calm herself. Having woken up in the morning, Dasha understood that she won't sustain one more day at work. Having called the chief and having confusedly referred to an indisposition, I elicited one day off. She hoped that today everything will end. The husband left for work and she stayed at home one. All long day Dasha couldn't find any peace. I collected and prepared clothes in which I was going to go. I made up. Then in advance I put on, but there were only ten o'clock in the morning! The body flared and was eager. Dasha touched herself, trying to distract, but the most courageous caress didn't give anything. To twelve o'clock in the afternoon, Dasha recovered lying on a bed absolutely naked and tormenting the breast. The vagina burned from desire and on a sheet there was a huge wet spot. It swelled up, collected clothes, made toilet, but didn't begin to put on — there were no forces. only having put on a bra she right there tore it aside, releasing the hardened nipple. Panties didn't rise over the knee — fingers plunged into a vagina and squeezed a horney clitoris. And all this there was a vain fight... the body wished another! Eventually, Dasha, naked, was forgotten on a bed. Literally in five minutes prior to arrival of the husband, she sharply jumped and rushed to put on. The husband, without having managed to insert a key into a keyhole, it was brought nearly down from legs by Dasha who is running out on the landing. — Went!! Having arrived to the village the girl hardly constrained herself slowly to go on the leader's grandma to a treasured door. The bulb was lit, and Dasha, having received the tacit consent of the hostess of the house slipped out clothes. Having habitually been located on skins, Dasha parted slender legs in the parties in advance and stretched a palm for an idol. However the grandma didn't hurry. The candle was lit, habitual whisper was heard, glass knocked. The grandma slowly went around the girl lying on a back, slowly slandering something to herself under a nose, at the same time stirring slowly with a potion in which two for I collected juice from an idol. Dasha pined with desire. She deeply breathed, hardly constraining the disappointment — her it wasn't visible as desirable subject. — Well where... — without having sustained, the girl exhaled. — Idol? — the grandma stopped — it isn't necessary today... Dasha closed eyes and moaned from flour. — You need his seed. — the grandma showed on bank in the hands — But the seed can be collected and started talking... And to give him live — that isn't given to elements! It didn't decide not to be treated?! — No... — poorly Dasha exhaled. — Well look! — the grandma terribly zyrknut on her — I give the Most expensive to you! Petko!!! Old loops on a door creaked and to the room the grandfather prosharkat. — Drink! — the grandma pushed a steklyanka into hands to the grandfather — is alive! That, probably having got used for the long family life to various surprises from the wife, implicitly, one volley I took a sip of offered. — Give! — the grandma took away from him the become empty vessel — Do the part, the old man! The grandfather is silent, despite the old woman undertook a belt on old trousers. Dasha didn't manage to squeal as trousers fell a cropper down. The grandfather stood in the middle of the room in one shirt from under which the huge, knotty dick surprisingly similar on wooden an idol stuck out. — Well?! What got up? — the grandma discontentedly turned away — Comply the young woman! The grandfather heaved a deep sigh and stepped to Dasha. The girl for a moment was taken aback from the events, but then, not in forces to fight against the body, leaned back on skins. Legs were habitually moved apart in the parties, eyes were closed and all body stood, without breathing, in a moment presentiment. And it came! Dasha's body was filled so powerfully and strongly that she didn't constrain shout. The girl opened eyes and in amazement watched how the grandfather just hardly moving on the house was accepted to her "treatment". Having seized with the wrinkled hands Dasha by hips, he dexterously pulled her on the dick which is sticking out, framed with a gray hair. And he moved so quickly someone to Dasha was necessary to grasp himself by both breasts which began to jump without restraint. Having strongly squeezed nipples fingers, Dasha flat-out leaned back on a back, and her exhausted, at last covered with a crazy orgasm. Forces wasn't enough even for shouts. The girl as if froze, having concentrated all the attention only the movement of the dick in a body. — Апромеж boobies give! — the grandma ordered unexpectedly, and the grandfather obediently pulled out a dick. The smooth, crimson head probably bulked up, and the powerful charge of a dark yellow cum struck to Dasha in a depression in the ground between boobies. — Take a seed that! Bury! Also put in yourself! — hasty the grandma ordered — Itself put! Dasha, shuddering I drove a palm on the breast having covered myself with the knitting which is strange smelling of substance. — Sui seed that! Dasha covered with a moist palm the perineum and slippery fingers failed in a hot body. As there was a grandfather she didn't notice. The grandma stretched to her a damp towel and the girl began to make slowly toilet. Forces wasn't. However, already putting on, Dasha unexpectedly felt easier. The body freshened up. The grandma attentively looked at her. — There now and all right... Here and well. — The grandmother blew out the candle and nodded inviting to follow itself. — Now everything will be good. I see: there will be a baby. In a month everything will turn out at you with the husband. — In a month? — suddenly Dasha was frightened. — In a month. He-he-he... yes you be not afraid, you can be pardoned already now — the grandma was funny wrinkled. — Oh! — At Dasha as though wings grew — Oh, thank you! — Yes it is full those... — the old woman waved away — don't forget current — words to anybody! — Yes, yes, yes, I understood! — Dasha began to bustle — Oh, I forgot absolutely! She hasty zasharit in a handbag and pulled out the sum prepared still the day before yesterday in advance. — I here... — Your business. — the grandma defiantly took away hands for a back — you Can leave, and you can take away. Dasha was thrown to a chest and put money for skins. I didn't keep, and with gratitude I ran over wool a hand. date with amber game date format site mapMain Page