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We passed to the car. Put things in a luggage carrier. Sat down in a car. Carla called the address. I got a car, but didn't decide to go. Carla on me looked then she asked: — Why we stand? — I am concerned by one question — made a pause — if stop how to me to be? — To work on circumstances — Carla told and added — to improvise. — That is? — I didn't understand her. — You will offer them sex in exchange for punishment — I let know to me Karl. — It is clear! — I said. — Remember — I began Karl when the car started — Nicole, you have to have a sex at any opportunity now. I heard her. I began to tell her nothing. The silence set in. I turned on the music. Having left from the airport parking, I headed in the direction of the city. I went, without breaking the high-speed mode. It became boring for me, and I decided to add to a few gas. Having passed so couple of km, I passed turn in the western part of the city. The patrol on the car also appeared from behind this turn. The patrol included a siren and the loudspeaker. At the request of patrolmen I stopped. Carla at once told: — You left the rights at home. Also show me the bottom! — What for? — I asked. — I will get a plug from her — she said. — I ask! — I showed to Carla a bottom. — I thank! — Carla told and took out a plug. — Also make the voice more womanly — I asked Karl and I added. — Also be kind with them! Meanwhile two patrolmen went out of the car. Also got closer to us. One approached to the driver's door, the second — to a passenger door. I lowered glass. The patrolman said: — Good afternoon! Sergeant Leo Gómez! Your documents? — I apologize, but I left the rights at home as I hurried in the airport — I said. — Hello! — I greeted Karl's patrolmen. — This is my colleague — Leo pointed to the second man — the sergeant Marko Fermino. — Very pleasant! I am Nichole — I called myself — and this is my friend Carla — pointed to her. — We are glad to acquaintance — I said Marko. — But without the rights to go it is allowed to nobody — Leo said. — What to do to me? — I asked. — To pay a penalty and not to drive so quickly — I gave the answer to Leo. — Well! — I was delighted and I began to look for a purse. — Marko — Leo addressed the colleague — write out to the girl a penalty. — Already I do — Marko responded. — Oops! — escaped at me after Carla hardly touched my thigh, and I having lifted up on her eyes, I saw winking. — What happened? — Leo asked. — The purse stayed at home — I gave the answer and at once I asked Leo. — How to be? — It is necessary to leave the car and to walk — Marko said. — To us, girls to walk, and on high heels — I said and, having made a pause, added. — Do you scoff a cash us? — No — Leo told. — There is other exit from current situation? — I asked Karl. — We will find a way out — Leo said. — We will find! — I confirmed to Marko. — What do you offer? — I asked Karl. — Nicole — Leo addressed me — you have to will be given us! — Here? — kind of I began to doubt. — Yes — there was Marko's answer. — And right now — Leo added. — At all be in the public eye? — I asked. — No — I made Leo's pause — you will pass for us. — Well — I agreed. — Went! — Leo to the colleague shouted, and they went to the car. — How to be: to leave, or to proceed behind them? — I asked, having turned to Carla. — Go behind them — Carla gave advice. — It is clear! — I started the engine and went behind them when they seemed предо me. On the road we went five minutes. Then turned to the right to the country road. Ten wound on it minutes. The woods drove deep into. The patrol car stopped, brakes were pressed also by me. Send Marko and Leo from the car. Approached our car. I, having seen them, I said: — It is scared to me somehow! — Get it together and calm down — Carla told, having taken me by hand, and kissed on a mouth. We kissed until the door opened. It was necessary to interrupt a kiss. I turned the head and saw Leo who as a sign of nobility offered to me a hand. In his eyes, in them I looked too, the lust flared. Having offered Leo's hand, I addressed Carla: — Help me! I don't know that to what? — Get it together — I said Karl, having taken me by hand. — Act intuitively! — I advised Karl. — I am sure, at you everything will turn out! — she shouted following. Leo helped me to get out of the car. I closed behind me a door. a porn stories I Embraced me for a waist and I kissed on a mouth. My kiss with it lasted before Marko's appearance. With his emergence I transferred passion and to it, having kissed it in lips. In me the sparkle of lust which was noticeable in my flaring eyes lit up. Kissing in turn guys, I hands massed their dicks through trousers. Their hands were occupied with researches of my body. Leo one hand slid on my buttocks, thinking them, and the second hand lifted a blouse to touch my nipples. By this moment my nipples were already horney, having poured by blood and having become firmer — the adhesive tape hid it. Marko worked the hands identically. From excitement from my dick lubricant began to be emitted and to drip on the earth. And here the anal ringlet in an anticipation of sex became damp. Constraining itself with the last bit of strength, I said: — Uncover the stallions! They understood my words. Kissing them in turn on the lips, I played for time while guys undid trousers. And here their trousers fell. I, continuing kisses, I took both dicks hands, having begun them to work to feel this handsome. As soon as their dicks turned into struts, I sat down on hunkers, having spread legs. I forgot that I have a dick — there was such feeling that I have instead of the dick a vagina. Their dicks loomed before my eyes, making horney me even more. I could do nothing with myself — my resistance was broken by the fact that from their dicks the attracting smell proceeded. Doing хендджоб to Leo, I shipped the member Marko in the mouth, having begun to suck. In a minute I switched to Leo's dick, doing хендджоб to Marko. My actions within five minutes were that. On the expiration of this time I got up from cards. Having imprinted a kiss with everyone, I went to their car, wagging a bottom. Having approached their car, I sat down on a cowl, I crossed the legs, I lifted to a short skirt floor above, showing to guys the legs in stockings. Leo and Marko took off trousers. Having taken trousers in hand, went to me. Having approached me, guys threw trousers on a cowl. Then I got down from a cowl. I squated, having begun to work hands, doing хендджоб, and a mouth, doing блоуджоб. I found for everyone time. Guys, while I was busy, took off from themselves shirts. Having got up from cards, I kissed in turn guys and said, having stopped a kiss: — It is time to test your stallions for endurance! Guys only smiled on my phrase. All of them understood. Marko sat down on a cowl, having shown me the dick. I bent and took in a mouth the member Marko. Leo at this moment, having lifted a skirt, I entered the python into my buttocks. Leo's hands appeared at once on my hips. And he began to work with violent force as a basin. In three minutes I put one leg on a bumper. The second leg remained to stand on the earth. Contact of a head to my prostate extended in the form of goosebumps on my body. Suddenly Leo slowed down. Marko at this moment, a polozh of a hand to me on the head, had me in a mouth. In a minute of Leo the dick from my bottom took out. We changed a pose. At my request Leo sat down on a cowl. I laid down on the cooled-down cowl a back. Marko was attached behind and began to work with a basin, driving the python in me completely. While Marko had me in a bottom, I sucked the member Leo. A minute later guys bended over me. Leo had me in a point, I sucked a dick of his colleague. Then the member Leo sucked, and Marko had me in a point. Leo, having taken out a dick from my mouth, I took a cover in a car and I spread it. On a cover I became knees, having occupied a pose doggi-stayl. Now Leo rammed my back the dick. And the member Marko at this moment was at me in a mouth. Two minutes later Marko sat down on a cover. I sat down the bottom on his dick and began to jump, сося at the same time the member Leo. In a couple of minutes I already lay a back on a cover, Leo had me in a point, and the member Marko I sucked. In a minute I kneeled. Guys became on both sides from me. I jerked off their dicks. Leo inseminated my person the first. A minute later already Marko's seed settled on my face. Having polished their dicks, I released guys. They began to put on. At this moment Carla approached me. She between legs had a strut. Her intentions didn't become clear. Her dick before my person, her hand on her dick. Several movements by a hand — and her seed at exchanges on a face. Having made камшот, Carla returned to the car. I, having removed a cum to itself in a mouth, I got up from a cover and, having corrected clothes, I went to the car. The satisfied Carla already sat on a cowl of a car and waited for me in wet towel wipes in a hand — Beauty! You coped — Carla told, having given me napkins. — I tried! — I said, having begun to wipe a face — Went! — I said Karl and I kissed me on a mouth. — Truly, went! — I uttered, having interrupted a kiss, and sat down in a car. — Bright, you are Nichole! — Carla, sowing of a car told. Guys retired, having put on and having thrown a cover in a car. Later, having sat down in a car, went to the place of dislocation. We came out to the route and went towards the city. Carla was silent. In an hour we were on the place. date vacances zone b birth date calculator zodiac site mapMain Page