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Outside 1507. Depth of fall. The estate of the Princess Katrina especially bewitches at this time the paints. Gold leaves, a bright sun and there are a lot of gray people, lackeys that work day and night for the benefit of the power. The Princess got the estate on legitimate right of the successor, her father has many other possession more important in the strategic plan. He gave to a picture the quiet country town. In him it is the absolute and implicit power. If to tell it like it is, then the princess were afraid more, than respected. Her servants changed very quickly, every week at least one death penalty from a circle of her servants or citizens. She kept a tight rein on the people. My name is Sasha, I am an ordinary country guy. Up to 18 years I worked at a farm with the family, I am the only son. We had to work hard. Today I was 18 years old, and unexpectedly for all to us the mail carrier went to the house, brought the letter. In I am mute was it is told that my parents gave one offspring from family for work as a personal service staff of the princess. As I was the only thing, washing to consider in life became known to me, usually servants work all life in the estate, from there don't dismiss, and it is possible to leave only forward legs. Tomorrow morning I had to be on distribution, the senior citizen of Katrina will distribute us on duties. Someone will prepare for the rest of the natural in kitchen, praying every day that food was pleasant to the Princess and her close citizens. Someone will stand with a spear at an entrance to her rooms 24/7, in a word good works aren't expected there. Here also my first day came, I put on the best clothes and at 6 in the morning already was in the estate, in the room of collecting. We were 20 people someone communicated with anybody, all have in eyes an uncertainty, it is a little fear. Victoria (the senior citizen of Katrina) came into the room. Victoria was physically very developed, long black hair, growth about 175, brown, almost black eyes and very severe look. — To be constructed by all in one rank! Loudly Victoria ordered. — Quicker lackeys, will come to the Princess now, not to lift, watch the head in a floor! Everything is clear to all? She spoke by a rough and impudent voice, feeling the significant superiority. I felt humiliations with such tone, it became already clear how will communicate and treat us. The room was entered by Katrina, she was madly beautiful, growth about 165, light honor hair to a waist, very slender waist, a light face, bright green eyes, a snub-nosed nose. She resembled the princess from fairy tales. On her there was a white dress which fitted her beautiful shapes of a body. I tried to look in a floor. Katrina walked near us having examined everyone, then she long told something Victoria and left. After that senior began to call us on names and to tell our work and the direction where it is necessary to leave. Someone got to the stable, someone on kitchen or to a system group. The turn reached me. — Sasha. I took a step forward. — I congratulate, now you will be a personal servant of Katrina, your task to be with her 24/7 and to serve her in small household affairs. Victoria told all this with a grin because as I already understood always this there was a female work, it is the first time when the Princess took for such work of the guy. To me it was terrible. Senior I led me on the way she told me parting words, the head not to lift, not to look in the face, to be kneeling than standing more better. She inspired fear by the own words even stronger. We came, Victoria was included into the Princess's rooms together with me and became before her on a knee. — Knyazhka, as you also asked I brought your personal servant. — I am free! All this that was told by Katrina. Victoria quickly left. I remained alone with the Princess, it felt ill at ease, in her rooms there was an ideal purity, a huge bed, an occasion expensive carved furniture, skins of polar bears, huge windows with white tyulyam. The princess sat in a chair at a desk, made some entries and at the same time began with me a monologue. — Sasha, I think you was doesn't mind to become my slave, to you on this place there were only girls. But they not always coped with work as I wanted. I think at us there will be no problems because of your floor. I don't love male genitals, I don't want that I saw it. If he visually disturbs me, then we castrate you. At me from her words blood began to stiffen in veins. I just stood and silently looked in a floor being afraid even to make sounds. Be continued. Wash telegrams: @Rockstar_dog date up board result 2022 dateline quinn grey site mapMain Page