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In my story there are no elements of a pornography and fiction. History about which I tell really happened. Where that for few months before a conscription, having fulfilled this day we all small group of drivers decided to celebrate a holiday of our city "the Day of Shakhtar". In our city this holiday was celebrated by all, from nurses to the janitor, that they their most part have no relation to the mine. For all of us citizens, it as the second holiday of the May Day, but only in August. Having sat a couple of hours, in a garage with colleagues this day, we went home also I through the waste ground and familiar streets, bypassing possibilities of a meeting with militia which patrolled in such days with special tension, started wandering home, dreaming of evening adventures in honor of a holiday in the park where in the evening the national crowd always hooted. In front of the house, I was called by the neighbor. I having interrupted the reflections about further carrying out evening, I turned on a voice. Give to us - he from the yard shouted and beckoned a hand standing at a brazier. Under a canopy the familiar company sat in the majority to me. The table was forced by food and binge. I long didn't deliberate as the alcohol which is earlier drunk, prompted to me - give go add still. I didn't begin to move to a table at once. It was somehow not really convenient to join crowd not taking eyes with you so sharply and I approached the neighbor, and from there on welcomed all sitting at a table. We brought shish kebabs to a table where poured, drank, a noisy talk as other my neighbors, husbands with wives in the main weight miners sat at a table have a snack and began. A subject for me not known and not interesting therefore I kind of remained in not this drunk conversation, but not long. Where that through some time, the woman unfamiliar to me with the made-up brightly red lips, with a red short hairstyle of years of fifty sat down by me. Someone's the wife from attendees she couldn't be as, all were familiar to me. It is boring for you? - she asked and added - At once it is visible you not the miner. What I answered - Yes I am not a miner. - And where we work? - the Driver on "sanepidy stations". - So it near my house. House? - with astonishment I asked. So same it is far. and without having finished speaking, asked - And how here? - So Seryozha, is my nephew and pointed to the neighbor who fairly became tipsy the fact that he and invited me. Outside already darkened also campaigns passed into a toilet which was from the place of a party in meters of thirty for the summer kitchen which in two was closer. Even aunts ran there to release uric, lifting up the dresses preparing is taken off pants on the way to kitchen. At first there was some turn in it, but next all began to do it in common both women and men without hesitating of each other. Having become tipsy before constraint loss, I stepped too for kitchen as I my uric couldn't suffer any more, and there was a wish to run to a toilet not especially. Having come for kitchen, having got the tool, I started action of release and at this moment this woman appeared here, she without hesitating of me, lifted up a dress and sat down in meter from me the back to a wall. It was outside dark, but light from the lamps lighting the street, well lit also her white bum. I was in a stopper as I saw the back of the woman alive in the first so close, but alcohol, somehow everything "ustakanit" also I without having given a sign that for me this unexpected, I continued the affairs. Hiding the tool in trousers after all affairs, I didn't take eyes with it. She without hesitating, I rose, putting pants I lit before me the black treugolnichik between legs and having corrected a dress I told - Not for nothing speak Soul is under uric. I pissed and at heart it became easy. And it that? - Addressing me she asked, showing on the shed which is recently built by the neighbor - - the Shed Seryoga built, - is strong, - see off we will look. The shed was almost finished, brought down from the boards borrowed in the mine. It was already roofed, and instead of a window there was an aperture which light of a lamp broke through lighting everything inside. on the middle there was a table with the tool on a floor cuts from boards rolled. I don't remember what at that time occurred at me in the head, but I decided to prove to be some super skilled in women, already burned man and having approached to нек on closer, drove it into the corner and itself nestled on it in paid. I saw her surprised eyes and the smiling lips in this red lipstick. Do want I you I will kiss? - I whispered to her on an ear, is the first that climbed up to me in the head. I will kiss? - she asked again. But without listening to anything I am farther I stuck into her lips. The taste of raspberry from her lipstick struck to me in a mouth. I felt her on lips, teeth, language. Without knowing, it was should what I do farther. Frankly speaking I expected resistance, the fact that she from will push me and on it everything will come to an end. But she stood absolutely weakened without applying any actions. Without knowing why I began to caress her short hair. I repeated the clumsy I will kiss, absorbing her lipstick which taste wasn't pleasant to me. In the head flashed - What to do next?. Hands convulsively wandered on her dress, looking for an entrance to a body, but on her there was a dress and to reach to a breast there was only one way, having lifted up her. I began to touch slowly him fingers, lifting in top. Having lifted up him to a belt, I began to caress her buttocks both hands, pushing hands under pants. Then having taken an elastic band of pants I also pulled together them to knees. Having returned to buttocks I continued to caress it again, pressing it to myself closely. In my trousers stir began. My dick already strongly stuck out from trousers. She having felt his tension, I began to undo my trousers. In a moment trousers with летев from me fell to a floor. Having pushed a hand to me in pants, she became caresses my balls and a dick. I from her buttocks, having removed from it I passed with it between legs. Where felt a fluffy, but hardish bunch of hair. Trying to show mine of understanding in this case, I tried fingers "will see" that at her between legs. I tried to find there, that for the sake of what I started all this. I lowered a hand slightly below than a pubis that raised it in top, but N емог to grope an entrance to her body, without understanding at that time that he is far further between legs where I looked for. Not to look that someone I was at that moment. I whispered to her on an ear - Well now you help me. Remembering according to stories that at such affairs the woman herself directed. Having departed from me to a table, with a zadraty dress she laid down a breast on him, having exposed before me the buttocks and having taken my dick in a moment slightly thrust to that place where I felt heat. I understood that he exactly there, in that of a hole that I looked for. Having thrust slowly him up to the end, I felt as a groin her cold buttocks. My dick in the woman was in the first, I even stiffened with such feeling holding him inside. Well you what stopped? Give, do, do the part darling - she whispered. I began to drive him in her in before holding her by buttocks, back. I felt how she had more and more liquid inside. Give slightly quicker, quicker - a my joy, give - mother wants to terminate, give pretty, give - without stopping she kept saying. I increased speed. The dick several times jumped out, but she quickly picked up him and inserting back. Having stopped speaking, she moaned and began to move the back to me on a meeting, sharp movements, then loudly published groan. I felt as her hole several times squeezed my dick as a hand. I stopped without understanding what occurred. Give, give pretty don't stop, give mother cums, give - she whispered. I continued, but she silently and not moving just stood, having rested a breast on a table. In a minute I felt her hand at myself on balls. She rumpled them, extolling me. It was my first time, but to see drunk didn't allow me to finish. But I continued and continued, liquid which was emitted from it, I felt already at myself standing and a stomach. Hair at me between legs became impregnated with it completely. Sounds went from each entrance to her. I thought that my first time will terminate a demon of my termination. But her skillful hand so cajoled my balls that literally in about five minutes her work, I felt that here it, here for what I do it as my balls were pulled together by some force that, began to tremble at me in a bottom of a stomach and in the head appeared feeling of shutdown. Почуивствовав that now I will terminate, I pulled out a dick from her. No - she cried, having caught it and having inserted into itself back. - Merge in me, you that thought up, come up to the end and lower. What I also made keeping a dick in her. There now and everything, the good girl, having risen pulling on itself pants, - she told. I the first jumped out of the shed. Having taken seat at a table I poured to myself and I drank. She appeared in about twenty minutes, but didn't sit down at a table, and went to the house. Вуйдя from the house she and it isn't noticeable, I gave me to a hand the curtailed writing-book sheet which I thrust to myself in karmas. The next day, at work, I wanted to tell friends about it, but was ashamed of such age difference changed the mind. Where that by a lunch, I found in myself in trousers a note about which I forgot. In it it was written - My dear stranger. I am very happy that I am your first woman who made you the man. It with you had to happens when that and there is no special difference someone will be it that the first, but me very pleasant that it was I. If at you appears desires, urinate "tip" and won't be where it make-call. Further the phone number is written. also it is signed - Maria Nikolaevna. Having read, and having remembered all last day, I somehow felt ill at ease and for some reason it is very a shame. Having solved it is simple to get rid everything and this "day of the miner" I tore a note. In couple of days, looking at our employees whom I carried and to see inside began to play so-called "hotenchik" I understood that I in vain tore a note with phone which didn't remember. Having remembered as she told that she lives near my work, I began to look narrowly to houses, around our station passable near them reducing speed, But everything was without result. Having fulfilled week, before days off on Friday, I went specially in such way to meet the neighbor and kind of by the way to ask, begin from it is far and on to ask about Maria Nikolaevna. Found Sergey in the shed where he inserted a window frame. Hi! Nicely I see yesterday I hooted-told addressing him, having seen his rumpled person. Yes took a walk so took a walk, in a holiday saw off the foreman, I won't depart for whole del in any way. On further I didn't have enough words, there were in the head no ideas, about that how to taxi up to him and that without any there guesses to learn about it. At my place wine is last year's can we will undergo treatment - I offered him. - It would be advisable and mine went to the second change with work. - Then I fast. Filling in wine bottles, I threw them through a fence to him and with light baggage went to his shed on the alley connecting our houses. Having taken seat in the shed poured on a glass, and the conversation became are glued. Began from those someone he had on the date of the miner, kind of to me unfamiliar though I knew all, and passed to his aunt. And this ryzhinky, whose wife with painted lips - I asked having seen that Seryoga on old yeast became tipsy. This is the wife of the brother of my mother, he a few years ago died in the mine. - he answered, - yes you know, her boys. As not strange I knew them and it isn't bad. One did military service, and another went To the north on earnings, at once as came from army. So on these sons, I understood where exactly it lives. On Monday having driven up to the house I read house number and having returned on the station found the phone number in the reference book. Having waited as all will leave for lunch, navertet number and began to wait. At me not clear hands for some reason shivered, and, something played below a stomach. Nobody answered phone and I guessed that most likely she at work. AT work I specially was late to use phone as at me he wasn't the house. Having driven the car into the box I was engaged not in a big service staff to pass away time. In hours eight I went to the person on duty who as always didn't appear on the place. Having stood at phone several minutes, I was solved. Beeps were interrupted by a female voice "YES listen". Maria Nikolaevna? - I asked, by almost shivering voice, being afraid of a fiasco on full - Yes it I. - And I am Dima. - Dima? - Well we were at Sergey on a picnic. - And the stranger? so you are Dima? - Yes it I. - Well and what wanted Dima? Here I understood, in vain it I, but to disappear any more not where also I continued. biting lips and having closed eyes with shame - you wrote, the pier there if that, is possible meets. In a tube there was a long silence. I was already ready to hang up and run from the room on duty where far away, but this desire was interrupted by a voice - And what, you solved, Dima? - Ya-I, well if you don't mind of course could come. - So go. - I don't know where, having pretended that it isn't aware, - House 32 the street that, as at you at the station. - What it is direct now? - And you when wanted? - I can now. - So go if you can. - Can there what to take with itself. - I think the fact that you have to bring with yourself it always at you. Having dug florets on a bed of the station I went to her house. So the gram a little spirits for courage and couldn't be taken. When I called a call to her gate, on the street was already dark. In the house the door opened. the bolt on a gate clicked and I saw Maria Nikolaevna. In the House I made out her already closer. Before me there was not absolutely that woman, but with the same red colored hair in a colorful dressing gown as after I noticed it is dressed on a naked body. Well that Dima, didn't change the mind - looking at me she asked. - Changed the mind what? - Well then you were pyanenkiya, for you then all were young and beautiful, and here here came with florets, and the lady another. Not to give a sign of my confusion I embraced her, having pressed to myself said - No, of course isn't present. Though further, I didn't even know what to do. Here she turned out not such at all, under a dressing gown there was some fragile thin woman as though it is made not that that was there. But this smell of crimson lipstick was the same though lipstick wasn't on her lips. So you as to me how a lyubovnichik, or so to chat? - she asked. And kind of you wanted - I answered stretching a dressing gown. Having revealed tails of the robe bared her not big breast and black треугольничек a hair between legs. I gathered in a bathtub, you will wait for me or we go together, I see you from work and it would be advisable to you will be rinsed - she told. Having thrown off a dressing gown completely she went to a bathtub in which water was already gathered. I came afterwards, she having stepped through a board came into a bathtub and sat down in her from one edge and having pointed by a hand to another, told - Give don't hesitate, dump everything from yourself and to sit down we will rub each other backs. Overcoming shame I removed myself everything and dropped in in a bathtub, fast sat down not especially to shine the economy before it. You what you hesitate of me? - I asked, she. - No. - As isn't present and that so quickly, I hid all the property under water. - I, I and, no, I don't hesitate. I tried not to examine her as I wanted it. I sometimes faced her, on the parties. sometimes the look fell on a breast, lingering on it, but below I somehow didn't dare, But desire to see that where I thrust just broke off me and when it tightened legs to itself, having bent them in knees and having moved apart to bathroom sides I saw the slightly opened crack around which was a little bit volosik. Here she, this hole, she is much lower than I thought earlier. That is why feeling her hair on a pubis, I couldn't find her. What? it is interesting to you what does it look like? Having caught my eye on her she pisi-asked. Did you likely never see her alive? I didn't know what to answer, just hung the head. - Yes you don't take offense if it so, I show it to you. - I don't take offense and having overcome told that I - Really never saw. She got up and put one leg aboard a bathtub. Look. This a pubis, on it most of all volosik, sometimes I cut them as especially in the summer much with it problems. Here, having run fingers around a chink, volosiki too, but it is less of them, they cover my economy. And that it is necessary to see him at me it to move apart. At many women, it is open and her economy often looks out. I see it in a miner's bath where we bathe. Having moved apart this chink she showed me her completely inside. Having specified where a clitoris where internal sponges and where a hole which was densely closed at the very bottom of this opened crack too. Here here you also thrust, there in the shed - she told and thrust the finger there, having moved apart stenochka of a vagina in the parties. Well as after viewing desire there to thrust wasn't gone? - smiling she asked. And what had to be gone - I answered, having pulled a hand to her little fool. having moved apart fingers it I stroked on it, also pushed a finger in the little fool where around there was a soft, slippery surface. Having moved a finger there I felt inflow of liquid in it, there became absolutely slippery, on my finger muddy sticky weight appeared. Having interrupted these my studies, she suggested to be washed and already in the house to be engaged in that because of what we and united today. But it is another story which lasted to my army. Where often I came to me in dreams, and in memoirs. Having come back home I didn't decide to come to her at once. But when learned that she married, I decided not to disturb at all. In a year I moved to live to other city, through two married, and through fifteen learned that she died. date tv show blind date ideas eau claire site mapMain Page