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Having clicked the door lock, and having opened a door to the apartment, Stanislav dived inside. Today at work he had an unlucky day, the boss was in terrible mood why got to all employees. Stas wearily sat down on the stool serving as help when clothing shoes, carelessly put a leather bag nearby. It seemed that he enclosed all the negative emotions in this action that this disgusting bag suffered. Stas drew a direct analogy between it and the work. On noise his favourite Victoria came running. It was dressed as it is necessary, a short short skirt, a transparent blouse. Seeing that Stas has a bad mood, Vika at once fell on knees before him, and slowly spread to the man, being afraid to upset the Owner. — What can I be useful, my Owner? – a sweet golosochok I said Vick. The woman's voice for Stas was as a balm for the soul, he was ready to listen to him for hours and hours, but didn't give a sign before the darling. It seemed to him that so he will be able to lose all the authority before her. — Creep to legs … — hard exhaling, Stas told – Vividly creep to a leg, the whore! – he repeated even more loudly and more roughly, seeing that Vika insufficiently quickly moves. – You what forgot how it is necessary to meet the Owner?! I will show you, the bitch! – again he cried out. Then, when Victoria rather close crept up, he grasped it the right hand by hair and became, a slega to raise. — Did you forget as it is necessary to behave, the dirty whore? Did you forget someone your Owner? – with the burning eyes Stas repeated, holding the woman's hair more and stronger. — You my owner, you! I ask forgive me, I beg! – suffering from pain, Vika answered. — To lick boots, vividly! – imperiously Stas ordered and released the woman's hair. She at once fell to the man's legs, and began яро to lick the black varnished Stas's shoes. She did it quite skillfully and carefully as Wicky already had such experience. She met the darling in bad mood more than once, and in the head of her there was an instruction for a long time how to behave before the Owner to please. She drove the uvula on all area of a shoe, leaving fat wet spots. Then again and again I licked while these spots didn't disappear, and shoes didn't begin to shine. — Well, my whore. Well! Now take off from me shoes and stand them in the corner, then go and wash up the spermopriyemnik. – terribly Stas said, then a slega I bent down to lift up a short skirt of Wicky and to bare her appetizing back. A powerful hand he slapped according to him, leaving a red spot. Vika only moaned from pain and pleasure alternately. Then I stood shoes of darling in the corner and I went to wash a mouth. The woman understood that when Stas asks to wash up a mouth, so now he will fuck her in him. He always repeated that the slave has to have a clean mouth that at any time the Owner could use him. — Long you there still, whore? How many it is possible to wait for you here, is more alive to me! – Stas cried out and heard as water in the bathroom ceased to flow, and from her, Vika on a lap creeps out. – More alive, the whore, more alive! – Stas adjusted it. When Victoria crept up closer, Stas ordered to be developed by it to him a bum to check existence of a butt plug. Vika unwillingly made it, having lifted up the short short skirt. In a hole nothing was. — So, and this it is filled already in, the bitch. — terribly Stas — Well and where a pro-barrel told? Why you without her? — Forgive me, the Owner, forgive – having developed facing Stas, Vika moaned. – I only pulled out her for a minute and forgot to insert back. Forgive! – she repeated again and again, bowing down to angry Stanislav. The right hand he grasped it by hair and began to raise upward and when the head was at convenient height, Stas slapped it face. It seemed that the sound from her ran up on all house. Vika fell down, and was afraid to raise the eyes on darling. No, it wasn't sore with her, it was a shame to her before the Owner. She made a huge mistake, having forgotten to insert a pro-barrel back. She disappointed the Owner. — Raise the head, an animal. I want to see your bashful eyes! – it is revolted Stas said, and Vika right there satisfied a request of darling. Her eyes of a sleg were damp from what shone. – My good girl … — the man tenderly said, then I carried out by a palm on that cheek which he punished slap in the face several seconds ago. – My darling wants to make Hozyaina pleasantly? Wants to enjoy my dick? – looking Wicky in the face, Stas said. — Of course, very much I want. – with devotion Victoria answered. – Can you suck away? — Yes, the darling, it is possible. – passionately Stas answered and lowered hands down, having completely given vent to the slave. Vika hasty began to undo a fly of trousers, then thrust hands into an educated hole and, having passed the Owner's pants, the dick got. She with appetite looked at it, licked lips and attacked the mouth. — Make to me well, my charm. – Stas moaned, and from pleasure I rolled up eyes. Vika all the mouth swallowed yet not strengthened man's her, at the same time greedy champing. She skillfully drove the head, trying to please the Hozyain. The woman adores doing blowjob to Stas, adores when the man forces her to suck the fat dick. She is made horney from only one type of the dick, from his unforgettable smell and taste. — Here so, my dirty whore. And only try to make something not so, I will at once punish you! – through pleasant groan, Stas told, looking at how Vika tries to humour the Owner. He adores looking down on her, adores seeing as her head as she with appetite swallows a dick moves. She swallows him deeply what to choke with and lets fat saliva directly to a floor. But it nothing, Vika everything exactly will pinch then everything from a floor the language. — I do everything correctly, my Owner? – having come off the dick, the slave asked. — Yes, the darling, continue. – with pleasure Stas moaned and dipped the right hand into hair of darling, then began to press a sleg. He as if itself operated the head of the slave, sticking her on a dick, more and more deeply. Victoria slobbered also tears, it published this exciting rattle when in your throat the fat dick. Quicker and quicker Stas stuck her, fucked the darling in a mouth quicker and quicker, he literally began to tear up her, remembering all oversights of Wicky before him. — I to a vyeb you in a mouth! Vyebu, you are a cheap whore! To nobody the necessary, cheap whore, I am your Owner and you will be only mine! You are my potaskukha! – heatedly Stas shouted, the strengthened dick putting Vick for both cheeks. The slave groaned. She was completely given to the Hozyain, accompanying each action with gentle groan. Stas fucked her clean mouth again, he enjoyed her spermopriyemnik again. — There is enough! – Stas – told Enough, the Whore! – he repeated again when he saw that Vick isn't released by his dick, and continues to enjoy of the Woman stopped and looked with devoted eyes at the Owner. — What can I make still? – she said, licking chubby sponges. — I want to fuck you, the whore! I want to fuck you as the real skank! – with passion in eyes, Stas told. It seemed that from this look of the Owner Victoria can terminate. He so imperiously looked at it that it began to flow. I emitted vaginal juice which at once moistened her hot bosom and flew down on legs. — Vividly I took the place! – he cried out, and Victoria at once was undermined and was behind a wall. The man got up from a stool then went to the bedroom. There, on a bed, dog-fashion was Victoria. She bulged the back back, curved a back and the slega spread legs. Stas madly likes this pose, it is pleasant to watch how Vika costs in expectation of the dick. She could stand so for hours until to Stas bothers to look at the darling. — Now I will check what you are damp. – having approached behind Vika, he told. Then I touched with the big palm a red pizdenka of Vika why she involuntarily moaned and the slega contracted. — More quietly, expensive, is more silent … – in half-voices Stas said, driving on Wicky's vagina the fingers. – You are rather greased that the Owner fucked you! – with satisfaction he told, and it began to be attached by the stone strut behind. — Yes, my Owner! I want to feel your dick in myself, I want to be your personal whore! Fuck me without being sorry, I beg you! – with pleasure I started singing Vick, feeling that Stas inserts the her. She gave a little back, and the vagina took a dickhead. Then felt hands on the bum, and full penetration into a pizdenka. — Yes … My God … — without constraining emotion, Vika moaned. Stas completely entered her, and gradually began to fuck, increasing speed. — Do you like the Owner's dick? — imperiously he asked. — Very much! Very much it is pleasant! – through groan, Vika answered. — I will fuck you him, I will fuck your pizda the dick! You only washing, the dirty profligate, and I will give you to nobody! – heatedly Stas pronounced, squeezing appetizing buttocks two hands entering Vika more and more deeply. These words were very important for her. She wanted to feel necessary for the Owner, wanted to be his only slave. Also only one wanted to satisfy him, to be only with him. Stas continued to fuck the whore, every time is deeper and deeper pushing a penis to her in a hole, and clapping on a bum. From what on her there were red traces from hands. Vika involuntarily groaned, accompanying this sweet process. Her breath became deeper, heart literally beats when the Owner fucks her a pussy. — You are happy with the Owner? I am happy, the crud?! — roughly Stas cried out. — There is very enough, I am madly glad! – happily Vika answered, hands having seized a cover on a bed. It seemed that each slightest particle, each sound and a scratch make horney two partners. Stas is madly happy with the slave, she really is pleasant to him, and he won't leave her one. But it isn't going to show before Vika that she didn't feel it is weakened. Vika loves very much the Stas, she will do everything that he never left her one. And she feels Stas's love to herself, and from it is quiet at heart. — I want to terminate directly to you in a hole! I want to fill in you with a cum as the cheap road whore! Do you want to feel mine warmly a seed in yourself? – passionately Stas said. — I madly wish it! I very much want that the Owner awarded me with the cum! For me it is the highest praise from you! – Vika moaned. — Here and perfectly, my good, here and good fellow. Be an obedient girl, and then the owner will constantly award you. Stas entered the darling more and more furiously, I feel that he just about will terminate. He adores looking at Vika from such position. To see all her efforts, to hear all her happy okh. What bum, cool at my slave, – Stas thought, clapping on her a hand. The best way will relax after unlucky day. — Now I will terminate in you, the whore, I will terminate! – Stas cried out and increased speed. He literally broke off the dick Vika's pizdenka from what she wildly groaned. All neighbors for certain heard her sweet groan. Heard and envied. They already got used that from this apartment happy women's shout constantly reaches. — I cum, the whore, I cum! – Stas cried out and in a second from his dick the warm cum, directly took off for a pizdenka to Vika. Stas began to yell, starting up the seed in the slave. From these pleasant feelings of Vick also I began to shake from the received orgasm, cramping legs and the right hand massing a clitoris. — You are simply divine, the Owner! You the best that can be in life! I will always serve you! – it is impressed Vika spoke, enduring seconds of an emotional orgasm. Stas cunning smiled. He thought up something for the slave, and in the head already scrolled this the new, just come to him idea. — Now lick my dick clean, and then you will wash me. – Stas and Victoria ordered I began to execute the order of darling. For her this evening isn't finished yet, the slave has to be always ready to humour the imperious Owner … Write on my mail if you want continuation or to read something else from my creativity: date to xmlgregoriancalendar conversion java dateline nbc podcastte today yyyy-mm-dd php site mapMain Page