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When all in a circle, to not decency, is jammed by monotony and your world copies the world of your neighbor, and you can't see all this it any more and is — crisis of age. She is thirty two years old, she perfectly looks, it took place as the creative person, but a muse, this whimsical "girl" began to visit her more and more seldom. A set of councils simply remained unaddressed, only in the morning when the head awfully hurt, it tried to collect a bag to the road. Where to go or go there was no difference, only was correct — the movement in other party. Thirty two years of virgin life. The twelve-year-old little girl she understood the superiority over contemporaries already quite clearly, the ripened body attracted to itself views of young men and even men, she was proud of this superiority and frankly emphasized it. Staying at home one, she long examined the naked body in a mirror, caressing at the same time the beautiful breast and a slender waist. Wide hips and slender waist, classics of skill of the creator. Once caressing the body late evening, she accidentally sat down on a chair armrest so it appeared between her legs, from not tea pleasure at her intercepted breath. Everything worried inside and shivered, to her it was pleasant and terrible, she bent down forward and began on to do quietly, the nature the put movements. Legs clamped an armrest more and stronger, and movements became quicker, she, loudly exhaling, went to the first orgasm. Student's club of "virgins". So they called themselves when there were some, they were proud of it and considered that the man this quite rough and clumsy being who isn't capable to estimate beauty of a female body and harmony of a sacrament of copulation. They for day could not leave the house, over and over again giving each other pleasures, naked bodies shone, boobies touched with nipples, and caressed skillful hands and brought other flesh to an orgasm. Student's life approached end, it also couldn't present how parting will be painful as to her to live without all this, without favourite little girls, without caress, without club of "virgins". Paranoia. The reality wasn't perceived as the fact, girlfriends married one by one, sincerely wishing the same and it. Caressing and satisfying itself alone, adoring the bodies, she cried and shouted from pleasure and didn't want to share with anybody it. She loved herself in an own body, she was border beyond which I couldn't go, behind which there was the whole world new and not familiar to her and only at the subconscious level, she wanted changes. She was exhausted in the imaginations, without reaching full satisfaction, slowly went crazy. For herself, after the conversations with numerous doctors she decided that she won't be able to change herself and won't do it, and be farther that will be. And is farther and creative potential was close to zero, the artist who doesn't paint new pictures very quickly fades into the background. The movement in other party. She always found a subject for a new picture in the dreams, waking up, did sketches, it was the birth of a new masterpiece, now she practically didn't sleep because of drugs which she washed down with wine, and the bag with things of prime necessity lay on a floor in the living room. From the street it was visible in a window as beautiful and completely naked woman costs at an easel and paints a picture. In her already next morning no someone saw and a bag that lay on a floor in the living room, too was, told a miscellaneous; that she went to the monastery that laid down on treatment in clinic that jumped from the bridge to the river – not an essence. And her last picture in which the naked man and the woman go on the horizon was bought by some collector. date timeline powerpoint yezdi launch date in india site mapMain Page