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Was about ten in the evening, the office party approached end, and many began to go home someone else was able and to someone just helped to leave the room. Having drunk couple of glasses, too I decided to dump home, the mood was a little spoiled and as it seemed to me, to lift it there was no sense, but I was deeply mistaken. I waited on the street of the taxi, I look the girl, probably the employee of shots, and directly to me comes up. — There is a cigarette? Do you want me? — The cigarette is necessary to you or the dick? — Both!!! Went to those bushes!!! She throws out the right breast, helped to return back into place, and we went with her to the offered place. In the territory there was a huge bush where it was possible to retire, and nobody will see you. I looked around, nobody, she sat down on hunkers, undoes to me a fly and the dick, the right touches. On a finger the ring, became inconvenient, but the temptation prevailed, plus the drunk alcohol. I had a rule, married ladies aside, but this case was an exception to the rules, but then I wasn't even sorry about it. — A cool dick at you, and what is your name? — Dima, and you? — Christina, I in shots work!!! — I know, where do you work, just didn't know by name!!! She took a head in a mouth, began to kiss her, language to drive around, then immerses deeply in a mouth. I began to smoke her a cigarette, she sucked and smoked, various oral sex turned out such. Itself lit, it was pleasant from her caress, even very pleasant!!! She long sucked, then took balls in a mouth, began to lick them, well all was smooth, yesterday depilated a ball sack. At last the orgasm approached, and the dick releases a stream in her mouth, she swallows, smacking the lips lips, and continues to suck. The guy's voice was heard, he looked for her, at once thought that the husband!!! Your mother, here I got, steps came nearer, she still sucked. — Christina, here you where!!!! You what took in head to suck???? She quietly sucked, he shouted, then calmed down, having seen my person. It was that guy who sucked in a toilet to another, and probably therefore he calmed down and drooped!!! Having begun to wink at me, type you saw nothing. I to it nodded well, and he lit too, and began to wait, so far Christina to enjoy my dick. A situation pancake, intense and if not it is her husband, and someone another that then?????? It was lucky that so happened, and in the future I followed rules!!! Having sucked away everything to a drop, she got up, hid my dick, and asked a cigarette. — Forgive darling, I so wanted the dick, and you wasn't near, you are all evening with Igor!!! To me Dima turned up, and he has a cool dick!!! Here I was also tempted, but more nothing was!!! — Everything is normal, the main thing that nobody learned about it!! Smoked three together, there arrived the taxi, and we together went. He wiped her lips a napkin, then they kissed, and I thought of the, but Christina broke silence, having stopped kissing. — Dima, can us on a visit??? Such day successful, I want to continue it!!! — I don't know, conveniently???? — Dima, everything is normal, we invite you to ourselves!!! You almost as the friend of the family, you know all secrets!! — Well, I don't mind if you so want!!! Arrived to them, went to an entrance, I slightly held Christina, stormed her. Came into the apartment, Christina went to a shower, and we to kitchen. — Give gets acquainted, and that one woman at us, and we are unfamiliar even!! I Nikolay am called!!!! You Dmitry, I already understood. Shook hands each other, he got alcohol, we with him drank, communication went. — Dima, I without claims, what she to you sucked me it even made horney!!!! Let's agree at once, you can fuck her as much as necessary, but at my presence, we wanted to make it long ago, just there was no suitable partner. As do you look at it???? — It is possible to try, and there how to turn out!!! And to someone you sucked in a toilet? — This is her ex-husband, we are with him lovers if she learns, it is a divorce!!! So be silent, to nobody, and that everything!!! You want and to you I will suck away. And in a bottom of ladies? — I in general not in this respect, but in principle, if only three together!!! We will well look!!! — Agreed, give for it we will drink!! Drank still, there was Christina, already slightly looks more better, than half an hour ago. She was naked, but nearly hesitating, sat down nearby. — And I need to drink too!!! Pour boys!!! Nikolay poured her a glass, she drank, lit, and began to look at us. — Boys, quickly in a shower, and I will lay a table in the bedroom, and we will have fun!!! We went to wash, Nikolay the first, and I behind him got the bathroom. He washed me and I him, at the same time both were made horney. Our dicks began to touch, it was unforgettable minutes, even it became pleasant. He began to jerk off both dicks, with such passion, pleasure. — Dima, is pleasant to you? — Cool, new feeling!! He sat down, my dick took in a mouth, having swallowed him completely. This a throat, I thought and pushed a basin. I fucked it in a mouth, he jerked off the dick, and there was all super, but Christina came. — Boys, you decided to have satisfaction together??? Isn't present, quickly in a bed!! Went to a bed, I laid down on a back, Christina sat down to me on a breast, spreads legs, and Nikolay between my legs, started oral caress, generally full idyll!!! Christina at the peak of pleasure, my language caresses her lewd "girl", with long vulvar lips. The aroma of her pizda was pleasant, however as well as the hostess, together with the husband. She sat down to me on the person, and began to rub the vulvar lips about my lips, at the same time loudly shouting. Nikolay was strongly made horney, began to sit down a bottom on my dick, and too moaned. There was such feeling that I was fucked, but not I am them. Christina received an orgasm, her juice was on my face, the truth she pinched all language. Nikolay strongly moaned, and began to cum, pulling the dick, and moving on mine. It was pleasant, the dick began to strain, and shoots at a bottom. — Aaa!!! Aaa!!! Cool Dima!!!! Christina kisses me, her fervent kisses demented me, I wanted to fuck her. Dima got down from the dick, licked him, and then told: — All I to sleep, and you that want that and do!!! He went to other room, we drank with Christina, then I laid down on a sofa, spread legs. Christina laid down between legs, began to suck, then did me a rimming until the dick got stronger. — How do you want me? I can be from above or from below, can on one side???? — Sit down from above, I want to contemplate you!! She to sit down, the dick sends to the vagina, and begins jumps. Her breasts begin to jump up, so beautifully, one lovely sight!!! I took them in palms, I began to rumple, nipples became firm, big, just beauty!!! Jumps happened long, couldn't terminate both, changed poses, but didn't help, slightly it was necessary to have a rest and to start all anew. With the last bit of strength, we could satisfy the lust, and terminated almost at the same time. It fell to me and we having lain fell asleep till the morning a little. In the morning Nikolay brought us beer and coffee what we were grateful to him for, then said goodbye, and I left home, so there took place my first corporate holiday. It is sent: Dimon date time zone converter y33t launch date in india site mapMain Page