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To increase history font | to Reduce history font Hi! I read much stories which are written here, and decided to write a case from the life which happened to me in the winter, under new 2009. We played with friends cards on desires. Celebrated yet not come New Year. Desires were different. To drink a bottle of champagne on speed, 70 times to be wrung out from a floor, to suck off to someone, to dance a striptease. I had an acquaintance - Belief. She few times lost to guys so good luck smiled to me to look bezspatny стриприз, and at how Vera sucks. The show is tremendous, already all dispersed, remained only I and Vera. (the holiday was in my house) We still drank, began подтасовывыть cards, and Verochka constantly lost, will pass, on a striptease, erotic massage. And once she noticed it, and I didn't manage to swindle any more. But on the 100-th time I won, and is absolutely honest. I made a wish. - I want... I want... you! She got a fright, and otset from me. I embraced her for a waist, and laid on a sofa. The belief began to beat me with the small cams, but it didn't stop me. I kissed her beautiful body. I covered with kisses her neck, a breast, a stomach. It is natural what she wouldn't escape, I held her by hands. The belief complained, asked her to release, but when I began to caress her small not up to the end created breast, without taking off a jacket and a brassiere, laid down on her all weight, and weakened a grasp, she almost ceased to resist. Breath became deep, sometimes she even moaned. But as soon as she felt that my hands undo her trousers, Vera began to move and started over again begging. - It isn't necessary. Please it isn't necessary. I had no guy yet. It stopped me. But as there was no wish to release her. Such beautiful, lovely, clever. - You are afraid that it will be sore? She silently confirmed. - If you bydt to spin, won't be. And then, you drank much, alcohol weakens. And if something is not so, I will stop. Хорошё? The belief broke minutes three, and unwillingly agreed. It was noticeable by the frightened attractive face that she is afraid not to lose virginity more, and the fact that drunk, and I braid language. She and I took a shower. I forced her to the knees, and she began to suck. She sucked professionally. When I масировл to her a neck, or shoulders, she stuck nails to me into legs, and happy moaned. Having licked my dick, she contracting, and doubting I laid down on a bed. I got condom, vaseline (I madly liked her buttocks) from a bedside table, and so far went to a bed, Vera took cover a blanket, and crawled away beds to Speke. - Be not afraid. - To me it is terrible. I am not sure. - Trust in my experience, the kid. I won't offend. Go here. She laid down, but didn't reveal. It was necessary to make it for her. My God. What she is beautiful. Thin, Summer suntan already descended, and her body was snow-white. A beautiful elastic breast, accurately shaved pussy, magnificent black hair to a waist, and madly beautiful legs. My dick got up, and was ready to fight. Already confused Vera. Slowly and accurately I touched her pussy. She was warm, but dry. I ran a finger over her densely compressed poloy sponges, and found a clitoris. The belief considerably relaxed, and is silent what I wouldn't notice with satisfaction exhaled. To steam of such movements, and it was impossible to hide pleasure at it already. One hand I forced Vera to break literally hands from pleasure, another caressed her tummy, and kissed him. She put the hands to me on a back, and pressed. - What, is pleasant? It will be even more pleasant. - Dima... She moaned, and I slowly entered her the dick. There it was narrow and what as I promised her, not to hurt, it was necessary to develop a vagina. It became interesting to Verochka, and she put at herself between legs, and probed as my dick to enter her, leaves. To distract her from what I am going to make I removed her handle, again touched a clitoris, Vera became soft, and here I made a push. The thin pleva right there broke under an impact. The belief was curved, and smiled broadly. Almost at once it began to groan. Inside it was narrow and горячё. Coiling from each my movement, choking she whispered - Yes, yes, yes. We terminated almost at the same time. Having given her the chance to recover the breath, and to recover, I greased a dick and her anus with vaseline. I put her on all fours, I drove a dick almost on a half. Belief having gritted teeth I moaned, and I squeezed buttocks. - Suffer. She calmed down. Further everything passed almost normally. Only sometimes Vera contracted, and I had to stop. In ten minutes, she groan, was extended, and podilivat to me a basin. But all the same it wasn't always pleasant to her. To relax her, I caressed her curved back, kissed a neck, and caressed a breast. I don't know why, but I didn't want to cum in her. Hardly I managed to take out the overstrained dick from her buttocks as the powerful stream of a cum hit it on a back. - She is such hot. Vera told, and we took a hot bath. After that we remained just friends. So. Innocent flirtation, kisses, enclasping, and anything else. date spanish inquisition date ideas durham nc site mapMain Page