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I was already going to leave when the door creaked. Even without turning around, I knew someone stands behind my back. But I couldn't understand one — what for? Why she came? And the hell to me it is painful because that she betrayed me. All right, the brother is a clinical case, but she. She! — It is necessary to replace locks — I make many efforts that words sounded caustically and easy. Nevertheless I don't manage to keep silent and from lips the venomous remark on escape flies. She slowly pulls together a scarf, and I use still great efforts finally not to break. On her neck — a hated necklace with a verbena, the jacket is undone. Elena timidly mutters something about Stefan. Interestingly, she can forget about him though when to be with me? It seems that isn't present. She tells much: that persuaded the witch to help me that we try for the same business that we have a common goal. But I don't listen, everything that I can - it is to consider Elena and to nervously swallow saliva. When becomes absolutely unbearable, I inhibit desire to stay with her also surely I go to a door, in passing answering not listened to the end phrase. Devil take it, me bothered to play. Yes I would forgive her, despite everything, if... No, she will never make it. But her following offer cuts my hearing and causes an anger wave: — You didn't use on me the suggestion force when we were in Atlanta. Devil take it. Yes someone is she such to create to me all this? Why she deprives of me reason? Desire to tease her arises instantly: — And someone told you that he didn't use? — not to forget to grin venomously, for bigger effect. The game is worth the candle. Elena turns pale, apparently, at her dried up in a mouth, she nervously swallows saliva and with fear looks at me. I imagine what thoughts rush at this moment in her head. But Elena strong. Or just it likes to be deceived. How it is possible to inspire in a minute in itself that I told lies? How in general can I trust? — I know that didn't use — I am killed by her confident tone. She approaches closer, and I conceal breath. She stops in only several millimeters from me: — We with you have something — sorry, I didn't mishear? — understanding. A-and, you disappointed me again, the girl, and I already counted... No, well how many it is possible to scoff over me? I know that it is blasphemous, but at some moments it seems to me that for the sake of her I am ready even to lose a ring. It is possible to call me adequate? She again ridiculously mutters something, apologizes, convinces me. But I can think only of her now. About her — and only. One my accidental phrase is enough that she took off a necklace. Whether ridiculously to see how haughtily she lifts up the head, thereby baring a neck? Elena is a silly woman, and droplets it isn't a shame to me that I, probably, now will make something irreparable. I don't give a damn. The decision is born spontaneously, and already almost extinct anger flashes from new, bigger, force. One of my numerous mistresses somehow told: — Your conscience is pure, Damon — me then seemed that I misheard, but it added — you don't use it. Then I long thought over truthfulness of this phrase. I don't feel guilty that it trusted in me at all, itself gave myself in my charge, having lost the strong protection. I approach absolutely close and I lose the head. The vein on her neck pulses with a surprising force, I hear a sound of the blood flowing on her. Elena is nervous and with fear looks at me — doesn't trust. Then what the hell she removed a charm? I already said that Elena is a silly woman? Honestly, I was going to inspire in her everything from the very beginning, but this ridiculous mistrust (where further, all the same you live with vampires?) enrages me. Elena is a person, besides, the girl, and I am a vampire. Means, I am stronger. She doesn't manage to notice how I clasp her waist and I squeeze hands, the lips sticking into her. They soft and pliable, unlike Elena — firm and unshakable. I can't still understand whether it is valid at her such character, or she just wants to seem strong.Someone wants to risk, having called me cruel and insensible? Drag, all the same a lie. At present I am very capable to feel. Elena Protestuyushche lows and tries to be released, but I don't release her, and I take by the left hand and I put her to myself on a fly. She raises on me the scared eyes and by the sat-down voice asks: — You aren't going to do it, Damon? My name from her lips sounds as the worst curse. But me that? I got used. — Still as I gather — I slowly say. — What did you hope for, taking off a necklace? — I trusted you — she fatefully whispers — then, in Atlanta... I can't listen to her ridiculous explanations, from it there is desire again to stop up her will kiss. But it is necessary to finish speaking nevertheless! — Then, in Atlanta, I trusted you too, but you betrayed me. And you know what happens for treachery? She turns pale more and more and tries to be discharged. Where do you so hurry, the babe? — Damon — her voice sounds beggarly — please. You know that I... I don't allow to finish speaking excitement to her. Overflows me, also I cover with an enormous wave, without remembering myself, I snatch on Elena, intending to break from her clothes. Feet, traces there shouldn't be, otherwise the brother will hitch up me. In any other time I wouldn't miss chance to settle accounts with him, but now to me it to anything. Therefore I accurately undo Elena's jacket and not less accurately I take off a blouse. On her the black bra, and at her is brown eyes. Elena doesn't stop trying to escape, and so far I am busy with some details of her clothes, she manages to release one hand nevertheless. She backhand hits me in the face. Again? It seems, already passed for the third ten. — Damon, please. You are not such... What can she hope now for, knowing about my intentions? — Relax and derive pleasure — the attempt to encourage the girl, naturally, comes to an end with a failure. One leg Elena manages to kick me in a hip. — Then don't prevent to receive it to me — the evil is whispered by me and so squeeze her buttocks that Elena screams. It is interesting how she will explain to Stefan appearance of bruises? Her jeans extremely narrow (under such even linen isn't put on) and me to come fairly to tinker to remove them. All this time Elena tries to strike or bite me, muttering something muffled, and it enrages. Therefore when damned jeans pipes fly on a floor, I very much drive Elena into the corner, became enraged kissing her on the lips. Other hand I in passing undo a bra, and it scratches me the long, sharp nails. Elena has well-groomed hands and accurate manicure, but now not to it. I kiss her breast, till it bleeds biting nipples, I drive it hands into the corner, and she still tries to be released. Stubborn. — I hate you — she whispers. — The answer is incorrect — one sharp movement I spread her legs, raising for a waist, and I enter her. Perhaps it was worth hesitating and making accurater, but I lack only several moments to terminate. She screams, and I sympathetically ask: — Painfully? — but right there with sarcasm I add — Everything depended only on you. I have her rigidly and roughly, sharp pushes pressing in a wall, and she involuntarily clasps me for a torso and sticks nails to me into a back. To her it is painful, and it gives pleasure to me. You can call me the sadist, I resolve. Several minutes later I stream in her, and she is exhausted slips along a wall, baitedly looking at me. — There is more to come, Elena — with arrangement I say, and she with hatred looks at me — What still is necessary for you? — her voice is similar to rustle of foliage. — Oh, really you think what I will allow you not to terminate? It sounds as personal insult — I absolutely sincerely notice. Elena doesn't manage to come round as I pick up her from a floor and again I drive into the corner. One hand I hold it in this situation, I push a finger inside, forcing her to be curved by an arch and to moan. I import one more and I increase the pace, a thumb caressing a clitoris. — Tay... Maun — she cums with my name on lips and, without understanding that, nestles on me.I am discharged and I depart, lifting the shirt and trousers from a floor, she recovers meanwhile and whispers: — How could you? — Don't spoil an impression — I wave away — and don't deny that I wanted. — Yes you... you... — she can't be at loss for words. — Swine? Freak? Bastard? — obligingly I prompt, but she jumps as scalded. Having lifted clothes, she promptly puts on and headlong rushes to a door. I grab her hand and I attract to myself. — Let — she still didn't understand that to escape it won't turn out. I look her in the face and I force to forget about everything, then I bend down and, having taken a pendant from the shelf, I button it at her on a neck. Her face brightens, and she with a smile looks at me. Elena Gilbert is a good girl. — In Atlanta I didn't use the force because to both of us it was cheerful. But we not in Atlanta. And I am not a noble knight, and Damon Salvatore. Vampire. 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