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I then stayed with the grandmother with whom my uncle with the wife lived in one apartment. She was called Anna. They had an essential difference at age uncle to Seryozha was 42, and Ania 28. She very strictly forbade me her, ВЫкать, and to call it the aunt (though at that time it with it was strict.). And here I began to notice often that Ania unexpectedly began without the reasons to cry, and the uncle Seryozha her all the time calmed. I then didn't know what it is connected with, well about it later. And once the uncle Seryozha with my father decided to go on a visit in other area to visit the grandmother's sister. The grandmother couldn't go with them as at her there were night watches. Ania remained too. Before departure I accidentally heard them with Seryozha a conversation: You understand, it is our last chance..., - he said to her - the doctor told, situation at me in this plan unreliable... he young and genes at him good., me it is heavy from this thought, but it is necessary..., Ania answered, - I understood... there is no other way out. I didn't attach then particular importance them to a conversation. And here Seryozha with the father left. The grandmother left on watch, we with Ania remained some. We sat down near the TV, we had a videorecorder, the huge luxury at that time and Ania included the erotic movie, too a rarity. big at that time, You are already big boy, she told, you can watch such things., When on the screen naked bodies started gleaming, I was very strongly made horney and out of the corner of the eye began to look at Anyuta. She always attracted me as the woman, but I didn't sweep away also in thoughts to allow something similar. Ania already turned off the light, sorted a sofa and laid down in a bottom a peignoir without underwear, and suddenly asked me - Sasha, and you at least once tried with the girl? it was a shame to Me to admit that in 18 years I am still a virgin, I densely reddened and kept silent. Tell honestly, you would like? - she continued and having thrown off a peignoir, having bared the magnificent delights, began to caress the breast and between legs. Wash, the athlete stuck out from trousers I watched that in the screen (there it was done.), on naked Ania. She was magnificent by the light of the blue screen. Well go to me, Sashenka, don't torment yourself and me too, - she whispered, - and then loudly told, or you aren't a man? I approached Annushka lying on a sofa and began to stroke-oar her breasts, feeling as they are poured and nipples increase. I bent and kissed her on a mouth (in it experience already was, but no more)., Squeeze them stronger, - she told, - I began to rumple them and to twist, kissing her взасос. Lay down nearby and lick them what you really?. I laid down nearby she took off from me an undershirt and I began to kiss and tickle language of its chocolate color of a nipple. Lay down on a back. - Ania cut off. I having hardly come off her breast I leaned back back. It pulled down from me body stockings together with pants, the nabryagshy dick took in a hand my of without that, massaged a little, then bent, kissed a head, carried out around her by language and took him in a mouth. What it was pleasure! Her head rhythmically rose and fell, at the same time it rotated it here and there. I didn't understand what happens to me! Then she came off and laid down on a back, entraining me, stacking on itself. I took fingers my ready already to be devastated the unit and I sent it to myself to a vagina. Well at that time I was not a macho, the first time after all and terminated literally in three minutes. Ania seized me by buttocks pressed to herself. We lay so a little more time. Then I got up, told her, thanks, and went devastated to sleep. Not bad for a start, - I heard following. Before the uncle Seryozha returned we made love every time when the grandmother went to the country or on watch. She taught me to all poses what only were. And I asked to cum every time in her. Once I the truth asked - and how pregnancy? Give that god, - she whispered, and aloud I laughed - let it don't disturb you, Told also that nobody about learns if both of us don't give a sign that we had something. To be silent at that time was in our interests. When the uncle Seryozha returned Ania threw the arms round to him a neck joyfully., Well, how everything passed? - he in a whisper asked. Ania instead of the answer with a smile nodded twice. At night she told the uncle Seryozha - you present I he had the first! Both of them laughed. Well ж. We will wait for result., the Uncle Seryozha couldn't have children. And artificial conception wasn't broad at that time is widespread. Or was not everything on a pocket. In two weeks I went to army. I received from the father there already later the letter where he told me that at the uncle Seryozha with Ania the son was born. Exactly in nine months after everything happened. When I returned from army they already went to Israel. Andrey already adult. He is my cousin, he is my son. But I sacredly keep this secret from all. Because she not only mine date nyc marathon 2022 date ideas east bay site mapMain Page