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I will begin with the fact that I am very much made horney by men, nice, disguised as the woman. From where it went and when it was shown, to you my readers I think the nobility not necessarily. Here only in reality well it was impossible to carry out the desirable. I worked in one northern company and I had acquaintances who wished to realize imaginations. I am a man high, plump and I am not young. My acquaintance Stepanych, is similar to me too, but is lower growth. And still we had a friend Andrey from the capital. And so, we quite often visited the capital in a working business trip and knew that Andrey meets one transvestite. I, Ivanych, undertook an initiative and wrote the e-mail to our friend, explained about desires, date of arrival and asked him to organize whenever possible our cosiness. In couple of days the letter from Andrey where he wrote that he has a nice familiar transvestite Natasha came, only looks not tiny Thumbelina, but such is direct the lady, not thick but also not thin, with a good bottom and a working mouth. Having received the letter from Andrey, we with Stepanychem lit up to look whenever possible at a photo, but Andrey refused and told if you like, I can give Natashin Skype. Soon we with Stepanychem amicably mastrubirovat on Natashka enjoying her shape on the webcam. Well it is necessary I told Stepanych-it is direct the beauty and not to tell that the disguised man. In a week we were in the capital. Andrey took away us from the airport and we rushed off by car to him to the dacha. On the road I asked Natasha about a transvestitka on what Andrey smiled and told: - She at our disposal will be 2 days, and now at the dacha prepares for our arrival. Andrey asked then whether we know a difference between transvestites, transsexuals and gays? And we with Stepanychem in a disparate began to put forward the versions. Then listened to Andrey. And so, he continued: - Transsexuals of course the most desired, with boobs and don't resort to an image, vygdyadit is womanly moderately the data always, transvestites resort to an image, are brightly painted, wear wigs and prefer sex with elements of a female fetish on themselves. Gays not always perceive transvestites and a transseksulok, they are pleased by full nakedness and content as to the and with the partner's body in a machismo. Here Stepanych interrupted: - Not ey, as it I don't want the man. Andrey laughed and told: - We therefore will play tricks from transvestitky Natashkaya. When we drove up to Andrey's dacha, I saw that in some windows of a lodge light burned, and on the street the smell of an evening dinner reached. We helped Andrey to drive the car into the yard and having closed gate went to a lodge. In a lodge saw near a plate a transvestitka Natasha. She, something stirred slowly in a frying pan and having seen us friendly smiled. Stepanych sent her an air-kiss and noticed her irresistibility. I didn't restrain too and blurted out: - You are direct sexy Natashenka. Natasha asked: - do you to have supper now? Or in a shower at first? I think in a shower in turn Andrey told and showed where it is necessary to pass. The lodge was not big, and the shower cabin was located absolutely nearby, it was worth turning only as speak for a corner. I went to a shower the second the ambassador Stepanycha. And while that lapped in soul, talked to Andrey watching transvestitky Natasha from a back. On her black shoes, black stockings over which black blouse it was dressed snow-white фартучек which at movements bared her bottom were put on and it was possible to consider lacy panties and shoulder-straps from an erotic corbel. Then Natasha turned to us, told a dinner is ready and sat down near us. I paid attention to her long nails and told: - What charming manicure! Natasha began to smile and answered, well it is not the, and just false nails. I ran a hand over her cheek considering the person. On her there was a light wig карэ which curls fell to shoulders and visually brightened up her shape, filling with femininity. Just imagine, a combination on her a women's clothing and a make-up turned really a transvestitka Natasha into the nice lady. Пристальныс vzlyady I examined this creation sitting before me and again stopped on the face. Blush on her cheeks, brightly made up red lips with a black inking began to immerse me in the world of imaginations of colourful pictures. Andrey clapped me it can do and told: - Иваныч, will be enough to stare! Go to a shower! I went to a shower cabin, took off from myself clothes and scrolling imaginations in the head looked as my dick began to bulk up. From a shower cabin it was visible to me that Stepanych sat down by Natasha, gesticulating hands with a clever look I told about something, using most likely the eloquence for her seducing. And it was farther so, having left quicker a shower cabin I joined Andrey and Stepanychu, feeling its availability and relaxedness already without ceremony caressed her legs in stockings and having got under lacy panties groped the standing, quite not small penis. Natasha began to moan and having straightened out my hand told. You perkusit more better after the journey, and then all the rest. I got up because of a table and shaking the hips as if the real woman went to the room having closed behind herself a door. Natasha left, but шлеф resistant aroma of women's fragrances stood around us for a long time. When we remained three together opened a small bottle of vodka and started a conversation on the forthcoming evening. Andrey told about Natasha that can be done with her and what it is more best not to ask from her. I was upset that the transvestitka Natasha in an active role with men doesn't prove. More precisely in anal sex it is passive except for blowjob. Doesn't swallow of a cum, fucks with condom. After the termination of the story of Andrey about her addictions, we were horney to a limit. Here Andrey added: - But I in Natasha cum as I want and where I want and having put a box of condoms on a table left to her. Didn't pass also five minutes, and from the room the scratch of a bed and very pleasant groan of the Natashiny voice already reached. Without waiting for the invitation we with Stepanychem came into the room and began to be attached to their copulation too. The lady was on all fours rhythmically moving a bottom on a meeting to deep vtykaniye of Andrey. Dukhaniye Natasha was faltering, her dick was shaken between legs, and lips asked attention. Driving a dick in Natashina to a drink, I felt unimpediment of penetration, my balls touching lips left on themselves lipstick marks. For an explanation proskhodyashy, I will tell that my working body for fertilization had length of 16 cm and diameter of 3 cm. I think to describe all moments in paints long and standardly to all stories. Therefore I will stop on highlights. Transvestitka Natasha herself cumed wonderfully. We observed with Stepanychem as she without touching hands of the dick began to flow from deep penetrations of the member Andrey into her bottom. For me was news to see such phenomenon. Natashin the dick lost the initial erection and was in a pubic part of female panties having disappeared in lace, only on adjacent fabric it was possible to guess that there not the so female pussy. And all the rest, groans, emotions, movements created full feeling of a picture of presence of the woman. Andrey as well as spoke terminated in Natasha without condom, and pulling out a dick it was visible the following cum from her buttocks. I dressed as it was discussed condom on the reared body and I replaced Andrey. Clapping her on hips, I oblapyvat and having reached the member Natasha under panties I felt sticky humidity of a cum. Meanwhile Andrey sat down in a chair and told: - What surprises? The girl terminated, but it is not an occasion to think of the termination of evening. I terminated with less notable feelings because of condom in Natasha analno too. For me there was Stepanych and after small rest everything repeated. In difference from Andrey we were content with anal sex with condom, and cumed on the person and Natasha's clothes. She was more available to Andrey, he could fill her mouth with a cum, pull out a dick smearing red lipstick on lips and will plunge back. About what evening ended telling it was impossible. Natasha went to a shower, changed clothes in other clothes and went to the room. I asked whether it is possible most to come to her. Andrey answered: - As there will be desire come, she is tamed and problems won't be even if will fall asleep. Such friendly attitude only pleased also I itself came to Natasha several times. And closer by the half of the night she even otymet me in a mouth and I felt taste of her cum. I know that Natasha became not indifferent to Stepanychu who in fact was closer to a pass but couldn't achieve activity from Natasha. But after anal sex with Andrey, she took away Stepanycha to the room. As then there was Natasha loves when to her lick the bottom filled with a cum. It attracted the Stepanych and they found the general. Natasha licked to nobody and tried to discuss all taboos at once. In general all of us were satisfied. Still we maintain our relations, but the most part via e-mail and a web communication. Andrey is near there, and we are separated from them by the long road and the Ural Mountains. date night expectations date today on calendar site mapMain Page