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To the military commissar the strict order arrived to call the specified number of recruits, – for failure to follow the order.......!!! But when all recruits try will evade, will pay off, to hide in Universities – that should be called without discrimination. Called even the transvestite with homeless children at the same time and other someone got. To an appeal homeless child trance. I was in gang of robbers – a bait, – namely the sexy girl tempts "rich to a buratin" – and so far a prelude, – accomplices (clean) pockets, a purse, and copy all data with the smartphone and credit cards., and when the girl became bare completely – there was a trance with the shocking huge men's advantage and orders to "buratena" become cancer also hold up a bottom, – naturally in panic run away without money, which the trance spent for itself to look very clean. Passing draft medical board the trance passed all and began to undress only – when the door. was closed behind the last recruit, having removed top, having remained topless – doctors having looked, asked – the girl – you weren't mistaken, – but when she took off a skirt with panty hoses – to their look the impressive men's body appeared, and with words – I very much hope that I am transfered to the reserve and shy gait went for survey. Doctors understanding that it is impossible to transfer to the reserve calming itself, – a pier in all countries women serve, – so why not in ours, – will be a cook., the colleague the doctor supports – "he for 10% of a body the man" and according to documents husband. a floor, also added – that part of a body will be envied by any, having relieved laughter the sad tension started survey. In a long office there were 6 tables with the doctor behind each table, to pass completely naked, barefoot, each doctor attentively examined paying attention to each trifle. Trance. there was very beautiful girl, long silky curly hair, a charming face, sloping shoulders, an ideal elastic breast to the 2nd size, a fine waist, flat – even a tummy, hollow to a back, faultlessly smart the daddy, cast thighs, accurate knees in difference from bony patsansky knees. BUT – all this charming beauty was spoiled by a large dick and abnormally large balls – the ball sack is twice larger than in any man., (anomalies and jokes of the nature on it didn't come to an end) Trance. I longed hypersensitivity, – gentle stroking for his body could cause an orgasm. (about other anomalies in the course of the story) Began survey, – so far the doctor felt a stomach checking pressing – a trance. – still I suffered – but the body reacted – nipples which were aflush with a breast – strongly strained as small hangers and the large dick stood up having increased by a half, the turn to do a palpation of a hyper sensitive breast reached, to feel on lack of hardening and a swelling, with the first touch – a trance. I schuffled as on a frying pan and to run away, he was seized and driven into the corner holding by hands and the doctor felt a breast, but strongly twitching girl happened to be felt many times longer, – didn't manage to feel there are hardenings – or not. Overexcitation of a trance was on a side-altar, following – the proctologist, I put on medical gloves and I shipped two fingers in bank with vaseline, – I ordered – to me a back, legs are wider, extremely bend and part buttocks, only the doctor concerned an anus a trance. as a spring I became straight having jumped aside forward soiling a carpet path with slime droplets with overexcited dick, the doctor terribly ordered to become in former a pose again and I thrust fingers in an anus – to feel lack of cracks, hemorrhoids and damages – a trance with porosyachy squeal coiling I jumped aside – what – is very sick – or you are afraid of cold, trance. – no, insufferably shchekotno. The doctor flew into a rage – there can. not be that, you hold him, having broken hands for a back began to hold this freak of nature, the doctor very attentively surveyed an anus, – checking not only walls of pass but also in depth, a trance. – so quickly I twitched – I wagged a bottom trying will evade from an intolerable tickling., behind that the doctor took a big test tube – and with words it is necessary to take dabs from a rectum on identification of worms or other parasites, – future cooks it is especially carefully necessary to check, and I thrust at all length and crawling after walls of a rectum I took dabs. Literally couple of seconds saved a trance from a shame to fill in with a cum a carpet path., but the execution proceeded, the following urologist, two doctors having broken hands to this antsy beauty with the dick and reliably hold normally to conduct examination, and slime from an overexcited dick flew down more and stronger, the urologist took a slime sample on the analysis, then the dick wiped with a napkin, I went into a skin, I surveyed a bridle under a dickhead and without having managed to pass to a research of a ball sack, eggs, palpation of channels – as the powerful stream of a cum filled in a face to the doctor., if the trance isn't recorded – I turned away aside and avoided a shame and for itself and the doctor. In the conclusion wrote it is suitable, and in the note wrote – hypersensitivity, and that it a trance, – even didn't mention. The first arrived to take away recruits – representatives of the fleet and instead of the army cook was sent to Vmuchebka on the island To *****, on the fleet – very difficult equipment, for example that on an entrance to the boat to descend in a latrine – (toilet) – difficult science – a lot of gates, valves, – you will open not that – you will sink the submarine. Perfectly to study the fighting post, fight for survivability and there is a lot of another – more than two years are necessary, for half a year of uchebki aren't in time moreover it is necessary to learn a naval slang – all names sound on another, for example – a collar – "гюйс", the corridor – is "shkanut", all other objects in the same slang. The commander of uchebki intercepted 12 years (grandfather) sent to a disciplinary battalion – for jeers over young people., having taken them under the guardianship – for fast training of recruits (through a pizdyulina manage to learn by heart all that years of study won't give) Only by means of lawlessness of years it is possible to master former homeless children and hooligans. Trance, tonsured on it is bald – (shaved) that not so I resembled the maid and 7 more recruits arrived to an uchebka with a high fence, (you won't run away neither through a fence wall – nor from the island) here nearly a week was driven up to 7 го sweat 20 same. The trance with is new arrived – only threw belongings on free beds – without having managed to unpack – as years dragged all on physical. preparation, after all wet from sweat a system went to a big bath. (earlier on 50 recruits washed at once here – and now only 28 – shortage), In a ban all cadets – being hooligans – after the skirmishes with years it is scared at walls wash, and years imposingly in the center., trance. was I hid in a corner but such sisyasty beauty as it is quickly I drew attention – and those someone wanted to touch a breast nearby, – a trance avoiding shchekotny touches – it appeared almost in the center back by years, though I hid all the delights under a thick layer of foam – but nevertheless I got! years having surrounded him began to specify in a rough abusive form on all his violations, to do everything only on command, "I will go then to a bath" – nekanat – for violations and non-obedience, and also lags in run – 200 squats, hands to extend before itself – to execute!!! zabasit by an awful voice years, (when years shouted at him the trance felt that at him everything contracts from hopelessness, sense of guilt, fear and that he just about will terminate, but with great difficulty constrained emission of a cum), during squats his big and very sensitive balls failed between the soaped thighs strongly разгойдываясь – and rising – slipped out beforehand, boobies sexually jumped up, the rear view – buttocks manyashche reveal – sparkling an anus and again connect, the dick shuddered, the dick is excited not only in a trance – but also in the others from what was seen. After one hundred with small squats – legs shivered also a trance. I began to help hands I rested against the knees, the year standing behind neatly struck with toes precisely in an anus – from surprise the trance lingeringly farted., so you also took in head to fart on me, – to fart teams weren't, years picked up this beauty with the dick – by hands and legs and on weight began to dryuchit in is exhausted the anus. is weakened, in several seconds of 6 powerful streams of a cum struck in a floor under exhausted groan of pleasure, (the trance was on a side-altar long ago but from all forces restrained not to terminate from squats) the pool of a cum was about half a glass – can more, year I continued to fuck even so far I terminated itself and I conceded pleasure to another. All were struck by a large number of a cum from abnormally big eggs, began to argue – how many times will be able to terminate a trance – there were 5 times, – and after only groaned in ecstasy and shuddered but emission of a cum wasn't – only slime., but every time less a cum and is weaker a pressure, but as a result under a trance the big pool of a cum – near a floor liters for that time. accumulated, even some recruits on cumed watching a long orgy. For the given pleasure years exempted for day of a trance from loadings. Through time began to notice behind a trance – in stressful situations in a trance there is an uncontrollable emission of a cum and so far as there is a lot of a cum and a specific smell – he doesn't manage to hide it. Having noticed this anomaly of his organism – began to provoke such situations very often, that on a practical training подс trot breakage of the difficult ship equipment (established in training rooms), and that in his hands broke, – begin to shout a mat on a trance, in a trance from a stress all body clenches, there comes the orgasm and uncontrollable emission of a cum, in addition from huge sense of shame and fault – that about I came to an end at all sometimes there came the repeated orgasm and an ejaculation., (all people differently react to a stress, some fall into a stupor – can't and will move, others sob, others in rage, etc.) and in this beauty – emission of a cum – reaction to a stress, hopelessness, and ultraboundary sense of guilt. to watch continuous pleasure his behavior and reaction, thought out a set of ways – that for poor progress, and everywhere offset on the lagging most behind. New entertainment wasn't delayed., – the neighbor in a bed, before rise ran to a latrine to cast and returning noticed – a trance. turning I dumped a blanket, and his dick even sticks out of a wide freebie of pants the skin reveals and dense slippery liquid began to flow (to see an erotic dream). The neighbor gently took a dick and is careful not to wake – pulled a skin – baring a head – lubricant of her obvolokl also began slowly, carefully to jerk off (type he in a dream about came to an end) the trance began to pant, and is half asleep closed, asked to stop, grabs hand, – and the neighbor – тсс will hear will come running and for fuck, and itself as much as possible accelerated drocheniye amplitude, – as soon as having noticed that trance. I ripened, and – well as you will tell, – and I laid down in the bed. The trance between desire to reach an orgasm also doesn't want to soil a bed, at last I decided to go to the wash basin – yet there is nobody there, and it is unexpected – on a public address system – rise, to wash, to have breakfast also on occupations, – again a fiasco – all under supervision even the latrine is no place a trance will retire – without doors and always someone is, – and begins to hold apart balls. Breakfast., then occupations, – at a back table a couple – a trance and the annoying neighbor, (naval trousers – aren't present a fly but all leans back before from a pocket to a pocket) if to put a hand pressing to a leg – you will get to a pocket and slightly at distance – under the valve directly in trousers, the neighbor pushed a hand on a sensitive thigh of the beauty and began to tickle her erogenous zones, trance tries to take away a hand, I am old. leu. I noticed fuss and with terrible shout – I that is uninteresting I tell, or you know more me, a fast pace approached... trance. oh and in a stressful situation I began to cum violently – a stream cums under a pressure I appeared a wet spot even through trousers, the trance in panic seized two hands a dick trying to stop emission of a cum – but alas.... I am old. leu. in rage – I explain to it I overstrain – and IT jerks off even in two hands, – in punishment 2 hours of physical preparation – with the full calculation, – heads the foreman (addressing by a year) to check execution. The driven "nesaryam, diapers", jumping up from football blows – quickly reached to sport of the platform and began to reel up circles, and year adjusts vile swearwords and threats to beat up. In a trance from kick-asses and a weak elastic band – pants fell in матню trousers, and don't allow to correct. (in difference from ceremonial trousers in covering of the priest and top of hips and to a bottom a flare – the daily uniform is spacious moreover experimental design from low матнёй) During run big balls of a trance – or slid between thighs the covered layer of a slippery cum and sweat – that flew from outside aside are rejected by thighs. (to dress similarity of swimming trunks – that supported the stirring balls – it is forbidden – not authorized dress code, even the brassiere on the fleet isn't allowed by the charter) Year having looked at the watch – 4 more circles of sports walking – namely at each step – serially one party of a basin falls down to a limit – at speed – forward march, also went to wag bottoms – to year simply lovely sight., and in them buttocks shchekotno rub sliding on plentiful sweat. Went to a shower, then a lunch and an after-dinner dream – I ordered year. In soul the trance first of all washed pants from the cum which dried up in a couple of hours turned pants in strongly starched similarity of the overdried piece of cardboard, then by pants as a bast it began to be soaped completely, having departed to an opposite wall with the fixed bench, I also turned a back from those two – not to provoke them the sexy boobs and finally I began to wipe the remains of the dried-up cum standing – rhythmically bending down and becoming straight and its womanly magnificent the daddy erotically I invited – revealing and being closed for an instant defiantly showing seductive anus. Year crept – the dick drove in the weakened anus is soaped and together with a trance I was developed and took seat on a bench and – – blink I ordered to a trance, the trance obediently riveted eyes., – blink a terrible bass I told, – but without understanding a trance – – – as??? blink a point – a press a press a press, the trance began to strain rhythmically muscles – to squeeze an anus, the dick got nervous in anus compression stroke, year I began to caress, caress gently a sensitive body, for a trance it was absolute surprise of cruel, rough year to feel gentle caress, from such shock to be exact his women's party tested a trance for 90% the strongest orgasm отстрелив a cum on 2 m of distance, but at first I praised year – perfectly I blinked, but try still, after an orgasm of a muscle didn't obey, – it is guilty apologizing – I try, year I called the second cadet – go caress him, – here it is possible – that on occupations it is impossible, under caress in 4 hands caused stronger orgasm – from rhythmical compression by an anus of the dick of year and he terminated at once with a trance, rose from a bench and year I ordered to a trance will lean the elbows about a bench, and gesture I showed to the cadet from to fuck a trance that that I didn't notice – thinking that his year ебёт. After-dinner dream for fatally tired cadets – paradise, all were cut down having concerned a pillow, trance having hung up only the washed pants on a bilets of a bed are fresh, having covered a naked bum with a blanket, having clasped with hands a pillow having pressed to twist boobies and having buried a face in a pillow – it was disconnected by a dead dream. Before rise one of years entered – carefully I opened blanket, carefully I climbed from above I aimed and at the same time I pressed the dick on an anus and myself I pressed a trance clinging with bed sides for bars pulling on itself bars and chest cage presses a trance in a bed, the trance from all forces fidgeted trying either to dump – or to slip out, only that it was possible to throw a bum a little – but it only helped to get more deeply to the dick into the back, having heard causticities – see as a bottom makes upward movement, – to see I entered ecstasy... from hopelessness, sense of shame the trance involuntarily began to throw up a cum, biting a pillow for offense that couldn't escape – and I became soft, year rose and bended over a trance and in a convenient pose raskochegarit on full, just fallen down dick of a trance quickly returned to normal and began to shudder at each friction., through some time year terminated and is lingering, voluptuously moaned from pleasures! and the trance lacked several seconds too to terminate, – the bed that was all the same soiled – having filled in a sheet with a cum, the trance remained in the same pose cancer with revealed magnificent maiden buttocks and the slightly opened anus – a hole diameter about a finger, the dick shuddered and the anus "blinked" in a step to the dick., the trance hoped that someone else will be attached, having stood still strong excitement and desires of sex slept, I rose, I collected the soiled sheet and naked I started wandering through a corridor to to the wash basin, in minutes 10 fuss and squeal was heard, it is necessary to be more bright one of cadets said, the second added to see on years ran, still added – he looks for on an adventure ass – in every sense! Every month all cut very shortly, only a trance. to the beauty didn't touch the beautiful twisting hair (that the regimental whore sexier looked) – years joked. Cadets gradually following an example since years – too began to stick to a trance, before rise carefully caressed boobies and thighs – the trance very quickly and when woke up was made horney – any more I couldn't resist and if somehow I tried will restrain, to get it together and to run away to the wash basin – that not to soil a bed – everything strengthened impacts on erogenous zones, the trance hardly managed to direct aside – that to a floor but not in a bed to terminate, and generally incredibly tired trance woke up only after approach of an orgasm. In soul constantly managed to creep to clasp from a back with hands having pressed to itself and the others – type soap rub with shampoo all erogenous zones – fast speed causing an orgasm, but more often experimented caress, very gentle embraces, strokings, and when the trance began to escape, resist – sharp contrast from caress to rough actions – and to lamentations – you don't like caress want roughly and having broken hands for a back having bent letter G and holding the head between legs, and hands behind the back – having grabbed little fingers of both hands in a fist and a free hand rumples very sensitive breast – right there persons interested will be attached to seductive to the daddy., after such cases the trance suffers still tenderly with it, and that everyone tests day on several orgasms – long ago I got used and I became dependent on orgasms and pleasure, – as the addict from a high. date meaning slang date today chand site mapMain Page