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Here I also got! Such thought as an alarm, knocked at me in the head. I sat in a chair and looked at the computer screen. And on him... On him video was started. Video which is written down from my monitor just 10 minutes ago. On video there was a hot pornscene. Futanari the huge dick another furiously rammed buttocks feet. Yes. Such pieces wildly brought me! It is so strong that sometimes, having come across at night some especially abrupt video, I couldn't wait next day when again I come back home and I will start it. And sometimes I absolutely lost the head and couldn't keep to starting this video secretly on a computer at work. Yes, I was always aware that monitors can look through by means of special programs. But desire was too big, and I spoke to myself "that's OK, nobody watches! to someone it is necessary in general!" And here I was mistaken and got! Kira. She came to us to firm quite recently and at once drew attention of all guys. Strict, imperious, devilishly sexual in the business suits contrasting with short, but bright bright-red hair! The elastic bum, a narrow waist and the breast which is hardly fitted by a jacket just didn't leave also chance not to popyalitsya secretly. She quickly brought order on the collapsing project and forced all to work. As now it appeared, I introduced also secret shadowing monitors of employees. She worked always late hours, as well as I. After increase the heap of new duties fell down me and there wasn't enough time. Fortunately, I coped not bad and Kira was happy with me. We established the good professional relations based on mutual respect. And now, it seems, him end. Because today, at Friday evening when all already went home to rejoice long-awaited day off, I took an opportunity and opened that video which so excited me from last night. Having looked at several minutes, I closed it. And almost right there I received the message in Skype. From Kira. With a request to come to it. At first at me heart went to heels, but then I calmed myself a thought that it just coincidence. But isn't present = it wasn't coincidence... I was knocked and opened a door. - Kira, caused? - And, Lyosha, come. Cover a door... - What happened? Earlier you didn't call me... - Whether Yes... you see what business Here... And, give I to you I will show. Approach, sit down. With these words she got up from the vresl and pointed by gesture to me to him. Having made a puzzled face, I sat down in a chair. Kira bent and clicked a mouse. My eyes were rounded, and on a body the treacherous weakness of horror spread. On the started video there was a screen of my working computer. And here the mouse stuck into the browser, gathered the address and opened the website. I started video... What to do? What now to do!? I feverishly thought. And than more I thought, especially the gloomy and terrifying picture developed at me in the head! Shame, dismissal, search of new work. And what if hearing about it creeps away? It is the end! Accident! Suddenly Kira's voice interrupted a stream of panic thoughts. - So, you love... кхм... futanari?. Kira's voice cut as if a knife. Sharp, cold, haughty. Well, and what I still could expect? Contempt, disgust! I was afraid to turn and and remained to sit not movably, glancing in the monitor. And only I stooped, contracted as the played mean tricks cat. - Well... yes... - Хм... And it is good whether you know! Kira's voice became suddenly softer. Vnyom as though happy notes, even some jocosity flew. I contracted even more absolutely confused. - The devil, as she very well shpilit her! Admiration!? Genuine!? She that, I decided to mock over me!? - Д... yes... I agree... - I mumbled. - You are ready to argue and itself wishes with such to pokuvyrkatsya, and? No, well she already frankly scoffs! Well, I am a pervert! Well all have shortcomings! But wash mentions nobody! Why so to conduct itself!? Kindergarten some! It is necessary to stop this circus! - Kira, - I surely began - let's agree? I understood everything, it not than p any more... - Lyosha! - she imperiously interrupted me - Lyoyoyoshaaa! - lingeringly she said with pressing, obviously demanding that I looked at her. Well - I have to withstand this glance with firmness! I turned in a chair and looked at Kira... That!? As!? It is impossible!!! My look rested against what was at me at the level of eyes. Tight business skirt of Kira. Anything unusual. Except a solid hillock around a groin!!! My eyes again widely revealed and I slowly raised the head up and looked at Kira. She smiled. In this smile there was whole scale of emotions: slyness, joy, complacency and... lust! We looked at each other in silence of seconds 20. And then at me in the head the picture of the events began to clear up and I began to realize as I was blooming greatly lucky! My person at first calmed down, and then lips slowly blurred in a smile... - Can't be! - I exclaimed. - And nevertheless! - Kira - the Devil answered, I was so brought from this video, you don't represent! And I think, you know what I want most of all now! - I guess... Judging by this hillock, you devilishly want to release the friend from close captivity! - Quite so! With these words of Cyrus bent, I took a skirt for a hem and I lifted up to a belt. Under it there were nice panties which were literally broken off from a pressure of the dick in them. Kira immediately shifted them aside. To my look the most beautiful dick from all appeared that I saw! He was only half horney, but already struck with the sizes. Centimeters 18 in length and 4 in the diameter. With a juicy head and massive balls. I enchanted looked at him. - Bloody hell! He is beautiful! - I looked to Kira in eyes. - Thanks! - cunning she answered and coquettishly I shook hips from what the dick began to be shaken here and there. I watched it about all the accruing excitement. - Well and that? And you will look? I see how you want him! I gave a hand and clasped a trunk. Hot, massive, pulsing. I began to podrachivat gently him, observing as skin slides on him. - Ufff! Yes! Give, more safely, don't hesitate! I began to podrachivat a dick stronger and soon it began to grow. It grew and got stronger in my hand until finally I hardened. Now it was even more beautiful! All 25 centimeters in length and 6 in the diameter. Having slightly bent, it pulsed, having directed to me a pink head with a lubricant droplet. Without having kept, I bent and sliznut this droplet, having felt salty taste in language. But in addition taste I felt a smell! I began to smell the lust dementing! Suddenly Kira took a step forward and the dickhead approached my lips. Words were excessive. I opened a mouth and let in her inside. Kira moaned. I clasped a head with lips and began to suck it, being played by language in a mouth with a head. I knew what places should be caressed: bridle and urethra. Making more and more wide movements by the head, I immersed a dick more and more deeply in a mouth. - Oh! Lyosha... Has to recognize, you very well do it! I ask, don't stop! I shipped a head even more deeply and it rested against a back wall of my mouth. Having remembered the games with an artificial phallus, I relaxed a throat and set the head forward, overcoming resistance, and squeezing a dick in a throat. - Ah, devil! As it is good! Sorry, but I can't keep! Suddenly Kira seized me by the head and the dick to me began sharp movements to drive in a throat. I by improbable effort of will suppressed an emetic reflex, but nevertheless have a fit of coughing. It didn't confuse it at all! It continued process. Even with even great frenzy. I stared in disbelief, but her smooth groin became closer. Cherekh my nose rested minute against him and Kira stood. - Incredibly! You swallowed it all! Yes you the miracle is simple! She kept silent second as though listening to feelings and considering something, and then decided on further plans: - I want to fuck your mouth! With these words I she moved back, pulling out a dick. Only the head remained with me between lips. And then sharply I drove it back to a descent at all length. It was too! I have strongly a fit of coughing, moaned from pain and unpleasant feelings, and from eyes tears began to flow! Saliva scattered extensively, but bulk just flew down on a chin. Cyrus Stnoshal my mouth, without paying attention to what happens to me at all. My one and only desire was to escape and run away into ervy moments of such execution. But so far I represented what it will have consequences, I suddenly realized that my throat somehow adapted to the dick ramming it and ceased to be ill, and emetic desires came to naught! And here the pleasure came! Psychological pleasure from feeling of the helpless whore, a thing which is mercilessly hollowed in a throat and which only desire is desire that it proceeded more and more! I began to receive a high! I found out that I already moan in a step to Kira's movements! - Oh! It seems, someone entered taste! - Kira shortly giggled - the Devil! As it brings me! Ufff! She began to hollow me even more furiously, than caused jump and my excitement. Her balls ruthlessly beat me a chin. Having given a hand, I took them and began to mass. - Ooookh! I so long won't sustain! I will terminate soon! Ten more of frictions and Cyrus moaned. Having pulled out a dick, she left only a head at me in a mouth, and the stream of hot viscous liquid with sharp taste struck to me into the sky. The cum quickly filled a mouth and I remained nothing else except how to begin to swallow of it. Especially as after the compressed groan, Kira threw back the head and quickly whispered in ecstasy: - Swallow! Swallow! Swallow! Swallow! Swallow! Swallow! Swallow! Swallow! I swallowed how many I could, but a little cum nevertheless poured out to me on a chin and dripped on a floor. In half-minute the stream ran low, and Kira stood. Through ten seconds she moved back and the dick jumped out of my mouth. I raised eyes and looked at Kira. Her face shone brightly happiness and tenderness. It was very unusual to see her such. Though... this evening in general was very unusual. Kira shook the head. - Oh, Lyosha... It with me, apparently, never before was!. We slowly restored breath. Kira got wet towel wipes from a table box. I was carefully wiped and wiped a floor under a chair where the small puddle of saliva and a cum accumulated. - Well what you are silent? Tell, something! - Kira exclaimed. - Yes I don't even know what to tell. What I dreamed so many years of... Never I believed that to me there can really be something similar. - Hekh! - Kira blinked the eyes and inclined the head sideways, reflecting - And you know that?. If you go to me today, then to you there will be much all what you could only dream of... Well and how here to refuse! date me kya paya jata hai date today dashes site mapMain Page