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This story happened to me in 1999 and forever changed my life. I went to have a rest together with the girl on a camp site, on Seliger. To us was for 18 years. Rest wasn't got on, all of us time quarreled. Zhanna, so called my girl, constantly I reproached me that I insufficiently courageous, all such puny and smooth, with long hair and that because of it I am similar to the little girl, and she doesn't want that I was her first guy. Generally, in one not wonderful evening I after the quarrel left to bathe on the lake, and having returned, found its having sex with our neighbor. Without seeing anything from I got down, humiliated with treason I grabbed a backpack and as was in swimming trunks, barefoot escaped from a camp site, up hill and down dale. Was already late enough, I left to the route when already began to darken. It was inconvenient to go barefoot on a roadside. Small stones painfully pricked a foot of my legs. Wet swimming trunks became just ice. The rain began. I was all wet and already regretted that I left base, but didn't want to come back for anything. I decided to catch the car and by it to reach to the nearest railway station, got up on a roadside and began to vote, but as ill luck would have it was nobody in this late hour on the road. In the distance I saw the cargo truck. Having overtaken me the car stopped. It was the truck with a long cowl and a long cabin, as in the American movies. In a cabin two men of years 45 sat, all in headdresses and smiled. — Where to you, guy? — the fact that it sat closer to me asked. — Yes generally I to Moscow — in embarrassment was told by me — well or on the nearest station. And how many on money you will give? — the man asked and cunning I closed the eyes partly. — Well if to Moscow... — I pondered that to her to go kilometers 500... — that one thousand 3 ladies. — You were lucky, we go to Moscow. Sit down! — And money at once or then? — More better at once. Give, climb already. The man who sat the passenger opened a door, jumped off on the road and invitation gesture passed me in a cabin. I sat down on a front row in the middle between them. The cabin was very spacious, behind a front row of seats there was a small niche with a trestle bed and a small recess. I already all shivered from cold. — Andrey — was presented the fact that was driving. — Slavik — was presented the fact that sat the passenger and cheerfully grinned gold teeth. — Sasha — confusedly told I. — Yes you don't become flustered as the maiden — Slavik cheerfully told. — Holy moly, from where flows? Che chair that wet? — suddenly Andrey began to yell. Here I understood that under me the whole pool was formed. Go, change clothes — Slavik discontentedly told — and that we have a car only from America, the salon still almost new and threw my backpack through seats back on a trestle bed. I got too back, opened a backpack and gasped. Before a trip to Seliger we with Zhanna bought two identical backpacks, and I by mistake took her backpack. Even as hit me with current. What to do? Zhanna never took with herself money, always using mine. How to pay for a trip? And there is no thing, any my thing here — some skirts, panties and a bra. In what to me to change clothes?! I stiffened, without knowing what to do. — Did you what hang there? — Slavik shouted to me. — I took not that backpack — by the fallen voice I honestly told. — That is not that? — Slavik asked. — I took a backpack of the girl... — Well and that? — I have nothing to change clothes... — Well, three thousand hope at her in a backpack is — by a dissatisfied voice Slavik rapped out. I was silent without knowing what to tell. — Well give, dress what is — Andrey suddenly told — че to do now, be not afraid — we will tell nobody about it — he told and easy I laughed. I began to climb convulsively a backpack, but couldn't find anything any neutral type of shorts or an undershirt. Zhanna liked to put on provocatively sexually. As a result from all these flared short short skirts and transparent blouses with a cut, I found start up also absolutely short, but rather modest jeans miniskirt and something like an undershirt with the closed shoulders. It was in the dark badly visible, and I began to put on somehow. Awfully being confused, I pulled together from myself swimming trunks and pulled a skirt, but the dick everything couldn't be placed in any way as it is necessary — it was given down and looked out from under skirt floors. Then I rummaged and put on under a skirt the widest panties which were — pink panties Tanga with plentiful lace and rosettes. From above I began to pull an undershirt which was a blouse corset, with sleeves and a set of fasteners behind both a deep cut in front and a magnificent decollete with the cups filled almost completely by foam rubber. To cope with this corset to me Slavik was beyond the power and came to the rescue of one. He got back. I turned me to myself a back and quickly I latched all hooks. I felt strong constraint, the blouse corset to me was small therefore I could hardly breathe, having pulled in a stomach. It was impossible to be bent in any way in this blouse therefore I had to straighten ideally a back and to bulge a bottom. The car flew on a hole and we together with Slavik fell to a trestle bed. He laughed and kind of accidentally put to me a hand on a bottom. I reddened, but pretended that I noticed nothing. And on legs what you will dress? — Slavik asked. I rummaged in a backpack, but didn't find anything except shoes on the very tall platform and the 20th centimetric heel there. Dress and went — Slavik told. I obediently put on shoes, Slavik got back, and behind him and I. It wasn't difficult to get because the skirt turned out so short that practically I didn't constrain the movement in any way. When I took seat back between Andrey and Slava, it became clear that because of low located seat mats and high heels my knees were highly raised and bared to my fellow travelers all my underwear. I tried to delay a skirt below to close a perineum, but nothing left, road lamps brightly lit a night car interior, and to Andrey and Slavik's look my lacy pink panties and my accurately cut pubis appeared. The similarity to a women's underwear was emphasized by that fact that when I dressed panties, I filled the chlenik and my small balls between legs, so that they weren't stirred and now when they looked to me under a skirt, under pubic volosika nothing was visible to them. Full illusion was created that I under a skirt — the girl. Listen, and you are precisely a guy? — quietly Slavik asked. My girl doubted it too — I sadly told. Well you know, to you her clothes very much go — Andrey told. Yes, it would be more best to some guys to be born little girls — Slavik picked up and I smiled, and in me something delightfully contracted. My dick began to be made horney and bulk up a little bit and it didn't remain unnoticed too, all my secret was in full view of these two. — All right, Sash, you probably froze, let's drink I am sensitive — Slavik told and got a vodka bottle from a glove compartment. I was very hungry, but it was somehow absolutely ugly to refuse a half-glass of vodka and I drank a half-glass together with Slavik. In the head almost at once rustled, and the reality became some unreal. I began to lose control over myself. Slavik became cheerful. I began to joke, speak — "as to us, Andrukha, with you was lucky what little girl cool with us goes" and laughed, and I laughed together with them. To me it became warm and good and there was a wish to sleep, I was a little filled up on one side towards Slavik, and he embraced me for shoulders. Slavik began to caress me on the head, and I having become tipsy laid down to him on a breast. Slavik poured still a half-glass and told that if I don't drink, then he will take offense also I, having rumpled, drank. Here to me it became absolutely good and I absolutely ceased to control myself and was liberated on full. Andrey even more often began to miss by the transmission, touching my knee, and then began to rummage safely on my hip closer and closer at all approaching panties and a short skirt. Went back — Slavik told and dragged me on a trestle bed. I got through seats and having lost balance fell to a trestle bed and and remained to lie on is mute with the spread legs. Nearby Slavik landed and I began to kiss me взасос, shamelessly rummaging at me under a skirt. My chlenik got up and looked out of panties. Slavik rose, took me for the head and attracted to the fly. I undid it and began to suck his bulking-up dick. Lick everything absolutely there, Sashenka — croaked he. While I polished his head, Slavik took a tube of cream from a niche and ordered me to turn and become cancer. He lifted up to me a skirt and lowered panties to knees. Having greased a finger with cream he slowly entered him to me into an anus and began to fuck him me. At first it was sore, and then it became warm somewhere inside and pleasantly. Having pulled out a finger he inserted to me it into a mouth and forced him to lick. Between buttocks I felt his dick. And condom? — I moaned. And you are afraid to become pregnant, my girl? — Slavik parried. Slavik slowly moved apart walls of my rectum. It was sick, but I was very horney and suffered. Slavik slowly entered and the dick several times pulled out. Then quicker and quicker he began to fuck me. I felt like the dirty whore and it made horney me. I began to jerk off in parallel the chlenik, and Slavik drove into me a dick more and stronger, called me the bitch, the whore and the whore, and then terminated directly in me. After that also I almost at once terminated. The car stopped. (Especially for) Suddenly me a sharp wish arose more in a toilet. I pulled panties and quickly jumped out, I didn't manage to lift up a skirt and to pull together pants as from me I poured down kcal, mixed with the Slavikovy cum. Panties and skirt were soiled, the blouse through became impregnated then. I rose in a cabin. Andrey stretched me toilet paper, a bottle of water and some laying. I went down back on a roadside and weakened on cards, began to be washed away directly near truck. By cars passed, someone even probibikat to me in night darkness, and I remembered how I went at night by bus once and saw as as well as I now at the truck having sat down on hunkers some drunk shabby prostitute was washed away from a bottle. She was ashamed of nothing any more, her already everything was all the same. As well as me now. I as could was washed away, trying to wash away from myself a sticky cum of Slavik and reeling started wandering to a cabin. I climbed back and began to rummage in search of other clothes. Behind Slavik approached, embraced me for a waist and kissed on a neck. — You are just super, Sashenka — he told — listen, after all we free of charge carry you to Moscow — so please please Andrukha, and that he after that ours with you representation in general driving can't quietly sit, and I drank and I can't take the wheel. The road should be fulfilled, you understand? — he told and clapped me on buttocks — well and change clothes, dress something sexual for him, stockings, panties, a bra some there. I obediently began to look for erotic linen, dressed black transparent panties Tanga, having again hidden a chlenik and balls between legs and having closed them pubic volosika. I providently pasted laying in panties — a little and that, it is useful if fuck on the way that the cum didn't soil panties. Then the belt turn for stockings and stockings of corporal color, on a beautiful, erotic elastic came. Still I was translucent бюстик black color, with a beautiful ornament on nipples and magnificent porolonovy inserts. From above I put on a transparent blouse and flared, but very short skirt so the elastic band of stockings looked out from under it. Slavik watched how I put on and suddenly asked: "and cosmetics is?". I shrugged shoulders and got into a backpack. There was only brightly red lipstick and the flourish for eyelashes. I made up eyes as could, then lips. Slavik demanded that I made up stronger. I made up stronger, having looked in a mirror I saw in a mirror the cheap, painted skank from the route. Andrey finished smoking and got on a driver's seat. Both I sat on a trestle bed and I waited when it comes to fuck me, but he started the car and we went further. Slavik poured to me still a half-glass, I drank and was warmed. Ahead I saw fires of hotel. Many trucks were parked nearby, around hotel long-distance truck drivers and couple of prostitutes went. The hotel — "Love" was called. I somehow felt ill at ease — I didn't decide to leave on people in such look. We stopped near an entrance. Slavik went down the first and as the gallant gentleman offered to me a hand. I hesitating I stood in a truck shadow. Oh, hi, Andrukha — shouted one of truckers — where such Barbie was removed? Won't you give phone, the beauty? I absolutely was frightened, but Slavik took me by an arm on the one hand, and Andrey put to me a hand on a bottom and embraced on the other hand. Shaking hips in the company of two gentlemen, I went together with them directly to a reception of hotel. — Hi. Again, you are Slavik, removed some young child? — the administrator asked directly at me. It became a shame to me and I was made horney at the same time. My name is Karen — the administrator — if told that address the baby, he told and pinched me for a bottom. Andrey, Slavik and I rose in number. They stripped to the skin, I took off a skirt and a blouse. Behind a wall groans of some toiler were heard. Andrey sat down at a headboard of a bed and beckoned me. I got up before him on all fours and began to suck at him. Andrey greased my already developed hole and began to fuck. Again without condom. My chlenik powerlessly dangled between my legs with the lowered panties. Andrey terminated in me three times, Slavik two. They constantly changed and so far I licked a dick of one, I was fucked by another. I all was filled them with a cum, and my anus unscrupulously squelched. It was smashed so that by the morning already it ceased to be closed. The last remnants of shame disappeared. I left to smoke with them on a balcony only in stockings, a belt and a brassiere, and from the next balcony to us laughing another, even less dressed prostitutes waved a hand. Then they fucked me in full view of all directly on a balcony, and men on other balconies, looking at us began to fuck the women. All this place reminded brothel, and I was in him an ordinary skank. In the end Andrey and Slavik forced me to the knees in the middle of the room and together jerked off to me on the person, forcing to swallow of their cum. Exhausted we ordered food in number. I took a shower, ate and failed in a dream. date line youtube date calculator two dates site mapMain Page