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Bright light struck to Olga in eyes and blinded her. She with work could open left, an in a moment and the right eye, but the picture all equally was too muddy. In the head all hooted, thoughts lasted as if kissel, an in a mouth stood repugnant smack of nausea. When in the head cleared up a little, it became clear to it that she lies it is connected on an old gynecologic chair. Her hands were got for a back of a chair, legs are widely divorced and reliably fixed by belts, an of companies is widely opened by the medical dilator. In addition it was completely naked and is spread turned yellow from an old age what-to cellophane. — Where I? — she thought. — What happened? How did I get here? In the head of her there were only scraps of yesterday's events. The only thing that she managed to remember — as she at night who fairly drank came back from club to the halls and decided to cut off through the park. Then the flash in eyes also regained consciousness already here. She began to pull convulsively hands and legs trying to be released, but all her efforts were vain. Ee of a hand, a leg and a basin were tightly recorded by belts in a certain situation. Strongly straining all muscles, she could only squeeze out haughty accumulated gases in ee a stomach. Having suffered fiasco, Olya tried to look back around to try to understand where she. It was the spacious dark room without what or windows and only with one iron door without handle which was located directly opposite to ee of widely divorced legs. Ee a chair was located almost on sredine the room which was shrouded in the twilight, and lamps raspolozhenye on an iron framework which was as time over her chair were the only source of light here. Na that framework was cams with which help obviously and watched the prisoner are located. Walls and half of the room were covered with an old threadbare tile, an in two steps from a chair to which she was chained, the drain, as in public shower was located. Because of a strong gloom, and probably, because of a condition of the young girl, she couldn't consider all in any way that she costs along walls there. Only then, having looked narrowly, she could distinguish what-to silhouettes standing along walls on all perimeter of the room. At first she was frightened having taken silhouettes for real people but their immovability forced the girl to doubt. No, it skoree it were usual dummies. All they were dressed in different dresses, stood in different poses, represented different emotions on a face, were different growth and, obviously, different age. The only thing that all united them so is that they represented representatives of a female floor. Ole the "woman of fashion" dressed in expensive designer clothes on very expensive Louboutins with a high heel rushed to eyes at once, with a smart hairstyle and it is proud zakinutym of a chin. There was a dummy with a huge stomach further obviously representing the young woman last month of pregnancy. Two dummies stood lovely braids less near. in school suits and pink backpacks. There was a dummy in a suit medsestrichki and so slightly further further. And here to her the dummy dressed in clothes so familiar to her was evident. Yes it was she! It was ee clothes, ee a yesterday's make-up, ee a yesterday's uncombed hairstyle, even piercing on a navel was exactly her. The dummy looked in accuracy as it before ee stealing. Olya already wanted to start howling as suddenly she heard a ringing clang a door. The ringing metal sound swept on the room dispersing a gloom. In ee everything contracted and Olya concealed breath. She prepared for the worst and even muscles of ee of a vagina clenched so that could split orekh be it inside. Then the scratch of metal was heard and the door was slowly opened. Towards to Olga from a gloom informing of knock of the grounded hoofs, then the ringing clang of the slammed metal door. In moments from darkness on light "something" seemed. It "something" was put in the black latex boots made under horse hoofs which it also published a terrible sound. Boots passed into the fitting latex drawers which reached the bum and on straps fastened to a massive belt. Na that belt the huge black strap-on was fixed in a type of a horse dick which hanged down to the knees. it wasn't higher than a clothes belt thanks to what it was well visible a slender female waist, a flat stomach and a seductive breast. Judging by a little drooping breast and a stomach of the woman, an also on inveteracy of skin, it was possible to define that she was from 35 to 40 years old and she is well well-groomed. Na hands the woman had long, even to shoulders, latex gloves, an on the head a black mask of a mare from under which on a nape as if a mane, long, magnificent black hair which ideally supplemented the image created by her developed. The mare carried in the right hand huge, hammered up to the top with what-to things a bucket, an in left — to bank with what slizky and sticky. To the big surprise, after that as Olya saw a huge horse dick, ee a fright changed excitement. and she felt as vagina ee muscles slowly relax, an it is filled with love juice. Having approached a chair with the captive the black mare stopped, was defiantly developed and without bending knees. I put the gifts brought with themselves on a floor. At this moment Olya also saw the main highlight of the created image — huge, on the present the horse back. No it was not the decrepit, drooped back, absolutely on the contrary, it was elastic, tightened well sunbathed in tone to all other delights of a mare. O to such buttocks always dreamed Olga to tempt super guys from the first course on which she studied. She even caught herself on a thought that she wanted to knock on this elastic bum which attracted itself. Only now it became clear how this woman managed to hold balance on these inconvenient boots - hoofs, bearing ahead on itself such undoubtedly heavy freight in a type of a huge dildoe of a strap-on. The powerful back played a role of an ideal counterbalance. I decorated all this charm, the magnificent, magnificent horse tail fixed with the help of an anal stopper, and which is hanging down almost to the floor. Having put the things the mare approached the young captive and the smooth movement broke from her the turned yellow cellophane, having bared that the finest young body. The mare attentively examined the new toy. The body of the eighteen-year-old little girl which turned pale for fear was held down by fear. The mare threw a look a moist vagina with which outside sweet nectar already began to flow. From seen the mare began to mass the breast and to pinch from time to time nipples. The look she slipped on a stomach decorated with piercing, then threw взгяд on a breast, a then their views met. On extreme exchange of Ole so it seemed, so as an eye behind a terrible mask of a horse, it wasn't visible at all. The horse gently stroked leg Olechki and further began to slide a palm on caviar to a damp perineum. Having humidified a glove with fresh juice the hand continued to slide on a stomach, having rounded a navel, going directly to a breast then as if playing pinched ee for the sticking-out horney nipple. Having approached at last a headboard, the Mare began to correct the tousled red hair and to gently stroke ee on the head. She caressed ee so warmly and somehow is motherly gentle that Olya and truly even began to calm down. As only the mare saw a little tranquility in blue eyes of Olga, she made what Olya precisely couldn't expect in any way, she bent down and a cold horse mask kissed ee on a forehead. After not a too gentle kiss the horse went to the iron bucket and got from him the big reusable syringe with the metal piston intended for washing of cavities which was already filled with unclear white liquid. Having sat down on kortochki, the Mare still time examined Holguin an anus after what having scooped a little natural lubricant from a wet vagina, implanted into the clamped point an average finger and prokovyrnula him inside. Olga apprehended it very painfully and having seen this is the Mare understood that such lubricant isn't enough. Having got a finger back, she dipped the syringe in bank with vaseline which she brought with herself. Then she inserted the syringe to the captive into an anus and began to squeeze out him. Olya felt at once as that-to cold and unpleasant ee fills a rectum. As only the tool became empty the Mare at once having stopped up an anus with a finger that no uniform drop poured out back. Having put the syringe the tormentor groped a free hand where under a chair a rubber hose from characteristic a nozzle on the end. Having a little shaken off and having wiped about itself a nozzle of a hose she thrust it poglubzhe in Olya at once. Having heard as the old gate creaks, Olya felt as cold water began to come to ee a rectum. At first cold filled a stomach ee bottom then began to rise above. It became covered with goose leather, a short hair on a pubis and under mice became on end. The mare in the turn didn't lose time, and the right hand in all massed the captive's stomach, thus left continued to hold a hose. Slowly and smoothly water filled a young body. The stomach became more, the mare didn't lose a massage rhythm. When the stomach was filled it seemed to a limit and it couldn't already be pressed through, the Mare just began to clap on him from the different parties. Olya already closed eyes from pain and just quietly groaned in expectation when she bursts as suddenly the stream of water stopped. A mare having twirled the gate I became directly opposite to Olga and one fast breakthrough I pulled out a hose from unfortunate. The won stream with products of activity escaped brown falls from the girl directly on a watering floor thus hoofs of a horse. When the stream stopped the Mare wet and obviously not happy with result began to mass a stomach of the captive and to squeeze out from her residues of water and kala. Having examined the maiden and what managed to be washed up from her, Kobyla accepted the decision that washing needs to be repeated. She inserted a hose into back pass of the maiden again and started up water. When Olin the stomach was again inflated as at the pregnant whore, Kobyla ceased to hold a hose without closing thus the gate with water. She approached a chair with a side, and having grasped with one hand a chair, an another having picked up the huge strap-on, quickly threw a leg through Olya and all weight took seat her on a stomach. At this moment at Olya darkened in eyes, an a hose just shot from point ee squeezed out by a geyser of brown water. Owing to the small size Olya's anus couldn't pass big amount of water and therefore ee a stomach was blown off slowly, smoothly sinking under mean Kobyla's weight. She didn't stop, having clasped with both hands of the rubber monster she tried to implant him into a mouth to the girl. Nesmotrya on all efforts the head of the dick so also couldn't make the way in inside as the small lovely mouth on it wasn't calculated. After such Kobyl only I became angry and I apprehended it as personal insult. She began to tighten up the dilator in Olya's mouth in such way that he opened on a maximum. Crackled teeth, Olya shouted as only I could, but the mare dovilas the, and thrust a dildoe head to her in a mouth. The dick just broke off ee of companies from within and Olya already seemed will lose consciousness. Ee saliva, tears and snivels which flowed a stream filled in with her all face. A a horse having grasped a dick both hands I did movements on similarity of the horsewoman. The massive bum she squeezed out residues of water from devchachyego a belly, with a hands the dick as if at the same time pushed the piston. As teeth as if вгрызлись in thick rubber, Olya couldn't allow to leave freely to a head back, on this ee the head moved to a step to a thick dick and thus painfully fought a nape about a rigid seat mat of an old chair. The stomach inflated from water she felt as Kobyla rubbed about her massive pizdoy. Suddenly the equestrian replaced a position a little, started one hand under herself and began razdrachivat the dyren. Wild jumps it will seemed to proceed till that time so far Olya won't die as suddenly the horse was slaughtered in convulsions and convulsively overdrove legs. Then having rested hands against Olya she raised the basin and gave a powerful stream from the massive vagina. Having sustained a minute pause, Kobyla rested one hand against Olga's forehead of an another pulled out a head of the dick from a mouth of unfortunate. Olya had red eyes, from a nose continued to flow a stream of a snivel, an of companies waited a moment on gemorroyny an anus, but nesmotrya on all it she though could be warmed in "kobylishchey" to urine in alternately with an orgasm. Having jumped off so the victim Kobyla I examined water which she in literal sense squeezed out from Olga and probably now I remained I am happy. Olga was suppressed by that time, in all meanings of this word. Now, when water procedures were ended, it was possible to finish preparation and to start actually the entertainment. Kobyla rejected far away now not the necessary water hose and got the bicycle pump which was pumped up by legs. Having pushed a special nozzle in Olinu to the priest again, Kobyla rested her both hands against a stomach, the right hoof undertook to pump air. On a mare it is visible that she puts all force in these rolling. Heavy breath was heard, in a mask she obviously lacked air, it was difficult to breathe also to that very hot. Her body became covered sticky then, a swarty skin reddened. On a back streams of sweat flowed, a magnificent wet buttocks plopped down the friend, about the friend, creating effect of a loud applause of ee to efforts. Probably, she also was tired, and probably already wanted to leave, but for the sake of Olga she was ready for everything, her love was stronger than all difficulties. As only the stomach found sufficient elasticity, gut an in Olya were completely developed, the rested horse stopped. Now and the pump howled is rejected in the party in a type of the uselessness. At last she got from a bucket medical broad nippers for an anal. Having dipped him into a white can with vaseline, the Mare was bent over the exhausted anus, for that to continue tortures. Wishing though somehow to revenge Olya having waited when the Mare to fall to ee to an anus, strained a stomach and powerful perdezhem released her in a face a part of air which that ee also pumped up. No the Mare only laughed aloud and as if playing rested a nose buttocks to the maiden. Then for fidelity having greased with vaseline and an anus, it began to push the terrible tool there. Having put some effort by it it was succeeded to stretch a point on how many it the dilator allowed. No on all visibility of it there was not enough, and one more was inserted into the stretched hole, much more the bigger dilator. The place Na where there was still recently an anus which carried out for Olya physiological functions of a conclusion of waste from an organism, now was huge dyren which was a window in ee the wonderful and rich internal world. The mare got a small lamp and lit it in the captive is scrupulous there that-to looking out. And it is similar that not in vain, shone ideally clean, washed up by water and special solution inside, rings of an internal wall of intestines. The Mare seemed there I looked for the lost happiness. Probably she as nobody another understood that true female beauty inside, a not outside. Inside she saw not just red interiors of the girl. She saw ee fine soul. Having seen at last that wanted, the horse approvingly nodded. Having scooped a vaseline handful, she properly greased gloves even up to the shoulders. Then she slowly and carefully began to enter the hand through an open opening. The palm she caressed from within a wall of a direct gut of the girl. The hand moved ahead more and more deeply, the inquisitive Mare began to survey belly the captive's cavities. A free hand that was outside, it helped itself pressing a stomach in the necessary areas. Here she groped a uterus, ovaries, at first — left are slightly farther, than a then and right. I found kidneys further and the liver is even farther. I entered inside more than on an elbow, tortures stopped and the hand at last came up outside. Now, after all these tortures which they endured Olya at last could receive soy fairly deserved prize. The mare began to smear diligently huge horse a dildoe. Having properly greased it, she began to enter slowly and carefully it into the girl. Nesmotrya on the considerable diameter of the opened hole, the head of the dick all one entered hardly. The mare did all without hurrying that let's beat out God before time the dilator. Olga felt how ee back pass comes around the locomotive. Having entered is slightly farther for navel level, the dick rested against knot of the brought-down guts. Na a stomach at the victim the healthy hump was formed, an on a forehead appeared a perspiration. The horse made a step on the back and extended a thick phallus a little. Then having twisted it inside, still I pressed time him inside, yes so that Olya felt as gut ee abnormally scatter in the parties giving the course to the black monster until that buried her in a stomach. Now having received desirable result, the Mare began to hollow Olya according to the full program. For that to fuck Olya such huge dick, the Mare had to do two shahs back, a then two steps forward, thus when holding him with both hands and setting the correct course at zatalkivanii back. When rubber balls rested against buttocks, the head of the monster fought in a stomach from what began to feel sick Olya, and the eructation went. No the horse only increased speed. She so strongly entered passion that even I began to beat with a hoof a tile as and it is necessary to a similar animal. And here at last without having sustained a pressure, Olga launched the puke fountain. The fountain was so powerful that contents of ee of a stomach covered not only ee a breast and a stomach, but and itself trakhayushcheyu the Mare. The mare apprehended, it as the highest assessment of the works. After three more a little smaller blevotnykh geysers the horse at last stopped. From a lack of air the Mare having left a dick in Olga, he is exhausted I fell down her on zablyovany a stomach and I lost consciousness. From strong blow in a stomach that still time gave the last stream of puke and covered with her a back of a horse. They lost both consciousness. Olga failed in unconsciousness. All walls disappeared around, she came off the chair and politela away. She flew over the city in which over the school once I studied, over the park where once for the first time kissed. To her it was so easy and quiet as suddenly she saw below the halls in which she so also didn't return. She smoothly flew down to an open window in the room. Through a window she flew to the room and at once plopped down directly in the bed. Suddenly from a dream of ee I pulled out whose that a hand, a then I called a familiar voice. — Skoree wake up, we and so already overslept everything! — I didn't give rest to her an annoying voice. — It is time, the beauty, wake up! — Someone? What? Where? — Olya in the answer murmured. — There is no time to explain! Put on rather, or you forgot that today in a day. At last Olya opened eyes and understood that she after all in the room, in the halls and that ee the best girlfriend Evgenia tries to wake ee. — All right, I run away, a you run bring yourself into an order and catch up with me. Evgenia slapped a door and in the room became silent again. After a yesterday's party in club everything so felt sick Olya and all the head so turned. She tried to get up on legs and to shake off a dream veil as suddenly I felt sharp stomach pains. It seemed guts in ee communicated in knot. Olya the buttock muscles clamped at once a bottom and ran in a toilet which, between other, I was on around the end of the floor and to him it was still necessary to be in time. — Though there it would be free! — Olya absolutely begged having forgotten o a terrible dream. Having parted forcibly all on the way Olya ran up to a toilet door, but that as on the evil was closed. Having begun from to bang desperately at a door Olya lost concentration and the brown diarrhea ran on ee to legs. It like caused laughter and condemnation passing by girls at once. Being burned with shame Olya trotted in shower quicker to wash away a shame. Having run to the bathing room, she removed the covered panties at once and held up buttocks under a shower. As only she opened the crane, ee poured ice water. From cold shock of ee of a leg ceased to obey, parted on a wet tile, and she having sat down on a twine, painfully I hit a nape after what it was disconnected. Ne opening an eye she lay in such situation and felt as cold water continues to water ee. Then she felt as someone-to wipes ee than-to rigid and painfully pricking. Having slightly opened eyes she saw the old girlfriend again. The black horse watered ee from a hose with the water freezing soul and in parallel wiped ee a body the toilet brush. Really she got to this nightmare again? She urgently needed to wake up but but considerably poobodravshaya the Mare didn't want to release ee. The brush which the Mare washed away puke was too rigid therefore left characteristic scratches on a body. Having finished an external washing, the Mare decided that it would be quite good to clean properly Olga a vagina. For this purpose she inserted her into a perineum a hose, and Olga felt as the stream of cold water struck ee in a uterus from what cramped muscles a spasm. When the Mare pulled out a vagina muscle hose convulsively began to push out water outside. No and after that as water all followed they continued to be reduced tightening in inside air. The impression was created as if Olya tried to breathe the vagina, and the vagina is similar drowning tried to gather more air. No the Mare on all visibility decided that the vagina asks to eat and decided to treat properly with ee what was in hands. Especially without being too soft she thrust in her the huge brush. Scratching itself walls of a gentle vagina it was thrust directly in a uterus pharynx. From mad pain Olga was killed with all body in convulsions. Having seen positive result the Mare began to twist the terrible tool inside. The brush mercilessly broke off a vagina causing those the most infernal pain. The mare mercilessly was active him in Olga as suddenly the ruff itself stopped. The mare tried to twist him to the left or in the right but that persistently didn't give in. Then she tried to take out it outside but vagina muscles so densely clamped him that it didn't move on millimeter. For a mare it sounded as a call. She grasped the handle with both hands and pulled it on herself, but it didn't bring any result again. Then she strong rested both hoofs and leaned all body on rebellious a ruff. It became suddenly heard as the old gynecologic chair plaintively began to creak, belts by which the girl was tied to it cracked, a main cracked the plastic handle of the brush. Suddenly the handle burst, the Mare plopped down on the bum. The benefit the huge horse bum played a role of an air pillow and falling didn't cause to the Mare any inconvenience. To the room ringing laughter sounded. The mare sincerely laughed sitting for a time with the torn-off brush handle in hands. Having again picked up on the slender legs the Mare began to examine reliably closed vagina. Now she needed to think up how to pull out the brush remains outside. At first she tried to open simply fingers it but at once understood that she has no chances. Then from powerlessness the Mare in a revenge groped an opening of an urethra and implanted the average finger there. No the terrible pain caused by this action forced muscles of a vagina to contract even stronger. Ne having received the necessary result the Mare understood that it is necessary to solve this problem through a bum. Having thrust the hand in it back pass, she squeezed the beginnings to grope a uterus. Having groped her, the Mare squeezed the hand in a fist and began to box furiously a uterus as if boxing pear. Each blow was clearly visible outside of a stomach. The uterus flew up up sharply fell down. At last without having sustained pain, the exhausted vagina was unclenched and spat out outside a foreign body. The crushed and blood-stained brush plopped down on a floor. Having taken out a hand, the horse attentively examined that she remained from ee of the favourite brush and fastidiously kicked him with a hoof far away from herself. Now the Mare was adjusted to punish such malicious disobedience. She started a hand, in the bottomless bucket seemed, and I got from there vacuum pomp, on similarity of what is used for increase in the dick. Especially without being too soft she drove a glass flask of Ole in a vagina to an emphasis at once. When the flask rested against a uterus, the Mare began to pump out with her air. Olya felt as just sucks in her uterus in a flask. When the uterus filled a third of free space of a pomp the Mare stopped. Having clasped with one hand a flask, she began to pull her outside, thus other hand began to press on a stomach, trying to push out a uterus from a belly. With each sharp movement the uterus all fell more. The mare smoothly increased that feeling that she all are closer to the purpose. And here, at last, with the next breakthrough the uterus gave in and fell out outside extending for itself and all vagina. Olya herself couldn't believe in it, she in 18 years already had a uterus prolapse. Ne hiding the euphoria, the Mare joyfully grasped a uterus hands. The uterus all still was too slizkoy and at once jumped out of ee of hands. Having understood what needs to be made, the Mare began to look for, than it is possible to wipe the disobedient body which is hanging down outside. Her eye was fixed by fragmentary small panties with a bear cub which rolled as time under a chair. Having grasped them the Mare began to wipe diligently twisted vagina. Then having got an old and dirty tooth brush from a bucket ominously I looked to Olga in eyes. Having strong grasped a uterus one hand, another began to pick slowly a uterus neck a fur-coat bristle. The brush slowly got deep into didn't enter on a half yet. After it the Mare began to twirl by her inside, bringing to that Ole infernal pain. Pain was so severe that Olya lost consciousness again. She could come to herself only after that again as the horse watered her with cold water from a hose. The uterus continued is useless to hang down from Olga, a from the uterus stuck out a brush on skapyvala blood. Having much played enough with the bleeding uterus, the tormentor extended from her a brush and a powerful push pushed body back in Olya. Powerful pushes she put not genital body on the former place. Having thrown a look an almost live body which was completely covered with bruises and scratches, she understood that it is necessary to stop up with what-to plentifully bleeding vagina. The mare to be understood already had rich experience in such business and was well prepared. Having got a healthy piece of dirty cotton wool from the bottom she went to the patient. No even here the Mare prepared a surprise, it was glass wool. Having filled such cotton wool the bleeding vagina, kobla began to collect the toys back in a bucket. Having completely gathered, she approached Olga and again gently kissed ee on a forehead after what she gesture showed her a heart. Having taken away the things she as if the queen, smoothly swinging the smart hips and swinging a magnificent tail, I went to an exit. Having approached a door she still time looked back and sent an air kiss. After plaintive farewells the Mare knocked with a hoof at an iron door. The door began to creak, began to roar and swung open. The last time the Mare waved to Olga on farewell and disappeared behind a door. Light in went out and darkness completely shrouded the room. No having opened the eyes again Olya saw that All dummies surrounded ee and sticking into her with fingers loudly laugh. — Anything terrible. — I told her the dummy dressed in her clothes — Tomorrow on your place there will be another here. Olya closed eyes and again lost consciousness. date line tonight date calculator net site mapMain Page