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To me washed the head, then dried up, processed some oils, tonsured a little, then something twisted or still, did something. But as a result I on the head had quite magnificent wavy hairstyle which could be taken both for men's, and for women's. But after all women's, in her there was more. Then slightly used eye shadow and applied very pale lipstick. I was confused more and more. And the skilled worker did and kept saying, kind of teasing me: - Well, here and nicely, here what beauty at us turns out. When all this I ended, she told, addressing me for some reason in a feminine gender: - I hope that you will become our constant client. I was embarrassed again and jumped out of salon. Light I remained to pay off, and I looked in a show-window and unexpectedly it was pleasant to myself. Suddenly from round the corner Romka jumped out. At first he casually looked at me as he on the stranger, but then sharply stopped: - Sasha hi! It you? He looked at me with undisguised surprise and admiration at the same time. - Hi! - I answered, understanding that there is no way out. - And we call the whole day you and we can't phone. I to you by mail sent yesterday's photos - look. And you awesomely look! We will go tomorrow again to sunbathe? He suddenly passed absolutely to other tone. His tone became kind of confusedly asking. So usually talk to girls. - I don't know, I should consult to the stepmother. Probably, I will help about the house. - About what you are secretive here? - Sveta approached. - Yes here I invite Sasha tomorrow to sunbathe, and he says that it is necessary to consult to you. - I think that you still will manage to nazagoratsya. We have with Sasha many interesting cases. However, Sasha? I nodded at parting Romke, and we went home. - Don't forget to look at photos - he shouted to us after. - What for photos? - Sveta asked. - Yes were so photographed somehow, here he also threw off on an elektronka. Houses Sveta forced me to change clothes again. I set the task, to polish potatoes, and itself went on some affairs. In an hour it returned and immediately told: - Look at Sashenk that I brought to you. I left the room, and she stretched me two small boxes. I opened them. In one there were women's slippers on a small heel, and in the second shoes too, but on a platform sole. - Dress! I put on slippers. They were fluffy and convenient. My gait slightly changed. I became, kind of pryamy to go and my breast moved a little forward. It strengthened an impression that I am similar to the girl. I didn't manage to enjoy the look as Sveta told: - Well, everything, is time to change clothes, and that the father will come soon. I obediently went to the room and undressed. This time Sveta allowed me to change clothes leggings and again a t-shirt. Panties it was necessary to leave the same again. This time the t-shirt hardly covered a belt, and leggings obviously emphasized lack of a dick. I drew Sveta's attention to it. - Nothing, the father will come tired and hardly, something will notice. However the father came from work cheerful. In hands he had some package. He strong embraced me and told: - Sasha hi! I brought a gift to you here. And well measure. I wanted to run away into the room, But he intercepted me. No, you try on directly here. I carefully glanced in a package and was stupefied. It was the beautiful tennis shirt of which I dreamed all year. I began to jump for joy and again wanted to run away to myself into the room. And again the father, laughing, I held me. - No, you try on directly here, I want to be convinced that I wasn't mistaken with a size. I stood in indecision. Then he got a tennis shirt, gave it to Sveta, and itself undertook my t-shirt and one breakthrough removed her. Then I looked at me in perplexity. Looked two milky white boobies against the background of a suntanned body at him, plus total absence of similarity of the dick. He was silent second. Attentively I looked at my breast, a new hairstyle, and then I told: - Yes with a size I it is visible I wasn't mistaken, and here with a style obviously. - Well that you, nothing terrible occurred, just the boy was played a little. At his age it happens. However, Sasha? - Sveta put in a ward. Though too it was surprised not less father. The father suddenly smiled: - And you know that you quite sexually look. If to put a little more in order your face, then indeed for the little girl you will descend. All right, let's have supper. And you nevertheless try on a tennis shirt. I was inexpressibly glad that everything ended with a fatherly joke, and right there tried on a tennis shirt. She appeared just just right, and I from joy kissed the father directly on a mouth. He licked lips and again with a smile told: - Tasty lipstick, and on a face and imperceptible absolutely. I think still more brightly and it isn't necessary. I blushed with shame again. But the father looked reproachfully at me not, and with a kind smile, and released me. We with Sveta went to make a dinner. Sveta tied to me an apron again and tied a kerchief on the head. When the dinner was ready, we called the father. I both was in an apron and a kerchief, and sat down at a table. The father came, looked at me, and we sat down to have supper. They drank. Father several glasses of vodka, and Sveta of wine. The father became tipsy a little and told: - Well, we with Sveta got tired from the trip, and if we had a new hostess, she also will clear the table. I in confusion looked at the father, he jokes or not. But his smile disseminated all my doubts. I went to myself to the room, took off a tennis shirt, wanted to put on a t-shirt, but here my look fell in a mirror. I saw the girl with milky white boobies again. And I madly wanted to put on a brassiere. I estimated that evening. In rooms only night light burns, and parents most likely went to sleep. Then I decided, took a brassiere and his plot in hand. From above I pulled a t-shirt, slippers on a heel and I went to kitchen. There again I tied an apron and I started cleaning from a table. When I already washed the dishes, on kitchen the father unexpectedly came. - Well, how you cope? - he asked. I kept silent and continued to wash the dishes. At this time side sight I looked in a pocket mirror which was attached near a sink. The father drank waters and suddenly his look stopped on my back. As I washed the dishes having bent a little, on a back brassiere contours with a fastener were obviously visible. He smiled, approached me and stroked on the head, and then on a back, at the same time having obviously probed a brassiere. - When you finish, come to the room, we with Sveta watch TV there. I finished the last plate at this time and wiped hands. - Finished? Well, here and nicely. Went. I was forced to face him, red from confusion. My breast raised by a brassiere obviously was excreted. It approached me and touched my boobies. - Not bad - he smiled. We came to the room. Light I sat and I watched TV. When we came, she raised the head and saw us. The father smiled, and I red as cancer stood near him. Light obviously I saw that I in a brassiere, but supporting the father smiled too. - Came. You sit down. The father fell to a chair. We with Sveta sat down on a sofa. The father started anew to tell how they went to a business trip and what impressions on them were made by Moscow. At the same time he got the camera and on the screen showed sights which they managed to visit. When their story ended, the father asked: - Well, and you as spent time? Or carried out? - Yes so anything special. With friends went to sunbathe, and so I stayed at home. - You with friends so sunbathed? I was silent. Suddenly Sveta bethought. - Today we met his friend. He told that he sent photos to Sasha on the computer. - Yes? - the father was surprised - Well went then to look. At me everything grew cold inside. I couldn't refuse. But after all I hoped that my photos, though in a brassiere, but after all don't shock them any more. When I turned on the computer, at once saw in mail the letter from Romki with the enclosed photos. - Well, show! Neither it is alive, nor is dead, I began to open the sent photos. Parents looked with interest. At first photos were as we went on a glade. Then as undressed, Then, as jerked off. - O-au! - unanimously parents exclaimed. Then my photos in a brassiere in various sexual poses went. At the same time the dick was always clamped between legs. Then photos with guys went. Then there was a photo where I before Brisk on a lap with an open mouth and before me his standing dick. That were farther for photos, even I didn't represent. There everything that, we did then was removed: and as I sucked serially at Romka and Jyrki and as at me on a chin from a mouth the cum follows and as they are amused my boobies. And the most important that on all photos distinctly it was visible that it is pleasant to me. In all pictures at me a smiling face of the female who gave pleasure to the male. I was ready to vanish into thin air. I shy raised the head and saw that my photos outright brought my parents. The father in all touched Sveta for a breast and climbing a leg, higher and higher. Light I began to moan. The father looked at me, smiled: - We soon. And she with Sveta were removed to the bedroom. Almost at once the bed began to creak there. In ten minutes to me Sveta glanced: - The father fell asleep. Go, be washed away and to sleep. date laws of planetary motion dateline a cold desert morning site mapMain Page