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In the evening Lena ordered all of us to gather. - Today we go to club. Natasha who was just exempted from chains, explained to me that it is elite club especially for SHEMALES. - Many trans-madams bring the slaves there and trade in them. For Lena it is good income, and for slaves - pleasure. I put on more sexually - white thongs, white mesh stockings, a blue top, a short white short skirt and shoes on hairpins. Mother helped me to make a make-up. When all were ready, we sat down in Lenochkin "fort" and went somewhere to the country. In half an hour the car stopped before a high fence. Gate opened, and we drove on the extensive parking. In club I saw a great number of women. Some were almost completely naked also in chains. Lena and mother took seat for one of tables, and me, it was ordered to Nadia and Natasha to go to the hall for slaves and to wait. Soon for us two supervisors came. Men and Natashenka were taken away in a toilet. In a cabin where we were placed, there were two toilet bowls. Over them there were regiments with creams. Within the walls of a cabin there were several holes. Supervisors chained us to the rings fixed into a wall and left, having locked for themselves a door. - We have a little time, - Natasha whispered, lowering a little panties and taking seat on a toilet bowl. - Usually the first clients appear in about fifteen minutes. - Clients? - I asked. - Yes. You will see. My dear, let's not waste time, my chlenik is broken off from excitement! I was obediently inclined over her dick and began to drive slowly language on a head. Natashenka moaned and, having seized my hair, with a force spread my mouth on a dick. I began to suck, feeling the accruing excitement. Natasha's fingers slipped to me between buttocks, removed a strip of panties and began to rub cream to me in an anus. Soon Natasha already jerked off my back two fingers. In a couple of minutes my girl lowered to me in a mouth, and I habitually swallowed her sweet cum. Then Natasha forced me to get up before her, having widely placed legs, her right hand appeared at me between legs, and again her fingers began to torment my hole. My chlenik stood, bulging a skirt, but the chastity belt all the same wouldn't allow me to terminate in the usual way. Natasha pressed me to herself more strong and began to rub the person about my panties. In me there were already two of her fingers. I didn't sustain and terminated. Natasha began to pinch my cum which filtered through panties. We were interrupted by loud knock in a wall. From a round hole in a wall of a cabin the dick appeared. Natasha took him in a hand and began to jerk off. One more phallus leaned out of a hole near me. Natasha nodded: - Our first today's clients. Let's not disappoint them! By Natasha's example, I took a dick the right hand and began to jerk off him. Because of a wall the female voice was heard: - Take in a mouth, the whore! I clasped a phallus with lips and began to suck. Out of the corner of the eye I saw that Natasha does blowjob too. Soon the stranger behind a wall lowered to me in a mouth. I swallowed a cum, the dick from a mouth released and diligently I licked a head. The dick disappeared, in a hole the put in order dress flashed, my first client left. Natasha continued to suck. The dick of her client was big and hardly was located at her in a mouth. In a minute she was discharged, and with her in a face the cum stream struck. I embraced Natasha and began to pinch a cum from her cheeks and lips. We hadn't to have a rest long: in holes new dicks appeared. All evening we served everything new and new clients. I swallowed a cum and itself terminated several times. One client even urinated to me on the person. During a half-hour break Natasha fucked me in buttocks. We enjoyed to the full extent. In several hours for us supervisors came. They exempted us from chains and took away in shower - to be washed from a cum and urine. In shower for slaves several girls already washed. Most of them were transsexuals, some were with "chastity belts" on dicks, and on all there were collars emphasizing their slave situation. We with Natasha stripped to the skin and occupied a free shower cabin. In the next cabin the girl - almost the girl of years of sixteen - slightly below me growth, the charming brunette washed with boobies of the fourth size and such big dick that I just didn't believe the eyes. The girl noticed my look the dick covered with hands, but at the same time invitingly I licked lips. - Hi, - she greeted. - You are the newcomer? - Yes. Zhenya. - And I - Light. This wonderful name I approached her as well as possible. They were already familiar with Natasha and welcomed each other kiss on the lips without any constraint. - I and my husband am brought every week here by our Madam, - Sveta explained to me. - Today I was released earlier, and the husband remained because he was taken on all night long by one of owners of club. - You are married? - Yes, his name is Sasha. We got married last year, our Madam resolved. But she doesn't allow him to snoshat me, but I have him at any time therefore he not only my husband, but also my slave, - Sveta smiled. - Slave to the slave? - I specified. - Yes, of course. And what in it it? I use him on an equal basis with my Madam, and he has the right only to masturbate. We don't even put on him "a chastity belt" when we are at home. When Madam allows us to sleep in one bed, I lay down, having inserted into myself a plow. And Sasha sleeps always in thongs and in handcuffs. I always force him to wash out and grease properly the anus that it was at any time possible to enter him. Telling all this, Sveta reddened. I looked at her dick and gasped: it stuck out a stake, and his sizes blew the mind! Centimeters twenty five in length and around five in the diameter! Light I became silent and again I licked lips. - And Zhenka - very absolutely brand new. Almost virgin, - Natasha reported. - You see, on her for the present "a chastity belt" because she still not really well is able to cum as the girl has to cum, without touching a dick. - And let's teach her, - Sveta offered, playfully shaking the powerful advantage. - My Sashenka changes our Madam and me, substituting the holes to foreign woman, so than I am worse? - Give! - Natashenka laughed. I tried to object, but is unexpected for most felt desire to accept in myself a huge dick of the new girlfriend. I was confused, however, by presence of other girls, but Natasha asked me to look round more attentively, and I saw that many girls are busy for a long time. In an opposite niche two transseksualochka pumped up the thin blonde in an anus and a vagina. Slightly far away - a trance with small breasts, but with a huge phallus I was kneeling and I otlizyvat fleshy vulvar lips at the sisyasty Asian. Nobody hesitated of anybody, and I decided that I will lose nothing if I take an opportunity. Natasha and Sveta forced me to the knees, Natasha took Sveta's dick and sent it to me to a mouth. The huge head of this monster hardly was located at me in a mouth. I nearly choked. Sveta began to move hips, fucking me in a mouth. Her heavy balls every time beat me a chin. I diligently sucked, hoping that Sveta will terminate to me in a mouth and won't be able to enter me any more, but everything turned out in a different way. Sveta poured out the cum to me in a throat then, almost without interruption, her phallus took a fighting position again! There was nothing to do: I fell by all fours, Sveta was attached behind and got from me an anal plow. - Not really thick, - the girl commented. - Nothing, after me you will be able to accept three times bigger, than this. Look, from you the cum follows! - Washing it, - Natashenka explained. - Well, now and lubricant isn't required, - Sveta noticed. - Well, and now, Zhenechka, you should suffer a little. I felt as her dick stretches a ringlet of my anus, and, without having restrained, began to yell from pain. All girls who were in shower turned back in our party. - Shut a mouth to this whore, - Sveta ordered to Natasha. My darling readily implanted the phallus to me into a mouth. Sveta's dick slowly moved ahead in me, and it seemed to me that insert an infinite iron stake into me. - Well as? - Natasha asked, without forgetting to pump up my mouth. - Half, - Sveta disappointedly reported. She tried to push through a dick further in me, but at her nothing left. The fact that around us several girls gathered was most humiliating, and they loudly discussed my bum and as it would be exciting to set in it. Light I tried to enter more deeply again, and from pain I nearly fainted. - Not all right, I will try so, - and Sveta began to move with a force the dick backwards-forward. One of girls - that full-chested Asian - having grown bolder, I took seat to me on a back and I began to rub a perineum about my backbone. I protesting lowed - my mouth was busy with Natasha's chlenik - and right there was hit a slap on a bum. - Don't twitch! - Sveta ordered. - Consider, this your second dedication in the slave. All of us passed through it. She hollowed my back with such force that with each push I was rubbed the nose to Natasha in a stomach. Soon my "horsewoman" the Asian began to squeal, seized to me hair and with redoubled zeal zaskakat on me. On my back something hot poured down. It seems that the aziatochka not only obkonchatsya, but also peed the pants! Indeed - began to smell urine And here Sveta began to pour out in me the cum. It was the whole fountain! In a second Natasha terminated too. A part of her cum spilled on a wet floor. Sveta left me. I hoped that tortures of my anus ended, but Sveta's place was taken by the swarty girl with almost same long dick. He was, however, not such thick as at Sveta, but all the same I cried with pain when this tool entered me. Well still, in me there was a cum of the previous nun, and the dick slid on her almost freely. Aziatochka got down from my back and, podlezsh under me, laid down on a back so that my intense dick appeared over her face. As I wanted to terminate on her, to fill in with a cum her face, but "the chastity belt" prevented me to masturbate. The dick of the swarty girl pierced me almost through, and here pain was replaced by pleasure, my body was shaken by such orgasm that I nearly fainted! The powerful stream of a cum was splashed out from my dick directly on the face of the Asian. Around a loud applause was heard. I in exhaustion fell a stomach on a body of the girl and stuck we will kiss on her vulvar lips. I was used the whole hour. In this hour I terminated four times. My anus was tested by all being in the shower transsexual, some even on two times. To the last I was taken by Sveta. When she entered me again, pain almost wasn't any more. Light already habitually I terminated in me then one of girls brought from where a glass, I was put over him, and from me the cum poured down. - Zhenya, we are glad that you now one of us, - Sveta told, bringing me a glass. - Drink this wonderful drink, and your dedication will be final! I obediently overturned in myself tart liquid. Girls clapped the hands. Natasha took away me under a shower, we were washed up and began to put on. When we arrived home, there was a morning. Madam Lena counted money and gave us with Natashenka hundred euros as encouragement. date jesus was baptized today date of zil hajj 2021 site mapMain Page