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Sergey came to smoke to the platform, in a sports body stockings, a t-shirt and slates. Dragging on cigarette smoke, I thought how to brighten up the monotonous day, to entertain myself. Outside almost a summer, it is possible safely to go to walk, get acquainted with some girl, to go to the cinema, bowling, but all not that and somehow laziness, bored. Finishing smoking a cigarette and dumping ashes in the special can for these needs standing on a window sill he heard the coming sounds of knock of heels on a ladder. It the neighbor Tamara from the top floor rose. She was extraordinary beautiful today, a light colorful dress with a big red belt on a waist emphasizing her figure and pleasant completeness of a hip and to a priest. The cut ahead on a dress allowed to consider a big juicy juicy breast. Corporal color of a kapronka pleasantly fitted the slender legs dressed in white shoes. The fair decoloured hair developed curls after a wave. The pleasant easy make-up, and aroma of expensive spirits harmoniously supplemented a picture. On a shoulder a ladies' white handbag, and in hands a bouquet of scarlet roses. — Hi Tamara. From where such beautiful do you go? — Even Sergey cheered up. — Hi Seryozha. From work I go. — All blossoming and joyfully smiling the woman responded. — To a birthday today, it is possible to tell anniversary, thirty five it was executed. — My God, would know, the gift prepared. For such beautiful lady what it isn't a pity for. — The guy couldn't have eyes glued. She and so always seemed to him attractive, and today just as from a magazine cover. — Thanks Seryozha, me very pleasant. — Having a little been embarrassed, the woman said. — Listen, give I you though tea I will sing in honor of anniversary. — Sergey already finished smoking and extinguished a cigarette. — Thanks of Serezh, but the husband with the son wait for me, a table already, probably, laid. — Yes ten minutes will be enough for us. Tea good English, it is somehow pleasant to you to make. Went we will come — having smiled Sergey beckoned a hand. — How can't I congratulate the neighbor? — All right, I persuaded. — Friendly Tamara smiled, and I clinked on the heels for Sergey. The apartment was rather cozy, for the bachelor, according to the woman. — Here, sit down on this sofa — having accompanied the guest to the hall, Sergey offered. — I will go, I will make tea. Tamara remained one, to examine an interior. The big plasma TV on a wall, a wall bar, a coffee table before a sofa on which I put the bouquet, the laminated floor and the painted wall-paper of light tones. Well, and of course audio system. What else is necessary for the man? Meanwhile Sergey returned. — I can't conceal drink of gods from the beautiful woman. — Having approached bar, the guy got a bottle of red wine and two glasses. — So far tea is ready. — Here trust men, tea promised — Tamara was confused. — And tea too, but without wine somehow not festively. — Wine poured down in the glasses put on a coffee table. The woman all blossomed from such care and attention. On her face slightly constraining smile shone. She sat with a direct back and close legs in shoes on heels. Sergey stretched a glass and sat down nearby. It was difficult to it to tear off a look from the festive woman and her legs in light kapronka. — Probably, compliments at work received an incalculable set from men? — We have a female collective, there is no man for a change. — With small coquettish grief Tamara reported. — Then to me to be answerable. I want to lift a toast for the charming neighbor, for her beauty, femininity and extraordinary sexuality. — Well, you will tell too. Though it is pleasant to me. Thanks of Serezh. — Clinking of glasses sounded, and acquaintances on an entrance tasted wines. — And that, you indeed attractive and sexual. On your birthday men have to tell you the truth. — You confuse me. — Tamara slightly reddened, whether with shame, whether from wine. — You make the woman blush. — On a face the innocent smile appeared. The easy wave of heat ran on the birthday girl's body. — Yes, you from it become even more attractive, on envy to all women. You don't represent how it is pleasant to me to sit near such charming birthday girl. — Sergey continued to flatter. His look imperceptibly wandered about Tamara's body, on a breast which there was a wish to caress, on legs which very much wanted to be moved apart. — All compliments only to you, if I have no gift, so I will lighten the mood to you. You deserve pleasant words today. — The guy took her hand and began to kiss, rising above and higher to a shoulder. — Oh, the hooligan, stop to me shchekotno. — Tamara schuffled a bottom on a sofa. On a body the easy shiver ran, and heat began to turn into excitement. — You flirt with me Seryozha, stop. — Somewhere in thoughts the woman wanted to stop the guy, and a body she opposite, I turned to him. — Yes I will cease to consider the man of if I near such lady cease to show courtesies. — Sergey ceased to present the woman's hand with easy kisses, but didn't let out her from the hand. — What can be more pleasant than little flirtation between the man and the woman. — I also didn't know that at us such affable man lives in an entrance. — Tamarina blue eyes attractively began to shine. Elastic juicy boobies moved forward, the woman slightly caved in in a back. — I suggest to give a toast, to this attractive lady who is giving rise to guilty thoughts in the heads of men again. — Sergey continued to stroke-oar a hand to the woman, looking her in eyes. Easy laughter sounded from the woman's lips, kind from pleasure. — And as tea. — Tea will wait. — Sergey stretched a glass to the lady which she mastered to the bottom. Hardly noticeable movements of her legs which rubbed the friend about the friend were visible. The events obviously gave pleasure to the woman. Her hand became very warm and pliable to which easy strokings Tamara also didn't oppose. — I won't forgive for anything to myself if I don't invite you to dance. Give me such gift, please. — Without releasing her hand, the guy got up, entraining it. I approached the center, I found the necessary disk, and slow pleasant music began to sound. Sergey gently embraced the woman for a waist, surely attracting to himself. Her there was no left no what how to put the hands to him on shoulders and to trust in his embraces. Their bodies densely adjoined, the guy felt the heat proceeding from Tamara. The elastic female breast pleasantly rested against the guy, sensual nipples bulked up as a kidney on trees from contact with his body. Hips she felt his horney dick. Tamara gently clung to Sergey all over. He felt her pliability and ease. The hand of the guy went above on her back, and he pressed the woman to himself even more strong. — Dance with you it is a pleasure Tamara. — You very obviously tempt me, and I am married though I admit that it is pleasant to me. The M-mm even very pleasant, but can we, we will adhere to some borders? — Very softly and tenderly the woman said. — Of course, some we will be... Which won't disturb. — His hand stroking a back of the woman I went above е to a neck, and then and to hair caressing them. — Seryozha, you are an impudent fellow. We so didn't agree. — Already half-whisper I spoke, the horney woman. — Still what, you don't even represent. Trust in me, cover eyes. — The pleasant smile ran on his face. The hand continued to caress her hair. The woman mezhevatsya slightly, the body wanted caress, tenderness, to reveal before the man, and in the head thoughts turned, she does how right thing, whether morally it. — Cover eyes sweet — Sergey convincingly said, and Tamara listened to him. The guy touched with lips the woman's lips. Their pleasant sweet stupefied Sergey. He began to pass to a deep kiss, getting persistently language into a mouth to the woman. Tamara opened eyes, tried to be discharged, clapping palms on Sergey's shoulders, but the guy's hand reliably pressed the woman's head. His language continued to study a female mouth, without forgetting to caress her uvula which convulsively coiled in a rhythm of experiences of the woman. Her loud low expressed a protest, but the guy, despite of everything, continued a long deep kiss. When Tamara understood that to resist is useless, again relaxed having embraced for Sergey's shoulders, reciprocating on a kiss, adjoining to him languages and plunging into pleasure. Having experienced the moment, Sergey weakened a grasp and began to go down a hand to her appetizing bottom, stroking her squeezing. Tamara only slightly moaned, being sent to caress to Sergey. The guy we will pull the concordant on all the woman to a sofa where seated her to himself on knees. His hand climbed under a dress of the lady, touching through kapron of her leg and a bottom. — M-mm. The hooligan, what you with me do? About - about - oh. — Tamara moved apart legs, passing Seryozha's hand to the hot place. That got under panties, reached her shaved and damp girl. Fingers actively began to finger a clitoris and to get inside. The woman reacted to Sergey's actions with groans, and legs were moved apart more widely. The movements of fingers in her vagina accelerated, making horney Tamara stronger. She began to try to be set up under them. The guy in a trice understood that she can already be put in a pose. Having inclined the woman facedown and having raised for a basin, I put her knees on a sofa, buttocks to myself. I pulled together with one movement from the lady panties with kapronka, I lifted up a dress, and having lowered a little the trousers I entered already warmed vagina. — Oh, Seryozha. — The dick screamed from sharp and unexpected entry into her. His unit very quickly moved in Tamara, easily sliding on damp stenochka of a vagina. Her protruding buttocks looked very appetizingly and invitingly. Elastic, slightly pink, as well as all body, from excitement. The woman slightly helped, making upward movement towards to Sergey's movements. He methodically to her thrust, holding with one hand for a basin, and another stroking a back. — Au-oh, Tamara, you it is good. — Having slightly reduced speed, and doing, smoother movements in the woman were asked by the guy. — Yes - and-and the hooligan, continue don't stop, take me. — Her back was stuck out as it is possible stronger. Sergey began to exhaust the lady slow movements, savouring penetration behind penetration, in her warm damp hole. The woman just got exhausted, there was a wish to be stuck on this firm dick quicker and quicker. The right hand she decided to help herself, having sent her between legs to mass fingers a clitoris. That the woman didn't cool down, the guy started over again hollowing her sharp and fast movements. Tamara seized hands a sofa, loudly stony and sighing. The firm tool of the guy hollowed her, with all the might, every time entering at all length. The body of women coiled, hardly maintaining the accruing excitement, it, was curved, rubbed boobies about a sofa. All body resembled an erogenous zone. — My God, daaa... — Tamara's eyes were rolled up from pleasure, the look dimmed, hiding in an ecstasy veil. Here so the feature got to Sergey. The guy took out a dick and developed the birthday girl on a back, lifted up her legs and pulled off completely panties with kapron tights, take off also shoes. The woman right there moved apart them more widely, quickly inviting the guy in herself. Sergey entered her treasured place open for pleasure again. — Do you want more, it is pleasant to you, tell me? — Sergey whispered on an ear. — Yes, I yours, have me Seryozha. — Each section of her body wished the man, his penetrations, invasions, and total surrender before him. His lips caressed Tamarina a neck, an ear. She in reply purred, and from his pokusyvaniye her all was scolded by a small shiver. He began to accelerate movements by a basin again and again entering her opened bosom. () the Dick extremely strongly strained, Tamara very well felt the girl his hardness. In a semi-conscious state she didn't hear the loud groans, almost any more shout from which Sergey was made horney even stronger. The woman coiling under the guy became just the center of an orgasm. Suddenly her body began to be reduced, strain, almost synchronously with vagina muscles, on a face the painful voluptuousness appeared. From a vagina juice scattered on a meeting continuing to hollow it, to the dick. Impulses became weaker until ended at all and the body didn't become soft. The guy continued to ram her pliable hole, didn't feel yet that he just about has to terminate. At this moment he took out the athlete from a female bosom, beginning to be discharged. Splashes of a cum began to shoot forward and up, falling big drops on a colorful dress of Tamara, reaching even her breasts. Having completely discharged on the birthday girl, Sergey was tumbled down from above. So they lay some time, he with the lowered body stockings on her from above, she with the lifted-up dress and the moved apart legs one of which hanged down from a sofa. There passed the whole hour since then as Tamara came on tea. She sat on a sofa and pulled kapron tights. As could, I made toilet, looking in a pocket mirror I corrected a hairstyle. I put on the white shoes accurate graceful legs. — Well everything, is time for me, long ago were tired of waiting for me. Sergey saw off the lady to an exit and opened a door. Gently I kissed the woman on a cheek and when she began to leave, I slapped in a bottom. — Now you know where tea can drink. Having closed a door, Sergey went to kitchen where alone I tried that elite drink made for the lady. Then I passed to the hall and I sat down on a sofa. On a coffee table I lay, forgotten by the woman, a bouquet of flowers which reminded even all evening Sergey of his today's guest. date ideas virtual date html mdn site mapMain Page