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There came morning. Having woken up, I looked for hours. There was 10:45. Parents of the house weren't — they were at work. The school celebrated anniversary therefore all classes this day were cancelled. Having rolled about on a bed of minutes 20, I remembered yesterday's day. It was so a shame to me. No I got many pleasures from it. For some reason this second I got into my head thinking to repeat that day. "That I it say yes" — I whispered to myself, having turned the head. I rejected this thought in the party as at this moment there was a strong wish to eat. Having come to kitchen, I saw a note from parents: "Sasha, on a table money. Go to shop". I heaved a deep sigh, there was a wish to sit down at a table at once. A so still and it is necessary to go to shop. From kitchen I moved back to myself to the room. Having opened the case, I looked for that it is possible to dress a lung, on the street was hot, even in the morning. Having rummaged in a case, I found the bought white miniskirt a year ago. To me it was as time. "Will descend" — I smilingly told aloud. Having taken a shower, I dried up hair, put on white pants and a white brassiere, an undershirt and this skirt. Having taken money, I went to shop. Having made several steps from the house, I felt wind. I had a short therefore constantly it was necessary to hold it skirt. The shop was nearby, so that I went on foot. Wind all amplified. Literally through couple of seconds wind lifted my skirt so that behind the passing young people couldn't tear off also a look. As always on my cheeks the flush was stuck out (I reddened). "Cool popets" — told one of them. I lovely began to smile why I reddened even more. Having come into shop, I began to choose products necessary to me. It was necessary to buy milk, buckwheat, sand and tea. I began with tea. It was so low put on a rack that I had to bend. At an inclination I saw that the skirt was too lifted up. It was necessary to correct it quickly. Sand was the second. I bought 2 kg. Then I went to buckwheat. Having counted money, I understood that will be enough for all necessary and I put buckwheat in a basket. Well there was also a milk. Having taken it, I went to cash desk. Having made couple of steps, I saw those guys. They went as time to that department where there were I. Ne knowing what to do, I in the next time reddened. Having sharply grabbed a basket with products, I hid in the nearest department behind a corner. They came nearer. It was terrible. So as I stood behind a corner in other department, their talk was heard. In the beginning there was a conversation about soccer. No then he sharply was replaced with me. "Super fans were in the stands yesterday" — one of guys said. "So and otrakhal what-nibud chiksa". "Such, as today, for example". "You about that at which the skirt rose?". "Yes. ". "So also I slapped her". "Buttocks at her super!". "By the way, she smiled to me". "She smiled to all". "Ne exaggerate". "Will be enough a cooking to be engaged, we will already go to cash desk". It were their last words. I remembered the yesterday's bus here. In the beginning fear, then passion. For some reason I wanted to stop these guys and poblizhe to get acquainted with them. No I was afraid. Having seen that these young people leave, I began to think over their dialogue. To me the words of one guy about my bottom were remembered. "Really I have indeed a view of a bottom such great?" — I thought. And suddenly in my head the terrible thought was run. Whether "A not to walk to me with the raised skirt here?". Hands and legs shivered. "How? Here? People go. Can see me". I slowly turned the head. In my department there were only two persons. I decided, to make or isn't present. To make or isn't present. To make... No... To make. And I decided. While two persons were ko to me a back, I raised a skirt and passed by them, most passing with that into the third right department. "Fukh. Abruptly!" — I thought about myself. And at once I came round. The basket remained on the former place. I gathered and still passed time, having lifted a skirt. Feelings was already more. I all shivered, but thus got inexpressible pleasant feelings. Siyusekundno one more terrible idea came to my mind. "A why don't I walk so on all shop?". Shivering, I lowered a basket again. Having looked in that department where there were those young people, I saw that it is empty. There was nobody. I carefully raised a skirt and walked on this department. Adrenaline read off scale. I didn't understand that I do. I knew only one: to me it was good. I went so minute after which to me the most terrible and frightening idea came to the head. Whether "A not to take off to me in general a skirt and to remain only in some panties and an undershirt?". Heart was clogged stronger. Hands shivered. I as as if was under hypnosis. Still time having carefully looked round, I was precisely sure that in this department there is nobody. Having taken off a skirt, I began to walk in pants and an undershirt. It was very terrible. The foreign person could come into any moment and see me such. No I couldn't stop. Having leaned the elbows o the top regiments, I began to masturbate. "O, no what I do?" — slightly privoskliknuv, I told myself. No, I ignored these words. My right hand potyanulya to the pussy. Ne knowing that I do, I continued to exaggerate her to such degree, I didn't begin to publish groans yet. Fingers massed more and stronger. I was already on an orgasm side as steps suddenly were heard. I in a trice grabbed a skirt and put on it. The woman with the husband entered this time. "Hardly I was in time" — I uttered to myself under a nose. Going already in clothes to the forgotten basket, I took her and went to cash desk. Leaving shop, I went and I smiled, understanding and feeling what received in shop. "It will be necessary still time will repeat" — I told aloud, even without having noticed it. No at first it is necessary to have breakfast. Continuation follows. date ideas online date calculator period site mapMain Page