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The entertaining tradition was outlined - on New Year's Eve I begin to think that it is good to write again the book about the wonderful Teacher (from capital letter) Voronova. This book already the fourth, and from all four three are written just on New Year's Eve (except the second). Yes, for someone traditional New Year's history is a movie "With Light Steam", and for someone the book "Real Teacher"... As it was already told in the previous book, our Raven found to itself also the "official" wife. In quotes, because all of them didn't begin to undersign (not to offend Mashenka), but this relationship could be not hidden from people around. Of course, someone was surprised to the fact that quite young woman found to herself the pensioner who would fit with her in fathers, but it is, of course, not such big shock as a relationship with the granddaughter. Anna's daughter got acquainted with all our heroes too, but they didn't let her into the secrets of "sect" - her Anna well knew, and precisely could tell that she won't approve all this, and even usual Lesbos - there was a clean naturalka. However, our company it was also so good. The raven still worked at the institute, Anna was translated closer too to the favourite Teacher therefore at work they met frequently. She loved very much the Crow, and didn't want to lose precious minutes of communication with him. Masha with Ira usually slept together, and the Raven with Anna - in other room. But caressed differently - Masha with Ira, Masha with the Raven, the Raven with Anna, the Raven with Ira, Masha with Anna, Anna with Ira. Sometimes there was also group sex, but is rare. After all it is easier to focus on one person and to give him pleasure. Of course, tried to do everything so that nobody was offended and isn't satisfied. In the last book the first caress of Masha with Ania was described, but here nothing was told about Ira's "acquaintance" to her, and I decided to tell about it in more detail. All decided that it is more best to carry out acquaintance alone that nobody disturbed and Ira could relax more better. She hesitated of the new woman (I was not such unchained in it as Masha). It with the Raven somehow easier and easier went (especially, after alcohol). Of course, she very much wanted to try, even its young (already full age) пися began to be humidified. So, next day after the Raven brought Anna into the apartment, in the evening, Masha and the Raven left them with Ira together in Masha's room, and went to kitchen to make a dinner. - Nobody will prevent you - we will be in kitchen. - Masha assured. Ira with Ania sat on a bed and didn't decide to touch to each other. At last, Anna told: - Irochka, I want to become your friend. Let's lie down in the dark, we will talk... She extinguished a weak bulb over a bed, and they laid down nearby. - You know, I often so lie and I think of life... - she began. - In the afternoon in cares, and only towards the night it is possible to relax, look at stars, to remember something good, to pomasturbirovat... - Do you masturbate too? - Ira asked. - Give on "you". - Anna told. - Yes, I got divorced from husband, and there is a wish to enjoy sometimes so. Sometimes this only thing that remained to me pleasant in life. Still there was a girlfriend with whom we gave each other caress, but we seldom saw each other. She is married and too works so it is rare when with her caressed. Our meetings were for me a holiday - we retired with her, drank wine, spoke about-women's, and then... - And we long ago with Masha. - Ira told. - Even already also I don't represent life without it... - It is so fine! - delightfully Ania noted. She was developed sideways, facing her, and asked: - Touch me here... And having taken the Ira's hand, I sent myself between legs. Ira felt heat of her pisa through panty hoses, and began to drive a middle finger on her up-down. Ania closed eyes and barely audible whispered: - Yes... Also kissed the girl on young sponges. At first quickly, then already more slowly, more and more, and Ira began to answer kisses. She continued to stroke-oar Ania. - Aaaaa... - the woman whispered. - I so want you... Ira too very strongly wanted sex with her, but still didn't decide. Then Ania lowered a little the tights with panties, and Ira caressed already naked, hot and wet писю. Of course, she more better than men knew how it is necessary to touch her, and it madly was pleasant to Ania. They kissed passionately, Ania through clothes caressed Ira's tit, and then got her directly into panties, and too touched and rubbed her, Ira began to coil and groan too. She already prepared the писю for caress - shaved. And Ania well washed the писю and perfumed with good spirits, from a mouth smelled of mint chewing gum. Generally, they were prepared for a holiday of female love as it is necessary. - What at you a pisyunk gentle... - Ania whispered. Ira answered nothing, but was liberated, dared already a little, and other hand slipped under Ania's brassiere, and groped the bulked-up nipple there. - My girl, don't hesitate - I am all yours. - Ania told, and I began to undress. And Ira undressed only from above, having bared the beautiful, young tits. - Touch me where you want. - Ania tenderly told, and again I kissed the girl. Ira stretched to nipples which and attracted the excitement - touched them, then began to lick and suck. And Ania climbed in her panties again. - Well everything, I can't any more, I want you to suck! - passionately Anna raised a howl, and sat down on beds, looking at Ira. Of course, that didn't object, and pulled down from herself sports pants of silvery color and beautiful red thongs. However, without their light it wasn't really well visible, but Ania needed only her pussy... She greedy clung lips to this divine gorge, and kissed it. Then I carried out on it by language, and delightfully I moaned: - Uuu... class... Then I snatched already more seriously, I began to lick greedy there and to suck, plentifully moistening with saliva. Ira hands stroked the nipples, to her it was very good from such caress. Ania caressed hands her buttocks, sides and a tummy. Smooth white skin of the girl admired her. Ira failed in incredible pleasure, probably it is possible only with the woman... with the woman who precisely knows how to bring it to this young darling... When Ira began to groan and to scream shortly, Ania ceased to lick, and covered orgazmiruyushchy писю with the hot palm. Ira lay and departed from such high. - Well as to you? - carefully Ania asked. - Fukh, class... - Ira stretched. - I want to enjoy too. - Ania told, and laid down on a bed, spreading legs. Its brownish, раскрывашаяся пися very much I waited for caress. Ira was attached at her between legs, and carried out by fingers according to her, scooped a little flowed out lubricant. - I very much want you... - the woman moaned. Ira began to lick carefully around a clitoris. Ania even began to tremble, so it was pleasant to her. Ira licked more and more surely, she after all too had a considerable experience with Masha, and she knew how to bring to the woman pleasure. So I attracted her this greased, mature пися - excitement didn't abandon her for a moment. - Put fingers there... - Ania asked. Ira thrust in писю two fingers and continued to lick and suck a clitoris. One hand she fingered Ania's nipple. Delightful groans filled the room - Ania any more not of a mogd to constrain herself. And soon she violently terminated, having lingeringly moaned. - Oh, as well... - she told. Ira laid down nearby, facing Ania, and they began to kiss. Ira's leg laid down on her leg. They long and kissed pleasure, and then Ira told: - I want to be rubbed pisyam... - My small... - tenderly the woman told, and spread legs, allowing Ira to sit down on her писю the. Ira densely nestled on her wet, divine opening the pussy, and began to fidget and be turned. It was so pleasant that they nearly went crazy. Ania clasped Ira for hips, and pressed stronger to the pisa. Of course, they soon terminated, and were tumbled down on a bed. Having embraced, had a rest after such great women's sex. - So it was pleasant to me with you. - Ania admitted. - And it was pleasant to me. - Ira told. - So often we will do now! - Of course, sweet. - Ania agreed, and strong I kissed her on a mouth. Of course, after such "oznokamlivaniye" all very much made friends and lodged all together at the Raven. As I already also spoke, Ania also passed into his institute so happened so that went there four together by Mashiny "Matiz", and sometimes by "Kopek" of the Raven. Still all female part decided to leave off smoking and to give more attention to physical culture. And the Raven and pulled Priluki slowly. Therefore he acted as the trainer - sometimes girls competed among themselves someone runs quicker, and the Raven, smoking a cigarette, watched a stop watch. Generally, it was cheerful. Masha still wanted the grandfather - generally they had sex of the house, but sometimes happened that even in a garage where the Raven kept "Kopek", or somewhere in bushes. But nevertheless then it turned out that it is more best than the house - in the car the transmission or a wheel disturbs, and in bushes mosquitoes attack. And at institute didn't decide to come together into girlish (or men's) a toilet together. But in one cafe, however, came into a toilet together, and Masha made the Crow tremendous blowjob. The idea was pleasant to a raven, and he derived pleasure from a skillful mouth of this young prankish. Mashenka herself undid his trousers and took out favourite grandfather's body, squating on a toilet bowl. And as began to suck that the Raven nearly flew away to warm regions. She with pleasure drank all his cum moreover and licked lips. And somehow time in the summer the Raven had the free permit for two in sanatorium. Of course, it was necessary to choose someone with someone he will go - you won't take away all with yourself. He thoughtful sat at supper, and didn't know how to be., It seems, and "wife" is, but also Mashenka didn't want to be offended. All right there Ira already, would understand... - A raven what to you it happened? - Masha asked. - Yes here, I don't even know how to tell... - I began the Crows. - So, give Ana, don't frighten us. Something happened? - Masha began to be anxious. - No, so everything is all right. Just I was given the permit today, and here I don't know what to do... - Don't you unless want to have a rest? - Masha didn't understand. - Yes it isn't it. The permit for two, and now I sit and I think how to be. - Aaa, clearly... - Masha became puzzled a little too. - I have a lot more work. - Ania got into conversation. - So you can go with Masha. And we here with Ira on economy will stay. - And where though permit? - Masha asked. - Well, not to Canary Islands precisely. - the Raven grinned. - To Odessa region. - And double room? - with iskrinka in eyes Masha asked. - And that! - The raven began to sparkle too. Masha rushed on it and began to embrace and kiss: - I so dreamed to have a rest with the beloved grandfather somewhere! - she told. - Don't forget contraceptive tablets! - Ira advised. Decided to go early in the morning on "Kopek". Before it the Raven examined the car, filled a full tank and told that the car has to sustain. Took both the best bathing suits of Masha, and contraceptive tablets, and the whole block of Priluki. And the Raven took also a set of swimming trunks with the inscription "Barselona". - I will have a raven the most beautiful on the beach! - Masha told about it. - And I will have the most beautiful and sweet granddaughter! - the Raven smiled. Ania and Ira send them to see off. - We wish you to have a rest, gain well strength - for us! - Ania joked. - Thanks, Anechka. - the Raven the dobra and a charming smile smiled. - You here too don't linger! - he looked at Ira, and winked at her. They sat down in "Kopek" of white color, and the Crows, having waved with a hand in the slightly opened window, led the car. It was necessary to go long, but Masha liked to go with the Raven. On the road they talked much - Crows told much about the trips on which they was during the Soviet period. Sometimes stopped on having a snack and in a toilet, had a rest somewhere outdoors, Masha embraced him and long nestled on a breast, kissed... Decided not to have sex yet, and to keep forces for sanatorium. In sanatorium it was very good: good nutrition, the sports ground and even parking for "Kopek" of the Raven. Having arrived in the evening, our heroes were tired, having taken a shower and having a little eaten, were filled up on a bed. In number it was very cozy, and there was even a balcony coming to an athletic field. Woke up at night, and Masha began to stick to the Raven - to rub the dick through boxer shorts in which he was filled up to sleep. Masha was in a brassiere and panties. The raven began to smile and began to be made horney, lowered the pants, giving Mashenke's chance to jerk off his elderly economy without any obstacles. Masha came very close, and whispered on an ear: - I love you... Also I fell to the dick (The raven lay on one side). Having clasped him with a hand, she "massaged" him a little more, and then took in a mouth, and began to swallow gently. They liked to indulge in joys in the dark - so easier to relax and in general in the dark all it seems some even magic... - Oh... - I whispered relishing Crows. But Masha didn't begin to suck long - she overtook him the person again, and they began to kiss. The raven stretched for Mashenki's back, and undid her brassiere, it helped to throw off him, and then removed and threw panties there. The raven tumbled down the granddaughter on a bed, and kissed her cheeks, a neck, sucked a small breast. Then I snatched on писю, and I began to suck greedy it and to lick, even groaning. Indulging Mashenk clasped his baldish head and I enjoyed. It so liked caress and sex with the Raven that she just went crazy during their proximity. The raven knew how to bring her the highest pleasure, and purposely focused attention on a clitoris. Masha groaned more and more loudly. - I will terminate now... - Masha whispered. - Aaa... Also I pressed the head of the Raven to myself. Having a little waited until she calms down, the Raven kneelt, and the dick ready to fight inserted into Masha. Having fallen to lips, he kissed Masha, and she answered him with all the passion and tenderness at the same time. The raven moved in her hole to and fro, there was already very damp. He so liked to enter this писю - such young and terrific, gently enveloping his old dick. And Masha liked to feel in herself this grandfather's body too - she often remembered how she dreamed in the childhood that they make love to him, and this dream came true... Masha embraced the favourite Raven and pined with pleasure. It so made horney her that she could get also two orgasms, and sometimes and three. The raven moved rhythmically, planting a dick up to the end in her pussy, and Masha as could moved apart legs and moved a basin towards. When the Raven was a little tired, Masha laid it on a back, and itself sat down from above and as began to jump on him that nearly I broke a sanatorium bed. She sighed and moved a basin, was wound on a dick very much. And again I terminated, having nearly begun to sob from pleasure. Then the Raven put it on a flank, pristoroitsya behind, and again set with it in писю. He clasped with a hand a tit, and moved quickly, with impatience. Having satisfied Masha, he also already wanted to be satisfied. - Cum, darling... - Masha groaned. Pushes were strong and ruthless. Soon the groan sounded: - Oh, to an uu... as it is good... - The raven "lowered" in her писю. Masha densely nestled on it that nothing followed. She considered that the grandfather's cum is very useful. Some time of Crows had a rest, and I embraced Masha behind. Then they "were separated", and lay already everyone on a back. - Cool! - with admiration Masha told. - Yes, good start of rest! - the Raven joked. Came to an athletic field in the morning - Masha did exercises, the Raven warmed up a little too. But he not really loved physical culture - soon took seat on a bench, and lit Priluki. People on an athletic field were almost not - all went on the sea. Of course, our heroes soon too there went. There Masha ran on water and splashed on the Crow, but he returned the favor, and too splashed her. Then still swam for a while, but far decided not to swim away. Having sunbathed a little, came into cafe. Masha understood cocktails, and suggested to drink "Mojito" with rum. Itself got drunk, and the Raven was accustomed to alcohol so was "as sober as a judge". But for mood it was also not obligatory for it to get drunk - and so I was cheerful on character. In Sanatorium Masha began to stick to the Raven again - undid to him shorts, and got a hand there. - Do you want again? - I asked the Crows. - Aha... - Masha a dissolute smile smiled. Having got a grandfather's dick, she kneeled, and began to suck it with pleasure. And the Raven sat on a bed and went bananas. Then this libertine Masha stripped to the skin, and jumped on the Crow (he managed to throw off from himself everything too). - Now I! - I told the Raven. And having put Mashenka on a back, I began to otlizyvat it. At first I licked писю, and then I developed Masha on a flank, and I got to lick its beautiful the daddy. And Masha fingered the clitoris at this time. The crow very much made horney her the daddy - such small and clean. Then I bended over Mashenka, and it was attached behind - the old and skillful dick began to plant in her pussy. Masha groaned and strong held a bed back. - I will show you! - I sentenced Crows, playfully patting on Masha's buttocks. - Hey yeah! - Masha in reply groaned, allowing the dick to plunge into herself completely. Through some time of Crows turned Masha on a back, and I laid down from above. Masha widely spread legs and continued to enjoy. They greedy kissed the Raven, drank each other saliva. The Raven sucked round Mashenka's uvula, she at him. It was so cool that Masha delightfully terminated. And the Raven still slightly pulled the socks up, and soon streamed in her. - This we have a rest! - enthusiastically Masha told, having a rest on a breast at the Raven. - Only you and I! - Yes, my small... - The raven caressed her on the head and watched how young tits nestle on his breast. Generally, rest was successful wonderfully well. Besides occupations love of Crows with Masha walked, came into different institutions, Masha drew sea landscapes ashore. - You know, darling … - I told somehow time of Crows. – I too once drew and even wrote verses. Art – it is fine! - It agrees. – Masha tenderly told. – It is still healthy when someone inspires you! Also I looked at the beloved grandfather. - Eh, you truly noticed it! – with disappointment he told. – Managed me to contact your grandmother! As began to live with her, so already became not before art … But for something I needed to pass this test, eventually I had you. However, I threw art for a long time and hardly I will already return to it, but the meaning of life found. - Your main art is your kindness! – Masha came off a picture and gave smacking kiss to him in a cheek. The raven smiled and silently agreed with her. When the permit ended, our heroes started on a way back. Generally I conducted the Crows, but also Masha sometimes took the wheel. She very much missed the girlfriend, and wanted to caress quicker her, to touch her native pisa with lips … Of course, they called up, but communication by phone is not that at all. And Ania missed the Raven and its skilled, old dick – with Ira it was good, but also the machismo began not to be enough over time. And not only the dick, of course – to live with the Raven there was real happiness. Expecting the Raven with Masha, she prepared different goodies. And still they with Ira shaved the pis that they were gladenkiye-gladenky. Arrived Masha and the Raven tired, but with good appetite. Ira wanted to caress already quicker, but suffered while Masha ate greedily the prepared dishes. And then the Crows with Ania is sent to the room, and Masha wanted in a shower on what Ira noticed that she can help her to be washed (by the way, they often washed together - helped to be soaped each other, rubbed a back). Of course, generally it developed into sex. Here and today Masha understood that it will be not just "soaping". The bathroom (as well as in the majority of the Soviet houses) was combined so Masha took seat at first on a toilet bowl, and peed, without hesitating of the girlfriend. Ira, of course, looked at it and still to the silena was made horney. Then girls got into a bathtub, and Ira began to wash carefully Masha, paying special attention to a pisa and the daddy. It very much was pleasant to Masha, and in breaks between soapings they kissed. - I can't any more, sit down on a bathtub, I want to lick you! - Ira on an ear whispered to the girlfriend. Masha sat down, having widely stretched legs - her beautiful holes became perfectly visible to Ira's look. Пися I grew a little, but it didn't frighten off Ira in any way. She sat down in a bathtub, and began to lick her pussy, beautifully driving on her language, and sometimes running in the daddy - lingered on her, and then came back to a pisa again. Masha caressed her on the head hands, it was visible that such caress is pleasant to her. Then Ira got the vibrator from a locker, and entered him in писю Masha, and itself continued to lick. Masha from such high began to squeal a little - hum of the vibrator merged with sounds of acute pleasure. And soon Masha terminated, trembling all over. Ira smiled, and accurately took out the vibrator, having at parting kissed писю. Girls kissed a little more, and Ira became over her, having slightly parted legs. Masha stuck into her clean-shaven pussy, and held hands the girlfriend by hips. Ira so waited for it! Masha licked her with great pleasure, without feeling sorry for forces (though I got tired from the trip). In conclusion, girlfriends settled in a bathtub, and pisyam began to rub, with pleasure groaning, and Ira terminated. Masha rubbed it писю a hand, a finger climbed a little inside, and found a smazochka which then I pinched from a finger. - What you are tasty... - she smiled. And they sat in a bathtub for a long time, embracing and kissing. Of course, and Crows with Ania time wasn't wasted in vain - he at first licked her писю, and then laid down from above, and the pedagogical tool in a brownish pisyu planted the. Ania was so horney that very quickly I terminated, and the Raven "worked" a little more, and then the dick pulled out, I rose slightly above, and "fired" a senile cum at her nipples. - Oh, as cool... - Ania approved, smearing his juice up to a breast. And Masha wasn't absolutely satisfied that day yet, and having a little had a rest, dragged Ania to the room while Ira with the Raven were in kitchen. Having laid the woman on a bed, she became over her, and ordered to lick the писю. Of course, Ania was doesn't mind at all, and licked with pleasure. And then Masha sat down pisy directly on her nipple, and began to turn on it until I terminated. But all the same on it I didn't calm down - for a long time I licked писю and the woman's anus, having forced to terminate also her. - I love all of you... - Masha whispered, kissing Ania on the lips, and fingering her bulked-up nipple. The crows with Ira everything was understood, and quietly had coffee in kitchen while those indulged in joys. - Well, I can tell that my life was successful! - I told the Raven. - You see what family we started - all love each other and appreciate! - Yes, it cool! - Ira agreed. - Together forever! And they "chyoknutsya" by cups. Here such remarkable story about our kind Teacher (and not only). Thank him for creation of such wonderful family. To make the World it is more best, it is necessary to begin with small - the family, the house. And there and others, God will give, will become more best, than were. date ideas nyc date hurricane ian hit florida site mapMain Page