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Hi everyone! My name is Masha, I am a blonde, I am 26 years old and don't want to brag, but I possess very attractive figure, with a height of 171 cm, I weigh only 48 kilograms, and a breast at the same time, let also not the third, but very elastic and precisely there isn't less second size. I had such problem, itself don't know why, but I didn't love sex. My husband was the second man in my life, and I really love him, but an orgasm neither with him, nor with the first man to him, at me never was. I liked embraces, kisses and caress, but sex to me didn't bring that freaky pleasure about which I read in books very much. Yes, it was pleasant, but no more than that. History about which I want to tell happened to me last winter under new year. At that time I approximately worked for about a year in IT of the company, we were engaged in automation of work of various large organizations. And during the next introduction, I and two more my colleagues guys was sent to a business trip to the neighboring city. Went there by train, left in the morning, arrived in the evening of the same day. On the place we had to perform all complex of commissioning and make training of employees. We with Andrey prepared abstracts on training, Maxim was responsible for installation, control and if necessary "dopilivaniye" on the place, crookedly working blocks. I don't know how many years were to guys, but they looked a little more young than my husband, can years to 30-32 each, and my husband already 34. On arrival we were lodged in hotel; the company had two rooms, in the first I moved into, and in the second, more, guys settled down. Everything occurred in the last day of our business trip. That evening we successfully finished all affairs, for the morning we were waited by the train back home, and today we decided to celebrate successfully complete introduction. Were located in number at guys because it was much more mine. We had no special budget, for three we had two big pizzas and two packages of wine. To tell honestly, I never perceived none of these guys seriously and the husband I really love the therefore and even any flirtation at work was completely excluded. However that evening, approximately in an hour, can through two sit-round gathering, jokes on the complete project and any tomfooleries, I suddenly found out that I sit on a sofa, very closely clamped from two parties, between Andrey and Maxim. At some point all talk between us abated, and I very obviously felt as on my leg, is slightly higher than a knee, Max's hand laid down and began to stroke my jeans a few. I was a little dumbfounded by what he affords, but him didn't take away a hand to understand, what he does now is how serious, I tried to peer at his a little intoxicated eyes. However at the same moment I felt how on the other hand, Andrey began немнжко to stroke my hair. Maybe alcohol on me so worked, fatigue at the end of the working day can just, but touches of guys were pleasant to me. For some moment I even covered eyes and felt slight pleasure from their caress. I don't argue, it was pleasant to me in their society, probably each girl likes to feel attractive, desired and touches of guys really began to make horney me. However leave well enough alone, it is necessary to finish these sit-round gathering until the situation managed to go too far. With resolute intention to stop all this I opened eyes, however at the same moment Andrey and so hotly approached my person and passionately I kissed me directly on a mouth that I just thawed and floated. Having forgotten about the husband and in general about everything on light, I began to kiss passionately with Andrey, his language got to me into a mouth and caressed my language. One hand he for a neck pressed me to himself, and the second hand greedy rumpled my breast through a jacket. Having turned away from Andrey towards Maxim, I began to kiss passionately also and with him. Itself I don't know what on me found, but I was so strongly made horney what never earlier was with the husband. Guys greedy touched me from two parties, and I continued to kiss passionately with Andrey, with Max! At some point from me pulled together a jacket and undid a brassiere. Andrey hotly kissed me on a neck, caressed my breast hands, I just shuddered from touches of his hot language, Max already tried to pull together at this time from me jeans. From the excitement which rolled on me I just closed eyes, and the small palms, itself without understanding as so it turned out, already smoothed out and pressed to myself the seducers. I don't know, what is the time all this proceeded, I was as though in fog, and came myself a little while was already only in some panties which, sitting before me on a lap, Andrey tried to pull together from me. I at this moment squeezed in the small palm a stake the standing dick of Max which continued to kiss passionately me in a neck and greedy rumpled my breast. At this moment, for the present there was no penetration, it was also possible to stop everything, and I really was going to make it, well probably, gathered. Well until felt as hot language of Andrey gently touched my already damp pussy! I published small groan, closed eyes, Max's dick released and both handles I pressed Andrey's head to the chink expiring from impatience. As his touches were pleasant, I never tested before anything! The husband caressed me language there too, but it was rather shchekotno, and here when this man caressed and greedy kissed me the gentle, sensual lips there, got into me the language — I just departed to space. Continuing to enjoy caress and pleasant feelings from below, I suddenly felt as something big and damp rests against my lips. Having opened eyes I saw a dick of Max, just huge from excitement, which he diligently tried to prisunut to me in a mouth. From surprise my mouth was a little slightly opened, and Maxim's efforts right there were crowned with success. I felt as his fat and damp dick got into my mouth, then having a little delayed me for hair, Max pulled out him and right there again inserted back. Having clasped my head with the hands Max began to fuck me in a mouth! At the same time he not that groaned, and made some strange sounds similar to some real growl! His fat and slippery dick dashingly got to me into the throat, from time to time causing emetic desires a little. At these moments I tried to be discharged a little of him, but he with a force attracted me back again and again! Out of the corner of the eye I saw as directly before me pulls together the jeans and Andrey! And here I already am kneeling in the middle of the room, and guys serially greedy fuck my mouth! I took in a mouth from the husband, but it was a little in a different way, then all initiative was completely on my party, and now I was just fucked, not I sucked away their dicks, no, guys, had me in a mouth! As though even competing among themselves someone will more deeply thrust the dick into my throat! And at this moment rigid oral a mouth, sorry, but I just can't call it in a different way, in my jeans which rolled on a floor suddenly for a long time phone rang out. On a call melody I understood that the husband calls. He knew that we had to finish the project today and probably wanted to congratulate on its end … The sense of guilt which suddenly rolled on me forced me to make the second attempt everything to stop. Really, my husband now, probably, worries, waits for me house while I am in the hotel room where two, absolutely others to me the man, serially fuck me in a mouth! — No, I should go, the husband waits for me — with these words I rose to the feet back and tried to be discharged of fucking me in Andrey's mouth. Receding a back back, I right there rested buttocks against a dick of Max standing behind which was already so damp and slippery from long oral a mouth that without effort at once, completely I entered my long ago pussy exuding from lubricant! Holy Christ, as it was pleasant to me at that moment, it is simple not to express it in words! Feeling of a hot firm dick inside, at that moment from pleasure at me legs just gave away! And I really probably would fall if I at that moment me wasn't picked up by Andrey who clung to me in front! I felt as Max greedy fucks me behind the dick, felt his strong hands on the buttocks which furiously pulled me here and there. — Fuck, fuck me, my darling — I whispered, just failing from pleasure in some deep chasm of consciousness. While behind me Maxim rigidly fucked, in front, Andrey, fussy, but unsuccessfully too tried to prisunut to me somewhere. He continually tried to attract my head down to insert to me into a mouth, but at that moment I began to be filled up and already holding him hands again rose upward. With each new movement of Max, with each new penetration of his dick I felt how some avalanche of excitement literally rises from where from below my stomach and already just about will cover me entirely! I very loudly groaned, my shouts, probably, was heard on all floor, but to me was already all the same! My become soft, gentle little body was strung literally by a firm and impudent dick of mine ёбаря! After his next entry into my excited interior, I suddenly felt as strongly I shuddered and then right there my pussy strained, in the same second tension was transferred further on all body and I tested the first, but probably the orgasm, strongest in the life! My body relaxed in the last second, was strongly strained now and literally shook on pleasure waves which were over and over again rolled from the pussy and escaped outside through my loud groans! I cumed! At this moment of a hand of Max strongly squeezed my buttocks, and I felt as in me from his dick the stream of a hot cum literally gushes forth! My boy began to cum too! Hardly Max got from me the dick as his place was taken right there by Andrey. He as though felt that he was late and very much tried to make up for lost time. He clasped me behind with hands, and directly standing, very quickly moving a basin, greedy and promptly fucked me the dick! Without having managed to depart from the previous orgasm I also began to feel as new comes nearer! No constraint existed any more, I was just fucked by one guy, and now fucks another! I just hung on his strong hands and received everything new and new portions of pleasure. However to my regret Andrey didn't finish the business, left me, sharply developed me and having clasped with a hand for a nape attracted my head to the dick, at this moment he furiously jerked off the second. And from his dick to me directly in a face the stream of a warm cum, then one more and still struck some moments. Having attracted my head stronger, Andrey thrust the dick which is throwing up a cum to me into a mouth and continued to cum already directly there! There was many cum, not in my rules was to swallow, but in a different way there it was simple not to survive! He nakonchat to me for both cheeks and I was simply forced to swallow all this. When his dick at me in a mouth ceased to gush forth and became soft, Andrey left me alone and released. Before me on a bed two naked men who just fucked me and terminated one in a pussy, and another in a mouth sat. I just now began to understand that I did and very strongly was frightened. To me it was terrible that my husband learns about all this what he then will tell?! In panic I quickly packed the things, hastily put on and a bullet took off from number. That night before departure I didn't close eyes, on the one hand I worried about the husband, on the other hand I madly wanted to return back to guys. It isn't clear when still and in general whether such opportunity will be given me once again to enjoy much delights of the real rough sex! date ideas long island friendship day date in india site mapMain Page