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You won't believe but I don't care - I was a pioneer novel again - at this huge man the dick appeared all in what - that knobs, the pulsing veins, all this was live, hot, fought hot pulse, somewhere contracted raszhimatsya, twitched, sought to rest and escape generally there was everything as and it was impossible to present. Just about----in in every sense this word, (and it is possible to understand sense of this word only having visited my place), I at last reached his head.! No."! No."! No. "!" No.!;: %;: %;";!" No.!!!!!!!!! I know to me the very few will believe - but here reached me (eyes are tied still with a scarf), the fact that it seemed to me tears on my cheeks and a neck there were not absolutely my tears any more they already almost dried by then, there is not one my shivering peshcherka flowed streams - he тёёёёёк, and in what a way too! Huge adult! the man before whom I am a virgin twice smaller I was kneeling kissing and licking its invisible but such real - in all my head x-y, I flowed not worse me helpless as a kitten without straining me at all. Here I understood clearly that expression means "to hold for balls" because this I and did in the most tender and dissolute ways - he didn't even try to twitch he to me was given - more abruptly than I could be sent to that moment to him. I felt is so unusually so grateful that began diligently (not without reason I am an honors pupil), to slowly try to suck this dick, to caress it sponges, a uvula, to lick his balls yes a lot of things to do that just you won't describe words. From time to time I brought him to some magnificent convulsions and spasms and in fear stopped thinking that I to him just came п----c. And he tore off me from these occupations stunned as the addict and kissed gently in a mouth which was already all in taste of juice of his dick. Calling behind calling the situation all was heated and it was especially strongly hammered into one of especially my diligent and dissolute caress in my hands, and in my careful mouth the hot pulsing stream of his cum rushed. Without knowing for what reasons he tried to slip out my mouth, but I nestled to him as the sufferer to a source and drank, drank, sucked and again drank this pulsing stream as if a vampirka, so I understood what means to be a woman "vamp". Feeling that then he can't be left differently he simply сдохнёт from contrast I without stopping quietly I caressed him a uvula, sponges and the dick gradually sucked reducing heat that he could get used to the end and not be disappointed in me. In a head all the time the phrase from some work (thanks to classics) for some reason turned that horses can't be stopped at once - will get busted. At last he calmed down and long silently caressed my head. After that and any shame there was no speech also. I felt that he was again made horney, growled that like "forgive me if you can", got on feet, strained. I became rude and strong and I only managed to peep "in a mouth", having obediently opened it and having begun to whimper for fear, completely почувствав his force and desire. He just took and ate away me in a mouth already standing, I felt that it is necessary for him not to rape me and not gram didn't resist and when he entered my mouth, planting me in the throat absolutely ceased, to be afraid having understood, as this time will keep the virgin, just trying to get a mouth to a rhythm of his movements. But the difference in my and his efforts was it is visible is big and he periodically stopped е---ть me in a mouth giving me the chance to flush the lungs with air for what I to him diligently licked balls and a dick that probably was especially pleasant to him and constrained his some time, and then he began to fuck my mouth again. So I understood that the man all this first of all an animal, and then already the person, but I was so grateful to him for everything and first of all for the fact that else the virgin that diligently I tried to deliver him a maximum of the pleasant moments by all available means. In one of such breaks when I as the madwoman caressed it a mouth itself, twisting on his dick a uvula as if the propeller, he growling as if the animal terminated to me in a mouth the second time and as knocked down I slipped to my legs without movement. While he lay having writhed on a floor and on his body spasms ran, I found blindly a mouth his still standing dick and continued it to caress quietly a mouth though he also tried to push away?! me, growling as an animal with some note of shame and powerlessness. To him probably, it was a shame that he flew into a rage and actually I raped mine the truth not a chaste mouth. And me it was for some reason good and it isn't a shame to suck at him at this moment at all and to caress his dick. I felt that he can't be left into this moment and even seemed to me that it is my initial lust was somehow given him and he isn't guilty of anything, and the fact that it was a shame to him the atrocity over mine a mouth (so far only a mouth), in general just pleased me and even somehow amused perhaps. Then he recovered and long embraced my legs having put me the head on knees and I felt absolving all sins, to this sinner (don't forget about my and his sizes - not the weak picture yes is to you not the Mexican series on TV) - when on your legs of the thirty sixth size hulk in centner just at you the virgin raped your obedient mouth and terminated in him thanks to your efforts, and repents of a mouth still unique taste of the fact that on your knees - it I will tell you something!!! After that he decided to thank me and began now by the mouth to thank my pussy expiring juice. I just don't undertake to describe as badly I remember what he did, I remember just groaned, shouted and made upward movement as the madwoman. We fucked each other uvulas of times on five in the wildest poses and were cut down in a pose "69". I remember just being cut down I distinctly felt special taste mixed his cum and juice of my pussy in a mouth, and it yes speaks about something. But also a hogwash I wanted to write all this not about it. I went on next time already nothing without being afraid, so pregnancy thanks to tablets didn't threaten me (thanks to the Internet with his education), but I just wanted more than to lose the virgin and I knew that it can suit it. Uff how many I wrote I was already tired, the fair word, is time to be rounded. The counter in that and I heard about it anywhere that he fucked me somehow on special without having torn the virgin, just slowly on centimeter entering me, not рвя but only pressing the virgin on her and stretching. In the end I was slowly stuck on his dick, stretching the virgin exactly so to confuse a high with pain not рвя her until we didn't cum. I can precisely tell that this inexpressible feeling when you on literally on millimeter are stuck on a dick of the huge man, remaining the virgin and there is an intimate dream of any virgin or masochist. We with him did for a long time the most mad things what I won't tell anybody, about first because long, secondly it is a shame and all the same you won't believe. I am sorry only about one - that didn't become pregnant and married him. I couldn't stop any more and went to touch men with the new knowledge. But more to me with anybody it wasn't so good and it is mad. And I write that is why - this madwoman, the lewd, inventive reserved swine, now anybody doesn't meet, he has a hang-up he recognizes - only virgins, but for anybody the bitch doesn't run. In due time I with anybody didn't share him, and now I have all girlfriends not girls for a long time. So lovely girls if are wishing from the capital of villages write I will throw phone of this unique person. date ideas in spanish fork date ideas oahu site mapMain Page