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The boy who called me wasn't presented, but his voice was familiar to me. Hardly I answered a call as he right there started talking. Most likely, the guy was to strike not sickly though spoke quickly enough, and with obvious aggression: — Zdarova. Well, tomorrow we to your mother will be filled up, we will continue to bring up this bitch as it is necessary — was distributed his laughter and several more guys — Got that? Tell her that in advance I greased the point with vaseline, I will arrange to her, the bitch бл … Without having finished speaking, he hung up. "Why he in general called me if they have number of mother?" — I thought. Anyway, I was intrigued therefore since early morning of the next day already I sat on other apartment. Hours in 11 the call to a door was distributed. Mother approached and looked in a peephole. How quickly her face from neutral was changed on disturbing and disappointed when she saw crowd of guys there. However she remained nothing except how to open for them a door. On her threshold right there crowd 8 teenagers among whom I was became hollow and if it is possible so to speak, main, because of the organization of his father mother also got into similar situation. All other guys were also familiar to me, except one. This boy by the form was years 19, in general allocated with nothing unless he had strange dialect and he looked too untidy. While all guys took off outerwear, mother just stood and silently shifted from one foot to the other on one place. She with a certain caution and confusion translated the look from one boy to another, obviously without knowing what to tell them and whether she can make something. The new guy looked almost all the time at her and when he took off the cape, I approached mother slightly closer and without any prevention, having seized her behind by a waist, attracted to himself with intention to kiss her on a mouth. However mother opposed it, having slightly pushed away the guy and having taken away the head. After that the guy released her and told: — Oh, the bitch at you at all not trained. Doesn't know how the owners need to be met. Behind him also main approached closer: — Yes, we so far with her work, pride for her, to see, more than enough and this with the fact that on the left and to the right sucks dicks. — Well — I answered untidy — soon at us on the first call will resort on all fours and to lick legs. Mother with astonishment and even with some rage looked at how she is discussed how some thing. At that moment she, probably, had an inflow of pride and she began to say to guys that she before them won't be humiliated, will be enough her and so can't proceed any more. Boys only with astonishment looked at her. — Oh that, the truth it is impossible to do with you it? Then, give, object us something! — one of guys said. Mother, having faltered, I began to speak about the human rights, advantage and other. — Somehow you not really thought of all this when you directly in this corridor stood and sucked away to me a her, agreeing to be my thing — I told main. Further guys 10 in paints reminded even minutes mother of the reason on which she now in such situation. Mother to it opposed and tried to argue, but in depth understood that, at least partially, they are right. The more guys spoke, the inflow of pride of mother began to die away stronger. By the time of when one of them told her to take off clothes, this inflow finally was gone also mother, already wiping tears, obediently began to pull together from itself clothes. In a minute she already faced crowd of guys in some pants. Untidy I approached her and, having half come to mother for a back, I grasped her panties and, having squeezed them a fist, I began to pull up. The part of pants adjoining to her buttocks literally went deep between her rolls because the boy began to pull them strongly. Thanks to it usual black mother's panties became similar to thongs for some time. Having stopped pulling them, he in one movement pulled together pants from mother, having bared its snow-white, in relation to other body, buttocks and hips. His hand instantly laid down on the mother's back. So far it oblapyvat her buttocks, constantly said that praised it not just like that. All this time mother only stood, having bent the head and pursing lips. But a minute later the guy in one movement sharply pushed several fingers straight in a juicy mother's bum almost against the stop and began to bash out actively them. Mother screamed from surprise and sharp pain and instinctively stretched the hand to a hand of the boy. For it by her the painful slap on a cheek after which mother took away the hand and I became right there arrived, having narrowed eyes and having gritted teeth, to suffer shamefully until this guy plays enough with her buttocks. The guy quite strongly pulled fingers upward and because he was a cut above mothers, she had to get up very much on toes that though to reduce a little these painful feelings. When he finished and pulled out fingers that, having put a hand to mother on a hip and having pressed her to itself, told: — In spite of the fact that the bitch who isn't trained nevertheless her bum was praised really not just like that. Would be the real crime not to force such smart magnificent rolls. Mother stood and slightly rubbed a hand the fifth point which began to ache a bit because of the guy. After that the boy turned mother to himself the person and having strong clasped her bum with two hands, brought up mother to himself, having kissed her on a hickey. She even didn't manage to react, only instinctively stood up on toes. Of course, mother began to push away a little him hands, pushing the guy in a breast, and nevertheless, continued to suffer his impudent kiss obediently. When he came unstuck from her lips, mother was taken away to the room where the rest of guys began to oblapyvat her already. As suddenly main told: — By the way, nearly I forgot about a gift. He left the room, having returned in a minute and holding something behind the back. — Give on knees, vividly — he told — and hands for a back. Without knowing what to expect, mother timidly and slowly fell to a humiliating pose, already habitual for her, and cramped hands at herself behind. The boy approached and began to put on something to her a neck. It was the black, made of some dense material quite big collar. However it was not simple, on it was distinct whether engraved by white letters, whether several phrases are embroidered. They were located around. Having brought closer the image of the cam, I could make out them. It was written in French and the first said: "La parole du maître pour moi est la loi" that the word of the owner for me — the law" was translated approximately as ", the second: "Mon cul juteux est fait pour être violé" — "My juicy bum is created to be raped", and the third: "Ma vocation est d’être une poupée sexuelle pour le maître" — "My calling — to be a sex doll for the owner". Mother didn't manage to ask why all this is necessary as the chain which, despite decorative effect, was quite strong was already attached to a collar. Mother didn't see inscriptions on the new accessory therefore I didn't even guess that happening to her it is even more humiliating, than it seemed to her. And here she, with a collar on a neck, sits on a lap naked, on a chain which end is held with all the heart by the guy hated by her. Having slightly raised the head up, mother understood that for a chain began to pull strongly, and having looked at the guy, saw how he one hand pulls her on himself. Without any chances of resistance, mother began to creep up humiliating to the guy closer, following the chain pulling her neck and a collar. Several seconds later, her head almost in an emphasis was attracted to the guy's groin. One hand he pulled a chain up, and another strong seized mother by hair. — And so, now you attentively remember rules, understood, the bitch? The first rule is connected with your collar: you don't remove him, well, maybe, only during sleep now. In the rest of the time you always in it, understood? Tell "yes" if understood. By the shivering voice mother tried to object, but her head hair compressed even stronger, let clearly to her to understand that it is senseless to argue now. So in a second after that, from mother was heard same shaking and plaintive "yes". — The second, now all of us will come more often and even to remain for several days and all this time while at least one of us here, you have no right to wear on yourself any element clothes. In other words, at us you will go exclusively naked, well or in what we will tell you personally. Understood? It was visible how mother pursed lips, constraining an impact of tears. And having once again crossed through the pride, I answered in the affirmative. — As we didn't manage to think up for you all rules yet, they will appear further and any of them you, the confused bitch, unconditionally you accept and you agree. Nod if understood. Though with a small delay, but mother sadly nodded. — Well and the fourth, from this point you treat all of us on formal terms if it is necessary to address somehow, then you speak "owner". At the end of any phrase you will be obliged to add this word. For non-execution of any of rules, punishment will follow. It seemed to me that mother even shuddered, and her face became even more concerned. "Yes, mummy, it isn't really pleasant to call the owners group of teenagers, with impunity you forcing" — I thought. — I don't hear confirmation, a knot! — the guy slightly shouted at mother and stronger I pulled a chain up. From mother in response to it only the next plaintive was heard "I understood". After that on her cheek the painful slap right there arrived. — Did you, in my opinion, badly understand the last rule, huh? — the guy who gave her slap in the face told. Holding a hand the cheek burning because of blow, mother lifted up the asking eyes on the guy, but in response to him saw only his spiteful and impudent grin. And having lowered a look she, without having held back tears any more, I hardly squeezed out from myself treasured: — I understood … the owner … At that moment, perhaps, the apogee of her humiliations was reached. Naked, sitting on a floor, with a collar on a chain, she addressed "owner" 19 to the summer guy who already repeatedly raped her. After that mother forced to change clothes. She was given a small black undershirt, stockings in a network and panties with braces and small lace. Probably, these clothes still for her money were bought in the sex shop. Further tied with a scarf eyes and the guy forced her to creep the whole hour for himself on the apartment, periodically giving a chain to other guys, and mother continued to follow obediently them, without seeing anything before herself. In passing to her thrashed buttocks so that after the third or fourth blow she was all red. Thrashed also both cheeks, and a back. Sometimes grabbed legs that mother, executing the next awkward movement, because of the bandage which is put on eyes, fell flatwise then she which is already lying was pressed legs to a floor, without allowing her to get up. At once the guy holding a lead strongly pulled him upward, other two boys seized mother by hands, and the fourth lowered a little the undershirt put on mother and attached two clips connected among themselves by a chain to her nipples. Then began to pull strongly them for this chain. Mother right there began to shout, scream and publish the mass of other sounds expressing pain. All this was followed by loud snickers of guys and obzyvatelstvo towards mother. Having finished these jeers, they returned to an initial position, and mother, with already untied eyes and completely bared, appeared at a groin of the main guy again. However, this time, trousers on him weren't any more, and before her face his horney dick appeared. And hardly mother began, already to some extent for herself, habitually, slightly choking, to suck away this dick as the guy told: — Oh, apparently, we forgot about one more our gift. Bring it, our whore can't wait to be influenced by it. Mother hard swallowed the risen fear lump. One of guys left the room, having returned with some small suitcase. When he opened him, all saw that inside anal hooks, various by the sizes, with a mass of nozzles at choice lay. The guy chose, perhaps, the most rigid of them. On that nozzle there were four spheres which were located on increase, so, that the biggest of them entered the last at once. With a nozzle a hook to look I became many times more impressive. The mother's, filled with fear person, ideally gave emotions of the woman understanding that now will violently push this big thingummy in her. Примотав to a reverse side of a hook one of the ends of a chain, the guy fastened other her end to mother's collar. Mother with obvious caution and uncertainty in a voice, began to ask the boy will stop. Having tightened her face to itself he told: — And so, now I will drive to you this hook in a bum. Your task — to suffer. With him you will go not less than 2 hours. Any peep, groan or something else during process of his zapikhivaniye — I add hour by this time. Mother only blinked and slightly nodded. In one moment she was put in the necessary pose and by the first, the smallest of spheres on a hook, was inserted into her buttocks. On this moment the flood of tears of mother slightly amplified, but she indeed didn't make a sound. However the guy wasn't going to spare her so he inserted the 2 and 3 sphere much more sharply and quicker, literally for one movement. Of course, here mother had no chances to restrain and from her the groan escaped lingering, shivering because of crying. The boy several times moved a hook in different directions because of what some more not less sweet groans were heard. Mother's knees and hands already strongly shivered, but on the way there was one more, biggest sphere. It, unfortunately for mother, the guy inserted not less sharply, than previous 2. As soon as the hook was completely inserted, from mother the flood of tears rushed, and groans began to turn into squeals. He came really deeply, but the seen picture was worth it. The hook ideally externally took the form of buttocks and a part of a back of mother. The chain connecting a hook and a collar hardly stretched so now any movement of her neck right there was given by a painful echo in her poor buttocks. And guys weren't themselves if didn't force her after that, pulling mother a lead, to twist the head and a neck as often as possible more sharply. — Well as to you hook, bitch? Deeply got? To go by the way, to you with him now oh as long. Personally I counted not less than 3 additional hours. In reply mother only burst into tears more, begging the guy though to spare her a little. — Don't worry, I already put the timer — the boy continued to mock, even without noticing her words. Judging by emotions of mother the hook came really as it is necessary, deeply and densely. When her forced to creep again, all her movements became considerably held more down and were followed by postanyvaniye, sighs and even rare requests to pull out it. For certain, at those moments, mother strongly regretted that she had so juicy buttocks. Her big, chubby and allocated back always drew attention. Even prior to all these events there were cases when we, for example, went with mother by public transport on affairs, and I always noticed how stare at her. Or rather, on her bum, by itself. Stared as teenagers who after several seconds of contemplation, hid hands in pockets, trying to hide struts, and quite adult men some of which it was already obvious for 60. And in all these views only one desire was always read — to properly fuck these sweet buttocks. There were even two cases when we with mother had to go to the subway in rush hour, in the car which is completely filled by people. In the first case it was the gray-haired bearded man, by sight to him was years under 60 at least. He stood directly behind mother and, trying to simulate most plausibly a second-hand market, actively nestled the torso on her buttocks. In the second case the man was far younger, to him was about years 25-30. He came further away and without constraint share one hand impudently oblapyvat her back during couple of seconds. Mother, naturally, felt it and in advance showing discontent, began to turn back, but the man already squeezed through crowd and was dissolved in her. However differences from a present situation were striking. Especially that earlier everything was limited only to observation and imaginations. Only in the cases described above two came a little further. In these circumstances it turned out so that, figuratively speaking, the same teenagers, just yesterday only staring at the mother's back and imagining anything, can already do with him today everything that will wish. There passed about 3 hours since the moment as the anal hook was driven in mother's buttocks. All this time guys continued "to bring up" it though by and large all perfectly understood that on mother they just projected the different fetishes and humiliated her just for the hell of it. Desire to pounizhat her was so big that in all 3 hours she was never fucked, just didn't find on it time. Guys only jerked off on her, or forced mother to do it to them by hands. Jerked off her stupnyam, between thighs, hair, everything, than could only think up. So after the first hour almost from each part of a body of mother large white drops of a cum flew down, and in some places they even managed to dry up. All this was followed by constant obzyvatelstvo and a plentiful stream of a mat towards mother. Some of boys loved before beginning to jerk off on her, properly to be rubbed by dicks about mother's face. They forced her to the knees, got up a semicircle, threw back her head and began to rub the devices. Drove and tapped on lips, a nose, cheeks, a forehead and the closed eyes. Put on her balls and them continued to rub, in passing forbidding mother to breathe through the mouth that she could "enjoy" all abundance of scale of smells which were exhaled by their dicks. It I was if it is possible so to speak, a certain humiliating ceremony to which they subjected mother before splashing out on her the seed. One of guys rummaged in mother's things and could find a beautiful brassiere, black with lace, there. Mother bought his few years ago, but never put on because it was too frank and vulgar. Of course, the first thought of the guy was to force her to try on the found thing. All her refusals as always were ignored so several seconds later the brassiere was already put successfully on. Mother very erotically, whether slightly more better, than with completely bared breast looked in it. Black elegant, half the transparent brassiere ideally adjoined to her breast, doing it many times is more expressive. The boy who found it couldn't restrain and, having approached mother, the dick between her breasts pushed. Further he forced mother to draw in hands of her boob that they clasped his device more densely, and ordered her to move up and down. With the anal hook which is deeply thrust into her buttocks and already got a bit tired mother it was incredibly heavy to make all these gestures. Not only that a foreign object brought her discomfort from any her movement, so also the guy, whose dick was clamped between her breasts now, actively thrashed mother on cheeks if she at least reduced a little the speed with which I jerked off his device. Mother as could strongly squeezed hands the boobs that the guy terminated quicker and, at last, calmed down. Later a couple of minutes the guy caught it by hair, using them as a support and, having made some more movements, plentifully I terminated. The cum right there splashed a brassiere and mother's breast, having a little got on a neck. When the guy departed, she, panting began to brush away drops of his seed. But she didn't manage to clean that small part which got on a neck as before herself the following dick saw. The order of the boy to clamp him between boobies again I followed immediately. Having raised the head on the guy facing it mother slightly wiped the acted tears and having heaved a deep sigh, rose, having begun to push through the guy's dick under a brassiere again, further squeezing him boobs. And how many mother wouldn't complain of fatigue and didn't cry, unfortunately for her, all from the being present guys used her breast for self-satisfaction. Too sexually and attractively that black brassiere looked on her. There passed hardly a half of the allowed time, and the mother's poor buttocks were already quite strongly angry, for a minute didn't lag behind her, continually fingering a hook, pulling a chain or him. Sometimes guys too were fond, and the hook instead of persuasive discomfort began to bring acute pain. At such moments mother right there screamed and in tears begged them to stop. When there was about an hour before the expiration of the allowed time, some of guys someone else had forces and a cum in balls, decided to try feelings, new to themselves. By that moment mother herself also was already strongly tired as physically from the continuous violent acts directed to her and morally from constant various humiliations. The first guy forced her to sit down on him, and the second got up from above. Mother was obviously nervous because she didn't understand what they were going to do with her together, one of "passes" for dicks was occupied. I didn't keep to wait for the answer to her mute question long. The boy lying under her seized mother by a waist and, having tightened to himself, the dick to her inserted into a vagina. And what mother's surprise and at the same time fear when the second boy began to push through the device there was. She began to shout and push away on them, but was already late. Both dicks already began to stick roughly and rigidly mother. Mother never had a double vaginal and, think, she never counted on it. And especially she didn't expect to be raped in this way by two teenagers. Dicks densely rubbed the friend about the friend and about her vagina, being hardly located there together. At with pleasure and plaintively groaning mother wasn't any forces any more on somehow to resist. So she just continued to groan, occasionally trying to wipe infinitely sliding tears. To watch the events and to hear all these sounds caressing hearing performed by mother it was too exciting. Therefore couple more of guys didn't keep: one approached and the dick drove in a mother's throat, so, that his balls rested against her chin, and the second got up at the corner of a bed, took a mother's hand and, having clasped with her the dick, began to jerk off him. Despite fatigue, guys, most likely, darn well were so made horney because they fucked mother as it is necessary. Even the boy who was bashing out her hand did it quite aggressively and quickly. Mother at this time, clearing the throat from the dick which is deeply pushed into her throat and trying to swallow a huge stream of saliva and presemen that it is banal not to choke, somehow I squeezed out from myself plaintive sounds. On intonation it was possible to assume that these sounds mixed with crying most likely were her muffled entreaties turned to the guys fucking it that those stopped or were at least softer. Mother's situation and the truth was difficult to envy. Only one anal hook, all this time which was quite deeply in her poor buttocks brought a lot of unpleasant feelings. And now besides him, she was rigidly fucked in a vagina at once by two dicks, she had to jerk off one more, and the fourth continually forced the way against the stop in her throat, every time forcing to choke and release new streams of tears from eyes. "It is interesting as far as you, mummy, regret now that you walked smack in all this story with money? Or perhaps you are sorry about the too sexual body which attracted these bastards more?" — I reflected, watching how mother continues to be fucked ruthlessly and rigidly. The guys who had her vagina terminated the first, having filled a mother's uterus with a double portion of a cum. The following the boy whose dick was served by her mouth terminated. He accelerated and, having again against the stop inserted a dick to mother into a throat, terminated. Mother boomingly began to cough and, having rolled up eyes, began to swallow gradually of what was naspuskat by her tyrant. When he already pulled out a dick, a part of a cum also fell victim to the tongue and, and a bit later, on lips from where to her, by order of the same boy, everything was necessary to pinch and swallow absolutely. And the guy who was bashing out by means of a mother's hand released the fourth the cum. When he was on the way, other three already managed to depart. This boy took away a mother's hand before the termination and, having directed a dick to her face, plentifully on him terminated. Mother only was also in time that to narrow eyes before several plentiful streams of a cum were splashed out on her cheeks, lips and even a forehead. After it she fell almost flat-out. All crowd of guys, laughing, discussing plans for evening and all just occurred, I began to gather. So far they put on, at untidy and main dialogue was started: — Yes, it is good we this bitch of an otkhuyarila — I told main enough. — Aha, will keep at a distance. But there is still a lot of work. — Well to do, we will continue. At least, the foundation is laid and this impudent bitch is already chained. They obviously liked to speak about mother in similar pejorative tone, probably, at those moments they felt the greatest power over her. Almost before their leaving dawned on mother that she, most likely, won't be able to take out a foreign object as that was tired out quite deeply from the buttocks, so also it is hardly pulled together with a chain with a collar. Having overcome fatigue and, once again, own pride, she wiped a face from a cum and left in a corridor, having addressed the guy. Not to run into the next troubles she had to begin the request with words: "Excuse … the owner". "It is interesting as far as it is difficult for you to address in this way such person?" — I thought, having heard her words. — What is? In a bum the bitch stirs something and? — venomously I took an interest main — I thought, you after a double vaginal were cut down. So, well time I am alive-is healthy, itself you understand that that we pulled out to you a hook — it is necessary to ask us well. On a body of mother the next shiver of fear ran, but on the person it was visible that she, in general, knew that she and will be. Having sighed she began to kneel. When she sat down completely, untidy told: — Here, already you know the pose. Hours of your education were not in vain. Mother, though it isn't really noticeable, but I gritted teeth for the rolled offense and slightly I squeezed the hands lying on a lap. However even so, main I could notice her silent rage therefore decided to press on sick. — Offensively and, bitch? Yes, I think, very much — he told, having sat down by mother behind — Well, it is necessary to suffer. Remember, now humiliation is your new lifestyle. So get used. Couple of drops of tears of offense fell on mother's knees. But she didn't manage to burst into tears fully as the guy inclined her forward, and, having unhooked the chain connected to a hook from a collar, I began to take out a foreign object slowly. Having pulled out the first sphere, the guy told: — And now begin to beg that I pulled out the others. Having slightly had a little cry, mother began to be at proper words, and it is humiliating to ask the guy to pull out from her a hook. Somewhere later minutes of the 5th continuous verbal shame, postanyvaniye and short squeals of mother, the hook was taken out. She didn't manage to exhale and raise plainly the head as heard the guy's voice: — So, and now gratitude for my generosity. After these words mother saw before herself the bared leg of the speaking boy. — It is necessary to work as language — having grinned he told. Earlier mother already had to lick to him legs, but it is hardly possible to get used to similar. So in spite of the fact that she was forced it to make not for the first time, of several seconds of a perebaryvaniye of loathing and the next entreaties to take pity, thrown into emptiness, it didn't save. And, having made a small pause, mother began to bring closer the person to his leg. The guy's hand which pressed it from a nape helped to come nearer even quicker. Having been almost in an emphasis pressed to his leg mother, having hardly held again rolled tears, I began to lick obediently a foot of the of 19 summer owners. After 5 minutes the boy, at last, allowed mother to raise the head. As soon as she sat down, having exactly straightened a back, on her cheek right there arrived, though not really strong, but sensitive slap in the face after which the boy said goodbye to mother till tomorrow and I left the apartment. Also other group of boys, надавав to her before leaving of tasty slaps in the face followed his example. When the last from teenagers left the apartment, mother got up, rubbing a red cheek, and wearily went to a shower. After washing in a mirror she began to examine a collar from which I could unhook a chain independently. Having used the translator, she could understand that on him is written from what desire to carry him became even less. However she had no choice therefore further when I was at home, she specially put on things which could close her neck. As main said goodbye to mother till tomorrow, to come back home I didn't see sense in this connection he and remained to sit on other apartment waiting for the next day. It is sent: mthrfckr date ideas halloween dateline murdaugh site mapMain Page