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Chapter 1. Aimo princess. I brushed away a wet bang from a face. In the bus it was terrible hot. All music in a player span already on the second circle long ago, water in a plastic bottle reached a limit, I died of a heat and thirst, and it was necessary to go to my native town about 40 more minutes. The only thing that pleased - it is an anticipation of happy eyes of mother and father when they find out that their adored daughter entered the University. I was so happy and proud, however most of all I amused the fact that in a month I will leave the town where was born, and can be more there I won't return … To forget, forget, to forget all! So … and now is more detailed … My name is Yulya, this year I graduated from school on a gold medal. Appearance-ordinary, Small - height of 154 cm, dark as a resin curls go down to roughly speaking, bums, a bright pink bang on half of face, dark brown eyes, the pierced lip, ears tunnels with plugs, on a neck - the heap of any crosses, chains and to that similar, on hands gadgets, is dressed in a black undershirt, jeans and gym shoes. Thin, sports, it is possible to tell even slender … Well, so-so … As you thought, I am emo girls. You don't hurry to bend noses what all people around, at all not emo laugh at. Only pathetic peacockery with a public roar and razors over a wrist. No … Aimo is a manifestation not only grieves and nonsenses, however also mad character, children's spontaneity, sincerity, fun and happiness. The clothes don't matter at all. Well, I don't argue, I like all these crocks, gym shoes, black-pink belongings … However to be real emo of it there isn't enough. So, something I rasfilosofstvovatsya … Well, I ridiculous, joyful and at the same time rather serious emochka.=) is slightly boastful, I adore arithmetics, I sing and I play on Geeta Re and a piano, I listen to all that it is heavier, remarkably I draw!, I adore rollers and a board, I have many friends, at the same time of little girls girlfriends only two. And here I adore being on friendly terms with guys. I in their ranks - "own" young man, for certain it therefore that from the childhood I grew at the squabbler … Perfectly I understand computers therefore arrived on faculty of applied arithmetics and informatics. I will be a programmer! And now food to the house to please mother and the father … In principle, I am a happy person … Only … Heart is broken. I adore the young man to whom on me completely to spit. The it isn't less, I am with him already 5 years nearby. This is my best acquaintance Radik. Fine, clever and talented … is shorter, I without chances. For a long time I thought. But … for some reason the heart doesn't wish to forget this black-eyed magic. Eh, it is good че about sad! The basic that now I am completely happy … I arrived to the house, I pleased mother and the father. 9 o'clock in the evening, I lie on a sofa and I communicate on ICQ with one quite good friend Denis. It is necessary to tell, I was the first handsome man at our school. The highest, blonde, blue eyes … Well, dream of all little girls. He completely wasn't pleasant to me, I despised him for flat jokes and consciousness possess own pluses. Bore, well. More precisely, so I thought till last month. Later it from some nothing was added to me to Asya, and we began to communicate. In a month great became friends! Though it wasn't possible to go out for a walk in common not in the town, I … Yes none of us in principle were also sorry about it. Communicated only therefore that completely thought the friend to the friend and met in many respects. I even didn't think that we will sometime meet. But the destiny solved in a different way. - "You already at home?" - he writes me. - "Aha, not so long ago I arrived. And you?" - I gather fingers. - "Also now I come … I think here what now in the evening to do … Friends didn't arrive yet." Pierced my brain with a thought: "Neuzh wishes to meet?!!" I decided to check: - "I don't know, personally I don't want anywhere … now I will roll about before a TV set and to sleep". - "It is a pity …" - the answer followed. - "And what?" - "Just thought … can, we will walk now in common?" - and the confused smile at the end of the offer. I thoughtfully propped up a palm a cheek. There was a wish to sleep terribly, however and there was no wish to miss a meeting also. Eventually, it was curious to have a look as we will communicate alive. And I wrote: - "give!" date format html date ideas cincinnati site mapMain Page