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The eighth day of rest In the morning Dasha was still laconic with me. And I noticed still something - when we gathered for a breakfast, she removed from herself a wedding ring and put it on a bedside table. I was surprised: - Dash, you never remove a ring... - You know, I am every time when I bathe, I think, suddenly I will lose it. Let more better in number will lie down, it will be so more reliable, - I saw that she dissembled, but didn't begin to develop a subject. Dasha went to a breakfast in a beach dress and a bathing suit that from restaurant to go to the sea. Mikhail sat down by us for a table, and Dasha, as well as the day before, blossomed at once. Spoke about anything and when finished a meal, Mischa addressed my wife: - You it seems as to Sergey wanted to tell something... - Someone, I? - affectedly Dasha was surprised, and I saw that it actually understands what it there is a speech about. - Well, about the beach... - And, precisely, - my wife turned to me, - Sergey, can not go to you with us to the beach? And that there will be Brazilians, again some nonsenses will tell... yes, it seems, and not really it is pleasant to you on the beach, and? I looked at Mischa, he imperceptibly winked at me. Means, he and planned all, and now not only I, but also my wife - the puppet on his threads. Therefore I, certainly, accepted this offer: - Yes, you are right. I am more best in the indoor pool I will swim for a while, there is more cool. Of course, I didn't go to the pool, and went to the secluded place near the beach from where it was possible to watch the events imperceptibly. Unfortunately, my "ambush" was too removed from bathing, but everything that it was necessary for me, I saw: my wife, without hesitating, I lowered from myself panties, and all saw its tiny треугольничек kurchavenky hair. I laid down on a sun bed, and Mikhail began to smear lotion on her body. Brazilians joked, Dasha laughed, and also quietly parted the legs in the parties when the hand of her lover came to be on a pubis. He lingered on a treugolnichka (probably, I got into her bosom a finger), and Dasha, with a voluptuous look covered eyes. Probably, also Brazilians because the mulatto jumped up to my wife noticed this moment of sex, and so far she covered eyes, with the hand touched her vagina, having removed Mikhail aside. So some more moments proceeded: the finger of the Brazilian was in a vagina of my wife, but she also didn't suspect that it is not her lover. When she opened eyes, all began to laugh heart-rendingly, say, as they great played my wife. And Dasha, to my astonishment, wasn't offended, and too laughed loudly, having slightly slapped a palm of the impudent Brazilian in a black bum. But at the same time I didn't shift a leg so Mikhail without problems returned on an initial position and I continued manipulations with her pussy, and then I sprinkled with lotion on hips and anklebones of my wife and I was accepted to her legs. I didn't believe that all this occurs in reality. I didn't believe that it is my wife. She as if was changed. That here and so completely naked, without any confusion in full view of all, with two men... Where did her shame get to? And suddenly I had a pressing feeling that I lose the wife that I will never be able to return her. And me it became terrible and annoying. I thought up all this, own hands pushed her to another - the artful and cynical seducer. I could go to her now and stop all this... And could? Dasha would obey me? Confidence wasn't. And what if already late? Also I saw how Dasha and Mikhail, плескаясь in water, approached the friend, embraced and began to kiss взасос... To approach and interfere with the events?... I couldn't decide on it... I couldn't also because my dick stood a stake: I was in despair - to me was and it is terrible, and it is pleasant to think that my wife never will be former any more. The lust and despair fought in me. My hand by itself stretched to a penis and began to jerk off it... I won against lust. In the evening in a disco until my wife departed to the bathroom, Mikhail told the new plan: - Tonight you have to fall asleep quicker. - What for? - Dasha will leave to me as soon as it is convinced that you fell asleep. - Will leave to you?... - Yes, she wanted to retire all day with me, but I kept her at arm's length. Now she is very hungry. I told her that she came to me at night - my dick will wait for her. - But why you want that everything happened quite so?... - Because she has to get used to what to run away from the husband to the lover - it is normal what to fool around - well that it is much more pleasant to spend night with the lover, than with the spouse. She has to cross not only through the principles, but also through you. - And when she will return? - Tomorrow, at dawn. You will sleep and you won't notice her return. It is clear? - Agreed... Here Dasha approached, and we interrupted a conversation. When we returned to number, in a bed I tried to stick to the wife, but she was unshakable: - Darling, I was so tired... Let's sleep... - Well, I at least uvula, and? - There are no forces at all, forgive, - and she defiantly turned away from me and turned off the light. As well as agreed with Mikhail, I quickly snored. Through some time I heard Dasha's whisper: - Sergey, you sleep?... In reply my snore. Then she asked more loudly: - Do you sleep?... Having convinced that I plunged into Morpheus's kingdom, Dasha fast got up, threw with a silk dressing gown a naked body and on tiptoe left number. The wife returned at daybreak when dawned. She threw off from herself a dressing gown and dived under a blanket. In a moment she breathed heavily. And I was afraid to move to find out that I didn't sleep all night long, pining with desire. And I lay near the naked wife, inhaling the aroma of sex proceeding from her body - such close, and such inaccessible... From all these I right there terminated experiences, having hardly touched the dick. The ninth day of rest Dasha didn't get up in the morning for breakfast so I went to restaurant one. She woke up only by a lunch. I decided to bite mildly: - Something you ceased to run in the mornings... The wife, with pleasure stretching, I answered: - I here and without jogs perfectly feel. Such great rest, as in paradise... - And Mikhail for you on jogs ceased to come... - Yes? Probably, too enjoys rest, - having smiled, she went to take a shower. And I, seeing as unscrupulously my wife deceives me, felt excitement. When she left a bathtub, I tried to stick to her, but she only indulgently stroked me on the head and patronizing tone said: - Well you all with the nonsenses to me climb? If unbearable, then go and jerk off. And I want for lunch - I played terrible appetite. You are with me or you will go to jerk off? And I, having felt the little boy who was caught behind a game with a willy, I was confused and I answered: - With you... - Well and it is good. - And you without bathing suit? - I noticed that under her light dress there is no underwear, - Unless you won't go to the beach? - I without bathing suit, - she defiantly grinned, - And I go to the beach. Don't behave as the child. Again this her indulgent tone. I each cage felt changes in my wife: her surer, even in something defiant behavior, from where suddenly the undertaken negligence to me. As though the yesterday's sweetheart was changed for the bitch - sexy, teasing, inaccessible... At restaurant Mikhail sat, my wife approached him and kissed on a cheek, having embraced him for a neck. Then we gathered food and sat down to his table. Stirred about anything. And Dasha, kind of between times, addressed me: - Will you go today not to the beach again, and to the pool? I wasn't in time something intelligibly to answer her how she continued: - Well and it is nice. And we with Mischa will sunbathe. That is, it was not the question - "I will go to the beach or not", Dasha just presented me with a fait accompli without option. So she before herself never conducted. I went again to the ambush from where I watched the wife. Everything was similar to previous day - naked bodies, jokes, laughter, Brazilians - except one: this time, having left water, my wife laid down not on the plank bed, and on Mikhail who sunbathed on a back. They embraced, caressed each other, kissed... In a word, it wasn't similar to friendly rest at all: Dasha, without hesitating of either Brazilians, or other vacationers, I behaved with Mikhail as the mistress, as the bride, as the wife... She kissed his lips, a forehead, eyes, a body... And once even I gave smacking kiss to him in a penis! At all! And, having laughed, I ran in the running wave. Also you know what else confused me? I saw that it is not just lust of my wife, not only sex. It is love. And Dasha was happy. In the evening she didn't give me again. And again, according to the plan of Mikhail, I quickly "fell asleep", and Dasha escaped at night to the lover, having returned at daybreak. As Mikhail explained to me, we have to accustom my wife to a new daily routine in which I will occupy her the minimum quantity of time - both in the afternoon, and at night. Dasha has to get all pleasures behind a board of the family center, and the house (in this case, our number) - the place of her respite for new pleasures. It has to become for my wife the same ordinary and natural phenomenon as meal. My main task was - not to disturb. And I didn't disturb. The tenth day of rest Dasha, as well as the day before, missed a breakfast, having woken up by a lunch. At restaurant we met Mikhail again, this time she kissed him on a mouth. I pretended that I didn't notice. When we gathered food, there was still something new: it sat down to a table not near me as usual, and with Mikhail. Also I chirped with him about any trifles, practically, without paying to me attention. Having finished a meal, they joined hands, and Dasha announced to me: - Well, we went to the beach. And you don't get bored... Again an ambush, again I watched how my wife is pardoned and has fun with the lover on the beach. In the evening "REM sleep" and Dasha's leaving at night. Only this time she returned already before dark. Her delay and my meeting with her was in advance planned by Mikhail so I behaved according to arrangements with him. When she was included into number, I was already washed and dressed and by the most tender voice asked her: - My sweet, I so worried - woke up, and you are absent... And I noticed confusion on the face of my wife though she carefully tried to hide him behind negligence of tone: - Yes I am so... I walked, - she one movement took off from herself a dress under which underwear wasn't already habitual. I kneelt before the wife and began to kiss gently her legs: - My Kisonka... I so want you... You dement me... I adore you... Do you know how I am made horney when you forbid me to enter you when you don't start up my dick in the bosom?... I felt that Dasha became interested in my speech: she didn't push away me, and on the contrary dipped a hand into my head of hear, stroking my head and pressing to itself. And I continued: - Promise me that if I even ask very much, I will beg, but you all the same won't start up my dick in the pussy... That you will start up in yourself only my language... I want to lick at you, all the time to lick and jerk off... This highest pleasure... Promise me... - I promise... - Dasha answered me in a whisper, with easy groan, to her was obvious more than on temper everything told by me (Mikhail - though the asshole, but the genius! He assumed that quite so all and happens). And I continued a game: - I can enter you?... - No, I don't allow you... - But I am so horney, so I want to enter your pussy... - There is no, darling, to you it is impossible... - Really you don't want that I, your husband, entered you?... - No, I don't want... - You are my wife... - Yes, I am your wife, and I forbid you... From this point I forbid... - I beg you... - No, in my pussy it is possible for you only language... Only language... - Well at least just once... Last time... - No, and even I won't allow to lick... You can lick and jerk off yourself, I resolve it... - I adore you, you are the most fantastic wife in the world!... - I snatched on her razjebanny pizda (otherwise it is hotter wet medley you won't call), which she didn't even find time to wash away after the appointment with Mikhail. She parted legs more widely, and I was kneeling to her, licking from a vagina her juice alternately with others cum. And other hand I jerked off. I was so madly horney that everything ended very quickly, I terminated. Dasha patted me on hair: - My dear... But I went to sleep, - and already taking cover a blanket, added, - you Know, and I liked your game... We will continue it, I promised you... And I congratulated myself on the fact that I hammered one more nail into a coffin of the husband's rights. The eleventh day of rest During a lunch we found Mikhail in the company with a bottle of cold champagne. I sat down opposite to the wife's lover, and Dasha - near with him, having provocatively extended the legs to him on knees. The dress was lifted up so that in a section of steel not only her suntanned hips, but also треугольничек a hair on a pubis are visible. However, the wife didn't pay attention neither to the fact of the indecent look, nor to my presence. To her it became for some reason cheerful: - What do you drink it since morning? Some occasion?... - Morning? It is rather a lunch, - Mikhail answered, stroking the wife on naked legs, - Join, an occasion one - we have a rest, and it is healthy. Drank couple of glasses, then couple more. Dasha exhausted from the sun and sparkling wine, she became terribly talkative, and all the time laughed loudly: - No, well so without cause I won't drink any more... Though there is an occasion! And I think, for it it is worth drinking... I didn't wait for anything good from the drunk wife. But at the same time she was great, and I didn't even try to interrupt her. And she solemnly said: - Today I to my husband made a promise... At his request, by the way... Even not to a request, and entreaty, he was kneeling to me. And, of course I, as the loving wife. I couldn't refuse to him... The pause hung, Dasha collected the thoughts. - To refuse what? - Mikhail returned her to a toast. - To refuse to his desire that I never... I grew cold. Really she will say it aloud? Really she will tell the foreign man about our intimate secret (she isn't aware of arrangements, our with Mikhail)? My language dried on the sky, and Dasha continued: -... That I never let his dick in the pussy. Only his language can get into me? - And to fuck as? - affectedly Mikhail was surprised. - In any way. Only to lick and jerk off, it also is pleasant to him... And as to me it is pleasant, you also can't present to yourself, - she grew stout in a smile, - Let's drink for my golden husband, for coincidence of our desires and for my promise that I didn't break it... From outside it looked as a joke of the drunk girl. But me had no time for laughter, I also couldn't imagine that my wife will be able publicly to say it. Once again I will repeat, she doesn't know about our relationship with Mikhail, he means to me foreign. Means, and at other men she will be able same to blurt out? And if she makes it at my friends or partners? They then learn everything, ALL LEARN... I looked at Dasha and didn't recognize her: it what for genies disappeared at her inside? And how many they in her are concealed? Till the evening we went on different bars, being pumped up by alcoholic cocktails. And, Dasha hung all the time on Mikhail so from outside could seem that it is not my wife, and him. He touched her, she approvingly gave smacking kiss to him in a cheek, in lips. When darkened, Dasha was already any. Mikhail whispered to me that he will take away my wife on the beach, and then will come with her to us to number. And I have to pretend to be sleeping and dead-drunk. So when he suggested my wife to iskupnutsya in the night sea, I answered that I want nothing any more and I can't therefore I will go to sleep. They were included into our number approximately in hour Dasha stumbled all the time, dropped something and silly giggled, but I loudly snored and didn't react to anything. Dashin heard whisper: - Now I will change clothes of a dress on dry... It is necessary, I bathed in a dress, here an umor... My slightly slightly opened eyes already got used to darkness, and I saw how Dasha pulled together from herself a wet dress from which water dripped. When she remained without a thing, Mikhail began to kiss her naked body. She didn't resist, only whispered: - And suddenly he will wake up?. - He is pyanyushchiya, till the morning from the gun you won't wake him... - Well you do?... - she spoke, and itself I pressed him to myself stronger. - Do you want that I stopped?... - No, I want you... I want directly here... I want that you remained with me... They began to kiss. Then Dasha kneelt, lowered pants from Mikhail and, groaning, began to suck his reared dick. Then I turned to him a back and I got up on all fours. He entered it behind. I entered easily, so it was strongly horney. His pushes amplified, and Dasha leaned against a bed on which I "slept". Their pushes were transferred to me, I felt like the passenger of the vessel during rolling. Dashina groans amplified. At first she still somehow tried to constrain herself, but then lost over herself control. And I heard as she terminated - loudly, lingeringly, with some anguish. With me she so never cumed. There passed seconds of silence then she rose, and Mikhail, without having given her will come round, tumbled down her near me on a bed (kind of valetiky: there where there was my head - her legs and vice versa). He parted her legs in the parties (one foot of the wife pleased directly on my person), and began to fuck her from above. His ass went before my eyes backwards-forward, the wife's foot in a step to his movements crawled to me on the person. Knowing that Dasha all the same won't notice it, I put out the tongue, and her leg rubbed about it, touching a heel, fingers... I felt copresent, felt like the participant of an orgy, let passive, but the participant. It was magnificent feeling, a week ago I even couldn't dream of it. Meanwhile, Dasha terminated again - I understood it not only on her delightful groan, but also on spasms of her leg which foot she involuntarily pressed my head in a pillow. Paradise... Through some time Mikhail continued frictions, and the dick got then from her bosom: - I will terminate now... The wife quickly sat down and undertook a hand his trunk. I noticed that she already wanted to take it in a mouth as Mikhail whispered: - And let's engage in hooliganism on him... I didn't manage to think that they planned, only heard the squeezed laughter of the wife and felt hot splashes of a cum on the face. Lovers just fell with laughter, and me, frankly speaking, it was unpleasant: matter isn't that it is opposite (opposite and that wasn't), but drops slowly slid on the person, and from it it terribly scratched. There was a wish to wipe this natural "cream", but I it seems as sleep a dead dream. Therefore, to the regret, I was forced to turn over for other side that during turning to wipe a face about a pillow, without "waking up". And respectively, I could see nothing any more, I only heard their whisper. They still briskly talked about something, then Mikhail left, and Dasha went to bed near me and right there breathed heavily. And I, having tasted others cum, I masturbated as if now I didn't relax, then my dick would explode from an overstrain. date format excel vba dated and related full cast site mapMain Page