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The summer in summer camp resembled all previous - all according to the schedule and is in advance planned. Despite it I liked to spend vacation at a camp. Would be in general super if to swim more in the small river, to cancel a quiet time and a release to make at least at 12 o'clock. But what to do, the mode is the mode... Every evening, before a release, to us twisted cinema and all our boys tried to sit down closer to the screen, and I on the contrary, liked to sit far away, is direct about a film projector. Especially as our projectionist - the uncle Mischa, threw out such big stubs. I watched film, but when the uncle Mischa lit, I watched more him where he will throw the cigarette that then it is imperceptible to pick up and after the movie on the quiet to smoke the bull-calf behind a toilet. I am already nearly a year as began to smoke. It was simpler at home, it is possible to buy or pull down at mother, and here both not where and there is nothing so I was accustomed to knock down bull-calves. The uncle Mischa threw a cigarette somewhere back, and it having described in air a fiery arch fell in meters of three behind him. I pulled behind her at once, you never know, can still there will be persons interested... The bull-calf was the impressive sizes and didn't even manage to go out. I looked round - nobody looks... Having picked up the smoking stub, I didn't extinguish it as usual, and having gathered impudence dragged on. The pleasant weak point pulled on a body together with smoke, twisting strange cocktail with adrenaline from fear to be caught red-handed. Abruptly, I smoke is direct during the movie... The uncle Mischa suddenly looked back and told: - Hey the boy, go here and don't hide, I already saw that you smoke... - Well, the uncle Mischa, it seemed to you, - I uttered indistinctly. - Do you че for the fool hold me? I to you not the mother and not teacher... Smoked? - Yes... - There now, that is another matter, at once it is visible the man... Generally, the man, after the movie you will help me to carry boxes. I see. - Yes, it is clear... But we have a release right after the movie... - I will tell her that you will help me, and then I will take you to group. After the movie the uncle Mischa otprosit me at the guide and I helped him to carry films in cine. The room was huge and what there was only not - old movie cameras and still any unknown devices, models of planes and ships and on among the room a big workbench with tools. In a corner a bed and the TV, at an entrance the refrigerator and everywhere empty bottles and ashtrays with stubs... - Well че, assistant, what is your name? - Deniska, - the uncle Mischa stretched me the huge palm. - And I am an uncle Mischa. Long ago you smoke? - he squeezed my hand. - Nearly a year... - Yes, long ago, all right, I won't dissuade, you already adult absolutely. Let's light perhaps? - At me came to an end... - I used cunning. - Came to an end, - the uncle Mischa repeated after me. All right, I treat... - also I stretched me a pack. Lit. Smoked silently, as a real man. Then the uncle Mischa told: - Do you want on the small river tomorrow? - And it is possible? - With me all is possible... I on a quiet time will take away you to myself to help, and there on the small river and we will run away. - Oh thanks uncle Mischa... And it is possible I still a cigarette I will take with myself? - I grew bolder. - Bury two... - generously the uncle offered. Then he took me to group and having talked over from the guide went to himself... Next day, I waited for a quiet time, likely as new year. After a lunch, the uncle Mischa glanced in group and took away me "to help" in cine. We came to him, there the uncle Mischa turned on the tape recorder and treated me with tea with candies. Then we lit. - Well, let's clean up, or went to the small river? - Of course on the small river, and the truth it is possible? - You ask... We closed a lodge and went through a grove to the small river. On the river the uncle Mischa specially brought me into place where there are no our leaders and in general is nobody. The sun heated water and she just invited us to bathe. - Oh, the uncle Mischa, I have no swimming trunks... - Well a trouble it is direct, you of someone hesitate? Me perhaps? I have no swimming trunks too, - the uncle told and removed body stockings together with pants. I saw curls and big sausage at him between legs. On the end of sausage I was a blue naboldazhnik. I bashfully turned away and began to undress hasty. at me the light down already began to make the way, but all the same at me everything looked still absolutely childly. I undressed and we got into water. In water we gamboled thoroughly and tension which arose ashore dissipated. I still badly swam, and the uncle Mischa helped me supporting and showing as it is necessary. Then I reaching him, without getting a bottom legs any more I hung on his neck. Having hanged so once again I felt that to me something rests against a leg, I mechanically grabbed with a hand and suddenly understood that it. - Soaring easier, - the uncle Mischa told. - We will go already to the coast. It is necessary to return... Leaving water I saw that the dick of the uncle Mischa became even more and sticks out upright. - What did Deniska, never standing see a dick? - the uncle Mischa asked. - No, I didn't see... And what it with him? - Yes so, you understand, you so jerked legs that he rose. - It why, - I didn't understand. - Well so, you understand... Well as to tell you that? In, look, you want to touch? - And it is possible? - Yes, give... I with interest drew near and touched his dick. He moved, and the uncle Mischa told: - Look as it is necessary, - and having taken my palm the dick captured and carried out podrachivy down-up... - Got that? - Yes understood, - I answered and continued to jerk off to him baring his head and with interest considering it. - Deniska, you so gently touched me that I will terminate now. - And how it? - Did you never see? Do you want to look? - I don't know... it is possible... The uncle Mischa took a dick in a hand and several times дергнув him shot. Molofnya having taken off I got to me on a shoulder. - I saw, it молофня, so all men cum. And you what never jerked off? - No, I didn't jerk off. - Try, it is a high. Then we gathered and returned to the camp. In the evening after the movie I helped the uncle Mischa again. He was drunk. We with him smoked, then he suggested me to drink, I agreed. We drank and the uncle Mischa complained that in this shift there is no normal woman. And so usually from him little girls take in a mouth here and suck away. I presented as it some little girl thrusts such sausage into a mouth... Yes cool... in wash imaginations at first the uncle Mischa put to the maid in a mouth, and then and I stick with her into the mouth писюн... - Maybe you to me will suck, Deniska? - How it? - I was taken aback, from unexpected change of the picture. Now not the little girl took in a mouth my dick, and from me in the face of a blue naboldazhnik of the uncle Mischa... - Well so, you to me friend? - Well friend... - Here give friendly and suck, and? - No, I can't... - Well then go on a dick, and don't come any more, tomorrow to myself I will find other assistant... Time you can't help the friend... - Dyad Mish, - well give I more better the floors I will wash and I will dust everywhere... - Yes na to me your floors... I a dick should calm... Well as you want... I as friend asked you, and you... - Well, I broke... Only I am not able... - Nothing, - at once the uncle Mischa tenderly started talking, - take him and suck as the Uncle Mischa lowered candy a trikushnik together with pants and his bolt appeared before my look. I kneelt and one hand touched him. He moved from my touch, I sighed and clung to him lips. I sucked ineptly, but it is all the same obviously gave to the uncle Mischa indescribable pleasure, - he utrobno hummed and fingered my hair. Soon he moaned and terminated. The cum struck to me in a mouth with a hot tart stream, I from surprise swallowed and nearly choked. - There now Deniska, now I see that you are a true friend, the uncle Mischa told. Then he allowed me to be wiped and took to group having given me finally a pack of cigarettes. In group I long couldn't fall asleep. Having left at the night in a toilet, I lit. To me it was for some reason bad. It seemed to me that I arrived badly and that it was impossible to suck at the uncle Mischa. I felt deceived as though I was deceived and used... Having returned to a bed I hardly fell asleep. Next day, after a lunch the uncle Mischa appeared again. I couldn't look to him in the face, and he approached me and asked: - Well, you will come to help to me? - I will come...-without raising eyes I answered. And here on a quiet time I again at him. - Che Deniska hung up a nose? - Anything... - I muttered. - You pout... Che offended I you perhaps? - so I drunk was, I remember nothing... - Truth? - with hope I asked. - Well... - I remember as we with you still drank also all... I don't remember further anything... Did you return to group itself? By the way to you didn't get there? - No, nobody noticed, you took away me... - Here I put, I remember nothing... - the uncle Mischa laughed. From his words it became easier for me also I at once having got a cigarette I began to smoke. - And I think where my cigarettes got to? - You presented to me yesterday. - It's all right, you will treat? - he smiled broadly. Soon we cheerfully talked having forgotten about an event. Then I washed the floors, wiped a floor and in the end helped him to get some things from a case. He lifted me there holding by a bottom. When I got, everything that was necessary, I noticed that the body stockings at the uncle to Mischa got up the mountain... And suddenly even it became a pity for me how I to him sucked away it yesterday, and he doesn't even remember... There is a reptile! The feeling of his flesh in a mouth and strong hands in hair was remembered. And if in the morning I was burned with shame and rage on myself the fool, then now I for some reason wanted to feel his dick in a mouth again. The uncle Mischa opened one of boxes, the skirt and a blouse lay there. - You represent what here is only not present, here even девчачья clothes... Want we you the little girl we will dress... - Why it? - Well it is simple, cheerful. You won't go to the small river - a rain. And so we will change clothes of you - we will laugh, then we will drink and we will play cards... - And the truth it will be cheerful? - Of course, you never dressed to a divchachya? - No, I didn't dress. - Here you see, it is necessary to try. I when was such as you, quite often changed clothes for laughter... - Well, give, I will try. I took off shorts and an undershirt, having put on a blouse and a skirt. Boxer shorts looked out from under a skirt - it was ridiculous and both of us burst out laughing. - Yes you take off pants that, I all the same without pants already saw you... I took off pants having remained in a blouse and a skirt. - The cool girl turned out. Give you there will be my friend, and I will be your guy. He embraced me and kissed on a mouth. We kissed insanely, I absolutely lost control over myself. - Give I you I will call Natasha, - the uncle Mischa told. - Well, I will be Natasha, - I playfully answered and embraced him. We kissed again, then he asked: - Do you remember, I said to you what girls at me sucked? - Yes. I remember. - And you, Natasha, don't want to make to the uncle pleasantly? - I don't know. And how? - I continued a game. - Well to suck my dick... - I am not able... - You only try, at you it will turn out, - the uncle Mischa insisted. Here I gave up again and having bent down took a head of his huge dick in a mouth. The uncle Mischa was already on a platoon and already in a couple of minutes I swallowed of his cum. And he kept saying. - Here Natashenka good girl, nipple... Our games continued two weeks, few times we went to the river, the rest of the time were at it. I changed clothes, we long kissed then I after short denials sucked away at it and went back to group. Boys in group told many tasty jokes and stories from which I learned that such as I call vaflam and that it is very shameful. Therefore I terribly suffered being afraid that somebody learns about me and to the uncle Mischa, but then when I came to him, I wanted to put on as Natasha and to suck away to him. In day of visits, nobody arrived to me therefore, the uncle Mischa took me for the whole day. In the afternoon we carried out on the river, then went to him, there I became Natasha again... But this time the uncle Mischa told that he wants to try to fuck me as the girl... I was frightened and asked not to do it, but he wasn't appeased... - I will only try if it is sore, I will cease at once... - Well if only to try... - again I gave up. He bended over me and lifted up a skirt. Then I greased to me buttocks with some cream. Soon I felt his thick head at myself on an anus. It rubbed it up-down increasing pressing. My body everything shivered, I as couldn't relax. The uncle Mischa pressed stronger and I raised a howl from pain... - Oyoyy - the uncle painfully... - Well suffer, Natashenka... I already almost entered... - Oh I can't painfully very much, - I began to cry. - Well, give on another we will try. - He put me on a back and having put my legs to himself on shoulders tried to enter. This time the head of his dick after pressing squeezed into my buttocks, fall it became sore and I didn't sustain... - ААААА - I shouted and I began to cry... - Well, I won't be more, - the uncle Mischa told, - calm down, everything is already good... I hardly calmed down and the uncle Mischa returned me to group. Next day, there arrived my mummy. I was a child again and rejoiced as the child. We at once went to the small river and I bathed naked. Then mother told that she would like to bathe too, but there is no bathing suit at her. Therefore sent me to guard a footpath, and itself undressed and got into water. I sat at a slope on a track and through bushes spied upon it. I for the first time saw the naked woman. A boob and volosiki between legs, was very pleasant on it to look. Mother bathed and stretched on a grass to sunbathe having stretched legs and hands. I enjoyed a show as suddenly someone's hand laid down on my shoulder. It was the uncle Mischa. - Do you spot? - ozorno he asked. - No to the watchman... This is my mother... - Mother it is good, the uncle Mischa told and went to her. - Mother, mother, is an uncle Mischa, our projectionist. - I ran after. Mother услыхав rose and began to put on, having left pants and a brassiere, she tried to put on a sundress, but roofing felts from her awkwardness, roofing felts of her cunning, it not as didn't want to put on, and mother faced us absolutely naked having exposed the delights on display. At last she put on it and rustled on us. - Well as it isn't a shame, I put on here, and they stare. - Yes we also didn't see anything bad, all very... - the uncle Mischa grinned. - Mother, is an uncle Mischa, our projectionist, - I got into a conversation. - Very pleasant, - Lyudmila Aleksandrovna. - mother smiled. - Call me simply - Mikhail, - the uncle Mischa asked. - Well, then you me too simply Lyudmila. We went for a walk three together - examined the camp and all local attractions, besides the uncle Mischa told something to mother all the time, and that continuously laughed. After a lunch mother I started to hurry and I told that it is already time for her and I took me to group on a quiet time. We said goodbye. In about fifteen minutes, I told that I am waited again by the projectionist, and ran to his lodge. The door was closed, but the squelch, groans and still some sounds reached from within. I clung to a keyhole, but it was visible to me only the uncle Mischa from a back. On his shoulders there were female legs and he tastefully and widely fucked the woman. I decided to try to glance in a window. From it was really more better visible there, but that... The uncle Mischa fucked my mother, and that having rolled up eyes from pleasure groaned and squealed a little. The uncle Mischa fucked her the huge dick... A push, still, still, it calmed down, terminated - I understood. It pulled out the dick, the head was huge also all damp in lubricant and a cum - the uncle Mischa didn't recognize condoms. Suddenly he noticed me, and I having come off a window took to heels. Having hidden in bushes behind the dining room I began to cry. How could he, still the friend why he is so? Without finding the answer I asked all new senseless questions. Then I calmed down and I lit, by on a footpath towards the bus stop my mother slowly floated. It seemed to me that she was very happy and thought of something pleasant, smiling broadly and shaking hips. I started wandering in group and came across the uncle Mischa. - Well че the eagle, isn't cheerful? We will go, we will look at the TV set, we will chat... - indifferently he told. - I with you won't go anywhere! Why you my mother? Still the friend is called... - Well you that the booby, she wanted... You understand, I went to myself, and she suddenly from a stop returned... Yes you that? Same it is normal, you understand? He embraced me for shoulders and led to himself, I all road sobbed... - There now, your mother I made nothing, poyebat simply and all. - Did you suck a dick also nothing to you bad became, so? - Well so... - In me there was obviously a feeling of jealousy which changed feeling of disappointment. My friend understood it and told, want I and you to a vyeb? - Oh not, it is sick... More better in a mouth... - Well in a mouth so in a mouth. - The uncle Mischa told and got the stallion. He didn't even wash up it after a mouth and he was all same damp in the remains of a malofna and lubricant and smelled somehow in a different way. Here I he understood smells of pizdy... my pizdy mother... I opened a mouth and began to suck. This time I sucked very long, possibly mother tasted on full and the uncle Mischa didn't manage to be restored. Suddenly I heard rustle under a window and saw that someone spots. - The uncle Mischa, I cried, - there outside the window, someone looks... - outside the window I was heard the removed flop of slates. - Well you so shout, it seemed to you... maybe let's try after all once more how your mother? I was taken aback, disappointment for mother, fear that someone saw - everything paled into insignificance. I still remembered pain, but remembered also that as the dick head entered me, there was a wish to feel once again her in himself: - And what if the truth someone from children saw? - Well also I saw, let will only whine... I will pull an eye on an ass, and tell... Well? Give, lay down on a table... I laid down on a table, the uncle Mischa greased my hole again and pushed a finger there. - Well, it isn't sick... - No, not painfully, - I answered and right there I felt in myself already two fingers... - There now and well that not painfully. - Mikhail told and applied the dick... This time the head as if slipped... no, it was sore, but not so that it was impossible to suffer... The uncle Mischa slowly moved ahead more deeply. At some point, I felt pain, or even not pain, but some new feeling. Likely I moved and mine ебарь stopped. Then he slowly led back, and again forward - again the body received a new push. If for the first time, I could escape and not start up in myself a dick, then this time the body didn't belong to me any more, it as if wanted only one - once again to receive such push, I wanted a good fucking... It proceeded minutes three-four. My consciousness failed somewhere, I only shook in a step a mouth and moaned and suddenly twisted me and молофня began to flow from my pisyun, at the very same time I felt emission of warmth in the bottom, it was full ult... - Well you see, - and you didn't want. - the uncle Mischa told. Yes you also terminated as the woman... Did you it seems never cum yet? Now that's something like it and at once so... To you too in a high was... All right be washed, put on and run in group, and that long you already at me. Tomorrow come - if you want I you to a vyeb again... - All right, I will come, - we smoked, I made toilet and ran in group... In group boys looked sideways at me and all whispered, but directly told nothing, likely indeed were afraid the uncle Mischa, well and I was afraid to go to him now. In couple of days I wanted to feel in myself his heat again and I came to cine, but there was other person - called him the uncle Alik. He told me that the uncle Mischa already worked and left, now he will be our kinomeokhanik. At me everything fell - what will be when boys learn that the uncle Mischa left? But I was lucky, nobody all the same touched me, the teaser was stuck only to a name: "Deniska - sausage", "Deniska, - where sausage?", Denis-otsosis and so forth. I hardly held on to the end of change and was glad to appear at last at home... I any more never saw the uncle Mischa, but for a long time remembered our love joys... date exclusively crossword clue date today english format site mapMain Page