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I remind that in the previous part I told as (guy) made of me the girl and a good davalka. After quite quite good fucking with Zhenya I went to the bathroom to make toilet, to wash away from myself the dried-up cum and to correct a make-up. And Zhenya went to prepare for me the next surprise. I fast threw off from myself all clothes and climbed under a shower. As after all it is pleasant after a good fucking to take the refreshing shower moreover knowing what ahead of you waits for some surprise, it is twice pleasant. One hand I gamylivat a body, another decided to occupy a few hole which pleasantly burned and wasn't going to be closed. Now at me it turned out to thrust not only three-four fingers at the same time, but also all hand entirely, after such trunk that. Having collected fingers in a fist, I drove him to and fro, getting used to new pleasant feelings. But I decided not to be fond and hurried to leave a shower and to begin to put on, I began to get on the clothes soiled in a cum again. This time I decided not to dress everything, having rejected a blouse and panties aside. I pulled a wig and I was accepted to a make-up. This time it turned out quicker, опытвсе. I put on shoes and I left the bathroom. Even it became simpler to wear high-heeled, now I was almost real woman for what special thanks to my lover. In it he is a high time just I left one of rooms, having covered for myself doors. He approached me closely, his dick rested to me against a stomach, we merged in a passionate kiss again. Having finished, he at last spoke: - The surprise is ready, I hope to you it will be pleasant. - If he isn't worse previous, then of course it will be pleasant, I already can't wait, we will go rather! He took me by hand, and led there from where just I left. The doors were opened and I just was dumbfounded, having opened a mouth from surprise. I was just shocked, and my first thought was to leave simply all and to escape. In the spacious room there were 4 sofas and one at a wall opposite to an entrance on each side. On sofas about 20 guys sat and all of them podrachivat the huge standing dicks of the different sizes, can even were more, than at Zhenya. In the middle of the room there was a small coffee table, with a transparent table-top, on is mute handcuffs lay. - They will tear me, the thought in my head flew. But probably the essence of the whore in me got the best and it and didn't allow me to escape. From all directions in our party voices were distributed: - Oho, Zheka where you found such beautiful whore? - The babe, and your mummy knows what you are engaged here? - The notable davalka probably, not one dick served. - And you can not close a mouth, to you it still to work and work in the next day! At last Zhenya started talking: - There are guys, this is Anyuta, still today she was a virgin so try not to tear her, she still is useful to me. After he I whispered to me in an ear: - Well as, the darling, is pleasant to you? Also in a whisper I answered: - Of course, darling, I dreamed of it long ago, you are super! At this moment two of guys got up and went to my party, they picked up me by hands and put on a table so that on the one hand a table there was an access to a mouth, with another to buttocks. My hands pushed a sort a table-top and chained to each other handcuffs. On the other hand widely spread legs and chained them to table legs. Generally I lay on knees, resting an inflatable breast against a surface of a table and having stuck out buttocks. Someone thrust a pillow to me under a stomach that it was more convenient, and I right there rested against it the dick as it was horney to a limit, being in such situation. Always I dreamed to be the connected and roughly fucked group of men. It wasn't really convenient to lie, but it wasn't necessary to complain as before my mouth someone's trunk already stuck out and impudently I asked inside. I didn't keep itself waiting and opened a mouth, the dick was not really big, I could accept him completely. Behind already someone crawled fingers in my hole, greasing it with cream. As far as I managed to consider, among them there were many Caucasians, all of them were about one age and judging by that as they on me snatched and furiously tore up-were awfully hungry before sex. Several partners were replaced already likely, they in turn approached me, but none of them cumed yet. I groaned as the bitch, several hours hollowed in a row my hole without stopping, and it was something. From me broke a brassiere for a long time, someone from them told that I have a breast as at the schoolgirl and that it is quite good to increase it However it didn't prevent them to touch her and to pull nipples. To me was all the same, I was relaxed and was given them completely. I heard as someone's huge balls with a loud slap knocked about my buttocks, someone beat them with hands, from other party to me once again someone's ball sack rested against a nose, and so there passed some more hours. At last it seems they all passed one time, now everyone approached and merged in my holes from the different parties. All this flew down on a floor, forming huge pools. When the last from them terminated, they went on the second circle, at last and I could terminate and was killed in a powerful orgasm as they didn't stop, it proceeded very long. Everything was farther as to the vtumena, it seems me exempted from handcuffs and forced to pinch a cum from a floor, continuing to fuck at the same time. I don't remember how many it proceeded, I seem even I fainted, I remember as regained consciousness already on a sofa. One of guys sat and having seized me by buttocks stuck me on the trunk as a doll. And other of guys stood on the edge of a sofa and pushed the trunk to me in a throat. So they continued to change, I was absolutely already flat-out and was disconnected again. I woke up already only next day and already evening, hours five seemed. I lay on a sofa, buttocks up under a stomach at me the pillow lay, and except Chulkov on me nothing was. In such look probably also stopped fucking me, having left so to lie. At home there was a silence and it seemed nobody. I tried to get up, forces wasn't perfect, I from legs to the head all was covered with a cum, lips awfully swelled up, the throat hurt, and my hole burned with an infernal flame and too awfully hurt and was open. It seemed to me that in my buttocks there was some subject, I pushed a hand, indeed, it was the envelope curtailed into a tubule wrapped in a package. I got an envelope, on is mute the handle someone wrote: "You will want more, call". In the envelope money, about 50 thousand rubles lay. I awfully was delighted, so much ever nobody paid me. Further I went to the bathroom, there as well as for the first time the package lay again, it were the new clothes for me prepared by Zhenya. Washout from myself a cum, I didn't hurry to put on, having left a shower, I only got on a wig and went to kitchen, having taken a bottle with shaving gel. I put it in the refrigerator, and later thrust into the hole to cool a little. It became a little easier, I prepared to eat, and later went to put on. The new clothes slightly differed from previous, the skirt was so short that hardly I hid my buttocks, the blouse was with an open stomach, and linen was brightly red color. I didn't begin to take out a bottle from buttocks. Then I made a make-up, same bright not to depart from an image of the whore. Near a door there were already new shoes on the same high heels. Having taken an envelope with money, I went to the hall, there I saw one more note, on them flat keys lay, I read a note: "It is your keys, come when you want". In the same place I noticed the small female handbag prepared for me, I threw keys, an envelope and the phone there and left the house. Having decided to reduce a way to the stop, I went not through the yard, and curtailed to garages quicker to reach, and to get at last home.! If I knew what it will turn back, and this way will be how longer. As was already late, people there were almost not, only at one garage gate were slightly opened, I passed by them clip, one eye having noticed that there were two teenagers of years 16 who were inclined over an open cowl of some tumble-down house. I didn't manage to pass also twenty steps as one of them shouted following: - Hey, the beauty, let's get to know each other, at the same time we will give a ride to you! Without turning around, I went further. I hear steps behind myself, I was sharply jerked by a hand. - You че, bitch deaf? We address you! At the same time he dragged me in the garage. I all the same couldn't escape as I was on heels and decided not to resist. He pushed with force me in a garage, I hardly kept standing, nearly fell. Then the same guy sharply pressed to me on a shoulder, I fell on knees, having painfully hit against a floor, the second already pulled together at this time trousers and got the small dirty and smelling of urine dick. - Well че you wait, the bitch, give suck! I hit me with a hand on a cheek, I took for the head and I pulled on the trunk. I needed to do nothing how to begin to suck. Didn't pass also five minutes as he began to lower to me in a mouth and on the person. Probably it was the best blowjob in his life. The second rummaged in my handbag meanwhile, noticed an envelope with money: - OO, Kolyan, watch that I found, today we thump! Here I didn't sustain: - Don't touch money, freaks! - Look also she also is able to talk! - And well shut up, the bitch, and that we here for the night will lock you! And since morning you will serve all our friends! That to which I did blowjob pulled down from itself(himself) pants and jostled to me them in a mouth, they were same dirty and smelly as well as all in this garage. Here the second approached, closed a cowl of the tumble-down house and tumbled down me on it, having bended over. I lifted up a skirt and by force I broke panties. - Look also she with a surprise! Also it is already prepared. He noticed that the bottle with gel stuck out of my hole and began to pull out. - And it is useful to us too! Here only the hole is rather big, listen, and give it in two trunks vyeby! The second agreed and both of them dragged me in the distant end of a garage where there was an old peeled sofa. One of them laid down on a back, I sat down on him from above and the second was attached behind, too having pushed into me the small trunk. They ineptly moved, it is visible that experience it wasn't perfect any. However it was pleasant to me also I as the decent whore began to groan that even more they inflamed and they moved quicker. In about ten minutes both of them terminated almost at the same time and forced to clean their dirty dicks from a cum. When I finished, one of them told: - I am free, the whore, well, today we kind, you can go. The second jostled to me my panties in a hole that didn't drip. I already went to an exit. - Stop! I turned back. - Here take, the whore, earned. One of them stretched me my envelope, I glanced, one crumpled hundred ruble bank note lay there. I went outside and not to appear in public in such look decided to call the taxi. Be continued. date difference calculator javascript date today tamil site mapMain Page