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The whore, the bitch bothered without women — with irritation I threw Grey and tastefully I skharknut. Well go, jerk off in bushes — I podjebnut him. Yes you went — with disappointment I told Grey and kicked rolling to bank. There was a Saturday late evening, money wasn't, cigarettes weren't and there was nothing to do. We went along the dark street, far from the busy highway, near the abandoned fire station. Such streets decent people don't go to such time. Can rob. For example such, as we. In the distance the knock of heels was heard and because of the next turn there was a female figure. Oho, the woman — it is silent not to frighten off, I told Grey. The figure stopped and having seen us sharply was developed and a fast pace hid back behind the turn. Gray sharply I accelerated, in the dark only silently and quickly his white cross-countries started gleaming. I ran behind him. Girl, girl, stop! — loudly I told Grey and I grabbed a figure by a hand. In dim light of a streetlight we saw the face of the scared teenager. For a second Grey and I slowed down, but Grey recovered earlier and I barked: "Ivanov, you perhaps?". The guy looked at us stared for horror, the wig moved down a little aside, knees in tights of corporal color foully shivered. Ivanov, and you appear the pederast — joyfully announced Grey — I, shit, always suspected that you gomodrit. And both of us amicably began to laugh. Ivanov tried to escape but right there received slap in the face and calmed down, having inclined the head. It is advisable to tell boys on the area, here what trick! — I told. It isn't necessary, please — the broken voice Ivanov began to beg and I began to cry. Whether a dick it is necessary, it is necessary — I told Grey and I stirred up it properly — went, the bitch, with us. In the neighboring house for a long time we chose one cellar. I had keys. Sometimes we thumped there with Grey when it was possible to get hold of money at unlucky passersby. We dragged Ivanov there and in the light of bright lamps could consider him properly. Odette he was not bad, even provocatively. A short skirt, boots on a high heel, a black polo-neck and a short jacket. Well and there tights, wig and so forth rubbish. Well че, shit, with you to do, the freak? — with deliberate aggression I asked Grey and I punched a wall directly over Ivanov's head. Ivanov began to cry again and incurred any nonsense from which I sorted only "don't beat". It is necessary to bring, tie him to school нахуй to an entrance door and to leave so till tomorrow. Since morning the people will come and will see this pidar. Here, shit, it will be cheerful — I told with a jeer. Ivanov even began to shake even more. "Please, release me" — he told and I tried to get up. Yes sit already! — I shouted at him Grey and I pushed Ivanov on a sofa. That fell, the skirt was lifted up having bared the lacy pants covering the small dick fitted by dense tights. Ivanov quickly straightened out a skirt and sat down on the edge of a sofa, having bent the head. We had a glass of vodka from old stocks, in the cellar was warm. Us exhausted slightly and thoughts went on more peaceful course. Listen, Ivanov, here you the woman put on, turns out you as the woman you want to live? — more peace tone I told Grey. Ivanov was silent. And you know that women are fucked? — I continued — Though from where to you the nobility, the botanist who is left unfinished. And well the whore is sent — suddenly I hissed Grey and having seized Ivanov by a neck I dragged him to the neighboring room where there was an iron bed with an old dirty mattress. You will be, the bitch to shout or you will bite — fucked I will break and I will beat out all teeth. Gray undid a fly, threw out the dick and attracted Ivanov for a nape to a groin. Suck, the whore, you wanted it — told Grey and stuck with the dick into lips Ivanova. That squeezed lips and turned away the head. Then Grey with all the dope I punched Ivanov in the left ear. That fell. Gray I lifted him and I forced before myself to the knees. Ivanov was in consciousness, but he had a gone crazy look. He resignedly opened a mouth and the dick plunged into him half. Oh, the fucking disaster — a high — stretched Grey and began to move a basin as though fucks Ivanov in a mouth — I will call you "Mashka in a mouth a davashka". We began to laugh. I left not to disturb. Behind a wall I heard what our Mashka who is just devoted in davalka to choke with the dick, and then Grey ordered: "swallow, the bitch, swallow". I couldn't wait to set Mashka too in a mouth therefore I came into the room without waiting when leaves Grey. Ivanov sat on a lap before Seregoy and carefully licked his become soft body. I sat down in a chair nearby. And now, undress — I ordered Grey. The demoralized Ivanov undressed, having remained in one wig. Well it for a rubbish? You the woman were called, so is necessary everything correctly to do! Che for bushes between legs? Turn, bend down, shit! And it че for a rubbish? The ass is hairy, as at a huyta someone. To fuck you some left unfinished, Mashka, both not the man normal and not the woman. That to next time I shaved everything if I find at least one hair — a dick your unnecessary naked, the whore, hands I will tear off. And че for linen such. Poerotichny че find, and these retuza — it in general a fucking, there are stockings and so forth пиздотень there! We drank still little by little. Ivanov sucked away at me. And during blowjob I noticed that I at it stood. Then we gathered and took "our lady" home, "and that God forbid some street muggers will rape her" — joked Grey. And wash an ass next time — I shouted Grey at parting. Listen, and he won't go to a mentovka? — I asked. You that — the fool? — I hit question with a question Grey. date definition larousse date calculation qlik sense site mapMain Page