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Having come to school next day, I with fear expected sneers from schoolmates. Day passed quietly only by a lunch when in a corridor hung out the wall newspaper with photos of a yesterday's holiday of the schoolmate began to release to me "compliments". In color photos it was possible to consider my yesterday's order in the smallest details. Here I among schoolmates: confusedly smiling as for a lifebuoy I hold finger-tips starched фартучек. Still photo: I with Natasha and Galina Fiodorovna. Having clasped us for thallium, the teacher presses me with Natasha to herself. To the stranger for anything not to find substitution. Two schoolgirls in identical short dresses and white fartuchka. Slender legs the fitted corporal color by stockings, dark shoes on a heel, white bows. The general photo with schoolmates: reluctantly I became in the middle, terribly being confused the dress, not unjustly being nervous, continually, correcting a hem of a short dress and фартучек. It is a pity that the school uniform isn't obligatory any more. A half of schoolgirls doesn't wear it. Senior pupils put on it only festive actions. And that is more from desire to tease boys. Brown or black dresses fit maiden figures shorter and shorter, more and stronger. Snow-white fartuchka are even more often sewed from silk or guipure, being decorated with lace. In usual days of the schoolmate put on black fartuchka and they look not to exchange erotically. At least, I was delighted with them simply and always envied elder sister. If I had such opportunity, I with pleasure would go to school in a dress and a fartuchka. Competing in wit of the schoolmate, venomously were interested whether it was convenient to me in a maiden school dress what color I prefer to carry panties and a brassiere? Remembered that Ninka saw me on a balcony dressed by the girl. Derisively suggested to come to them on a visit, promising to share dresses and underwear for the help in washing and cleaning. To take offense there was no sense, it only increased quantity of sneers. Therefore I tried to translate everything for fun. Overcoming itself, I agreed with their guesses: yes this hobby at me it to be pleasant to me to dress up after lessons as the girl and to be engaged in women's house efforts. Well of course, under a dress I always put on a bra and panties, stockings on a belt. To come to work as the maid? Yes, I agree! Only prepare a dress of the French maid, in another it not to be pleasant to me. If only nobody guessed that all this the truth!! To sit at lessons it was sick. The buttocks hurt, reminding that yesterday evening didn't dream me. Once you remembered, licked Natashke a perineum, and her mother fucked me an artificial dick to the back and on a body the excitement wave was rolled. After lessons Natasha approached me and derisively smiling, asked as mine the daddy? I scaredly looked back on the parties. Enjoying my confusion, Natasha told that she has for me a charming dress and she with pleasure will give him to wear if I do instead of her the cleaning in the apartment. I hasty agreed if only nobody heard our talk. When we came, Natasha forced me to strip to the skin. I sat in a chair, having dipped a hand to myself under a dress hem, and I watched how I dress up. Testing the whole scale of mixed feelings: from the strongest excitement to shame and humiliation I habitually put on a women's underwear: translucent lacy panties, a belt with stockings, a brassiere with a false breast, a combination. I put shoes on in shoes on hairpins, I put on a female wig, I made up. Called a door. Natasha went, to open a door, and returned from Ninkaya. Ninka screamed enough, having seen me made up, dressed up in a women's underwear. I didn't know where to disappear with shame and unsuccessfully tried to cover knees with a lacy hem of a combination. - There now, I said that I saw its disguised as the little girl! These are not just jokes!! He from those boys who adore changing clothes in girls!! I just was stunned when I saw him on a balcony in a dress and a white fartuchk!! Same it is necessary to guess it!! And at school he dressed up the little girl not for the sake of a joke. None of boys will agree, to put on himself the lower lingerie, a brassiere with false boobs, and a school dress with a fartuchok! And he went and turned in him as the little girl. It was visible that not the first time dresses up as the little girl. Your teacher from it didn't cramp eyes. If could, would fill up it directly on the stage! - Enough! Did you bring? Ninka quickly got from a bag the camera a soap tray. - And what we with it will do? - With him? It is correct to tell with her. There was Dimochka, and there will be Dashenka! Did you see how he hanged out the washed clothes? And now we will look how he erases, removes, caresses, washes the floors. He likes dresses with a fartuchok? Please!! We will make of him the maid Dasha. Well Dashenka try on this dress! I was ready to fail with shame. Under quizzical glances of little girls, I put on myself a white lower short skirt in magnificent frills. I clasped sideways hooks and a lightning. I brought down on myself a dress, red in white peas, with a wide skirt, short sleeves and a superficial cut on a breast. Natasha helped me to zip on a back, and pushed to a mirror. The dress fitted me like a glove, hardly fitting a high breast. The hem covered knees, and from under it white lace of a petticoat was seen. Natasha brought a white kitchen apron and with laughter threw to me. - On, put on! Now it is your casual clothes! Servant Dasha! I can't believe that such nice boy voluntarily would agree to become a servant! Well, nothing you at me without work will sit! I silently tied an apron, habitually straightening out it. And it was farther dreamily. Frankly sneering, little girls forced me to accept different poses and removed on a photo. Here I stand in front of the mirror, having put a leg on a padded stool and having highly lifted up a dress hem, I tighten a stocking. Here having bent forward, I stand with the dress which is lifted up on a back, having widely placed the legs fitted by stockings and having lowered a little panties. Here I sit in a chair, having thrown legs on armrests, the hem of a dress and a petticoat are tucked in for an apron belt. One hand I caress the dick, in other hand the fat artificial dick who I at first lick, and then I try to thrust to myself into a mouth. I didn't want to act with the dick. It was just terribly a shame. - Give, thrust into a mouth more deeply! You like to be a girl, and all little girls suck! And as you wanted: and to walk in a dress and not to take in a mouth!? Or to push out you in a corridor and to call neighbors? Such nice servant will be to the taste to much. I needed only to obey the orders. Then to me tied hands by a linen rope behind the back and tumbled down in a bed. Ninka dipped hands under a hem of a school dress and took off from herself tights together with panties. I sat down over me, nestling a vagina on the pomaded sponges. - Well Dashenka, work as a uvula over my sweet pussy. I want that you licked me until I terminate you in a mouth. Ninka after school day wasn't washed away, and in a nose to me struck specific aroma of a maiden vagina. I tried to turn away fastidiously. But what I could make lying on a back with the connected hands? Having clamped me the head between thighs, Ninka impatiently rubbed a hairy vagina about my mouth. Natasha lifted up on me a dress and petticoats and having dipped a hand to me into panties the dick pulled out. Having clasped him with cool fingers, I began to knead slowly, delaying a skin and zagoly a head. On a body the pleasant shiver of excitement swept, and I carefully licked Ninke a vagina, having instantly felt saltish smack of urine in a mouth. Soon the dick at me stood a stake, and I obediently obeying Nina's orders, licked folds between vagina sponges, thrust language deeply inside, sucked clitoris small pea. In about 15 minutes Ninka convulsively overdrove hips and terminated to me in a mouth. I felt a uvula as vagina walls are reduced, and continued to lick her. Ninka densely nestled a vagina on my lips, strained and to me in a mouth the hard, hot stream of slightly saltish urine struck. Being afraid to choke, I began to swallow convulsively, hardly believing in reality of the events. Having urinated to me in a mouth, Nina ordered to lick her a vagina absolutely. I was completely broken and obediently began to pinch urine drops from a hairy vagina. - Well, here and the clear head! - And now we will fix the passable lesson! Having developed, Ninka made a helpless gesture roundish buttocks and fell to me by a mouth. - Always there was a wish to learn how it when lick a bum. The servant has to serve the hostess everywhere. Give Dasha lick me in buttocks, in the hole. Having extended sponges, I carefully concerned the wrinkled anus circle. Nina nestled more densely on my lips, and in it I felt the moment as Natasha, directing a dick a hand sat down on me from above. Resting a nose against a depression in the ground between buttocks, I began to lick Ninke an anus, little by little pushing a uvula tip in a bunghole. Judging by a happy povizgivaniye, Ninka was lost in admiration. While I polished with Ninke a bunghole Natasha slowly fucked me sitting on the dick. I writhed under maidens, making upward movement hips towards to Natasha and having thrust as far as possible a uvula into a bunghole to Nina. Natasha skillfully brought herself to an orgasm, without having allowed me to finish, and little girls traded places. Natasha sat down to me on a mouth and released a dress hem. In the twilight I licked her hot slippery vagina, with pleasure sucked heatedly the sticking-out clitoris dreaming having curved in a waist more deeply to set Ninke and to terminate at last. Even I wasn't surprised when to me in a mouth the first thin stream of hot urine scattered, only I clasped with lips an urethra of the Natashkiny vagina stronger. Urine whipped as from the open crane, and I diligently swallowed, being afraid to spill though a drop on the dress. From understanding that the beauty the schoolmate to urinate to me in a mouth instead of a toilet bowl excitement only amplified. Having curved all over I at last terminated. Never before I got such bright and long orgasm. Ninka, having come off the dick in time, quickly I jerked off to me a hand decanting the cum remains. I lay, panting and gradually recovering. Nina, having stretched I took the panties and carefully I wiped a cum from hands, from the become soft dick, my perineum. I took Natasha's panties and I twisted them in a hard lump of the size of a fist. - Open a mouth! Until we with you are amused, you will suck our pants. Do you like to lick at women between legs? You will lick now me when I want. To me remained only wider to open a mouth. The gag from pants was too big, and Nina hardly thrust to me it into a mouth. Natasha brought two scarfs. One, put by a strip, me tied a mouth, the second tied the head, having hardly pulled together knot under a chin. Forced to rise and kneel in a room corner near the battery. Tied to me legs in ankles, fastened a dog collar on a neck and fastened a lead. Standing on knees, I low bent down, and Natasha fastened a lead to the battery. While Natasha fastened a rubber dick between legs, Nina lifted up to me a dress and petticoats on a back, lowered a little panties and began to grease to me an anus with vaseline. The slippery elastic head of a rubber dick rested to me against buttocks. Having strongly pressed, Natasha one push entered into me a dickhead. Having a little waited, slowly I began to push a rubber dick in a rectum. I needed only to stand obediently dog-fashion, squeezing teeth a gag from panties of schoolmates and to groan deafly. Having driven the dick at all length Natasha nestled hips on my buttocks and having bent in before clasped with hands my boobies. - Well as Dashenk's feelings? It is pleasant to feel like the woman with the fat dick in a bum? Whether you dreamed of it? Well of course you not педик, it is simple to you to be pleasant to put on in all women's and to feel as the girl. But sooner or later there will be persons interested to get into the knickers of the girl and to pull down from her panties. It was pleasant to you when my mother tore up you a rubber dick in a bum? I remember how you made upward movement buttocks towards to the dick and groaned absolutely on women's. It isn't simple to you to be pleasant to wear a women's clothing, you dream to be a woman in a bed! From her words, from the rhythmical, slow movement of an elastic and firm dick in my bunghole I was gradually covered by a wave of the strongest excitement. In the head everything mixed up, remained intolerable desire somewhat quicker to reach so desired orgasm. Natasha, strong holding me by hips, the dick vigorously drove in my buttocks. From pushes my false breast it is elastic it was shaken, only strengthening pleasure. During some insufferably delightful instant I realized myself the woman. Not the guy the having a good time disguise in all women's and frigging in front of the mirror. Woman! I am a woman! That subconscious what I was afraid and to think of, broke outside now. The women's underwear, humiliating and constraining for the boy, a dress, a make-up, were natural. Imaginations about a role of the maid - ordinary. Well, unless sexual excitement can call at the woman the squad of the maid? Cleaning, cooking, washing - daily work of most of women. Resolution of the dick in buttocks caused delight. There was a wish that Nina fastened the second dick and I gave me it in a mouth. The fantastic orgasm shook my body. Natasha stood, having driven a dick from me against the stop, and I twirled by buttocks with a force being stuck on a dick. I didn't depart from the felt pleasure when Natasha's place was taken by Nina. With scope having set me a dick, she pushed hips with a jackhammer speed. She took me roughly, is somehow perfect on - men's. And again this inexpressible feeling of an infinite orgasm. The gag which inflated from saliva and a collar with a lead blocked breath, before eyes everything floated. Staying on the verge of consciousness loss, I plunged into waves of an anal orgasm again. Little girls didn't hurry to untie me. Only having made toilet released me and sent to be washed away. Holding with hands, highly lifted hem of a dress and petticoats I ran to the bathroom. So far I made toilet as the veil from eyes fell down. Why do I do all this? Why did come to Natasha, dressed up as the little girl and allowed schoolmates of to rape? There was a wish to change clothes, wash away immediately cosmetics and to escape home. To forget it a nightmare. I didn't test at that moment anything except shame and offense at own nonsense. Feeling driven into the deadlock, it was washed away over the bathroom, I tightened panties, stockings, straightened the lower short skirt and a hem of a dress, straightened out an apron. I corrected a make-up, I made up sponges and having fatefully sighed, I returned to girlfriends. - Dashenka as the mistress you were at the best. Now it is time to show, the maid, what of you. Here rags, brushes, mop, bucket. At you it is still full of work for today. Here to you kitchen фартучек that didn't splash a dress and an apron. Damning that day when dressed up in all women's, I came to a balcony to hang out linen, I threw a breast-band of a white kitchen fartuchk over a neck. Having filled a breast-band under a dress collar, I applied to a breast and hardly I girded, having tied tapes a fartuchka in front. According to instructions of girlfriends I fastened sideways under a tape a fartuchka a kitchen towel, and on the other hand a kitchen rag. I took a broom in a hand. - Now you look the real housemaid ready to labor feats – Nina told, doing the next photo. To me the dishwasher Lisa in school cafeteria was remembered. The ordinary aunt in a white dressing gown and a kitchen apron, on the one hand a towel, with another a dirty rag for wiping of tables. I for a minute presented myself on her place. This there would be number! To walk in such dress on school cafeteria, collecting dirty plates on a tray and wiping a table-top with a damp rag. The general attention is guaranteed to me! My girlfriends, надавав instructions on cleaning of the apartment, dashed away to develop a film. I resignedly turned to work. I cleaned up in kitchen, having washed up pans, dirty fat frying pans, cups and plates. I wiped them the dishcloth and I placed on the shelf. I dusted, I vacuumed, I gathered in a bucket of water and having taken a mop I began to scrub floors. Cleaning in the apartment took a lot of time, and I wearily considered a full basin of a women's underwear which I should wash. Having heaved a deep sigh, I was accepted to washing. Having bent over the bathroom, I erased Natasha's panties, and didn't hear Svetlana's arrival. - I see, you absolutely accustomed! You look in a dress and a fartuchka very lovely, I always dreamed to have the housemaid. Never would think that the housemaid I can have a boy moreover the schoolmate of my daughter!! Really you are so made horney by a women's clothing that you agree to walk in a women's underwear, in a dress, in an apron and to perform all homework. None of my gentlemen in life would agree to erase my panties and a bra, but it doesn't confuse you!! Help me to undress! I hasty wiped hands a towel. I approached Svetlana and indecisively I took off from her a jacket. I undid blouse buttons, continuously looking at a high breast. I took off a tight black skirt from the woman. Svetlana remained in the black, fitting combination. - Remove from me panties! Having fallen on hunkers, I raised a combination hem. I saw black stockings on a belt and red lacy panties. Having picked up panties fingers, I pulled down. Svetlana crossed through panties and sat down in a chair, having thrown legs on an armrest. - do You need to explain or you will guess? I already guessed that I should do. Silently I became on knees and having moved forward I touched by vagina lips. The woman threw to me legs on shoulders and having crossed them on a nape pressed my head to a perineum. Inhaling the exciting aroma of a vagina, I began to lick diligently bound together folds of vulvar lips, without forgetting to pay attention to clitoris small pea. I perfectly understood that from now on it is my destiny: to serve women a mouth, in exchange for an opportunity to be among them in a dress. Cuming, Svetlana strongly squeezed the crossed legs, having nearly strangled me. I didn't stop working a uvula, swallowing allocations from a vagina. The phone call sounded. Svetlana answered phone and having bent took the call. - Hi Katya! I came home and I have a rest!! I is captivated I looked at the round female back which is hardly covered with a lacy hem of a combination. On knees I was selected closer, I lifted a combination up and moving apart hands full of a buttock I saw the wrinkled, brown circle of an anus. Having bent forward, I nestled on him lips and I began to suck and lick a uvula. Svetlana talked to Katya unknown to me, and I licked her an anus trying to thrust more deeply a sharp tip of language. The situation extremely made horney me. I didn't know how this Katya looks, but thought that I with pleasure would work a uvula at her perineum. Svetlana hung up and turned to me. - the diligence you deserved on encouragement. I lifted me from knees, and continuously looking in eyes, I dipped a hand under a hem of my dress. The female hand surely dived to me into panties and the dick squeezed. Alas, after entertainments with schoolmates my dick didn't react to touch of female fingers in any way. - Well so is even juicier. Two girls will think up how to have a good time. In a few minutes I stood, having bent down over a chair, with the dress which is lifted up on a back and the lowered a little panties. Having attached behind, Svetlana rhythmically fucked me in a bunghole the rubber dick fastened at her between legs. I groaned and was curved as the woman, loudly sighed when the woman deeply thrust from me a dick. The desired orgasm didn't come. Svetlana replaced a pose, having attached me in a chair on a back. I highly raised the legs bent in knees, and the woman inserted to me between legs. Holding me for anklebones, slowly I moved hips, only sometimes driving a dick against the stop. Then I suggested most to work as buttocks. Cela in a chair also pulled me to herself. I quickly removed from myself фартучек, having rejected together with a towel and a rag aside. I tucked in above a dress and a petticoat. Svetlana herself directed a dick while I carefully squatted over her knees. The slippery head easily slipped in me and I sat down on the sticking-out dick. Having got rid of Svetlana of shoulder-straps of a combination and a brassiere, I bared her large breasts, I bent, I took lips tensely sticking out nipple. I began to suck, caressing an elastic nipple a uvula tip. Holding me with hands for thallium, Svetlana set the necessary rhythm. Sitting on the dick in a pose of "equestrian" I slid on him up, down every minute approaching a desired orgasm. Still push, one more. Having sighed I nestled on Svetlana, everything floated around, the body was shaken by orgasm waves, without restraining any more I let out joyful cry of pleasure. Svetlana lay on a bed, having widely parted the legs bent in knees in the parties. Standing dog-fashion, I diligently licked a wet vagina. I wasn't ashamed from the situation. Despite differences of mood, shame and the endured humiliations I understood clearly: what happened to me had to happen sooner or later. I won't be able to get rid of desire to dress up regularly in all women's and to play a role of the maid. I won't be able to get rid of desire to be raped by the woman. The rubber dick didn't enter number of my desires, but anal sex allowed to feel as the woman. I don't mind at all that Natasha, Nina, Svetlana, Katya unknown to me, regularly bended over me and fucked in buttocks a rubber dick. To become the maid for the schoolmate and her mother? If I am able to feel as the woman again and again? Yes, it agrees! date definition bank today date query in sql site mapMain Page