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I was an ordinary eleventh-grader, studied up the last year. In life I was quite fragile and diffident guy. My height was low, a constitution thin, features inconspicuous, no courage in me and even less so existed, all concerned me kind of indulgently. How many I tried to force to respect myself, it was impossible. I didn't go to discos at all, at parties was seldom, only on the occasion of birthdays of companions who invited me probably just for contrast to show what they in comparison with me abrupt and what I "the mother's sonny". And so on the occasion of a birthday of my schoolmate Oleg Repin I and Olya - the girl with whom I got acquainted few weeks ago the other day were invited to one of such parties. At his place the company from five people gathered: birthday boy Oleg, schoolmate Ivan, schoolmate Lena, Olya and I. At such parties I usually behaved very modestly and constrainingly, kept away from the company and almost didn't talk. So it turned out and this time, - when we sat at a dining table guys and girls communicated among themselves, and I was silent all the time. Only sometimes they addressed me, basically playing a trick and scoffing over me. - "Lyosha, it isn't boring for you there?", "Lyosha, and you made mathematics today before to go on a party?", "Lyosha, and you don't sleep there?", "Lyosha, communicate to girls though!", etc. With increase in amount of the drunk alcohol, the party gained more and more open and gay character. Boys talked on high-pitch tones, little girls laughed loudly, almost each five minutes drinking wine, I by this moment was slightly drunk too, though isn't really cheerful. Generally I watched TV. Time was already later when a talk began to pass to an intimate subject. Oleg with Ivan frankly began to make advances to girls, declining them on an intimate talk. I was in confusion from all this and planned to leave already. But I couldn't leave, Oleg detained me and didn't allow to make it. Lena as far as I knew it, was to put it mildly a whore and is quite possible that for this reason she also was invited to birthday. And Olya was very liberated little girl too and in spite of the fact that she came with me, with might and main made advances to children. All birthday went to at last to begin IT. I thought, really all this will occur on my eyes? I saw as Oleg embraces Lena, and fingers of his hand to hold not a waist, and for the place is higher - for Lenina a breast. And Ivan sat with Olga and touched her for legs. What to do in this case to me I didn't represent. I too always dreamed of at last to lose virginity. It seemed it is impossible to find the best occasion for this purpose what a similar party. But girls was only two, and guys three. Even in spite of the fact that I am an uncertain guy, this evening in me there was a courage after the drunk wine to go to feats. And guys can be to me will allow to make IT together with them?? In me the desire spark lit up. I was drunk, probably therefore. Otherwise I wouldn't dare even to think for anything of it. Oleg continued to make advances to Lena meanwhile: - And at what there at you under a T-shirt, it is possible to look? - Do you really want to look? - I asked Len. - Very much I want. And well, let me remove, - and Oleg took off an undershirt from Lena having bared her bra, - oh you are what beauty!! And Olya came to a party in the black stockings which are perfectly looking through under her pass a dress, and Ivan couldn't come off her legs: - It is possible I will touch your stockings? Here it is possible above? - heatedly Ivan spoke, - And here? - Darling, you don't mind, the truth? - playfully Olya asked me on what I only silently swallowed. Ivan's hand began to move ahead along Olya's leg above and above, and already climbed under a miniskirt. Judging by a look of Olya, Ivan already took her her for the pussy... After Oleg included the pornofilm on the video player quicker to be liberated, events began to develop very quickly. Little girls were exempted from all clothes, except panties and stockings on Olya. Boobies were naked and I is bewitched for the first time in life watched this show. Guys began to undress too. After them also I began to undress. - And you where? - indulgently Ivan told me. All began to laugh having seen as I undress. Probably they didn't wait from me for such "impudence". - What, you were going to fuck too?? - through laughter Oleg told, - oh, pancake, I now from a chair will fall! I all reddened from such reaction, little girls laughed over me too. All boys already were in some pants including I. When little girls removed panties and were bared completely, boys without hesitation set to work, having temporarily forgotten about me. Oleg approached Lena and began to caress it kissing on the lips, then on a breast, at the same time feeling her body from all directions. Ivan seated Olya on a dining table, having removed plates, and, having embraced her, kissed on the lips while other hand I caressed her pussy. I was aside and didn't know what should I do. Probably today nothing shines me and to me won't allow to participate in an orgy... And what to do to me now? To put on back? date conversation topics for couples dateline internal affairs site mapMain Page