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Passed one and a half years as I lived with Lyosha. He very often bought to me new linen and a different women's clothing therefore I felt ideally. We with him had the most paradise sex which only I could have. But I perfectly knew that I very much lack my daddy. He showed it to me that I can much more in an image of the girl, than as the guy. He for the first time deprived of me virginity for what I still before him am in irredeemable debt. Secretly from Lyosha I began search of the father. Long I asked mother, I went to his old work and I learned from employees. But almost nobody knew where he could move. And here, when I already absolutely despaired and began to leave, I was called by one man. By sight he was about forty, forty five years old. The week bristle covered his gloomy face. He called up me to himself. — Guy, it you, чтоль, our Jyrki son? — Yes. And you know something about where he went? The man stooped and took me under an elbow. — Let's talk, but not here. There are too much excess people. He took away me down a ladder, in the most boiler. Here it was a little quite stuffy. I entered the first. For me the door instantly slammed. I noticed how the man locked a door, but showed no sign. He approached me and stretched a note. — Here. Your father asked to transfer to you if you begin him to look for here. I convulsively began to develop a note, in hope to learn though something about location of the father. Here what was written there: "Karinochka. I love you very much, but, unfortunately, I can't be near. The uncle Semyon has to give you this note. He one of my best friends so be not afraid of him. He will take away you to our boiler house. As you at me very good girl, I couldn't keep and told Semyon about ours with you games. He knows almost everything. In this regard he very strongly asked me that I acquainted you with him. These are, of course, not the best circumstances, but nevertheless. All necessary for you is in a big black package, behind the second copper. You know what to do, native..." I was a little shocked with such letter, but got it together and turned to the uncle Semyon. He already took off a shirt and told: — Well, Karina, you will show what was so extolled to me by your father? I collected the thoughts and asked him to wait a little. I came for the second copper and really found a black package there. I perfectly understood what in a different way to learn where there is a father at me it won't turn out. Therefore I quickly dressed everything that was in a package and left to Semyon. However the uncle Syoma was obviously wild about little girls because the clothes were not the most elegant, but very lovely. It were pink maiden panties with bunnies, the T-shirt which was to me short because of what the excellent view of my navel and white golfs opened is slightly higher than a knee. Also in a package there was a school short skirt and a false breast of the second size. — Now that's something like it! Not for nothing to me you I Am brisk extolled. Excellent girl! We with you have the whole hour on having fun properly. You will play a role of my daughter. — Yes, daddy. — Neeeet, you didn't understand me a little. You have to be the daughter who doesn't want that the daddy with her did something. — Well, I will try. Semyon began to move on me, in passing undoing trousers. — Well чтооо, little worthless girl?! Why mother you don't obey!? — No, daddy! I made all homework! Honestly! And I washed the dishes! It isn't necessary to punish me! Please! — I washed, you speak!? And how to polish my boots?! I have to go to dirty!? And well go here!!! With these words he attracted me the huge ruchishcha for a waist to himself and, with the lowered trousers, began to rumple my breast. — Daddy! Well please! It isn't necessary! — It is necessary, small rubbish, still as it is necessary. He bended over me on a dirty floor, lifted a skirt, lowered panties and began to humidify my hole. He several times thrust the language there, plentifully moistened all with saliva, and then got up on a knee and inserted the bolt. And, it is necessary to tell, the uncle had a dick nothing. Centimeters eighteen if I correctly felt. He raped me so, without changing a pose, minutes fifteen. Then I put out, I got up, I forced me before myself to the knees and I forced to suck. As completely to swallow such long large object with some difficulty, at me tears which began to smear ink began to slide involuntarily. () the Appearance at me was just like as at the punished little girl. In a couple of minutes of deep blowjob it pressed me a nose to the pubis and plentifully lowered directly to me in a throat what I nearly choked with. Strangely enough, but in five minutes of a respite he repeated all this and already then was satisfied. He gave me a towel and told: — Give, Karinochka, be wiped. Here to you the address to which yours lives daddy now. Also remember if I once again see you in this establishment, then you should work as the strange mouth and buttocks again. Understood me? — Yes, of course I understood. He carelessly threw into my party a piece of paper with the address and went beyond a door. I was wiped, put on in usual clothes and safely left the building. And here, I am already one step closer to reunion to the beloved father... All thanks. Wait for continuation date conversation starters reddit date calculator sheets site mapMain Page