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Slowly walking on the platform of a station of Alekseevskaya my look wandered on the faces of the people expecting the train. Coming to other city, I always try to find in crowd a familiar face - not the surely familiar person, at least just similar to the one someone you know at home. Then becomes somehow quieter, others, unfamiliar city not so strongly presses on my consciousness when it seems to me that someone familiar is near. At once I didn't see her face. I went behind Her. But in all her figure, a hairstyle, gait there was something inexplicable that attracted my attention and quickened my pace. There was a wish to catch up with her and to look Her into face. I moved in her direction a little quicker. Here the train towards the center approached. She entered the car, no, flitted into the opened doors the easy movement of pair of fine legs more precisely. I hurried behind Her. Doors were closed behind my back at once. "The following station - Riga", - I declared a female voice from a loud-speaker. (A cybersex with real mistresses! - good advice) I stood at doors, having turned to Her half-turned. There wasn't enough spirit to look with Her in a face. As though I was afraid that I will see unfamiliar, cold and repellent in her lines. At the following station came into the car to many people and I had to take couple of steps back - in her party. I still stood half-turned to Her, but now we held one hand-rail. Having mown a look, I looked at her hand. A small palm, graceful fingers with an accurate marigold of gentle-pink color. Fingers of her hand except that clasped a hand-rail, squeezed a skhemka of the Moscow subway, absolutely small, of the size of a calendar card. Went hot me. So she is illocal! The Muscovite, even if I became the Muscovite quite recently, first of all remembers a way from the housing before work (study) and vacation spots and entertainments. Then he remembers location of other metro stations and in life will never carry with himself the scheme. So She in Moscow recently, probably arrived only today. Time goes to the center, means wants to visit Red Square or the Kremlin. In spite of the fact that the era of popularity of these objects as in Soviet period passed, pulls visitors to them as a magnet. I turned facing a door and tried to make out reflection of the girl in her glass. Stirred patches of light from lamps on a ceiling therefore I decided to look back. In her face I saw the fantastic princess from the dreams. The correct form a face form, fine green eyes, an accurate nose, a graceful mouth with nacreous lips - everything in Her face attracted and attracted me. She looked at me and I quickly looked away. The devil, she wouldn't take me for some pervert. Having reached to Turgenev, She went out of the car, having passed by me, absolutely nearby, having drenched me with the mix of a delicate perfume of spirits and some special female smell from what my heart boomingly began to knock in boobies. And though I should have gone further, I stepped from the subway car after her. She went slowly, looked at a skhemka in the hand from time to time. Probably, she should have reached somewhere and she tried to choose a route according to the scheme. Having approached the index which is hanging down from a ceiling she stopped also eyes to look around at the name of the necessary station. I approached the index on the other hand and too looked at it. Let she will notice me and too will decide that I am illocal. Then she resolutely moved to transition on the friend the station, I followed her, as on a lead. I just couldn't go to other party, precisely a magnet pulled me behind it. (A porn of video and pornorollers on a story subject! - editor's note) Having come after her into the car, I observed. She came to the Okhotny Ryad stations. On the platform I tarried a little and having approached the escalator saw that she already is practical on his middle. I hurried behind her. I very much was afraid to lose her and in spite of the fact that the escalator quickly enough moved, walked up his steps. Having risen to the surface, I appeared at some deadlock. Nearby behind a high metal fence building was well under way. On the right round the corner there was some street with the brisk movement, behind it - one more building, the high building fitted by a green grid which closed the further review. The girl, holding the subway map in hand, I tried to understand where she is. I got the Moscow map too and looked at it. Everything is correct, here the metro station, and so, to the Kremlin it is necessary to go here here... - Sorry, you won't prompt how to pass to Red Square? - unexpectedly I heard behind the back of her voice. That her voice I didn't doubt. Only at such beautiful girl I could be such pleasant. Beautiful voice. I turned to her. My God, as she is beautiful! - Эээ... You know, I generally too illocal. - by the voice which is broken for nervousness I said. - Why "too"? - she asked. I was confused and answered not immediately. - Just I guessed that you not from Moscow. She smiled, took a step aside and asked the woman passing by the question "How to Pass to Red Square?" that in reply only waved a hand as then it appeared, in the right direction. The girl moved on the sidewalk towards the street and curtailed for a corner. I lagged behind her on couple of steps. The devil, it is necessary to begin a conversation! - Hard in the unfamiliar city? - I asked having overtaken her. - Yes, it is heavy, - she smiled. - And you from what city, if it isn't a secret? - I asked the following question. - From Khabarovsk. - Wow! Same it is so far from here. And I from Kaliningrad. - Too it isn't close. - I agree. Couple of minutes we went silently nearby on the sidewalk. Be not silent, I made a fool, talk to it! - Sorry, and I can learn, what is your name? - Alla, - having smiled in my party, She answered. - And you? - Mikhail. Very pleasant. - And me too. Having collected the strength, I offered: - Perhaps, we will look at Red Square together? After a second pause Alla answered: - And why not? Meanwhile we passed by the unfinished building entirely fitted by a green construction grid - as it appeared then, it was the hotel under construction on the place of the demolished Moscow hotel. And here from round the corner buildings seemed towers of the Kremlin wall. We went down to the underground passage and about 300 meters passed underground. By the doors conducting on the metro station and to pavilions of Okhotny Ryad. Having come to a surface, appeared directly before a monument to G.K. Zhukov. Having taken a look at him a little, we moved further. Having passed by the historical museum, doubles Lenin, Marx and Nicholas II who are inertly photographed with tourists judging by eyes from China or Japan, we approached the Mausoleum. Unfortunately, that significant day the Mausoleum was closed, and we needed only to examine it outside. But we got to St. Basil's Cathedral freely, passed cold dark rooms, rose by several observation decks. And here on one abrupt screw short flight of stairs something happened to the erased steps. Allochka, rising ahead of me, I stumbled on an ancient step and, having developed on one leg, with a sigh "A-ah" fell in my embraces. Because she stood centimeters 30 higher me, my palms laid down precisely on her buttocks. And in hillocks of her breast I buried a face. The second pause hung in mid-air. I instantly felt the hardness of her buttocks strained because of suddenness of a situation, elasticity of a breast, a magnificent smell of her body. There was enough this second that my dick instantly hardened, blood struck as well in the head. Something happened with Alla similar too. She suddenly weakened, her legs were turned in and she slipped in my hands slightly below, but my hands continued to hold her for a bottom. Our persons appeared at one level, and I read desire in green eyes. At first having shy touched with lips fine sponges of Allochka, I saw that she covered eyes. It was a signal of consent and at the same time an appeal to further actions. Our lips merged in a passionate kiss, breath both my and its stood. In about 5 seconds which seemed to me blissful eternity we suddenly recoiled from each other as if having been frightened of sudden proximity. - Эээ... Sorry, it seemed to me... Excuse..., - I muffledly bleated probably unnecessary words. - You excuse it... It seemed to me... date calculator victoria dateline chris hansen site mapMain Page