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Katerina's history. Part 1. Acquaintance to parents. This story began when our main character — Rolling, by then the beautiful young girl met the man of the dream. He was called Pavel. Young people met already half a year when at last Pavel decided to acquaint Katerina with the parents. On Saturday morning they arrived to the station mudflows and two hours of languor later in the stuffy bus they at last went out of doors. Here and my village — Pavel told: pointing to the houses which are seen behind the field. Parents were very glad that the son at last found the daughter-in-law. Pavel's mother is Claudia, was a heavy woman of 55 years, and the father — Anatoly was a low plotnenky baldish man. At dinner Katya continually confusedly turned away eyes when she tried to catch on herself the father-in-law eye. There was hot weather and young people almost all day carried out on the river having a rest and bathing. Next day, in spite of the fact that, I was output, Pavel was called, urgently called him for work. Katya wanted to go too, but the mother-in-law began to persuade her to remain. Besides Katya was on vacation. Having given in to arrangements of Pavel and his mother Katya I decided to remain for couple of days. All next day Katya sunbathed and bathed, everything was just fine the only thing that she was constantly confused so by this how looks at her свекр. However she tried not to attach it significance. In the late afternoon the mother-in-law flooded a bath that Katya left having taken a steam bath. Katya bathed and walked on the coast, returned when already got dark. — Go to a bath — the mother-in-law told: we were washed, I to sleep, and Anatole, probably at Mikhalycha, drinks vodka an infection. — Be washed yes lay down and don't forget to turn off light in a ban — the mother-in-law told. — Well — Katya answered and having thrown with a dressing gown ran in a bath. The bath was in the end of a kitchen garden. Having passed on a kitchen garden the Katyusha ate strawberries and entered the waiting room. She also didn't know that Mikhalychem sits at a bath in bushes of currant her свекр with that. They already finished drinking a vodka quarter-liter bottle of vodka when they heard steps. — There is a bitch — Anatole in a whisper told: I saw her in a bathing suit today, panties thin — "strang" mother them for soul it seems are called And so on a pizda a strip thin, even her shameless lips it is visible, and there are no hair to see shaves... — And skin skin that what gentle, suntanned — I continued свекр. Михалыч, you will look at her boobs it seems the second size, and a waist, ooh so now and I tore off a kurva — Anatole said. — And we will tear off — fairly become tipsy Mikhalych told. To Em as well as Anatole was 55 the pensioner too — the buddy the drinking companion. — I don't know the daughter-in-law everything — Anatole said. — Your sonny, and we fucks, what is worse, from her won't decrease, will do good — told Mikhalych, looking from darkness in a window. — Yes throw you — Anatole slightly told having been frightened of intentions of Mikhalycha. Oh, this the maid, is good — Anatole lowed, having seen as the daughter-in-law bent to take soap. — Yes the peach is direct... watch legs I moved apart — I spoke Mikhalych. — I don't know as you, and I her now — drank a glass of Mikhalych: I will tear off! — And if stukant then? — with anxiety Anatole asked — I don't rub Shreds if we make everything correctly every day we will fuck — I filtered Mikhalych. — Look you will come only when I try to persuade —. I told Mikhalych and throwing off clothes I came into the waiting room. Anatole looked forward hiding in the dark. At last the door creaked and in the doorway of a bath the hairy old man with the sticking-out dick seemed his head gradually rocked. Katya fell into a stupor... the fear held down her. — That that, надо& — she only managed to tell you as the member Mikhalycha loomed at her in the face of, and the big hand of the man slapped her face. Katya quietly began to cry, and the man seized her by hair and struck once again. — Open a knot mouth — he told, trying to protisnut a dick in her closed mouth. — All the same I will force — he told, then once again I hit it on a face and Katerina opened a mouth. The observing Anatole couldn't believe in the events, Mikhalych held the daughter-in-law by the head and slowly fucked deeply immersing the thick horse-radish to her in a mouth. It was visible as on cheeks tears flow, the girl continually choked and Mikhalych was pulled out by the dick allowing her to take breath then again the dick on the balls immersed. On a big, beautiful breast of the daughter-in-law her saliva, alternately with tears flowed, she choked, coughed but couldn't change anything. At last having played enough, the old man pulled out a dick: I think you understood that it is more best to obey, huh? — Yes — Katya answered. Naked humiliated, drowned in tears she squated looking at a flabby belly, hairy legs of the tyrant, she was strongly frightened and was ready to make anything if only he didn't beat her. Михалыч I understood too that she is broken. He triumphed. — And now we will look as your big boobs shiver — he told laying down on a floor. — Give the daughter — he began to laugh: be stuck on a thick dick of the daddy! — To hit you the bitch, quickly walked all — the old man told seeing her confusion. — No, I will sit down — from herself the girl hardly squeezed out and having sat down slowly fell by a dick. — What it is rather big? — the old man asked, seeing her look. The girl kept silent what she right there received slap in the face for. From her eyes tears rushed. — It isn't necessary, I for you will make everything — she told often breathing and sobbing. — Of course you will make both today and tomorrow, only don't dare to be silent when you are asked, understood? — roughly I told Mikhalych. — I understood — Katya answered. Following his instructions, the girl bent forward so that her breasts appeared over a man's face. — And you are a beauty, a beautiful attractive face big boobies the wide back a dream simply — the old man said, squeezing her for boobies: And skin that what gentle! The old man stroked her hips, and the girl groaning rocked over him being stuck on his dick. From her eyes rare tears flew down, boobies rocked in a step to frictions. Katya first didn't suffer anything except feeling indignity and shame, the old man was nasty to her and each immersion of his thick dick in a dry vagina threw up involuntary groan from her breast, she thought only of that that the old man quickly terminated. There passed about 2 minutes, but to her surprise the old man, still didn't cum, even more she surprised the fact that despite humiliation and shame she was more and stronger made horney. The old man slapped her in a bum, bit for nipples, called the whore. At this time Anatole a szhadnost looked out of the window as Mikhalych dexterously copes with his daughter-in-law. His excitement reached a limit, having thrown off clothes he looked out on the street, was convinced that near a bath there is nobody and only after that entered a bath. The daughter-in-law stood facing a door therefore at once I saw him, but her was not to shame any more. She without hiding I groaned every time when having risen again it was stuck on a dick of the tyrant. Svekr sat down nearby. — Not every day you will see such beauty — panting I spoke Mikhalych. Yes — Anatole answered, looking at the big shaking daughter-in-law boobies. — You hear as her pizda from pleasure squelches, in the beginning it was dry and now just I began to flow — I continued Mikhalych. — Do you like the bitch? — Mikhalych wasn't appeased feeling the most important. — D... yes, having hung the head muffledly Katya lowed. — Look at the father-in-law and tell him in eyes — Mikhalych ordered. Continuing to be stuck on a dick rolling I turned the head to the father-in-law and I said: Very much it is pleasant. Later couple of seconds the girl was shaken by the strongest orgasm... she got nervous, moaned, and quietly began to cry continuing to be stuck on a dick. Her conscience and reason convinced her that she shouldn't derive pleasure, but the body didn't listen to them... Reductions of a vagina made the business and Mikhalych too violently terminated and закряхтев streamed in her. — What was pleasant the daughter? — I asked Mikhalych. — Yes — looking down the girl told. — Serve the real daddy lick to him and that he as if the virgin, I became puzzled — Mikhalych ordered. Katya sat down before the father-in-law on knees and having taken his dick with disgust began to suck slowly. The husband never forced her to suck. Yes not so... — I told Mikhalych, he seated Anatole sat down on a bench itself nearby. — Take my dick... so he moaned when lips of the girl were closed on his dick, having clasped her for the head he began to stick her on the balls releasing only when she choked. At this time свекр it was attached behind having entered a pizda I began to fuck the young daughter-in-law slowly. My son ск Anatole would see you now immersing a dick in the squelching daughter-in-law pizda. Михалыч I was in combat readiness already again and I sat next squeezing Katya for boobies and I waited for the turn. Seeing as the girl begins to groan Mikhalych again decided to ask her on private life believing that now she is horney and will hardly lie. Interested him how many at her was men where and with someone she lost virginity whether she changed Pavel, whether he satisfies her. Katya was really horney therefore without shadow of constraint panting, forcing down a voice began to tell: the virginity me was deprived by Pavel till today I didn't change him — Katya told. — And orgasm? — Do you cum when his dick hollows your pizda, it is pleasant to you as his daddy works for him? — I asked свекр. Followed couple of seconds of silence then Katya with unwillingness said: — I considered myself frigid, I for the first time terminated today. — I said what will be pleasant to her — told Mikhalych, enjoying the victory and squeezing her for boobies. Anatole continued to hollow a razjebany pizda of the daughter-in-law who squelched at each sense, the cum of Mikhalycha mixed up with allocations of the girl exuded from a pizda, and flew down on the internal surface of hips and only later a couple of minutes Anatole could terminate having shot at the daughter-in-law pizda the seed. Right there his place was taken by Mikhalych, and Anatole had a rest observing as the 53rd summer drinking companion fucks the young, juicy, 26th summer girl. This time and Mikhalych long couldn't terminate abundance of lubricant in a pizda did sex very long, Having changed the principles that sex has to be slow, he clasped her for hips and very fast pushes began to hollow the girl's pizda. At such speed it lasted only for minutes one and a half, but also it was enough to bring Katerina to an orgasm, and to terminate most. Having fallen off aside, panting he lit. In a ban smelled of a cum. — You it seems are on vacation? — I asked Mikhalych. — Yes — Katya lowed. — Well means you will stay for a while a week more... — And husband?... — You will think up something, and we will tell that to him as you cumed on the dick of his daddy — Mikhalych burst out laughing. — Yes — I told свекр looking at the sweaty daughter-in-law sitting before them on a lap on her young body, big breasts. — Give call — I told Mikhalych when they left to the waiting room he set it on a bench and pointed to phone. When the girl dialed number, it suddenly appeared but in couple of seconds returned holding a big cucumber in hand. Then he spread her legs and having put him to a razjebanny pizda the expiring cum, pressed and easily entered him inside. Katya squealed when he rhythmical pushes began to immerse him almost completely taking immersed observing as her shameless lips vaginas clasp a cucumber the overage. Katya listened to all this time as he misses her, and occasionally inserting phrases tried to constrain a voice, Mikhalych vigorously fucked her a cucumber at last having deeply inhaled told that she too very much misses and having referred to the fact that here so great I told that she would like to remain before days off, before his arrival. She was already ready to terminate and Pavel all didn't say goodbye. Pavel, of course agreed, told that he kisses her. — I that... too — Katya answered and having pressed dumping published lingering groan violently having terminated. All this time old men gloated over. Standing nearby. Before arrival of the husband there were five days. (Write your wishes on development of a plot) Author's E-mail: date calculator soup new date ideas site mapMain Page