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The Internet is close, as well as the world in which he exists. And in it you are convinced of a single country constantly, I don't speak about certain regions or especially the cities. People whom you meet in network often come across on streets, in public places and places of entertainments. But one case was simply amazing, but is quite real. There came the summer, and behind it and a holiday which I decided to hold at the dacha at parents. It was so led that I spent all the childhood and all the summer vacation in the village at the grandmother. When the grandmother died, the house remained to parents, and we tried to spend free time, whenever possible, there. In the same place there passed my first night hellbenders, the first kiss, the first motorcycle and the first sexual experience. As a lot of youth from the cities gathered in villages for the summer and (rural) were enough, it wasn't especially boring, always was what to be engaged. Here also I decided to remember those former times and to spend the vacation in the village. Parents remained in the city and promised to drive up to days off therefore giving was in full we wash the order, however, as well as all stock which was there, including a garage with couple of dvukhkolesnik of domestic production. I also decided to devote to motorcycles the main part of the holiday. More definitely not to motorcycles, but trips to them in places of "fighting glory", that is in places of former festivities. The first trip was planned for evening of the second day of my stay, it was necessary to examine iron horses, to correct their health and it is good to feed, as it was succeeded to execute in the planned terms. Here also long-awaited evening came. There were several directions of the movement, to be exact three: in the regional center located nearby where sold beer and other delights of life, towards the small river where the small, but drunk party, or towards the neighboring province where there was enough everything, despite the small size of villages and settlements gathered. And I decided to go along the last route. In one of villages I came into local club where the youth, which of the city, which of the village, well generally ill-matched hung out. I sat quietly, I drank beer, suddenly I notice someone's violent and horney look, it literally devoured me sideways and at distance, but couldn't advance to the direct attack. I decided to check someone the owner of such violence, I get accustomed and I recognize one of inetovsky "girlfriends", (it is necessary to tell that I conduct several years acquaintances to transvestites, lovely interesting people, only with the cockroaches in the head, but yet really never I met them, and here such is a case:) he was ready to vanish into thin air... Especially not to confuse the guy, I left club and got on the bike, having hung up a helmet on a hand and preparing for start, was already going to leave as in about two minutes he ran out for me and, having looked round, sat down to me behind: - Went! - Where? - I will show. And he really showed. We drove up to the village, I landed him and traveled over the village that to awake nobody, and remained to wait for him at the hay shed where he told. It was necessary to wait not for long, somewhere later minutes for thirty, before me I arose, the cool rural maid, with the roundish and elastic back, a breast of the third size and in, thin, fitting from above, but extending to a bottom, a dress, is slightly lower than a knee. From under a cut of a decollete which, the lace translucent lingerie fitting him, artificial, but very effective breast looked out. He, that is already it, looked fantastically sexually, and I just wanted to rape this sexual miracle. I pushed him into the shed, pressed to a door from within and began to get into openwork panties where found out that my girl is ready to the use completely. Then I embraced her hands for hips, and moved up to myself, lifted up a dress, and having just removed the coulisse a string, began to enter the end into a sensitive hole, increasing the pace more and more, I had him as the usual "rural girl" squeezing her breasts and operating by means of their all other body, the fucking proceeded minutes fifteen then I left and plentifully he terminated to him in a mouth, pinched a cum as though was condensed milk, and my dick continued to suck it... After pinched everything, he began to make horney him again and gentle посос smoothly turned into rough blowjob when I entered him almost to a throat. He understood that I am ready to stick into him the tool already again, got up and suggested to get on hay, through hay we got on the attic of the shed where the blanket was outspread, probably more than once here something occurred. He sat down on hunkers, was rolled on a back and began slowly, having parted a little leg, to lift a dress hem from knees above, I didn't allow him to finish, and itself, having sharply spread him legs, and having torn off pants, raised him so it would be convenient to enter his bosom, and entered, as deeply as never entered, on a body blurred luxury, it was close and pleasant inside. At first slowly then sharply I started over again and again thrusting in him my dick, he groaned as the real maid, and asked to have him zhyoshche, then I turned him, bended over, and thrust even more deeply, constantly increasing the pace. I stuck him, and he didn't resist, and already practically didn't help me. He derived pleasure at such rates that any woman would envy. Then he recovered, and I decided to have a rest. He sat down on me and began to slide sharply on the dick "Pussy" it was unforgettable, he squeezed me the interiors and released only when was in the bottom, then he turned to me a back and after several pushes I didn't sustain and burst to him in a rectum. He even moaned and, strengthening my feelings, several times walked on the dick buttocks, it was just super. After that we long lay exhausted, but satisfied. Next time we agreed to meet, every other day, at him there came per day parents, and it was necessary to observe conspiracy. On the appointed day and hour I drove up to the familiar village, this evening we decided to be taken for a ride in a car, on local villages and to play a game as though we are loving couple. My companion didn't keep waiting for herself long, and literally in minutes five or seven, I saw again that astounding maid who appeared before me two days ago. But this time, the image was more expressive, probably existence of time for preparation affected and strong desire will be pleasant to me even more. The magnificent chestnut-colored hair which are falling down below shoulders together with perfectly executed and correctly picked up make-up, big eyes with long eyelashes, the magnificent womanly sponges expressed by lipstick of warm, gentle and crimson color - all didn't give me will doubt that before me the real girl, but not disguised, though womanly guy. To the choice of clothes, the principle of nothing superfluous, but all necessary and beautiful was applied. From above the jacket shirt with flared sleeves, under her was put on short, from light denim of gray-brown color, the top of coffee color with a deep decollete and the only strap thrown through the head which is gently bending around a neck softly fitted a breast, the back was half-open, but underwear it was visible not. It was hidden in a special way, and put on without straps, but I defined it much later. The top smoothly flowed in the light long skirt emphasizing the magnificent buttocks and beautiful long legs which are slightly fitting them at the movement. Openwork, with lace the hem of a skirt was cut off obliquely, so, that his left side was slightly lower than a knee, and right reached a quarter of a shin from below. Slightly noticeable stockings, gentle "cashmere", covered legs and vanished under a hem, attracting and making horney desire to touch them and, caressing, to run over them hands. Contemplation of such picture wildly made horney me. I was ready not to go already anywhere, and to begin action right now, but I was stopped a delicate hint that there is an arrangement, and promises should be kept. It was him, that is her idea - to get on in the world, but not simply, and accompanied by me. I approached her and gently embraced for shoulders, the weak, pleasant and exciting aroma of her spirits reached me. We kissed. She threw hands to me on a neck and nestled a cheek on my lips. Luxury swept on all body. As strongly I wanted it at that moment, but everything is good in its season! I ran a hand over a back, again indulging in a kiss. The hand fell below, yet didn't reach buttocks, soft pleasant fabric on her forms only emphasized their beauty and elasticity, sliding in them at touch. She came off my lips, and her magnificent mouth blurred in the playing smile: "Still we will be in time!", - she quickly dropped, - "And now went, at me the small surprise is prepared for you". We got into the car, I, slowly, started the engine, and the car smoothly went for dispersal, reserving only a trace on asphalt. Decided to go to the neighboring province, the benefit the next suitable settlement was in forty kilometers. On the road I hardly restrained not to get into the knickers of it until she touched my hand with the hand and removed her from a wheel, having concluded in the warm palms. Then my companion leaned back on a seat, slightly removed it and priopustit a back, sitting down in a pose, more convenient for a trip. The edge of a hem was lifted up, and from under him openwork elastic bands of stockings and lacy shoulder straps of a belt were visible. Having noticed it, she corrected a skirt and slightly parted legs, kind of inviting to action and teasing at the same time. I lowered the right hand to her on a leg, feeling as on her the easy shiver ran, and began to slip slowly a palm to a knee. The feeling of heat of her legs, was transferred to a palm, and excitement began to flow on a body, softly pricking from a nape to a tailbone. The hand slipped for edge of a hem, gentle "cashmere" of stockings slid under fingers as continuation of her velvety skin. I slowly rose to warm up, but after all to an unusual corner, between her legs. But as soon as I reached lace of elastic bands, she accurately took away my hand and again corrected the clothes. I tried to repeat attempt, but was allowed only over a skirt. Having felt that I was already rather strongly made horney, she took away my hand on a wheel at all. Now her hand fell to me by a knee, and, quickly touching fingers, it appeared already at me between legs. Gently stroking my body through trousers, she watched that excitement didn't fall down but only amplified. And when I was already poured by force to the full, she undid a fly, having set free "restricted in stalls, a stallion". Having bent through bar, between seats, she lowered the sponges on a dickhead and kissed it. Having embraced lips, ready will burst, body, my companion began to absorb it. To her the sexual mouth slowly fell on a trunk of my dick. I felt that I rested against something. Gently caressing a uvula of edge of a head from below, she began to raise the head up. Moist lips embraced a head again, and the uvula didn't cease to caress her edges and a vershinka, then it began to fall on the dick in increasing frequency, squeezing him lips, releasing, she squeezed only the head lips stronger, touching her edges. From it I practically kept on the edge of pleasure, but couldn't terminate at once, she prolonged my pleasure as far as she wanted. So several minutes then she accelerated speed proceeded, and I burst in her in a mouth a viscous, but prompt stream. The cum filled with her a mouth, but she didn't release not a drop outside, swallowing it everything, to a last straw. It was also her surprise. She with satisfaction leaned back back, and conveniently took seat on a seat. We exchanged glances, and she burst out laughing, probably my look was such confused that involuntarily I caused laughter. We, at last, drove up to the destination, were defined, than we will be engaged, and for a start came into bar. In bar was to few people, but several lonely guys nevertheless noticed my companion who entered the first. One of them decided to approach to get acquainted, we also counted on such turn of events. Between them the conversation was started. I entered later and sat down to a table opposite to a rack of bar where couple of getting acquainted sat. The conversation inflamed my acquaintance and carried away her more and more though her interlocutor obviously didn't suffer from intelligence, she also flirted, but probably, interest in this young man at her ran low, and she sent away him. After that she was developed to me and changed for my table. Then I asked her: - How he? - Village: I even tried to flirt, it is simply impenetrable. - Than he so wasn't pleasant to you? - He doesn't know what wants, besides and can directly tell nothing. - All right, we go further, there is a cool disco. - It agrees, give in a separation! - Give And we went to a disco. On the road I was tormented by a question why after all she sent away it, and I set him. - After you, already nobody interests, you are able to act correctly and persistently, and he can't put two words together, even didn't answer hints, one word - the village. - Listen, we meet already the second time, and I still don't know, what is your name? - Nastya, you can Nastyushka or as itself you will want - Agreed, Candy! The car slowly drove on the club yard, I parked and we went to dance. In club it was already rather crowded, and we joined a party quickly and cheerfully. Having found a free table, we threw off jackets, and went to a dance floor. Just slow music began to sound. And we, having closely nestled to each other, plunged into dance. I felt Nastya's breast the breast, and my hand involuntarily began to go down on her buttocks. Nastya raised hands from mine plechy to me against a neck, embraced me and nestled lips on my lips. We kissed and embraced in dance. I was again made horney stronger and stronger. Pressing her for buttocks to itself, I suddenly felt that firm education appeared at her under a skirt, together with me also she was made horney. Slow dance ended, and we appeared in the middle of crowd of vigorously dancing youth. Club music strengthened excitement, I already forgot when I felt such feelings. Nastya turned to me a back and leaned the elbows on me, she began to rub the bottom about my perineum in a step to music. And already under fast music, our excited and horney bodies merged again. My companion perfectly moved, having great plasticity. She thought out all new and new movements, bringing me even more. So we danced hour three, being interrupted on low alcohol pranks. Got wet and happy we left club and got into the car. "I so hadn't a rest long ago", - Nastya told, - "Thanks for a disco, and now let's go somewhere we will drive". Having driven off from the settlement, we swept on the river bank, proceeding near the road, and stopped in the cozy and quiet place ashore. I killed the engine, and lowered seats, then touched with a hand her cheek and kissed. She attracted me closer, kissing stronger and stronger, and here I already was in her hot embraces. Excitement flowed on a spinal cord as the raging warm stream. Having slowly torn off lips from her calling mouth, I fell them by a breast. Her gentle velvety skin, pleasantly smelled and answered with a thin podragivaniye each kiss. Nastya strainedly began to breathe from excitement and pressed me to herself even more strong, having placed the leg in my perineum. Her leg rubbed about my dick, and the it rubbed about my leg. I understood that it was necessary for her at that moment, and, having rolled on the seat, began to go down with kisses below, lifted up a top, began to kiss a stomach, and my left hand already caressed Nastina legs. As it was pleasant to caress this beautiful creature, I rose to panties and ran on a small dick, I of course knew about his existence, but, with such candy outside, about is mute it was easily possible to forget. When I touched panties and, stroking, slightly pressed on a perineum, heard groan of excitement and pleasure. I easily took it from panties (and he was not such and little) and began to carry out back and forth motions up down, simply I masturbated it. I don't know from what, but I had a wild desire to kiss Nastin the dick. As soon as I bent to him, she raised the stomach and parted legs. The skirt fell down on a bottom of a stomach and bared all that was available only to my hand, but not eyes. Before my look there was a beautiful picture from a lacy belt for stockings with the same straps and not less exciting linen which, appear, is weaved all from thin lace and transparent light, but terribly pleasant and gentle fabric. Sideways her horney dick as she still hid him stuck out of panties, it was unknown. I lowered the lips on him and kissed a head, it was excited and literally flared desire. Beginning to caress slowly it language, I took a dick in a mouth and squeezing lips as it to me was done by my Pussy, fell to the root. Both of us were so made horney from it that already she fucked me in a mouth, and I didn't resist at all as though we traded places last evening. Long excitement has quickly an effect: the hot tart stream rushed to me into a mouth and a throat, having nearly choked, I didn't release any drop. Her cum was tart, but nice to the taste, I didn't think that it can be so great, and didn't understand yet that I just did blowjob, but it terribly was pleasant to me. We continued to kiss, but awfully wanted each other. And, understanding it, Nastya told: "We will go to the street". On this case I took a blanket to lay on the earth or on a car cowl. It got up near a door, облокотясь on her arch a back, I spread a blanket on a cowl, and approached to the door, starting over again kissing. My partner was developed to me by a back and nestled on me, embracing hands, zakinuty to me for a neck. I took her for hips and again corrected a pose, resting the dick to her against the back. Nastya caved in, turned the head and called the lips mine, for a kiss. Meanwhile she lifted a hem of the skirt, and, soon I already undid a fly and lowered to both of us pants. Her hole was wet and poured by desire juice. I began to enter the dick into it slowly. She shuddered and passed me in herself. From the very beginning Nastya began to make upward movement in a step to my movements, sticking herself on my excited stake all are deeper and deeper. I at first caressed her for hips and breasts, and then decided to deliver, my temptress has some pleasure, and her dick began to podrachivat slowly. The quicker I moved in her, the quicker there was a rate of my caress. And here I understood that I can't any more, and terminated her in buttocks, but she, didn't stop, squeezing my dick, even stronger, milked dry it to a last straw. Then she faced me and, having lifted the fallen hem, attracted my lips to the become overexcited body and again otymet me in a mouth. After she terminated, we moved to a cowl. This time there was a turn of my maid to make horney me. I sat down on edge of a cowl and moved up her to myself, having kissed on a mouth, accompanied with a hand Nastya's head down, she didn't begin to resist and obediently took him in a mouth and began to suck away, with each her sliding by lips on my dick, he rose all quicker didn't reach the maximum size yet and didn't get up before her as a stake. I laid my whore on a back and again entered her, but now I was from above and had full authority to do with her that wanted. Having moved up her is closer, I began to enter vigorous pushes all deeper and deeper. Nastya groaned, but it wasn't sore with her, and it is good. Groans developed into the lasting hysterical shouts, and already almost at the top of the voice from her mouth passionate exclamations escaped. Having turned her on a stomach and having put to legs on the earth, I continued to hollow her. I long couldn't terminate, and my girl already couldn't derive so much pleasure any more, she already masturbated to herself the dick, and cumed over and over again all stronger and stronger. Then she with the last bit of strength squeezed my dick the buttocks, and several times made upward movement. At the most culmination point she was exempted from my fetters and stuck into my dick lips, exhausting from him all to a drop. We got into the car and for a long time departed from the act of such duration. Having had a rest, we went home. On Nastya Road told that never I felt so much pleasure for once and that never it had so rough and long sex, as with me. After it I told that I am waited by one more surprise, but it was necessary to wait two more days. What you will make, I needed only to touch options in the head and to wait for approach of day of a new meeting. Having landed Nastya at the village and having said goodbye to her a long kiss, I drove home. This night I slept as the baby: To be continued: date calculator ivf dateline guy site mapMain Page