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In our family, all women, were inveterate opyatnitsa, mother, the grandma and even the pro-grandma, liked to collect, these autumn mushrooms, this passion and me bypassed. Every year in the fall when in neighboring forests, near our town, I came, a season, collecting honey agarics. I as if was substituted, I became, the not, in eyes, fervent gloss, as at the hunter or the treasure-hunter appeared. At this time, I took a vacation at work and for days on end, vanished in the forest, collecting, these nice, mushrooms which grew on roots of trees, on stubs and just on the earth. The truth to go behind honey agarics, it was necessary far, for 25 kilometers from our city, to the village, there was a wood, very big wood, a zaseka in which it was possible, it is easy to get lost. This zaseka, lasted even to Moscow, and from our town to the capital, there were nearly 300 versts, on it I never went for mushrooms one, by youth took with myself, the husband, Vadim then, young was, strong, he had no sports constitution, such big paunch which he grew by forty years. And then when the son grew up, I began to take with myself in a campaign behind the son's honey agarics, I had a boy beyond the years, tall and me was with him in the forest, easily and quietly. And from Vadim, with his paunch, to sense there was a little, he didn't gather mushrooms but only he was stirred, it was necessary to me not how many to look for mushrooms how many to help, to my hog, the husband to perelazit through, the tumbled-down trees. What a difference with Kostya, the son at me, the athlete, he is Leko, I jumped, through, lying on the earth, aspens and birches and found honey agarics, in most, secluded, corners, the woods where I couldn't reach. So was and this time, Kostya already graduated from school, studied in the 11th class, to the guy 18 years knocked and had to in his spring, take away in army. Here also we went with him during the last season to the forest, following fall, it is necessary to me, to stay at home, the son will serve and will return, home in a year. I since evening, collected in a marching backpack, products, for two days, having put there, to steam of cans of stewed meat, smoked, sausages, bread, fish canned food, grain, and obligatory in ours, weathers, a soldier's flask, pure medical alcohol. I worked as the doctor at ambulance and had access at work to alcohol, and slowly, gram on hundred, carried him home, in a puzyrka, in a week at me and the flask was gathered. Alcohol, I stored at myself in the room which I locked, and differently Vadim, maybe, to climb and drink up everything wash alcohol reserves. That sometimes also it happened when I forgot, to lock the bedroom, leaving for work and Vadim as if, I felt that the door isn't locked, I got into the room and I drank with friends, all my alcohol. The drunk, is lousy, to sleep I already with him, long ago didn't sleep when Kostya passed into the eighth class, I moved the husband from our general bedroom to the hall on a sofa. Vadim, was at first, I pobubnit, but I obeyed, understanding, my correctness, he me by this time, plainly also didn't fuck and to sleep with the woman, just like that in a bed, for "furniture", then, it is possible and to have a sleep on a sofa especially as the sofa in the hall was big. And how with such paunch which grew at the husband because of his love to beer to be engaged, sex with the woman? I already also don't remember when he last time fucked me, about half a year probably, in the winter, then, Vadim, drunk came from work and I vozgoret desire, to execute, the conjugal duty, pulled hard on me, the paunch, the dick hardly thrust and right there I terminated, snored a drunk dream. I hardly from under him got out and swore in this, day, is more with this hog not to go to bed. Five more morning wasn't as I woke the son and I began to gather in a trip, рюказак it was already built, as well as baskets under mushrooms, they stood in the hall. We with Kostya, have breakfast, tea sandwiches, I came into the hall where drunk Vadim, at the husband slept, there was next hard drinking and in the room, stood, resistant, a smell of the reek of alcohol. > Here the destiny to me the drunk, the hubby of subarylaNO of nothing, let will suffer mother, the guy he at me, healthy, strong and tall And at the son, the dick is more, than Vadim has, much, more, Here I am a silly woman and what not to enclose me laying, in the morning in pants? What son at me, healthy, beautiful and strong to Be stunned, this number still, and I will precisely terminate couple of such holes on the road date calculator formula in excel date ideas fort worth site mapMain Page