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- Hallo! Hi, Anechka! - Hallo, someone it? - Lizhen, meine lieber Lotta! - Irka! You from where?! So unexpectedly the history which came to the end, appear, forever three years ago and partially described by me proceeded in a series of stories under the general name "I Got... Notes of the prostitute". Irka with whom we got acquainted, staying in sexual slavery in the German brothel and with which together got out, I decided to visit me, at last. Well, time successful, the day after tomorrow this strange new holiday, on November 4, called a certain funnyman "in the Afternoon of Ivan Susanin". However, tomorrow two couples at correspondence students, but the husband is free, will help to meet. The clear head Irka, knowing that we live four together with the mother-in-law and the son in two rooms, I decided not to strain us and I asked to reserve her a room in some otelchik, without reckoning with the price. And I found what is necessary - minihotel with a sauna literally in fifteen minutes walk from our house. The hostess, very kind, nice and figuristy lady of years of thirty five easily allocated for Irka two-room luxury with all necessary. - You were lucky, on holidays, usually, everything is hammered, and here - the last number, and just the fact that it is necessary for you. Next day we handed over our cub to the grandmother, I went to sow reasonable, kind, eternal, and my one and only and invaluable spouse met and brought Irka to hotel, surrounded with all care and walked on the city. And then and I was brought up. Our meeting was rough and gentle, too much together worried, too long ago didn't see. The spouse tactfully ran home to exempt the grandmother from the grandson, and we exchanged gifts and began to share news. Irka learned about how I, having come back home, was forced to move with the husband and the son here, to the mother-in-law: in native V-ske already half-higher education institution knew houses that the associate professor of Germanic studies Anna Vladimirovna S. on wear I worked all summer in brothel and managed to serve three students poor students. It is good still that didn't know about the same service of my dearest head of a chair, I was afraid to knock, an old worm. However, thanks to him, I gave good characteristic moreover I helped a call to someone it is necessary so on the new place I easily settled in the same position. And again I became the strict, but fair teacher. Irishka, as it appeared, managed to beat out to herself the residence permit in Germany and... I continued work in our former institution already on quite legal and favorable bases. Also ours affected with it "friendship" with chapter of the local politseykomissariat, and this opposite crisis. Because of it now even at labor exchanges to quite decent citizens of Faterland work in brothels is offered. Have a chat about mutual friends, and then Irka highly appreciated my spouse. Both I met remarkably, and I placed carefully, and I walked interestingly, and quite visible... Yes, I remember, still when Shreds from brothel I scratched us, this bitch in all eyes stared at it. Certainly, I have a wonderful husband. Clever, beautiful, hard-working, careful, true. And with amazing sense of humour. Having seen the first parts of "Notes of the prostitute", I demanded to enter into a plot of in the form of the bisexual. And personally I edited the seventh, a part where this story entered. And here is how he actually searched for me all summer with the friends as he found and pulled out us - doesn't write, a pig! Generally, it was pleasant to Irka of Shreds. She to him, apparently, too. I had certain ideas. Which were pleasant to Irka. Also we decided to organize to ourselves банкетик in honor of "Day Ivan Susanin". And also to note the third anniversary of our wonderful release and to award the liberator. Irka of any vkusnyashka smuggling in baggage dragged, I bought something so we laid a table very quite good. And the Shred rang, he, just, ours a crumb put bed. When through a quarter of hour at a door knocked, she was opened by two graces: one - the blonde in a black corset and black stockings with white podvyazochka, the second - the brunette in a red bra, a corbel and stockings, both is in very tall a strip shoes. - Good evening, darling! To honor the Shred, he showed iron endurance. Absolutely quietly I handed to Irka a bouquet from tea roses, I gave smacking kiss to both of us in cheeks and with much bigger interest I looked at the laid table. - Bravo, girls! By the way, not bad you look. And further quietly I went to wash hands, and then dexterously I opened and I poured wonderful white Moselle on glasses. - For lovely ladies! It is pleasant to ladies gallant Roofing felt, they are eager to be pleasant. Accept the most seductive poses, caress themselves and the friend to the friend, without interrupting, however, a festive dinner. But to any disgrace there has to be the decency! Young ladies here, one may say, laid down and wait, and this hero ate, drank also all??? - Dear Tolya, today we, generally want was late to note your feat on rescue of unfortunate maidens... And, I don't manage to finish speaking it as Irka throws a tigress to a fly of the hero and skillfully opens it. Wow! And what this villain suffered? I at him don't remember such erection since returned home! Irka, stand, a snake, I want too, don't eat him all!!! We on a lap at legs conveniently stretched the Shred caress handles and uvulas its very immodest men's advantage. Which looks even more worthy. At the same time slowly we exempt my spouse from surplus of clothes. We with Irka are very inquisitive, we love very much to learn what is in a men's suit. There is so much interesting! - Ania, forgive, but you still will be in time! Whether well not to drag? Irka is stuck with all assiduity on amazing Tolin a stake and begins a gallop. And wash that it razlimonitsya, look, touches her in everything, speed sets! Well done! And that only with me and with me and to start missing not for long. And the man needs a variety. Then will come the way of the wife more. At last he changes me. And what is characteristic, in front of my eyes, with my best friend and from my kind consent... Oh, Irka cares also for me, brings down this maniac and a finger calls up me! There is a contact! My perineum at his face, and it understands everything correctly. As regards a kunniligus of Shreds boooolshy the master. It is checked! Aaaaaaakh! Now We together caress Irka, and she plays with my breast, we are kissed gently - Anechka, thanks, the darling, he at you is the most best! - There is nothing, the Sun! - We change! We are quickly interchanged the position with Irishka, now and I can jump on this marvelous piston. This an erection today at darling! Irka growls and howls from the fact that she creates a uvula of mine of spouses with her peach. Aha, it is ready, I disappeared! Oh and I already depart! Ah! Stand darling, don't shoot, it to us! With the last bit of strength, silently, pushing away the friend to the friend, we swallow and we lick whitish dense Niagara which we so diligently and patiently brought to life. And then, completely bedaubed with a seed, gently we transfer him from a mouth to a mouth. - Girls! You were inimitable! - Oh, Tolechka, darling, it you was magnificent! However, An? Here you are happy... Just we lie nearby pacified, kind. Then Shreds in turn carries us to the bathroom. She here not too bad at all, with a jacuzzi. We soak and are restored to life all three together. And, you look. My modest man absolutely quietly fucked in front of my eyes Irka and now with identical enthusiasm touches both of us. Dog! But what! Irka remembers: - Stop, right there sauna! But whether not to go down? - So there, probably, it is already busy! - I now! Also we don't manage to tell anything how this fidget jumps out of a jacuzzi, immediately promakivat itself a towel, the strip shoe, the shortest dressing gown jumps into the and runs out for a door. I manage to see the dumbfounded face of some man who left in a corridor. Well, Irka went to look for adventures on the second ninety. - Ania, thanks for such holiday! - There is nothing, darling, to you the truth it was pleasant? - Of course! You at me always charm, but with Irishka in couple are in general what the hell, never endured it! And never I saw you such! - What? - Dissolute... @-sky.... Awesome! You are the best! - And Irka? - And Irka... She is the best... from your girlfriends! - It was beautifully turned out... And here Irka comes back. - Well, I suited everything. If, of course, you don't mind... -??? - In a sauna four men celebrate also him there are, just, not enough girls for entire happiness. They are ready to thank for this happiness in every possible way. I agreed and how are you? Yes, be not surprised, they decided, Roofing felt that you removed us. Well, it is ready to share us? date calculator court dated and related are they still together site mapMain Page