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- Time and at once in the king! Now you I will taste. Sit down to me on kolenochka, Sully. - he asked and having raised my skirt, delayed my panties thongs aside, began to put me to himself on knees. I obediently parted legs, was attached and his dick powerfully entered my buttocks. Pain pierced my anus, I bit a lip, still being in complete prostration, everything was as fog, sticky fog where sticky hands of Marquis undid my blouse, having given freedom to my boobies. - What do we sit, for someone we wait? - derisively Marquis spoke. I some sixth sense understood about what he, and began to move, sliding and being stuck by buttocks on his dick. My breast was at the level of his face, than he didn't fail to use having buried in it, then having enough grunted he began to rumple it, and further, enjoying a type of small jolting of an elastic breast, he leaned back a little back well to see also my person. Though my buttocks also got used to the dick, but because of the big size of a markizov of the device pain remained. I continually bit a lip, slowly jumped on him, and looked in anywhere. I looked in anywhere in every sense, I didn't understand what occurs, pronouncing about myself the facts, I just couldn't comprehend and connect them together: "The marquis from administration of Factory. The marquis fucks Polly. No, now Marquis fucks me. He ordered to suit me, and now I jump on his dick. The marquis from administration of Factory. The marquis fucks Polly." - as if some plate jammed at me in the head. - Just divinely! You deservedly the second in rating! - I enjoyed Marquis's situation, he attracted my head for a deep kiss, is pliable kissing him, I didn't stop the movement by hips, compensating by the speed of the movement the decreased amplitude. "That else for rating... The marquis kisses me." - the new thought was added in my plate: "The marquis fucks me, and kisses Polly". Нацеловавшись with me Marquis, attracted Polly and her beautiful face began to give to Marquis fervent kisses. - Marquis. - I could say at last. He ceased to kiss Polly and returned to a lapanye of my boobies. - Well, Sully, how are you doing? - with a smile he said. - How to you on mine to a dick? Very much it is pleasant to me, as you promised all. - The marquis, what all this means? - I formulated a question, having turned to his words a deaf ear as they just couldn't keep within my picture of the world. - Still you don't understand? What you are a little fool! However for what else to wait from a laying. Even such beautiful. Your business to give a high, but not to think, truly? - angrily, Marquis very angrily said though his voice was not so mischievous, he as though enjoyed not only my body, but also this conversation. - But I will explain. Everything began with when you to me so perfectly sucked away and perhaps I asked you, but My God, the real Sullivan would never take in a mouth and he would die rather, than voluntarily made it. I understand the Pilferer or the Lanky fellow they forced you, but I simply asked that, and here please, you already suck. And then also you speak, well nothing terrible, I sucked away also del that. - and here Marquis at the top of the voice burst out laughing. The member Markiza already developed my buttocks and physical pain almost left, having left much bigger torments of humiliation and disappointment. I looked in a mirror and somehow otstranyonno saw in it as smart and very well-groomed blonde with a beautiful naked breast jumps on a lap at the thin boy inconsistent still though his device had absolutely adult size and with a characteristic squelch entered and left the blonde's daddy. And only by effort of a thought I in this blonde recognized myself, and in the boy - the schoolmate Marquis. - But even then, I still seriously thought to save you. - Marquis continued to tell and have me, and I having a little leaned back and having bent for the best view, continued to humour him. - In spite of the fact that fell in love at you here. I accidentally saw divine Polly and couldn't sleep already, all thought of her. And I addressed with the offer administration, I it demonstrated all holes of their protective system and voila! I am "cone" at your Factory and I can be with Polly when I want. However, darling? - However, our little computer genius and big stallion. - having giggled Polly answered. - Here, so I got access to Polly, and all the same thought to tell you a trojan, under a look that you pulled out at me on an appointment the USB stick, I will be scolded of course for negligence, but nothing terrible will be, and you are free. Ya... Akh! Kayyyff! - escaped at Marquis in the middle of his story, he hands accelerated my rhythm, it was more pleasant to him that I jumped quicker on his dick which entered and left mine the daddy. - So instead of fucking you, and after Polly you on the second place on appeal, I still was going to save you when you suggested "to thank" for my help. And here I finally understood what to save there is nobody that you are Sully just stupid whore created in order that you were fucked. The whore clear why, and stupid because as you couldn't understand that why to me your these sweet promises for later if I could receive all you right now. But to your honor you didn't deceive me, already the truth it very much is pleasant to me. I would lose much if I released you. By the end of this most awful monologue in my life, tears were shed from my eyes by streams, but I continued to move qualitatively and to represent a sexual face weepingly that led Marquis to an orgasm. He wanted to terminate to me in a mouth as men are identical, having thrust me a dick deeply in a throat, he began to semyaizvergatsya, I obediently looked to him in the face and thought: "My God, I only because of kindness then allowed him to touch me, only because of kindness his dick took in a mouth, I only because of feeling of gratitude and kindness suggested to thank him then, well can absolutely slightly calculation, but for the first time it was sincere kindness and compassion to it and his torments, and he decided that I am a laying though he not just asked as he speaks now, and persistently asked, almost demanded. Kindness led me to the fact that I have no hope for the life now, and I and will remain a lovely doll for a fucking forever" I as it is necessary, swallowed a cum, having shown an empty mouth to Marquis, then curled up directly on a floor and continued to cry and feel sorry for myself silently. - Darling well why you so, see as Sully painfully now - gently reproached Polly Marquis. - Forgive the darling, she what, your lyubovochka? - happy Marquis asked, having collapsed on a bed. - Yes, at us from Sallochkaya лямур! - playfully I confirmed to Polly. - Don't you mind if we play pranks? - In as, - the Marquis thought, then smiled: - Polly, sweet washing, doesn't mind at all, to me even it will pleasantly see, the lesbo-show is super! But if you want to start up business of the friends, then only one of you will be able to make it. Choose or you are Sully or Sully you how you want more? Will you regret Sallochka, after such shock? - Oh thanks, Markizochka! - on light Polly was delighted: - Of course I will regret and I will console. I heard their conversation: "Now we will humour together with Polly still Marquis. This reptile also my beloved Polly fucks. To go crazy as Marquis changed, until recently he shy begged to allow to touch a breast, and now fucks us and imperiously disposes." Polly sat down near me and stroked me it can do also to the head: - Sully my poor thing, don't cry, happiness my hapless, now Polly will console you and everything will be good. I ceased to cry and with hope looked at Polly. Polly sat down to me on a breast and: - There is Sallochka, be consoled, suck my chlenik. - with these words she began to push the small fallen-down dick to me in a mouth. The marquis laughed loudly: - Here Polly of a krasav! Did you decide to fuck Sallochka too? - Yes, you allow me it to fuck, and Marquis? - I asked Polly: - Sully such darling when it is offended, and there is a wish to set in her mumpish sponges. - I resolve! Sullivan, give suck, a problyadushka. - Marquis answered. One more humiliation where it is more, my love to Polly began to evaporate slowly and I began to serve her. - Mm. Salochka, thanks as it is good! - the small member Polly completely got up: - I as soon as saw you, at once wanted to have this sweet face! - And Polly sitting on my boobs I took me for hair and I became with additional effort to stick on a dick. Polly wasn't rude, rather gentle persistently. Then Polly put me on a bed, on a back so that my head was given down, and itself approached edge of a bed where the head was given mine and the dick to me thrust into a mouth and I began to fuck my throat. My world was narrowed to her eggs and legs, any more I saw nothing, her accurate balls clapped on my eyes and rubbed about my nose. Polly purred from pleasure in passing being played with my breast: - Sully, mm. as it is pleasant, you are a big clear head! I love you! - Smart show! - Marquis commented, the fact that he saw: - Yes at me I got up again! - he bragged: - Girls, a march to me! date and related kaz date today to be 21 site mapMain Page