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Having come home from school I found a note from parents in which they reported that they go to theater after work and will be late. It pleased me as I could be given to the hobby literally. I approached a mother's case and got a set of black linen and stockings from there. Having dressed I filled with water two condoms and having placed them in a bra received two very decent boobies. Then mother's wig and make-up. The black skirt and a white blouse became the last stroke. Having looked in a mirror I just stood with delight, and my dick was already ready to explode. Very nice young lady looked at me from a mirror. She madly made horney me and I had to fuck her. Having taken the candle which is laid up especially for such cases I made love to myself. But today to me there was not enough candle. I wanted bigger. I wanted to try the real dick. But knowing that never I will be solved on it, I decided to find something more candle: And here the call to a door was distributed. I stood. Heart beat as if mad. The call sounded once again. If parents in theater, then someone it? I looked in a peephole. It was Vovka, my friend. He was the nice guy though I never looked at him as on the man. And suddenly I decided and opened a door. - Hello, and Lesh of the house - Vovka with interest asked examining me. - Yes - I answered, trying to give to the voice femininity. I passed it and closed a door. - You pass to the room, - I told - he will come now. Vovka passed to the room and took seat on a sofa. I took breath and followed for him. - And what is done by Leshka? - he asked. I didn't answer and just looked at him. He was going to repeat a question as suddenly, having got accustomed to me, I gasped. - Lech! YOU!? - Yes. How I to you? - Mind-blowing - he couldn't believe the eyes - just the beauty. Do you preodevatsya often? - Happens sometimes - I coquettishly looked down. - And you were already fucked? - No! What you, I only jerked off. He approached me and touched a breast. - As real, - he admired. And suddenly I kissed me on a mouth. I didn't even try to resist. I embraced him, embraced more precisely because felt the lewd little girl who wants that this guy fucked her. - I the truth am pleasant to you such - I asked. - Yes, Lech, very much. - Then I not Lech, but Alain. And I very much want you. It wasn't necessary to ask twice him. He undid my blouse, pulled together a skirt and tumbled down me on a sofa. I didn't stay idle too. I took off from him a t-shirt, pulled together trousers and dipped a hand into pants. My God, this beautiful dick just didn't come within miles of a candle. He moaned. And I bent and his dick entirely swallowed and I began to suck as she saw at cinema. - Yes, Alenochka, suck my dick, suck. - he was at pleasure top. But I to him didn't allow to terminate. I laid down on a sofa, removed panties and told that he developed a uvula my little pussy. What he immediately also made. Having felt his nimble language in the anus I nearly terminated. It was divine and in a few minutes I already begged him that he at last fucked me. It wasn't painful to me absolutely. The developed buttocks absorbed his big dick without the rest. He fucked me! from all force exhausting the elda on full depth. And I only also could what to groan from pleasure. - Yes, Volodya, vyeb small girlfriend-shlyuzhku. Tear apart to me the back. Concha in me. I felt that he is going to terminate. And when the stream of his cum was splashed out in my gut, it became a last straw and my dick became torn too. Here Vovka without hesitation bent down and began to drink my juice greedy. Having drunk everything to a drop he without taking out from me the chden I laid down from above and passionately I kissed me. The taste of my seed made horney me again. And I was given him again. And then once again once again. Since then Vovka and Leshka became the true good friends, and Vovka and Alyona - lovers. database jobs dateline into the wild site mapMain Page