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We somehow came to visit with the friend to the dacha. There the big company had to gather. So far we were several people. The lake was near and we went to be bought, I with the friend and still the guy with the girl. We were a little bought, sunbathed. The couple decided to retire... We with the friend began to miss. And here he offered, went we will look that he becomes there. I had interest in clothes, the dumped girlfriend. I for a trick took it with myself. I liked lingerie, I had even some fetishism, I even dressed him sometimes and it very much was pleasant to me. Here I solved: here good to look at opportyyunit on lingerie and I decided ждя to capture a trick him with myself. We imperceptibly crept and from bushes watched the events. They at first some time talked, then began to caress each other... and we saw that the situation begins to develop quickly. It was pleasant to us. I held panties and a brassiere, and it is a situation began to affect me excitingly. I showed to the friend — watch what panties... still damp from the pussy... I squeezed linen in hands and I wanted to feel on myself it and I couldn't keep not to enjoy a situation. I took off the shorts and pulled panties. They were very narrow and fitted a bottom tightly and a little even expanded buttocks, well as at the girl. It was pleasant to me. Then I decided to put on a brassiere. He sat down on me as though by the size too and tightened my breast, as at the woman. My breast became much more. I sat down on hunkers and looked. Panties sharply crashed into a bottom and I felt that my buttocks were moved apart under hard panties that caused at me pleasant feelings. The brassiere the same squeezed my breast and at each movement squeezed my nipples. I looked at a picture which developed before us and I, considering what happened to me began to represent that this girl feels. At this time the guy began to squeeze her breast more intensively... My hand involuntarily stretched to my breast and I began to caress the nipples. I absolutely forgot that I am not one. The guy began to caress the girl's breast more and more safely. I the same reacted to it — I began to represent myself the girl. I ran a hand between rolls and even stronger pulled panties which moved apart my buttocks more widely that gave pleasant feelings around a bottom. And here I feel, something pleasant at the same time happens with my nipples. I came round, and I watch that someone's hands squeeze my breast. I understood a situation and at first wanted to be discharged and even to run away, but in some moment of fluctuation couldn't keep and decided to leave everything as it is. I deeply sighed and told something, like "oh", or something uncertain. It was apprehended by my friend as a languid sigh (and it was so actually). I leaned the elbows a little, and his fingers squeezed my breast more and more safely. My nipples began to bulk up, responding to caress that caused at me unusual pleasant feelings. I looked at the breast and saw that the brassiere fits it tightly and nipples stick out through gentle lacy fabric. The breast turned out not such and small thanks to the tightening effect of a brassiere. I was attracted by this breast, and now I was her owner and thought: here I as the woman sit in one linen and it has to attract men. I began to squeeze the nipples. My friend, and now and the lover sat with widely opened eyes and couldn't tell words. It was really unexpected turn, I didn't expect. I looked what is created there. And there he put her a crustacean and began to enter in... to the priest. My friend lowered a hand below, to my bottom and began to drive between rolls, sometimes moving apart them. New feelings overflowed me. I even involuntarily bulged buttocks. And suddenly unexpectedly I felt a moist finger on my entrance to a hole which suddenly got sharply into my buttocks. There were unusual feelings. Then he shifted my panties aside and rested something already more powerful against my hole. I felt that he slowly, but persistently began to enter me. I felt small pain at first. I suddenly wanted to stop everything and to escape, but I decided to relax a bottom and a dick unexpectedly sharply and quickly got into me... I felt like the defenseless woman. Then the dick moved back and entered then even more deeply... Then I slightly rose and fell by a dick till the end... He filled me completely. The sharp impulse walked on my bottom and began to extend on all body. I couldn't restrain any more. I pushed him and put on a back, and itself sat down from above and fell up to the end. The dick got into me even more deeply and caused still great feelings. I began to move quicker and quicker the bottom. And suddenly I felt a shot and that something warm spreads in my bottom. And here the sharp impulse struck me in a bottom and began to spread further. I understood that I was shaken by an anal orgasm. It was something new and fuller and tremendous!. I didn't expect that I can feel it! Feelings spread from the pulsing buttocks more deeply, and I at the same time felt as the real woman and I wanted that still entered me more deeply to enjoy this new feeling. The dick left me and I took quickly pulled panties. And here I thought what I suddenly grabbed female panties? I didn't recover yet. We sat down and were silent. We didn't know about what to speak after that. And here he probably, felt awkward decided to joke somehow, and asked and what a brassiere you don't odet, and that and a pier of naked you will go? I the same decided to joke both told OK and rose behind a brassiere. I felt that from my hole viscous liquid flows and my panties become wet more and more. I took relaxed buttocks and everything began to follow from me finally having wetted panties. I pulled more feasibly panties, moved apart rolls and turned buttocks for a trick. I didn't hesitate any more, I felt like the sexy girl whom just fucked also what here to hesitate. I took a brassiere, dressed, clasped a fastener behind, corrected a breast. The brassiere sat on me as by the size and at the same time squeezed my nipples which foully stuck out through such fabric. We decided to depart on a glade. When I went, I felt that my nipples rub about fabric of a brassiere and a breast a little rocks, fitted by brassiere cups. And panties crashed and expanded rolls and at the same time at me there everything was wet... These feelings still added in me female feelings. But there are not we some were, for someone observing. You render and watched us. The guy sharply jumped out of bushes and for fun wanted to frighten us like outposts in unawares. I of course was confused a little, corrected a brassiere and extended panties which got stuck between rolls (so I myself felt more surely). It continued the playful line — and what you are engaged here in? I speak, so, we sunbathe. He approached me and began to squeeze my breast. I didn't resist. His hands began to caress my nipples through a brassiere. I closed involuntarily eyes, being given to pleasant feelings. Then he dipped the hand to me under a brassiere and began to drive on nipples. I couldn't skzat anything, only bit slightly lips and still moved a breast forward. He passed to more resolute actions. At first sharply I grasped me by a bottom that caused an easy shiver on my bottom which didn't depart from the previous caress yet. Then he took me and turned. My wet buttocks were lifted up up. He squeezed my bottom. I responded to caress and giving to drink the daddy relaxed. The cum sweated on my rolls, following on legs. I couldn't do anything — the bottom wanted to feel something firm again inside. And it didn't keep waiting long. He shifted panties aside and I felt that the dick begins to enter me. I felt that this dick is more and in spite of the fact that my bottom was already a rastrakhana, he with a tightness enters me. But it were the first feelings. In some moment the dick got into me easily and gave me feeling of pleasant fullness. I involuntarily moved back and was even more stuck on him. I pulled out involuntary groan. It began to move intensively to and fro. Suddenly I felt a sharp pulsation and that it lowers to me on a bottom. And I only began to be made horney... But it still set on me. I look, my second boyfriend lies and looks at all this. I took became over him, the dick squeezed and sent to my opening. I couldn't restrain, I sat down up to the end at once and extended legs. He took me for a bottom and began to stick on the dick. I couldn't rest in as he disposed of my bottom as wanted. That I could only make it to weaken more hole and to be given to strong male hands. Suddenly I watch that the couple which we watched the same goes here and видчт that here occurs. The girl speaks, ah here someone stole my linen! Hi, girlfriend! And I can't make anything, I am stuck on a dick. I tried to escape, moved and was even more stuck. She understood my confusion, approached me and nestled the pussy on my lips. Guys approached and began to caress my breast, the dicks to me began to thrust then into a brassiere. They rubbed about my nipples. When I felt warm moisture on the nipple, heat began to spread on all body and my bottom clenched and this wave went down, to a bottom where already something warm, spreading inside, added unforgettable feelings. Then the second nipple I felt warm moisture and I felt an easy pulsation and several droplets on lips glaze from the pussy to me in a mouth. After a while we went to the house. I understood that rest will be cool. To be continued craigslist kc dating date calculator uk months site mapMain Page