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I am pleasant to tell as if anew I endure it)) some words that I forgot the added that in a subject were)))) Since school years I paid special attention to the hole, dressed up the girl, considered myself, it terribly made horney me. And in general I wanted sex with the guy. And here I grew up and I ripened on real meetings, all meetings, one may say, were not all that well. I wanted that I was used as the whore, dressed up the girl to worry, longer in image to be that all slowly. And it turned out five minutes of sex in the rental apartment will pass in the park, on bigger my partners usually weren't enough. Of course it was pleasant to me that they quickly cum because I am pleasant to them, but I wanted longer. Though I had one that exhausted from me all forces, couldn't finish on an hour)). Some tried to play some role, but it was not that in comparison with him. I got acquainted on the website with one young man. To him was 33, of average height, slender. And somehow communication, generally was started at once and on a subject)) Exchanged photos, intimate too. I was struck by his dick, krupnenky such, without volosik absolutely. As soon as I looked at him at me at once got up, and in the bottom of a stomach the desire wave rolled. Generally, I wanted him. Having found out each other interests, desires and the fact that they coincide we decided to meet. The first time met in cafe, communicated, thought up some scenario, agreed that we will begin and there as will go. He at parting told that he very much wants me. To me was of course very pleasant and I answered him with the same.)) And here day of our meeting came, the whole day I worried, represented how everything will be, exchanged letters sometimes dreaming) I arrived from work, removed from all body cream small volosik, so everything гладенько turned out)) I adore when гладенько. it skupatsya, I packed any features, female things and went. As I was engaged in search of the apartment that the first and arrived, it is a little a bit earlier. My new lover called me and told that he will be in twenty minutes and suggested me to meet him already in image though before we agreed that I will change clothes and will make up then. I began to worry, the bashfulness forced me to redden)) I passed to the bedroom where spread out the things brought by me) I put on dense stockings with a shovchik, panties thongs, a byuzgalter with plug-in tits, a raglan in covering with shot sleeves, a short short skirt, legenkiya ошейничек, on legs bracelets with eyelets that legs could be connected, a black wig with volosika up to shoulders, put on black varnish shoes on a heel. I made up slightly eyes, sponges brightly pink lipstick and gloss, I powdered a nose. Looking at itself in a mirror to me itself there was a wish, the body was fitted pleasantly by a women's clothing, I touched myself for a bottom, a tummy, for the dick which got up a stake. I go bananas from the womanly body. And here a call to doors, I approached clinking heels on a floor, looked in a peephole and slightly opened doors. My lover entered the apartment, at once it was visible that I in image very much was pleasant to him. He presented me a bouquet of roses, I was never given flowers earlier, I even became puzzled a little)) Having taken of me from legs to the head a view he told that I mind-blowing look. We passed on kitchen, made a seagull and began to talk, at first on the general subjects, then approached intimate, he all asked me with someone I yes as tried that would like to try, released compliments to me, says that a body womanly and a bottom very beautiful that to me very female things go and so on. I told that I would like to try a lot of things, there is a lot of imaginations very much, and he told that with pleasure everything will help to turn into reality. I told him that I very much like his dick))) he speaks girls in ecstasy too.)) Further we passed to the hall, he examined me, touched for a bottom, for a waist, ran a hand over a coat hanger, released couple of compliments. I told that legs beautiful at me and in general a body very womanly and beautiful. Then he went to a shower. We agreed that we will begin not at once, and he will admire me in a sawn-off shotgun so far. Standing in front of the mirror, I considered myself and my dick got up a stake even became painfully a little, I caressed him a hand and he calmed down a little and then absolutely fell so began to be located in panties. I strolled in front of the mirror and examining felt that the dick rises again)) still thought as itself with pleasure of would fuck. I went to the bedroom behind lubricant, condoms, I took a lead for a collar, still I brought a small rubber penis, an inflatable butt plug and I put all this on a table in the hall. The partner left a shower in a thin dressing gown, and began to examine me))) asked to turn bend down)) a crustacean to become. Says that the girl is very good. (we stipulated that if to him that wants he can be rude with me, it only makes horney me) We included a porno on the TV set and on my laptop got into the sex shop.)) chose any things and features. And he all glanced at me and released compliments to an image of the bitch, caressed on legs and a bottom. I very much hesitated but it was so pleasant to me from it. All my body was pulled together by dense stockings and a short skirt, shoes clinked heels and ошейничек pleasantly touched a neck. We reached lashes and paddles and he told that he very much would like to try rigidly and with swear words. I very much worried and waited well when I am able to take in a mouth his dick. I a hand through a dressing gown began to touch it for a dick, through a thin dressing gown I felt that he hot and slightly got up. Then he was removed from a table, leaned the elbows about a back of a sofa and I understood that he to a hocha. I went down on a floor on knees, I removed a dressing gown and I took in a hand his dick slightly began to podrachivat, removed a thin skin from a head, kissed her, licked a uvula a stipitate a head and then took her in a mouth, it instantly bulked up so I filled almost all mouth. I adore feeling of fullness of a mouth. His dick got up and I began to suck it, he caressed the bitch on hair and kept saying as well and skillfully the girl to him sucks, my lover spread more widely legs so I could kiss him balls, I licked them with pleasure, they are such beautiful. Then he took a lead, fastened him to a collar and pulled him aside, got up from a sofa and changed on a chair which stood opposite to a mirror. I want to consider you he told. Continue to suck. I sucked and prodrachivat and he slightly slapped on my zhopka a lead. Get up, turn a back and go down on all fours. I obediently executed everything. He lifted up slightly a short skirt and lowered a little panties, took from a table the small penis smeared with lubricant it and a hole and inserted slowly it on the balls. Oh beauty he told, a remarkable hole, such at me wasn't yet. I felt such whore, a fuck-up. Then потрахав to the priest a small penis he inserted a pro-barrel into a hole and inflated it slightly. Suck to me still: you so well do it.)) my sponges stuck into his standing damp dick again. I wasn't confused any more, I derived pleasure, from that thought that now will insert this dick into my bottom rustled in ears, grew warm in a tummy, the head went around. Further he told that he wants that I him asked to enter a hole. And I having got into the role I porosit him to call me the whore, the bitch and the whore and I want that he was my owner. And only from one thought that I am a whore and the whore my dick got up as a stake. Well my whore what you want? I want that my owner pulled the whore on the dick! I ask you, pull this hole on the beautiful dick! He got up, the shivering hands put on condom and kneeled and I fast turned to him the daddy, got a pro-barrel and having greased a hole bent obediently a back. My lover began to try to insert to me into a bottom a dick. Help me the girl my suchechka!!! craigslist dating san diego date today rails site mapMain Page