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Good afternoon! I write for the first time, it is probably not so beautiful as everything, but nevertheless I wanted to share with you a real story which occurred in my life! For a start I will describe the spouse: height of 167 cm, 2, 5 breast size, an elastic bottom, always wears bikini! Generally there was it in the summer, I with the spouse was invited by the employee to celebrate a birthday outdoors, on a camp site! At first she opposed, but after many uprashivaniye — agreed! Before a trip I asked me to wait since time to be shaved bare was required and to choose in what to put on, and she put on in Capri (under them without panties) and a T-shirt (without brassiere). Here and went, having arrived us there already all waited, it turned out that I one with the spouse and 12 men! Generally at once began to drink and note a birthday! Having a little got we decided to go on the beach to play soccer! In a lodge there were my wife and one of the present guests Denis, to prepare allegedly on a table! Now I will begin the story with the first lips of the wife about which I learned in a year: "You left, we started anew to set the table, to cut salads, etc., and then it bothered us and Denis me persuaded to drink with him — drank, then more and more! Began revelations and he began to complain as at him nothing leaves with girls and as he was brought by darling! Then we noticed that in a lodge also the second floor is and decided to look that there! Rose, and there on all room there was only one bed, having generally taken with itself beer we sat down and continued a conversation, then it kind of accidentally so far I distracted removed to me an undershirt and lips clung to a nipple, I pushed away him from shock as it so! But he began to stick to me further, it made horney me a little and I began it seems how to push away, but in soul there was a wish for continuation! He continued the caress by language, and a hand was at me already between legs and probably felt that I all already flow. But nevertheless I couldn't since it isn't correct and pushed away him, having suggested to go to the beach to you! But he was unruly and continued to lift up to me an undershirt, and a hand already got to my pussy! Having persuaded me that nobody will see — he pulled together Capri and began to caress a hand my pussy!!! I kneelt and pulled together from him shorts, the dick even escaped from there! I know that it isn't correct, but the situation very much got that you are near somewhere and I half-naked near the guy a standing dick! Without having sustained I took him in a mouth, at that time it was euphoria moment, I was ready to swallow it, but very much wanted him in inside! I pushed away him and laid down on a bed, my pussy even all expired! He entered me very sharply and so pleasantly that I even screamed! Long without having sustained, I terminated, and after he on me, обкончав all грдь and a stomach! I was wiped, we put on and left, here you came after a while, and we kind of without doing anything we prepare on a table" To be continued craigslist dating inland empire date ideas near me cheap site mapMain Page