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This morning was fine and at the same time very important. We could look at each other sober eyes. Mainly Ksenia. Gradually waking up, we with Vika sat in kitchen, sipping hot coffee. As well as yesterday from the bathroom Ksenia appeared and slightly I hesitated on a threshold. We is slightly guilty glanced at her. She looked at us. Then she approached Vika and silently sat down her on knees. I smiled to me and I took a cup of coffee from a table. And I and Vika considerably became cheerful. Ksenia proved everything, only a certain way. Words weren't necessary. — Do you still hurry home? — I asked. — Now not. Actually, I have a holiday. A week more ahead. And if you don't mind, I would spend it with you. — Both hands for — I answered. — I too for — echoed me Vika — and not only hands. — Mm, I feel — Ksyusha cheerfully sang and I poyerzat buttocks between legs of the girlfriend. This day promises to be very pleasant — with pleasure I thought. — What was yesterday just doesn't go in. I didn't think that so to be pleasant to me — Ksyusha cheerfully reported, sipping from a cup. — Well I rather we, derived a lot of pleasure too — Vika answered. You the porn a star is simple. At these words of Vick clasped Ksyusha for a waist and languidly I twisted hips, being pressed in the girl's buttocks. — Thanks. I tried. I wanted to thank you for warm welcome and the company. — I wanted to fuck you from school so you thanked me twice — Vika laughed and I kissed the girlfriend on a neck. — And you know, I remember our kiss. I then terribly was confused when you began to undo my brassiere. — I am guilty, well it was necessary to press so — I recognized Vick. — So these teasers about you were turns out to be true — Ksenia thoughtfully said. I didn't trust frankly speaking. — Yes nothing that was, passed — Vika easily waved away. Now I am happy. We are happy — Vika charmingly smiled to me through a table. — And how to you by the way? — Ksenia addressed me. — It was necessary to get used. In the beginning it was terrible and unpleasant. Then I began to enjoy. — It was pleasant? — Still as. I won even slightly more than Vikulya. For me one more pleasure was added. — And I didn't have one since the birth — picked up Vick and I smiled. But I don't worry about it. It is impossible to have everything. — I would like to try in buttocks too — Ksyusha quickly said. — At such talents, I was sure that you already tried — without hiding surprise, Vika answered. — Well, so I struck you again — Ksenia laughed. — Don't worry, we will teach you. It is ready to act as the trainer — having cheerfully winked at Vika, I told. — And give right now? — With pleasure — I answered. Only you with Vikulya walk to the bathroom and she will explain everything to you. I would like that it was pleasant to you. Very much it was pleasant. Ksyusha frowned beautiful eyebrows, and Vika is grateful having nodded me, took the girlfriend by hand and entrained her towards the bathroom. Vika quickly enough left the bathroom and we having embraced waited for our girlfriend at a favourite fireplace. — It is more best than new year — Vika admitted, having hung me the head on a shoulder. I answered nothing. To me it was too good. What to dream to the man of? At my order there was an opportunity to receive any sex and all on love, and without need to go on the party. I silently kissed Vika and we began to wait further. Fragrant and beautiful Ksenia, at last, appeared in the room. This time she didn't even attend to a towel. We at once surrounded our girlfriend with care and attention, without forgetting to admire her beauty. Having surrounded the girl from two parties, we gently and tenderly covered her body with kisses. Ksyusha just was thrilled with abundance of attention from all directions. She began to moan from pleasure, having covered eyes and having slightly had a snack on a lip. We moved to a bed and continued to caress the girlfriend, languidly nestling on her from two parties. When I understood that the girl is warmed on all hundred, I began to knead her anus. Ksyusha at this moment continued to kiss Vika. — It seems to me, someone dissembled here, saying that he in buttocks didn't try — I said with a smile. — Well, I tried toys. But the real dick wasn't there — slightly being confused Ksenia reported and her mouth was right there spread with greedy Bays Viki. I threw legs of the girl higher and holding for hips with one hand, the second hand enclosed a dickhead precisely in a hard ringlet of an anus. — The main thing relax and slightly push to me towards — I tenderly prompted. I carefully greased Ksenia's buttocks and kneaded fingers and language. — What she after all small, once again admired I. My dick seemed just huge near her buttocks. I pressed the dick on an anus and attentively observed how the head begins to fail inside. My favourite moment! Careful, short pushes I pushed a dick more deeply. Ksenia has a snack a lip and slightly wrinkled a forehead. Her hands raked up sheets and slightly turned white fingers squeezed them. The ringlet of muscles was closed at the basis of a head and Ksenia's face right there relaxed. The thickest part was in it. — Aaaakh — with pleasure and enough the girl exhaled and happily I looked at me. Vika at this moment gently and easily fingered the girl's clitoris one hand, and another caressed firm nipples on juicy boobs. I intercepted slender legs of Ksenia two hands more conveniently and slightly pulled hard from above. Now it was more convenient to force the way more deeply, than I also was engaged. Slowly. Trying to experience each centimeter of her body from within. At last I entered completely and felt as an anus to endeavor to squeeze my dick at the basis. Class! Now movement back. Slowly, gently. Ksenia began to breathe more often, looking at me and Vika enough. Now it was possible to accelerate. In a couple of minutes my dick accustomed to buttocks of the girl and I dared to enjoy process too. Strong I clasped Ksyusha for a waist and slightly I raised her back over a bed. Now it was possible to accelerate somehow. — Oookh! — Ksenia moaned. As it is deep! — To be pleasant? — Daaaa! — And here so? — I sharply crashed into her. — Daaa! — And so? — one more sharp push. — Still! I began to ram with ecstasy accurate задик girlfriends. At the same time with me Vika began to finger her clitoris more intensively. In a couple of minutes of such actions, Ksenia made attempt to push away a hand of my wife, but that surely grabbed both of her hands and pressed to a bed behind the head. The girl began to coil languidly and to groan loudly. She obviously was on the verge, not that an orgasm, and already ecstasy. I hardly held her in hands and continued to fuck in buttocks. Riparian forest, juicy, gentle buttocks! Just magnificent feelings! When I at last was discharged, Ksyusha terminated at least few times. I to the full filled her back with a hot cum and remaining inside was tumbled down from above, having closely nestled all over on her wet, gentle and tiny body. Her lips were just at the level of my breast. It he is grateful I kissed me and caressed on a back and a bum. — Well as? — Vika took an interest. — Unusually. But it is pleasant — Ksenia smiled — I thought it will be more sick and worse. But I not up to the end tried out. — Well to try out I can help — with enthusiasm Vika answered and I with a reluctance left sweet buttocks of Ksyusha. The dick Wicky was ready to fight and is even greased. Happily smiling, she hung over the girlfriend and easily entered her wet, tired-out ringlet. Girls, with pleasure moaned, and I conveniently settled down nearby to observe a magnificent show. When Vika finished with Ksenia, the buttocks of that represented an unforgettable show. Wet, ruddy from several ringing slaps which Vika with feeling put in the girlfriend. The anus was most stretched. Brightly claret, wet, sticky from lubricant and a cum which sluggish pushes flew on a bed. Vika loudly and often breathed, having widely opened a mouth and lying near the happy girlfriend. Ksenia had a rest not for long. In her eyes danced naughty the chertyat. The beautiful mouth, is languidly slightly opened. She greedy looked at me and my dick. — It is strange, but I want more. — Someone am I such to refuse to the lady, but you are sure? For the first time that? — More than — Ksenia threw sitting on my stomach. She surely got a hand for a back and dexterously the dick grabbed with a hand. Precisely I sent him to myself to buttocks. I practically didn't feel resistance when literally I failed in a soft, damp interior. The girl settled on me, having slightly rolled up eyes from pleasure and carefully listening to the feelings. Elastic buttocks, were pressed in me into a stomach. I entered her to the emphasis! — Oookh. As that is healthy! Ksenia Poyerzala a bottom, growing old to accept a dick even more deeply. — The Daaa — I agreed enough and strong I squeezed hands tiny buttocks of the anal nymphomaniac. The dick and the hard ringlet of an anus which densely clasped him groped fingers. Gently I stroked the tense ringlet, even I pushed a finger between the dick and buttocks. Ksenia began to make upward movement buttocks up-down a firm trunk of the dick. I strong held her for a polupopiya as if sticking on the stake. The dick moved easily, softly and very with pleasure. — We lack Vikul, you — Ksenia languidly called having looked back to the girlfriend. — Here is how — the wife mistrustfully answered, approaching the girl behind. But you have no place for me here. — I am sure, the town will be. You try — Ksenia winked and I nestled on my breast wet boobs. My dick pleasantly pulsed in her and both of us felt it. — Well look. You thrust — provorkovat Vick. In her eyes hazardous and greedy gloss appeared. I would like to see Wicky's eyes at this moment — with disappointment I thought. Ksenia was curved and has a snack a lip when the dick of my wife closely nestled on mine and hard slipped in such small, but capacious buttocks of our girlfriend. — Now that's something like it! — delightfully Vika when her pubis impatiently nestled on Ksenia's buttocks reacted, and she pulled hard her on Ksyusha's back, greedy squeezing her boobs and fingering nipples. Ksenia often began to breathe. She was clamped between us as if a stuffing in sandwich. Full boobs of Wicky pressed down Ksyusha to my breast and I enjoyed how her wet body pleasantly slides on me. Was hot, closely, it is wet and it is incredibly pleasant. We fucked the girlfriend in turn. When Vika took breath, I began to drive a dick in the filled bum actively. If I slowed down — I was replaced by Vika. In Ksenia's buttocks the movement of one or two dicks time was constant. — Fuck me! Tear up to the back as the last whore. Daaaa! Our views with Vika were crossed also we with astonishment and delightfully smiled each other, continuing to fuck Ksyusha and sometimes to merge in fervent, wet kiss. Infinite minutes later we forced Ksenia to terminate. She deafeningly screamed and several times loudly moaned, shuddering in ecstasy and painfully sticking fingers into my stomach and a breast. Vika at this moment continued to fuck her rigidly. She seized the girlfriend by hands and got them to her for a back. — On. Receive. Insatiable whore! Vika was sharply pressed in the back and Ksenia's back and the hot wave spilled to me on a dick and began to flow on balls. I drove a dick from below up in Ksyusha's back and with pleasure joined the general orgasm of girls. The cum literally scattered from the tired-out Ksyusha's bum. Girls very happy with were tumbled down at each other and on me. But this burden was very pleasant. I even regretted that Ksenia has no dick and I won't be able to receive such flogging from my friends. Or I will be able? Be continued. If it is necessary... craigslist dating delaware date today minus 90 days python site mapMain Page