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As you understand if you at the wife began monthly — about any beach out of the question. It was necessary to go, on the advice of Alexey, simply to a picnic that during a beach season in Odessa — the perversion is simple. But there is nothing to do especially as to the train home there were only 4 days which should be worried somehow. I didn't mention a word to the wife that I know that she was raped that her two days treated worse, than the port whore. But what most of all I struck in this story, so is that my Svetka looked in the company of tyrants very organically as the woman confused with what derives pleasure from rape. Picnic — so a picnic! In the evening we left in the nearest supermarket to buy products for a small banquet outdoors. We already paid for purchases, even left shop, but suddenly the wife remembered that we didn't take a wine small bottle, and so beggarly looked at me that I had to return to a market behind alcohol. I was a little surprised by such desire of the wife, usually she also is only on a visit inclined to taste a glass and to set aside. But, when I resembled a turnstile and darted a glance back, my bewilderment vanished. I approached the wife rolling, one of her tyrants, and having thriftily taken by hand, I involved in tinted by BMW. In about five minutes she got out of the car, all red, in tears and hasty began to make toilet. Behind her I got out rolling, I brought some piece of a rag to the nose of Svetka and I began to lecture her. Svetka only low nodded, and rolling, having finished education, threw out a rag in a ballot box, gave to my spouse some bottle, got into the car and left. Got dark. On the way home the wife was silent, and I reflected what is it happened to her. Only on well lit ladder conducting to the elevator, I, looking at the wagging back of the wife suddenly I understood that Svetka now without pants!!! Here what the scraps which are so fastidiously thrown out in a ballot box were!!! And Svetka zip the lip, even to me half-words as though and has to be. Interestingly, really she in 5 minutes was fucked in the car? Houses the wife inertly watched series, took couple of a pill from a bottle and quickly fell asleep. In half an hour Alexey with the camera came, I greeted and went directly to the bedroom to the wife. Master's gesture he pulled off from her a sheet, turned on the light and began to photograph Svetka in different poses. Looking at my bewilderment, Alexey explained that the whore all the same won't wake up as she took 2 medicines of strong sleeping pill, by her ordered to make it that she slept well before tomorrow. Still Alexey explained that my wife signed the contract of the slave so now it is possible not to be too soft on her any more, naturally all finished shooting materials are due to me. As proof Alexey moved apart thighs of my wife whose back as I noticed, was свежевыпорот. To my eyes the following picture appeared: the pubis of the wife was clean-shaven, silver ringlets on 6 pieces on everyone are inserted into vulvar lips. Besides ringlets were sewed by a thin rope with a lock on the end. — Now you can fuck the whore only in a mouth or in an ass — Alexey grinned. Now I understood from where "monthly" undertook. — She has to go now only without pants, see — already punished for disobedience! — Alexey continued. — And it is obligatory — in a collar. He turned inside out leather шнурочек, hanging on a neck of the sleeping Svetka and suggested to look most. There it was written by small letters: "I am a slave and the whore Gospodina F. ". The head of me just went around. — Tomorrow we will be engaged with this chippy outdoors, you can look too. With these words Alexey left. Next day we got out to the forest. The wife was as it is necessary — in pass also without panties, convulsively squeezing knees in public transport. In the forest I fast put a tent, fried brochettes and we drank under them with Svetka a wine small bottle. The wife drank as I noticed, it is almost twice more than me and became tipsy. After a lunch I suggested her to walk on the wood, but she told that I went itself, and she will have a sleep an hour 2 — 3 as she didn't get enough sleep at night. I grinned to such explanation and left, having told that I want to descend to bathe to the sea and that she waited for me to hours to 5. The wife languidly smiled, kissed me and got into a tent. I far didn't begin to depart, having made a semicircle, returned back and settled among the branches of an oak hanging over a glade. From above I heard as the wife talks to someone by the mobile phone. In minutes 7 noise of the stopping cars was heard not far. Still in a few minutes to a glade there was a group of men already familiar to me. Svetka met them naked, standing on knees near a tent. The greyish large man in dark glasses approached her and allowed my wife to kiss the hand. Then Svetka shamelessly parted before him legs, having stuck out a pubis forward. Mister F. got a small key and, having sat down on hunkers, opened a lock on a pizda of my wife. Men spread a blanket, hammered couple of tens of pegs around, began to unwind and cut the brought ropes. I paid attention that Svetka, my modest woman Svetka, looks at all these preparations with desire of a cat in the period of a March techka. She was already horney from one this show. Then the fat sweaty man began to connect by ropes my wife, especially tying with her full breasts. Then he poddernut something behind the back of the victim — the reddening Svetka's boobies shamelessly were hitched up up and remained to stick out, supported by ropes. Behind it he put my spouse on a blanket, spread widely her legs and tied ropes to side pegs, he tied hands to the top stakes. Roth Svetka it was filled with a leather gag with the metal dilator. In a word, now on a blanket the beautiful woman crucified by a star with clean-shaven pizdy, highly hitched up red boobs and ready to accept in itself a dick a mouth lay. The woman who wanted to look so, spreading legs for the torturers, holding up wrists for ropes. For a start Svetka flogged a leather pletochka on the sticking-out boobies, between legs and on a stomach. This time beat her not strongly, it is just sensitive, for form's sake, without paying any attention to her poskulivaniye. As Gospodin F. "noticed the slave has to derive pleasure only after flogging, over time will be it to flog enough — and it will begin to flow". Meanwhile from the wood Alexey seemed, having caused the emergence panic in the opinion of my wife. Without hesitation, under approving exclamations of the company, he undressed and sat down over the Svetkiny rouged person, having entered it into a mouth the dick. Svetka understood everything and right there earned by a uvula. Someone's tattooed hand squeezed the buzzing vibrator in anal pass of the wife, from above, roughly squeezing the boobies which bulked up Svetkina, thick was attached. But suddenly Svetka got nervous — the pose was unsuccessful, thick the weight pressed the vibrator into the victim. Svetka's legs lifted up up and in the parties, having fixed ropes on other stakes. Alexey continued to crawl on Svetka's face, and thick began to ram the stretched pizda of my wife. This time thick terminated together with Svetka, and Alexey streamed in her mouth for a minute later. On this F. decided to make a respite, having noticed that boobs of my wife already claret and should be given them rest. Entered balls that it didn't dry out into a vagina of my blessed, untied her, brought bags with products and began to have dinner. Svetka was put in turn to themselves on knees that she sucked uvyavshy dicks. With what naslazheniye and caress she did it! By the end of a lunch of her eye grew dim again, Svetka floated. She implicitly licked bums to all men, except F., and then propolosnut a mouth and itself laid down on a blanket, having stretched legs. Again hardly tied by her breasts, but this time put the toy on all fours, tied the ends of ropes from boobies to the bent stakes, inserted a gag dilator into a mouth and again flogged. Men, laughing got the dripping balls from a pizda of my wife and again began to force. This time she was fucked by the skinhead of rolling and the tattooed sinewy man with a curve dick. Rolling I stretched under Svetka, two hands sticking her head on the dick tattooed it was attached to her behind. Despite a form of the dick, it processed Svetka very professionally. Several pushes in the squelching pizda, then several times to the back, and so around. And in time a mouth, sinewy I pulled Svetka hands on myself so ropes the delaying boobies of his victim down and in the parties, absolutely stretched, I already began to be afraid that boobs of my spouse will come off. But apparently I was mistaken. While they absolutely stretched, Svetka was suddenly killed in a rough orgasm. At the same moment I terminated also thickset. Rolling minutes 5 as streamed in a mouth of my wife and just the dick in her mouth heated. On it everything ended. Men started to hurry to cars, and the untied naked Svetka obediently on knees waited for them leaving. Ф., not taking any part in an orgy but only observing, approached the whore, I allowed to kiss a hand and I thrust to my wife under a collar several notes. — Be not washed away! — imperatively he said. — When the husband returns — let itself will lick from you a cum of my boys! Understood? — Yes, Mister, I understood. — Svetka uttered indistinctly. — More than any underwear! The wife hasty began to nod. Ф., I looked at her up and down, I nodded and I went for the people. In half an hour I returned to the wife who complained that the piercing made for me on vulvar lips badly begins to live, and asked to lick her there that I with pleasure also made. craigslist dating bakersfield fun date ideas wisconsin site mapMain Page